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2002 Proposal and Vision Of Future WTC Rebuild Effort


Paula B. Slater
"Here is a photo of the second portrait bust of Neda Angel of Freedom radiating the hope of her people for a free Iran. I hope it brings a smile to your heart.
Love and Light, Paula"

4 Spherical Connected Skyscrapers Concept Proposal for Future WTC Rebuild Effort 2002

Our spherical connected buildings concept is copied over the Official
WTC  Plan 1 image proposal,  recommend to commemorate the 11th of September by using  the greatest positive US achievements of 20 century.

These 4 connected innovative spherical skyscraper buildings should be as many spheres  needed and the total height of each building should be taller than original  WTC height .  Why sphere? If we look at our surrounding we observe the most resilient birds, dolphins, objects and creatures on earth and space which has been created by forces of nature and million years of evolutions are spherical or has many aerodynamic curvatures feature, and there are mathematical reasons  which are beyond this discussion.  Any attempt to design similar spherical skyscraper buildings requires joint team effort of  NASA scientific team with architects, civil , mechanical , and electrical engineers. I have also used my own new Software Networking Communication theory  for designing these spherical buildings. 

This design from outside does not have a concept of  floor as we know it today and recommend each sphere be named after each Firefighters name who defined and proved  a  new level of  humanity or  Nobel prize winners  in Medicine with significant contributions to humanity.   

Past 6000 Years  Connected Iconic Image Gallery Concept and Ideas For The  Future WTC  Interior and Exterior  Design

This concept is based on  the greatest positive US achievements, contributions and  NASA scientific achievements , 10th Century Khayyam poems and 12th century  Persian poems  "All human beings are in truth akin; All in creation share one origin. When fate allots a member pangs and pains;  No ease for other members then remains.  If, unperturbed, another's grief canst scan;  Thou are not worthy of the name of man."  This is an attempt to fight man's fanaticism minds and ideas by learning from history, arts, science, and space. If we look  at past 6000 years man's history, realize many forms of primitive religious and non religious fanaticism were the  source of many wars, destructions and massacres.  We should not forget that it was European and Japanese fanaticism which created 2nd world war with 60 to 70 millions causality, millions of  Jewish massacre  and total destruction, it was Stalin Communist fanaticism who killed many millions,....etc and  currently  this primitive barbaric religious fanaticism which is causing problem for world peace and harmony in this planet. The Fanaticism and human rights violations are source of many problems in this planet.

From history we have learned that there is a striking similarity between the WTC Terrorist attack and the burning of Tees-fun library by primitive Islamic fanatic invaders. 1400 years ago, a great collection of books was kept in the Persian empire's Library at Tees-fun, which was the first or second biggest center of art, literature, and science in the world. This vast collection of books was set ablaze and destroyed by Arabian Invaders, setting World's clock back by at least 400 years.  I also recommend to build a library  in the shape of the above View of  Earth  image at the exact place of  original WTC and call it Tees-fun library to document the forgotten history as a reminder for future generation not to submit to fanaticism.  


According the book, THE IRANIANS PERSIA, ISLAM AND THE SOUL OF A NATION by Sandra McKay " A tour de force of intellectual comprehension, summary, and balance." -- Washington Times Pg 46.

"Finally on a day in June 637, the Sassanian commander, Rustam, reluctantly opened the battle. But the Saddanian army, like Sassanian society had grown ponderous. With its spirit drained off in the futile campaigns against Byzantium, the famous Persian cataphracts became clumps of fat, immobile men battlin a swarm of wasps. The heavily armed cavalry with its supporting elephants which had punished Romans and Byzantines proved powerless against the Arabs on swift camels who attacked and then withdrew into the desert. Over three days, the two sides engaged. On the fourth, the Persians' reluctant commander, Rustam, died. His army went into pell-mell retreat, leaving the Sassanian Empire open to invasion.
In 638, the vaulted palace at Ctesiphon, the physical embodiment of late Sassanian art and knowledge, fell to the Arabs. Its fabulous prizes dazzled the poor, unlearned tribesmen of the Arabian Peninsula. A life-size camel crafted of silver and a golden horse with emerald teeth and a garland of rubies draped around its neck were only two among the hundreds of objects of art that passed from the cultured hands of the Sassanians into the rough, callused hands of Arab warriors. The incredible carpet, "Spring of Khosrow," went to Mecca where Islam's religious leaders, disdainful of material posessions, cut it into pieces. The destruction wreaked by the ignorant Arabs (Saudi Arabians) went on. The massive libraries so carefully collected by the Sassanian kings scattered in the capricious wind of the Arab edict:

"If the books herein are in accord with Islam, then we don't need them. If the books herein are not in accord with Islam, then they are kafir (of the infidel) "


View of Earth rising over Moon's horizon taken from Apollo 11 spacecraft. The Apollo 11 commander, Neil Armstrong,  set  foot  on the  moon  on July 20, 1969, at 10:56 p.m., EDT.  Was he the
first man on the moon?  Was there another human  there  when he said "one giant step for mankind?"Yes, Neil Armstrong was with the souls & dreams of many past  scientists from Khayyam, Galileo  Galilei, and .....
The moon has been the object  of  man's  curiosity  for perhaps   a  million years - as long as he has been on earth. This is the greatest positive US achievement of 20 century.
In the honor and memory of both great men of ideas and men of action like President John F. Kennedy, scientist Wernher von Braun, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, many Russian astronauts, many unknown scientists, researchers and engineers, whose contributions over years made this event possible. It will be forever remembered as one of the greatest positive achievements of mankind. We can be very sure that even 1,000 years from now, this trip to the moon will still be regarded as a truly momentous event, one of the great landmarks in human history of which we can truly be proud of and hope our  generation will follow them. 

Khayyam (May 1050 - Dec 1122) was a Persian poet as well as a mathematician and astronomer. The father of Algebra was an outstanding mathematician and astronomer. His work on algebra was known throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, and he also contributed to calendar reform. Khayyam measured the length of the year as 365.24219858156 days. Two comments on this result. Firstly it shows an incredible confidence to attempt to give the result to this degree of accuracy. We know now that the length of the years is changing in the sixth decimal place over a person's lifetime. Secondly it is outstandingly accurate. For comparison the length of the year at the end of the 19th century was 365.242196 days, while today it is 365.242190 days.  Khayyam poems are targeting all forms of  fanaticism and today we should consider him as father of battle against fanaticism .

tartling Views of Stars' Birth

The Eagle Nebula was photographed by Jeff Hester and Paul Scowen of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Arizona State University, using the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 on board NASA's Hubble Space Telescope on April 1, 1995.

Thanks to  NASA scientists for educating us. This is another example of great US contributions  to the world.

 The perspective we get on Earth, our planet appears to be big and sturdy with an endless ocean of air. From space, astronauts often get the impression that the Earth is small with a thin, fragile layer of atmosphere. For a space traveler, the distinguishing Earth features are the blue waters, brown and green land masses and white clouds set against a black background. We should love and respect our small beautiful mother earth planet.
Many dream of traveling in space and viewing the wonders of the universe. In reality all of us are space travelers. Our spaceship is the planet Earth, traveling at the speed of 108,000 kilometers (67,000 miles) an hour.

Oslo: Vigeland Sculpture Park

The Wheel Of Life

In the park there is every manner of emotion and experience expressed: fatherly love, inconsolable grief, comfortable affection.
Oslo: Vigeland Sculpture Park

At the center of the park is the Monolith.

it took three stone carvers fourteen years to complete the Monolith, working daily and beginning in 1929.

The column, 14.12 meters (46 feet) high carved out of a single block of stone, consists of 121 figures.


THE VIGELAND PARK covers an area of 80 acres. The 212 sculptures are all modelled in full size by Gustav Vigeland.

This Gustav Vigeland's masterpiece the angry boy may symbolize many children who lost their parents .

Oslo: Vigeland Sculpture Park
In the land of Cyrus the Great (Persia) a Persian Princess discovered wine about 4000  BC  

Vessel with Two Feet, Northern Iran, 1000 - 800 B.C.E.

Ancient Iranian Ceramics by Prof. Trudy S. Kawami

Iran can be considered as one of the ancient world’s empires, which methodically and actively was devoted to the development of the art of dance. It is the irony of history that this art form has been prohibited in the same country that once upon a time performed a central role for its expansion and advancement.

The First Charter of the Rights of Nations And The First Declaration of Human Rights By Cyrus The Great 

Inscribed on a clay cylinder in cuneiform discovered in 1879 by Hormoz Rasam in Babol and now in The British Museum.

. .When my soldiers in great numbers peacefully entered Babylon... I did not allow anyone to terrorize the people... I kept in view the needs of people and all its sanctuaries to promote their well-being...... Freed all the slaves I put an end to their misfortune and slavery (referred to 42,000 Jews and other religious minorities).

Cyrus the Great  defined  The First Charter of the Rights of Nations and The First Declaration of Human Rights about 438 BC  and  according to Prof. Richard Frye from Harvard  University “surely the concept of One World, .... the fusion of peoples and cultures in one 'Oecumen' was one of their important legacies”. The Golden Age of Persia

The simplicity of  Tomb of Cyrus The Great Has A Great Message. 

Old Persian culture and empire was the dedication to ethical and moral excellence which was based on three simple fundamental principles: GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS and GOOD DEEDS.



Cyrus (Kurush in the original Persian) was born about 590 BC, in the province of Persis (now Fars), in southwest Iran. Cyrus the Great was the founder of the Archaemenian dynasty and the Persian Empire, the first empire throughout human history. Cyrus military victories eventually put him in possession of the largest empire in the world at that time.

No doubt Cyrus was a remarkably humane ruler for his time. Certainly he has achieved his greatness not by words but by hard and difficult choices, actions, and sacrifice. Cyrus was clearly a leader of immense military ability. But that was only one facet of the man. More distinctive, perhaps, was the benign character of his rule. He was exceptionally tolerant of local religions and local customs, and he was disinclined to the extreme brutality and cruelty, which characterized so many other conquerors. 

Click to See this poem

Omar Khayyam (May 1048 - Dec 1122) was a famous Persian poet as well as great mathematician and astronomer.  Omar Khayyam  is father of Agnostic thought process of Persia. The Miniature painting is by  Iran's Celebrated Artist the late  Behzad. Today great majority of Iranians  are follower of Khayyam


The Significance of  Behzad

The late H. Behzad was the greatest leading contemporary  miniature artist. Behzad has created a new school and a new style, Behzad raised miniature painting to its apogee. Behzad had profound love for the Rubayyat of Omar-Khayyam. The philosophical influence and thought of Khayyam often inspired him to select topics for painting from the Rubayyat. The poems from Khayyam, English translation is by Edward Fitzgerald and the above painting from Behzad.

President JFK As a Senator in July 2, 1957:
"..the most powerful single force in the world today is neither communism nor capitalism,
neither H-bomb nor the guided missile-
it is man's eternal desire to be free and independent."
All human beings are in truth akin;
All in creation share one origin.
When fate allots a member pangs and pains,
No ease for other members then remains.
If, unperturbed, another's grief canst scan,
Thou are not worthy of the name of man.

 Sa'adi (1215?-1292) Famous Persian Poet


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