July 17, 2003

"We Are Coming!"

This past week has been difficult not only for Iranians to deal with but also for citizens throughout the world who support the will of the Iranian people. We have yet again witnessed the brutality of a bunch of criminals whose primal instincts combined with the onset of fear, has led them to commit criminal acts that the Iranian people are all too familiar with. Week by week news reports speed across the Internet and find themselves displayed before viewers such as yourself, and thus, week by week we smell the ever-intensifying scent of fear emanating from the abdominal pits of rapists, murderers and dictators who refer to themselves as "God's Chosen Ones". One would almost be amused by this obvious contradiction were it not for their demonic tendencies, though I will pause here to readjust my focus, so as to prevent myself from traversing the path of theology when it is enough to assess the issue in a clear and present, one-dimensional view.

Although the majority of televised news broadcasts have yet to take this story of "The Iranian Struggle For Freedom" by the horns, those of us with access to the abundance of news and views found on the Internet, are well-aware of the winds of change that encircle Planet Earth, and their likely destination.

Echoing in the winds we can vaguely hear the voices of young Iranian children who, lying in their beds at night, whisper their wondering hearts away, longing for some way to understand why their older brother or sister has not returned home for weeks. "Where..?" "Why...? "For how long....?" Intermingled in the angel-like voices of these boys and girls we hear the painful cries of young women, who, because of their ambitions for greater freedom, have been imprisoned and are grateful not to have yet been executed, but at times wish for the escape death would bring from the torture.. Words are absent from her cries, but a message is nonetheless sent, one that resonates clearly within us. The winds transmit these messages at all times and fail to cease, because Iranian blood continues to spill on the land that once touched the feet of men, who in an instant would ride like the wind to defend their people against these barbarians.

Because this is an issue of such importance, we cannot accept the bickering of nation-states in hopes of a solution. Humanity is suffering, so "We The People" will act in accordance with our duty and will, rather than waiting for more suffering, more loss, and the continued propagation of terror. We will all unite in the defense of right, irrespective of our country of origin, because we are all the descendants of great heroes and saviors. The winds of change continue to transmit the words of little boys and girls and we hear their words. We share in their tears.. Our tears fall in unison to the ground below.. Blood and tears touch, and we are on the horse, riding like the wind, in defense of Earth's children. We are coming.

In the words of the great poet Sa'adi,

All human beings are in truth akin;
All in creation share one origin.
When fate allots a member pangs and pains,
No ease for other members then remains.
If, unperturbed, another's grief canst scan,
Thou are not worthy of the name of man.