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PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 10:36 pm    Post subject: INSTRUCTIONS ON USING FORUM: 18 Tir (July 9th) HELP DESK Reply with quote

Help Desk: 18 Tir (July 9th) For Outside Iran
(Instructions on using this forum.)

Dear Compatriot:
Welcome to the "18tir Discussion and Coordination" message forum, hosted by ActivistChat.comThe purpose of this forum is to serve as a meeting place and announcement board for anyone or any group who wishes to publish information about an 18tir event or demonstration that is being organized outside Iran. Not only can you use this forum to post information about a particular demonstration, but we also encourage you to take full advantage of this forum and use it to discuss methods of demonstrating, exchange poster/t-shirt ideas, trade images and songs, share advice, and most importantly strengthen unity among one another.

If you are posting an 18tir event that is taking place outside Iran, please be sure to include as much relevant information as possible (Email, Fax#, Phone#, Date, Time, Location, etc..) By doing this, you will be getting the attention of other citizens who live near a particular event location, and because of this notification, decide to join all freedom-loving activists from around the world in the united 18tir demonstrations.

Instructions for using this Message Forum:

There are two ways of interacting with others in this message forum. One way is to interact with others as a "Guest". Another way, which we strongly reccommend, is to register (FREE!) and create a username and password. By creating a username you will be able to receive private messages from other users, create a user profile, select an avatar image to represent your username, and many other advantages that aren't available if you post merely as a guest.

Once you are registered and have successfully created a username you can login to the message forum, via your account, by clicking the "login" link that is located at the top of the message forum. Once you enter your "username" and "password", click "next". If you have successfully been logged in, you will notice that the "login" link has now changed to "Your Name [logout]".

The best way to go about posting messages is to first go to the main [url=]message forum page[/url] and then select (by clicking on) a forum you wish to enter. Once you are in the forum you will see that there is a "Topics". Each time you wish to create a new post or submit an event you should click the "new topic" button, which is on the left side of the screen. Once you have clicked the "new topic" button you will be taken to a page that allows you to type in the "subject" of the message. After you type in the subject you can click your mouse in the main body section and type whatever message you wish.

After you have typed in your message the next step is to "Submit" the message. This can be done by clicking on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen.

You may also post messages by "replying to" other users messages that have been previously posted. If you are viewing a group of messages and decide to post a reply, you can simply click "post reply" which is also on the left side of the screen.

We reccommend first trying to post a test message in order to get a better feel for posting messages. Once you are familiar with posting messages, there are many special effects and other tools you can use to enhance the quality and appearance of your message.

For example:

If you would like to have an image or photograph displayed within a message you must first know what the link or web address to that image is. So for example, if you want to post a message that containts the "Iran of Tomorrow" logo that is found on the SOSIran.com homepage, what you must do is find out what the URL or Link to the image or photo actually is. The way to do this is with your MOUSE "right click" on the image you wish to post in a message. When you "right click" on the desired image you will be able to either click on properties or "open image", the main objective being that you need to find out what the actual link is to the image. In this case, the url or link to the "Iran of Tomorrow" logo is: http://sosiran.com/images/logo.gif

Once you figure out what the link or url is to an image you would like to post, you simply have to "Cut and Paste", copy or type the address of that image into the main body of the message such as this:

[img] http://sosiran.com/images/logo.gif [/img]
If there is no space between [img] tag and URL you see the following image:

Each and every time you want to display an image in your message you must put the link to the image within the [img] and [/img] tags. "Tags" is the term for the [img] and [/img] .

A tag is essentially a direction or command that tells the program or computer what you intend to do or be displayed within the tag.
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