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Mullah's Services ((Please sign this))

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Via Dr. Etebar

PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 12:48 pm    Post subject: Mullah's Services ((Please sign this)) Reply with quote


Group of people are using Mullahs’ services. They have hard time to move toward Democracy that comes with Separation of State and Mosque.

The following petition has been initiated by a good people behind http://www.holycrime.com sometimes back in April 2002.

I found it useful again please read it carefully and go to the site and cast your vote….. tell these people that Mullah’s service no longer required.

We need to cut this link sometimes, somewhere. There is no second stage or third stage for this, we need to cut this service before we are ready to cast our ballots for referendum. People of Iran DO NO (DO NOT) want to see Mullah and religion linked to their constitution or one from religious people involved in the transitional period. We have gone this road many time, post constitution of 1906 revolution, Reza Shah, period, Mohammad Reza Shah era, before “Mass Mess” of 1979, and last but not least during uprising of 28 Mordad. At all time we lost the battle to the conspirator mullahs in the name of religion.

Let’s the religion gain its value in the mosque and we give the value of politic to the politicians. SEPARATION of Mosque and State…

We will not be able to cut this KNIFE with it’s own handle… !!! just get rid of it…

گروهی از مردمان هنوز به استفاده از خدمات ملايان دل بسته اند. اين گروه برای دستيابی به دموکراسی که همراه با جدائی مسجد و دولت است مشکل دارند. اين تومار امضاء کردنی که سال ها پيش در تاريخ آوريل 2002 توسط اشخاصی که پشت تار نمای www.holycrime.com هستند تنظيم شده توجه فرمائيد.

من اين تومار را باوضاع امروز مفيد ديدم و ميخواهم خواهش کنم به آن أدرس رفته و آنرا امضا کنيد. با امضای اين تومار ثابت کنيد که ديگر به خدمات ملايان نيازی نداريم. نياز داريم تا اين ارتباط را در يکجا قطع کنيم.. برای اينکار مرحله دوم و سوم وجود ندارد ما نياز داريم تا اين کار را قبل از رسيدن به صندوق های رفراندم انجام دهيم. مردم ايران نميخواهند (نمی خواهند) ببيند که باز هم ملا و مذهب به قانون اساسی آنها ارتباط دارد و يا نميخواهند که ببينند شخصی مذهبی در دوران تحول بين براندازی و اسقرار دموکراسی دخالت ميکنند. همه ما چندين بار اين تجربه تلخ را چشيده ايم؛ بعد از انقلاب مشروطه 1906، در زمان رضا شاه، در دوران محمد رضا شاه، و در دوران قبل و بعد از "شورش" 1979 و آخرين ولی نه مورد نهائی آن در دوران رستاخيز 28 مرداد بود که نيرنگ بازان مذهبی بنام مذهب امور را از دست ما ربودند.
يکبار هم که شده بگذاريد تا مذهب اعتبار خود را در مسجد و سياستمداران ارزش خود را در کار سياسی خود پيدا کنند. جدائی مذهب و حکومت را به معنی واقعی قبول نمايم. ما اگر بخواهيم چاقو را با دسته خودش ببريم موفق نخواهيم شد بايستی برای يکبار هم که شده از شر آن خلاص شويم.

See Parsi Translation attached:

We talk about civil-disobedience or “Na’afarma’ani” but when it comes to easy implementation of such recommendation we fail so miserably.

We need to face the issue some other way. Let us assume that a place is infested with rats. Upon close examination we find out that the rats are feeding off of a food storage place. Naturally we have two choices in exterminating the rats:

1: kill the rats by poisoning – all of them everywhere they are and spend the rest of our lives trying to find their hiding place and eradicating the remains one by one.

2: Get rid of their feeding place. No food.. No rats! They can't eat .. They will die.

Easy one might say! This is really not hard. A clean house results in no rodents!

OK.. Same analogy!

What does an Akhound do in Iranian society?

Perform marriages
Perform as Mohalel
Perform grieving events for death of loved ones
Kill Imam Hossein and Imam Ali thousands of times everyday through their sermons
What else do they do? How else do they earn a living? Do they produce a service or product that is good for all elements of our society? What other good do they do in our society but push our people deep into superstition and mental degradation?

Let us wonder, if we stop using them in all these ceremonies would we not stop their lifeline? If we stop going to their made up mosques will we kill their breeding ground?

It seems like if Iranians STOP using their services they will die! Could this be considered a civil disobedience and a first step in the cleansing process?

Should Iranians stop using Akhound’s & Mullah’s so called services?

YES: We should STOP using clergies so called services.
NO: We should use their service since they perform religious functions in the society

In demand to return to democracy we need to use non-violent option. Human rights organizations, unions, student groups, women's groups, teachers group and traditional political parties all must take part, using a range of tactics that include strikes, work slowdowns, and school boycotts.

[url]http://www.iranpetition.org/Vote/Default.asp?ID=1255455047 [/url]
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