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Commemorate the 9/11 and Burning Tees-fun library 637

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 1:57 pm    Post subject: Commemorate the 9/11 and Burning Tees-fun library 637 Reply with quote

Commemorate the 9/11 and Burning Tees-fun library Year 637

This Is An Example Of War Of Ideas Against Terror Masters and Their Islamists Supporter


4 Spherical Connected Skyscrapers Concept Proposal for Future WTC Rebuild Effort

The spherical connected buildings concept is copied over the Official WTC Plan 1 image proposal, wants to commemorate the 11th of September by using the greatest positive US achievements of 20 century.
These 4 connected innovative spherical skyscraper buildings should be as many spheres needed and the total height of each building should be taller than original WTC height . Why sphere? If we look at our surrounding we observe the most resilient birds, dolphins, objects and creatures on earth and space which has been created by forces of nature and million years of evolutions are spherical or has many aerodynamic curvatures feature, and there are mathematical reasons which are beyond this discussion. Any attempt to design similar spherical skyscraper buildings requires joint team effort of NASA scientific team with architects, civil , mechanical , and electrical engineers. I have also used my own new Software Networking Communication theory for designing these spherical buildings.

This design from outside does not have a concept of floor as we know it today and recommend each sphere be named after each Firefighters name who defined and proved a new level of humanity or Nobel prize winners in Medicine with significant contributions to humanity.

Past 6000 Years Connected Iconic Image Gallery Concept and Ideas For The Future WTC Interior and Exterior Cocept

This concept is based on the greatest positive US achievements, contributions and NASA scientific achievements , 10th Century Khayyam poems and 12th century Persian poems "All human beings are in truth akin; All in creation share one origin. When fate allots a member pangs and pains; No ease for other members then remains. If, unperturbed, another's grief canst scan; Thou are not worthy of the name of man." This is an attempt to fight man's fanaticism minds and ideas by learning from history, arts, science, and space. If we look at past 6000 years man's history, realize many forms of primitive religious and non religious fanaticism were the source of many wars, destructions and massacres. We should not forget that it was European and Japanese fanaticism which created 2nd world war with 60 to 70 millions causality, millions of Jewish massacre and total destruction, it was Stalin Communist fanaticism who killed many millions,....etc and currently this primitive barbaric religious fanaticism which is causing problem for world peace and harmony in this planet. The Fanaticism and human rights violations are source of many problems in this planet.

From history we have learned that there is a striking similarity between the WTC Terrorist attack and the burning of Tees-fun library by primitive Islamic fanatic invaders. 1400 years ago, a great collection of books was kept in the Persian empire's Library at Tees-fun, which was the first or second biggest center of art, literature, and science in the world. This vast collection of books was set ablaze and destroyed by Arabian Invaders, setting World's clock back by at least 400 years. I also recommend to build a library in the shape of the above View of Earth image at the exact place of original WTC and call it Tees-fun library to document the forgotten history as a reminder for future generation not to submit to fanaticism.

According the book, THE IRANIANS PERSIA, ISLAM AND THE SOUL OF A NATION by Sandra McKay " A tour de force of intellectual comprehension, summary, and balance." -- Washington Times Pg 46.

"Finally on a day in June 637, the Sassanian commander, Rustam, reluctantly opened the battle. But the Saddanian army, like Sassanian society had grown ponderous. With its spirit drained off in the futile campaigns against Byzantium, the famous Persian cataphracts became clumps of fat, immobile men battlin a swarm of wasps. The heavily armed cavalry with its supporting elephants which had punished Romans and Byzantines proved powerless against the Arabs on swift camels who attacked and then withdrew into the desert. Over three days, the two sides engaged. On the fourth, the Persians' reluctant commander, Rustam, died. His army went into pell-mell retreat, leaving the Sassanian Empire open to invasion.
In 638, the vaulted palace at Ctesiphon, the physical embodiment of late Sassanian art and knowledge, fell to the Arabs. Its fabulous prizes dazzled the poor, unlearned tribesmen of the Arabian Peninsula. A life-size camel crafted of silver and a golden horse with emerald teeth and a garland of rubies draped around its neck were only two among the hundreds of objects of art that passed from the cultured hands of the Sassanians into the rough, callused hands of Arab warriors. The incredible carpet, "Spring of Khosrow," went to Mecca where Islam's religious leaders, disdainful of material posessions, cut it into pieces. The destruction wreaked by the ignorant Arabs (Saudia Arabian) went on. The massive libraries so carefully collected by the Sassanian kings scattered in the capricious wind of the Arab edict:

"If the books herein are in accord with Islam, then we don't need them. If the books herein are not in accord with Islam, then they are kafir (of the infidel)

For More Detail Visit: http://www.activistchat.com/WTC/
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