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The "Intl. Human Rights Day" and the "Nobel P

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2003 2:21 am    Post subject: The "Intl. Human Rights Day" and the "Nobel P Reply with quote

The "Intl. Human Rights Day" and the "Nobel Prize"
SMCCDI (Public Statement)
Dec 9, 2003


Once again 10th Dec. i.e. Intl. Human Rights Day is approaching whereas on one hand the domestic oppression, crash downs and executions inside the country gain new dimensions and on other hand the Nobel Prize Committee is preparing to welcome the winner of prestigious Peace Prize. A winner who firstly is referred as Muslim and at the second an Iranian descendant candidate. The Committee is going to handover this prize during a ceremony for her conspicuous results in defense of Human Rights and assigns her a huge amount of money.

Nevertheless, this ceremony is taking place while Mrs. Shirin Ebadi, the first Iranian Nobelist has during interviews with world’s first-class press and news agencies, while calling her self as she put it "non-political person" and "simply a law expert", expressed such irresponsible statements such as "If Mohammad Khatami could once again nominate to presidency, she would put their vote on him again"; And on other hand, without considering sacrifices of thousands of Iranian women and men and enlightened students, she with "kissing the parliamentarians hands" has in the matter of fact with anew approval of the fraud and stillborn policy of so called "reform from within" and by calling people to participate in the hallow general election to be hold in February and worse of all with describing "popular demonstrations and protests" as unresponsive acts, not only has sadden but has even created the deep anger of many living inside or abroad of the country. And as a matter of fact, she has turned herself to "a hundred percent political" promoter of a regime which is in search of an unreal legitimacy, a regime who tramples freedom seekers rights to pieces.

It is noteworthy that her very unexpected and last minute acquirement of the "Nobel Peace Prize 2003" caused both happiness and exhilaration and as well flattering of her among many of political and social activists who fight the religious-fascistic regime of Islamic Republic. This nomination also caused an esteemed gathering during her arrival in Tehran Airport (Mehrabad) which turned to demonstrations with slogans such as "Khatami, shame on you, shame on you", "Khatami, resign, resign" and "Referendum, referendum". Public demands and movements that had unprecedented echoes within world’s news agencies worldwide and which reproduced the Iranian crowds cherished hatred towards the entirety of the Islamic Republic.
Indeed, the world could suddenly witness how an unexpected and political award to one who is capable of acting as a megaphone of the insurrectionary people of Iran, is undeniably able to start actions and reactions not dissimilar to freedom processes in South Africa and other countries liberated from dictatorships. And certainly if this megaphone or catalyst, was like Mrs. "Aung San Suu Kyi" the maverick and courageous Nobel Prize winner, acquainted with her international legitimacy and could respond to her human and historical conscientiousness, then her name would be told by a whole people and would be written in the history books in gold.

Also it has to be noted that considering numerous and repeated demonstrations and actions of different populaces of the Iranian society such as educators, students and laborer and specially women and the youth who have been murdered in numbers, and considering these people been called as "thugs and vigilantes" by officials of the regime who are lean on their own reactionary and unpopular and antinational laws and rules, it is then a must to every honorable and decent intellectual, whether outside or within the hollow rule of the Islamic Republic, to reject its each and every regulation and commandment and specially its constitutional law and adopt its rejection as a clear motto. Without hesitation, any defectiveness in above-mentioned rejection and its encouragement and in particular any statements in refusing such action, will only and just be an effective help to the ruling dictatorship and an irresponsible justification of the criminal tramp down of freedom seekers who have raised against cruelty.

Now therefore, the "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" once again, reminding this important issue that "the Iranian people will never again give an unlimited and unconditionally rain check to no one" and with congratulating the approaching "Intl. Human Rights Day" to every freedom seeker and confined people worldwide, wish to express our gratitude to every awaked Canadian opinion and to that group of Canadian officials who insisted in doing justice in the case of late Dr. Ziba (Zahra) Kazemi and made UN committee to approve a resolution rebuking the illegitimate governing regime of blood and madness in Iran.

Also this committee by "requesting broaden boycott of general election similar to puppet theatre" which is going to be held in coming February and by condemning unpopular parts of Mrs. Ebadi’s speeches, and by reminding the "fundamental inconsistency between Theocracy or religious rule and Democracy or rule of people by people and for people", and by reminding the repeatedly approved concept of separation of religion and government and juristic-social law, and also by reminding of last 25 years of criminal acts and devastations caused by religious rulers and many of regimes disposed technocrats, admonish every impostors from any attempt to postponing the liberating processes of Iran and to save the theocratic- reactionary regime and Mafioso-oligarchic rulers.

Be that widely boycott of coming useless public election in February, resembling puppet theatre, lead to more unveiling of Islamic republic and its isolation in the direction of its complete down fall.

Long live Freedom!
Long live Secularism!
Established be Democracy!

December 9, 2003 (18th Azar 1382)

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI)
Wink ---- Farah ---- Smile
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