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Disparate Opposition Groups Must Unite

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 3:03 am    Post subject: Disparate Opposition Groups Must Unite Reply with quote

Disparate Opposition Groups Must Unite

By: Amil Imani
December 5, 2004

Before I start to talk about creating a strong, organized and united opposition force abroad, in conjunction with the Iranian forces in Iran, I would like to reiterate a few facts about Iranís current regime. The Islamic Republic has been the major sponsor of global terrorism for more than a quarter century. Also, the Islamic Republic has been sponsoring terrorist groups in the Middle East who have bombed Khobar and Buenos Aires and most recently, fanning the flame of insurgency in Iraq.

The Islamic Republicís leaders have used a multitude of tactics to circumvent decisive international action. They have used everything in their power to silence the Iranian people at home and abroad. Inside Persia, they use executions, public hangings, torture, maiming and many more inhumane punishments. Abroad, they have assassinated 450 to 500 dissidents.

Iran is perhaps the only nation in the world today where the overwhelming majority of its citizens (ninety-four percent according to a US government poll) oppose the clerics. This explains why tens of thousands of Iranians have been imprisoned, tortured or executed by the current government. Regrettably, Europeís policy of appeasement has impeded efforts by Iranians and dissident forces to unseat the regime in Tehran.

As the world watches these atrocities on a daily basis, it maintains its silence in reporting the truth of the Iranian dilemma. Yet, the Europeans adamantly and shamefully ignore the aspirations of the 95 Percent of the Iranians who seek freedom, justice and liberty in Iran.

Knowing what we all know, the onus remains on us, the true Iranian patriots, to set aside our differences and UNITE our forces, once and for all, for the purpose of liberating Iran and conducting a healthy and fair referendum under the watchful eye of the international community.

Let each of us assume a personal responsibility for the success of this endeavor. No bystanders. No snipers from the sidelines. Every one of us needs to be a fully engaged participant in this great battle of hearts and minds and ideas. Let us stop talking about unimportant issues and peripheral concerns. Letís concentrate our efforts on a united focus. Our survival as a nation depends upon it.

Similar to what Dr. Mossdegh did in the time of crises, we should invite all the opposition groups under the same flag, whose sole purpose would be to change the current regime. The establishment of a Democratic Republic has been the dream of millions of Iranians for centuries.

We must discuss our future, focus our efforts, create a solid and strong opposition group and designate a fair-minded individual who has credibility among all of us, to be our elected leader. Let us have such meetings, intended to be the first in a series of gatherings designed to help liberate Iran.

Our challenge is to build up ourselves as a credible and appealing alternative choice, and a force to be reckoned with. I am certain that we can do it. We already have a platform of exciting new policies on which to build. Of course it will be a tough, uphill battle. We will need stamina, camaraderie and total commitment. Our success depends on us.

Based upon the general reaction among our opposition groups, it is clear that the time has come to form a new brand of political opposition; a United Force whose sole propose will be a regime change in Iran and the establishment of the rule of law. My reference to political opposition should in no way be confused with the egotistic, antagonistic, confrontational political activism kind of politics that thrives on lies, segregation, and deception. I am honored to align myself with the new visionaries that are politically mature, disciplined and truly nationalistic.

Leader or leaders of the temporary political opposition will not endorse or engage in unnecessary acts of violence that can only produce hardships for our people. We should not accept, for example, the following: a class society, lawlessness, non-accountability in the public sector, misguided educational and fiscal policies, institutionalized corruption, mismanagement of our resources, abuse of human rights, or weak national defense.

In spite of our ideological differences, we expect the loyal oppositions to work together at all times for the liberation of Iran. Many of our leaders have not been the best role models. They generally have shown no respect for the laws of the land and have been weak and usually unable to compromise. National interests seem to always take a back seat to personal ambition.

Let us call our new endeavor the Alliance for Liberation of Iran as the sole opposition to the Islamic Republic. I am afraid this may not materialize because certain individuals refused to participate in the alliance when they weren't given the leadership position. However, please make a note of it that every single Iranian has a role to play in order for our mission to succeed. I am still hopeful that this mission can be accomplished.

In my opinion, every Iranian and a strong and organized opposition could play a crucial role in bringing about a regime change in Iran sooner than we had imagined. These initiatives would weaken the Islamic Republicís fabric from inside and outside and will give hope to millions of hopeless Iranians.

As I reiterated in my last article, the clock is ticking and our indecisiveness could cost us dearly.

Free distribution to all Iranians
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