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Germany Tells Iran: Don't Lecture Us On Democracy

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2005 10:49 pm    Post subject: Germany Tells Iran: Don't Lecture Us On Democracy Reply with quote

Germany Tells Iran: Don't Lecture Us On Democracy

July 22, 2005
Khaleej Times Online

BERLIN -- Germany accused Teheran of impertinence on Wednesday for presuming to lecture it on democracy, an unusually sharply worded response to Iranian comments that were critical of Interior Minister Otto Schily. “It is tough to beat this kind of impertinence, considering it comes from a country where human rights are regularly violated, where women are flogged after dubious trials and where critics of the regime are taken into custody for months without legal recourse,” a German Interior Ministry spokesman said.

“If there is a need to respect democratic principles, as our colleague from the Iranian Foreign Ministry says, then I would advise him to focus on his own country.” The comments were unusual because Germany, alongside France and Britain, is currently in talks with Iran to persuade it to abandon its nuclear ambitions. European diplomats have grown pessimistic about their chances of success in the negotiations following the election of hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2005 12:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Cyrus,

If you wonder why the EU3 are starting to play rough with the mullahs, don't.

The message has been delivered to them, and they have digested the content.....Iranian solutions are the only viable option, but they'll let the negitiations play out, as they were "grandfathered in" prior to receiving the common sense approach in the following.

And I suppose there's a little bit of bruised ego among the EU, after their realization that they've gone about things in a really screwed up manner for awhile now, and it's taken them a little time to shift gears, and save face.

It could not have been put to them in clearer language than this one paragraph from the following letter...

"We believe it would be criminally negligent for any nation
to support the continuance and aspirations of the Islamic
Republic regime one day longer."

Ba sepaas,

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy
in Iran" (SMCCDI)

January 27, 2005

The Honorable George W. Bush
President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC - 20500

Via Federal Express

C/c: Fax (202) 456-2461
e-mail: president@whitehouse.gov

Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the Student Movement Coordination
Committee for Democracy in Iran (SMCCDI), and the good
people of our nation who have striven so long for freedom,
we wish to extend our most sincere and humble thanks and
gratitude for the words you spoke in celebration and
support of freedom for all people. Words ringing out
clearly as the liberty bell itself, when as a witness
described, "It rang as if it meant something.".

Mr. President, be assured that the reverberations of
the ringing clarity of your words have been heard in our
country, and indeed they mean something.
Something extraordinary, for there is again hope in the
eyes of our people that they may shrug off the oppressors
and theocratic chains which have bound the people for so
long. Chains which have silenced the voice of my people in
utterance, and stilled them with overwhelming force. Chains
denying the Iranian people a better future for our
children, and our children's children for over a generation
in this process.

Mr. President, SMCCDI's constant public support for both
yourself, your correct vision, and your policies as
reflected in our last letter of Feb.16, 2004 has been
consistently well founded, just as millions of Iranians
were correct in supporting you and placing their hopes in
your re-election. Our resources and weight of public
support were lent as well to help you defeat your
challenger who, backed by some very controversial
fundraisers of Iranian origin in the process, was pushing
for official ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran. This
was of great concern to our people, both here in the US and
in Iran. The overwhelming majority of Iranians in the US
supported you in this re-election, and have been rewarded
by your words of support for doing so.

Mr. President, Our opposition movement (SMCCDI) is
bound by a charter formed on principals such as; Human
rights, Democracy, separation of church and states, and
free markets. We believe these principals represent the
most fair and efficient means for humanity to realize its
potential. Ultimately, no repressive, intolerant regime can
withstand the spread of these ideals.

The Islamic Republic regime currently in power in Iran or
any Islamic variances that may exist there in the future
are no exception. By staying true to these values our
triumph is absolutely, positively, and undeniably

Mr. President, We the people of the Iranian opposition
groups both within Iran and spread among many free nations,
including the future leaders you spoke of contained within,
can serve not only as a force for freedom and change, but
as a bridge between our two peoples. To serve in the
process of creating a new political structure for the
Iranian people, and a new beginning for Iran and America, a
beginning founded on values, mutual trust, respect,
long-term interests and friendship.

Mr. President, We take the truth in your words to be
self-evident, and those words honor the ideals of your
great civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
expressed in the following: "Today there is no longer a
choice between violence and non-violence. It is either
non-violence or non-existence. I feel that we've got to
look at this total thing anew and recognize that we must
live together. That the whole world now it is one--not only
geographically but it has to become one in terms of
brotherly concern. Whether we live in America or Asia or
Africa we are all tied in a single garment of destiny and
whatever effects one directly, effects one in-directly."

Mr. President, we the people of Iran, are faced not only
with the chains of political and religious oppression,
poverty, despair, drug abuse, and lack of civil liberties.

We of the opposition should have been able to jointly
prepare a correct and specific program during these last
years. We need now to seize these current internal and
external opportunities that exist, to free our country and
respond to our people's legitimate aspirations, and to the
world's concerns.
And through this, we hope to create a coordinated effort to
obtained the necessary moral and financial support that
will lead to the downfall of the Islamist Republic regime.

Inherently, we seek to bring our nation full circle with
the best parts of our cultural heritage, and the values and
freedoms in which Persia was founded upon. These same
principals form the basis of commonality between our two
cultures today. However, those that have usurped and
distorted our traditions must be removed from power and
denied influence in any new political structure that may
rise from the ashes of our despair, as the fires of freedom
light the darkest corners of our nation, and create the
light of hope in the eyes of the Iranian people.

Mr. President, The "sham" reforms brought to us over the
years by questionable individuals who are hoping only to
save part of their backwarded ideology have proven
themselves unworthy of the cultural traditions and precepts
that Cyrus the Great founded Persia upon over 2500 years
ago. Those ancient precepts regarding freedom of worship,
individual right to own property, freedom from slavery,
representative government in a democratic
"federalist" government that respected the states rights to
determine local laws so long as they were consistent with
the inherent rights of the people, respecting territorial
integrity in the process, have proven themselves over time
and among many cultures.

These same sham reformers who have continued to allow the
stoning of women, continued under the laws of the Islamic
Republic regime to regard our women as worth exactly half
that of a man in their courts, continued to deny our women
their god given rights, disenfranchising half the
population in the process in all aspects of their civil
liberties. Nor can they be allowed to influence the future
we seek. Those that have been party to the denial of human
rights can not be tolerated as being any part or party to
our political future. Nor partake (i.e. Nazi party-post WW2
not allowed), in any part of any new secular government
chosen by the people, of the people, and for the people to
initiate a US/UN monitored direct constitutional referendum
mandated and ratified through the process of forming a new
political structure and the rule of law which it must
ascribe to.

Sir, It is the women, suffering under gender apartheid
conditions, who represent a large part of the opposition,
and will make a major contribution through their degree of
knowledge, and political and civil maturity to the
democratic and peaceful revolution we seek to manifest, as
well as to a future democratic Iran. We cannot carry such
baggage or the individuals who continue to deny women their
place in society in this process of regaining our freedom
and their equality in the process.

Mr. President, We in the opposition movement see the
strong two-faced diplomacy the Islamic Republic regime is
engaged in, that has not only caused nations to appease the
evil regime with offers of economic incentive, but that has
caused others to support their blind ambitions.

We see the effects of this diplomacy on some members of
Congress, government and international think-tanks, the UN
and the IAEA. We see the confusion in policy that has been
proposed by former members of various governments, and we
strongly urge you to address their perceptions in this most
grave and dangerous illusion of "engagement" that they have
been following, as soon as possible. For them to continue
to do so would amount to purchasing those chains that hold
us in bondage.

We believe it would be criminally negligent for any nation
to support the continuance and aspirations of the Islamic
Republic regime one day longer.

In the founding of a new political structure in a free,
secular, and democratic Iran, through our people's voice,
having international support for our cause, only then will
the international community rest assured that the threat
the Islamic Republic regime poses to all of us, is gone for
once and for all. The state of the internal parameters
existing today inside Iran, are such that they are ripe for
democratic revolution.

Mr. President, We believe the minor problems resulting
in splits among opposition groups can be resolved by your
eloquent inaugural speech and your continued moral and
logistical support. Now is the time for us to come together
and face the dangers.

Not the least of which is the danger that the opposition
movement itself faces from regime elements located all over
the world. In much the same way Saddam targeted his
opposition, we face those same threats, both physically and
politically at home and abroad by the following methodology
of the Islamic Republic regime:
Distract, Deceive, Discredit, Discourage, and Dismember the
opposition, wherever it may be found. How these methods
manifest itself in action, is varied, effective, and
coordinated by the theocratic regime through it's agents,
and proxy. Including targeted assassinations on our future

These methods of threat and intimidation must be addressed
if your words and bond of moral and financial support are
to become manifest by our action in a positive and
effective manner to bring a quicker end to this evil

Sir, We face a common threat, and I stress that in no
way do we seek any form of military intervention to obtain
the freedom we aspire to achieve.

In our method of civil disobedience, we require the firm
moral support in action by the international community, and
the financial backing to follow through of our own accord,
to help millions of Iranian workers and citizens take their
nation back, through peaceful protest and strike.

The solutions we may find together in dialogue between our
two peoples and within the opposition groups resulting in
the coordination of our efforts and actions in the face of
a common enemy, hinge on a unified moral stance within the
community of nations to halt any and all support for the
Islamic Republic regime, it's terrorist allies, and its
economic and political base.

Mr. President, Never before has a foreign leader taken
such a noble and realistic position in support of the
Iranian people and for people everywhere who have suffered
for so long in despair and isolation.

We offer to you these prayers of suggestion in the hope
they may be considered by your Administration, Congress,
the American people, America's Allies and friends, the UN,
and people of all nations.

These suggestions are based on two tracks. The isolation of
the Islamic Republic regime, and the essential moral and
financial support needed by legitimate non-violent
opposition groups to move on the opportunity that now
exits. Together, in a coordinated way, we will achieve
success. God willing.

1. Implementation of full international economic and
military sanctions on the Islamic Republic regime via UN
security council resolution based on human rights, support
for terrorism, and this to be tabled with or without IAEA
board recommendation on the nuclear threat the theocracy
poses. These two issues alone should be viewed as
circumstance the world cannot turn it's back upon, at risk
of civilization itself. Such measures should include
coordination with oil producing nations to ensure stable
world supply while sanction persists, as well as the
halting of any and all arms transfers to the Islamic
Republic regime.

Note: We believe it is unwise to continue nuclear power
discussions until such time as secular government ratified
by the people in Iran comes to power. And rest assured Mr.
President, any new government, abiding by the rule of law,
can and will work with the IAEA in full cooperation to
implement the safeguards and protocols, to address all
aspects and concerns regarding the peaceful use of atomic
power, and to dismantle any and all existing programs that
may violate them.

2. Full diplomatic sanction and closing of Iranian
embassies world-wide, removal and deportation of regime
representatives, their agents and spies from all nations.
Diplomatic sanction by the UN, and removal of
representation from this international forum till such time
as a legitimate interim government can be established in
Iran. Iran is party to the 1948 UN charter, yet not having
been a signatory the Islamic Republic regime is abysmally
derelict in it's adherence to the provisions contained
within it.

Note: We ask that concerns regarding lack of consular
functions as a result of this action be cooperatively
addressed, so as to continue to allow emergency visas to be
issued. (i.e. family emergencies, etc.) It may be possible
to retain the minimum consular functions, under tight
supervision, but they are well known in their recruiting
of, and issuing visa to potential martyrs and terrorists.
As well, We feel it is unwise to allow the Islamic Republic
regime to maintain a UN staff of aprox. 400 "diplomats",
who consistently violate the 12 mile limit, engage in
activities not associated with diplomatic function, and
pose a threat to US interests and Iranian opposition groups
located in the US.

3. Freezing of any and all financial assets of the
Islamic Republic regime, their current and former
leadership, and corporate interests world-wide, till such
time as a new interim government can be established. As
well as allocation of portions of these assets now to
legitimate non-violent opposition groups inside and outside
Iran, to realize the goals, and to provide the tangible
support needed as civil disobedience becomes manifest in
action. Only in this way can this action be self sustaining
till it succeeds.

4. Repeated statements by world leaders publicly
calling for the leadership of the Islamic Republic regime
to step down peacefully, and to relinquish the government
to the hands and will of the Iranian people.

5. The coordinated post-regime rebuilding of vital
social institutions and infrastructure of democracy should
be implemented now. The training of judges, civil servants,
police, etc. The Iranian exile community can provide the
talent, initially and there are many more inside Iran
supporting the opposition who will answer the call to
service as the situation permits. This will speed up the
post-regime process, and greatly enhance stability in the
interim government.

In addition, while SMCCDI does not speak for other groups
in the opposition, we believe it is vital for our efforts
to become coordinated in the formation of a working group
among leaders of opposition groups, in conjunction with
free nation's representatives to facilitate and coordinate
all of the above measures.
To facilitate this, we would humbly request that you grant
audience to the opposition's young leaders, be they
Monarchist, Republican, Democrat, moderate, left, or right
as may be represented by their group's opinions, allowing
them to express their thanks and support for the greater
Middle East project, in a roundtable "Forum for the Future"
of Iran.

Mr. President, The proposed sanctions to be implemented
will represent a hardship for our people residing in Iran,
and we will most certainly face violent opposition toward
our civil disobedience actions. But the hope that will
sustain the millions of workers and government employees
that will rise and shut down the functioning of the Islamic
Republic regime while the sanctions persist, will cause
their will to succeed to hold firm. It is our hope that the
resolve and support of the international community will
stand firm as well.

We believe these measures are warranted under current
international law, and various resolutions in the UN
regarding human rights, and state sponsors of terrorism.

Mr. President, God willing with your help and through
our own efforts, along with those supporting our efforts
via moral and logistical support, we will light a fire as
well, and sustain that fire in the minds of all nations.

Your words have warmed the hearts of the Iranian people,
just as they burn those who fight our progress. And one
day, this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest
corners of our nation. That day is fast upon us, and we ask
that all free nations move as suggested without delay,
"seized of the matter", in order to aid us in this noble

Sincerely Yours,

On behalf of SMCCI,

Aryo B . Pirouznia (Movement's Coordinator)

5015 Addison Circle #244 Addison Texas 75001 (USA)
www.daneshjoo.org ; www.iranstudents.org
Tel: +1 (972) 504-6864 ; Fax: +1 (972) 491-9866
E-Mail: smccdi@daneshjoo.org
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