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Drums of war are beating in Tehran

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Ramin Etebar,MD

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 5:04 am    Post subject: Drums of war are beating in Tehran Reply with quote

Drums of war are beating in Tehran


The staff of the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei are burning late night candles. The news of referring Iran to the Security Council has become public.
The Ball is now in their court. They have to make the next move…..

They are getting ready to implement the plans which they had prepared just for this occasion. It is called “Operation Divine Intervention”. In the series of events they will try to inflict damage through their proxy’s in order to make nations withdraw their demand without their actual direct confrontation.

Operation Divine Intervention
During the Iran, Iraq war became obvious to the Iranian clergy leadership that confrontation with United States is immanent. That is, if they wish to control the Middle East and to export their brand of revolution in order to create the new Islamic Empire.

Sepah Pasdaran and Baseiji organization, through series of low level confrontation with the US Navy in Persian Gulf, Marines in Beirut, Army in Iraq and Special Forces in Afghanistan have learned many valuable lessons.

During the Shah’s regime “Savak” Secret Police headed by General Nassiri (later executed by firing squad) was divided into two distinct and separate major sections. Under these two sections were various different subsections. Depending on the tasks, the subsections operated by their names and reported to the head of their respected major sections. The International Section under General Motazed had to report to General Nassiri, the head of Savak.

The National Section under General Fardoost had to the same. Howevevr, there were sub sections in National Secret police under the direct orders of the Shah reported only to Fardoost. They did not have to answer to General Nassiri or his boss which was the Prime Minister of Iran.

The Two major sections were 1. National Secret Police which operated something like FBI, headed by General Fardoost, the late Shah’s closest confident and later turned turn coat. The second section 2. International Operations, Headed by General Motazed which operated like CIA. For the purpose of International intelligence gathering and reporting on Iranian political organization operating outside of Iran

The most important sub section under the National Secret Police unit and under the total control General Fardoost was completely intact. This division’s code name was “Ekbatan”.

During the revolution Ekbatan section under the direct command of General Fardoost, only responsible to report to him, had provided the crucial tasks of implementing the national strikes in the work force; Government organizations, Bazzar and the Private sector’s infrastructure.

This section under General Fardoost’s direct control comprised of infiltration unit, identification, and political ideology; Planning and implementation units.

Easily, they were able to mass duplicate the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini’s speeches and audio tapes, distributing it through their own agents inside the government organizations and companies.

Plan and orchestrate strikes, demonstrations and recruitments.

Later on when General Motazed was forced to resign and accept the post of Iranian Ambassador to Syria during the Shah regime, a large chunk of his international section fell into hands of General Fardoost as well.

After the revolution General Fardoost was in charge of creating the New Islamic Secret Police called Savama with the help of “Ekbatan” section and the “Simorgh”; part of General Motazed’d intact international section.

Ekbatan and Simorgh divisions under the watchful eyes of Revolutionary council created the Islamic Secret Police called Savama.

The new recruits were selected from the veterans of Iran-Iraq war. Hand picked through the ranks of Sepah Pasdaran and Baseiji groups. They have been selected among the most fevering religious zealots who are unquestionably loyal to the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini and the Guardian council.

These new recruits under the expert training received from Ekbatan and Simorgh operating staff have become a very impressive operating team. Their precision assassinations and the style of tortures soon made them famous. They surpassed the reputation Savak had made before and created fear into hearts of all Iranians.

As the old guard of Ekbatan and Simorgh retiring, new people replaced them and advanced to many important and influential positions. The current President of Iran Mr. Ahmadi Nejad is a very good example of these recruits.

Operation Divine Intervention was established during the 1980’s for the purpose of assessing, planning and the possibility of US invasion of Iran; Engagements with the US Armed Forces and delivering devastating blows in case of conflict. In co-ordination with the armed forces, Sepah Pasdaran and Baseiji, this operation is under the direct control of the Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei and his staff.

Currently there are 3000 experienced top senior level filed operatives engaged in Operation Divine Intervention.

Depending in their region of service, some of these agents are already in place of their duty and some are in Tehran on call, awaiting orders to become operational at a very short notice.

They are all experienced professionals. Have worked in regions they are assigned to before and do speak the local languages. They are at the levels of “Directors” in each geographical area of their field service.

All have proven track records and have been in combat and undercover operations ranging from wars, Para-military/partisan activity, reconnaissance, prisoners debriefing, information extraction, kidnapping, assassination, infiltration, explosives and recruitment.

They can blend into any environment posing as businessman, staff employee, student, media person and others.

Some of these operatives despite their strict religious habits have received “Fatwa” which is direct orders from the Supreme leader to be able to drink Alcoholic beverages and engage in activities prohibited by Islam in order to infiltrate the groups they are targeting.

The Operation Divine intervention is now activated in full force by the order of the Supreme leader and close supervision of the New President and all his cabinet members who were/are in the Savama (later changed its name to ministry of intelligence and security (MOIS), and related fields.

What is their next step?
In coming weeks you will see them in action in phase one of their operation. Iran will heat up the engagements of insurgents and US coalition teams in Iraq. The operatives from this operation are already on their way to Iraq. They will take over planning, directing and implementation of the tasks from the local Militia Such as Muqtada al-Sadr, Mahdi Army in Naiaf and Kabala, against the British forces, US forces and the rest of the coalition.

Another visible sign will be the introduction of new insurgent groups as they will start claiming victories on attacks made to coalition forces.

A major visible sign you will note is the direct attacks against the Japanese peace keeping force in Iraq. Until now, this group has been unharmed as they do not engage enemy like other coalition forces and are in Medical delivery and other humanitarian activities.

The Japan constitution prohibits any act of war against enemy. The Japanese peace keeping army can only fight if attacked and in defending themselves. Although as of now, the rules of engagement has changed since Japan has voted in favor of dragging Iran to the Security Council. You will see some clashes between insurgents and Japanese peace keeping forces.

During the upcoming two months until Iran is taken to Security Council, you will see gradual escalation of violence in Iraq and other places; although, none of these attacks will be claimed by Iran.

The major clashes will be in Iraq. However, you will see terrorists’ activity in France and Germany as well. Not something serious but enough to rattle the cages in these two countries. Trying to scare people into submission and forcing their governments to withdraw their demands.

These operatives will plan and deliver devastating blows to the British forces as Britain was the one that wrote the Security Council resolution draft. The British Army is in their backyard and through more than dozens of insurgent groups under their payroll; they will make it very uncomfortable for these forces in Najaf, Kabala, sea shores, beaches and ports Which British Army controls.

The engagement with the US will be in the next two months limited to Iraq and some minor staged clashes in Afghanistan. The engagement will be under their controlled insurgents and not a direct confrontation.

In all of their activities during these two months the goal is scare tactic. Scare the EU 3, US and other countries who have voted in favor of this resolution to back off from their original demand.

They have seen good results in Spain as the government caved in. There was a new prime minister after the bombing. The new Spanish government recalled its troops from Iraq. These operatives will try to create same situations in order to frighten the governments into submission.

During this period the rest of the operatives remain in Iran will be dispatched to their pre-designated areas and will start to take over and work closely with the local groups they have set up previously as sleeper cells or others.

The Phase one will end after the two months period. Depending on its derived success, the Phase Two of the operation will commence.

The civilized nations of world are against ruthless, fanatic and disciplined force which is determined to make the A- Bomb as it knows making this bomb will be insurance for their survival, recognition, respect and longevity of their tyrannical regime.

As it is said, the best defense against such a fanatical group is an effective offense. United Nations must send troops to Iraq; helping the US and the coalition to face these operatives and their paid insurgents head on. There can be no yielding under the pressure from these criminals.

The Supreme Leader and his gang are preparing for the total all out war in the last phase of this operation. In their sick minds they think they can win the war. If they have to sacrifice the entire Iranian population in order to achieve their goal, they are prepared to do it.

The plans are made. The timetables are set. They know exactly what they intend to do and are willing to go to any extreme in order to achieve it.

The rest is up to us in the free world to stop this megalomaniac so called supreme leader and his murderous cronies dead on their tracks.

What they want is not the wish of the Iranian people. The Iranian people are fed up with this bunch more than the world is. But, they can’t do anything until they get moral support from the free world.

The majorities of Iranians are against these people and will answer to the call of uprising against the regime. Providing this call is true and sincere.
Ramin Etebar, MD
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