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Internet Security 101 for Opposition

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 8:09 pm    Post subject: Internet Security 101 for Opposition Reply with quote

Source: http://www.iranpoliticsclub.net/club/viewtopic.php?t=284

Internet Security 101 for Opposition
February 14, 2005

Primarily allow me to inform you that you are in good hands. We protect our own.

As a Technical Specialist, allow me to give you some hints. These Bits O Technical Wisdom might save your lives and we shall avoid incidents such as this:

Christians on PalTalk Voice Chat, Tracked & Murdered by Muslim!

I. Avoid registration in Islamic sites.

It is all nice & dandy for you to want to register in Islamic sites and then go Fragging Around with Muslim; however, have in mind that a person of High Tech knowledge can get a hold of your personal information and use it against you.

II. Remember that you can be traced through any live connection

As long as you give an opening on your system, then if on the other side, there is a computer expert, he can connect to your system. Opening means:

Instant Messenger
Chat room
Live chat
Voice Chat
Video Net Meeting
Web Cam
any other live opening

Once he is connected to your system, he can either:

a) Steal information

b) Damage your system


If you are a low tech person, then avoid live connections to argue with Islamists, such as bull shiiting on PalTalk with brain dead Muslim!

III. Your System can be hacked

If a high tech person really wants to hack your system, meaning if you are worthy, such as Bank of America is worthy to hack, then it is possible.

Hacking 101

Let me teach you some Hacking principles, so you will have an understanding about how to protect yourselves from Hacking.

Hacking is all about odds and possibilities.

Imagine a small calculator size, electronic phone book with a 2 digit password of "0 & 1". What are the possibilities?

1 & 0
1 & 1
0 & 0
0 & 1

4 possibilities to set a password. So I can calculate the odds via fingers & finally break your code! Piece of cake it is!

Naturally if I purchase an illegal Code Breaker from Canada, then I can sit in my car next to an ATM, while you are getting cash from your bank. As soon as you log in, I can break your code with wireless code breaker in my car. Once you deposit & get a $20 cash back & once you are gone, I can empty your account. You see my point?

Code breaking & password breaking is all about odds. Lets say you have a 10 digit number as a password on your system, then the code breaker will run all the possibilities, until it finds the correct number & breaks it.

Now as a professional Information Technologist and Cyber Tracer, I always use complexed passwords. What do I mean? Meaning I speak 5 languages & I am familiar with ancient history; therefore, I try to use ancient terms from Chinese, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Persian History in various dead or alive different languages of the world mixed with numbers from various different nations. So a combo of letters & numbers from various languages & historical episodes is often used by me to protect the systems!


Use multi digits (more than 8 digits and up to 18 digits) passwords and usernames.

My codes are often impossible to break because code breakers are often not sophisticated enough to figure my codes!

That's why I am often hired as Cyber Tracer (Cyber Bounty Hunter), working on the edge of the law (what the police is not allowed to do), to protect companies & corporations' important software.

In my line of work, I protect the software by all means and if it gets copied or stolen, then I trace by using "Search & Destroy" methods to track criminals, get the goods back, steel every other goods possible and destroy their complexed Tens of Thousands of Dollars High Tech System and hand them to authorities.

So when companies want net security, then they call an IT (Information Technologist) to install Anti Virus, Net Passwords, Codes, Anti Spyware, Anti Spam, network security, etc. But when they have a pro criminal stealing crucial information or software from them, then they call a professional Tracer (Cyber Bounty Hunter) to "Search & Destroy" & "Eliminate" the probelm for them!


In the past I have had episodes with Muslim Hackers. A few times they trashed my systems. By trashing systems, I mean moving files and folders to a point that you need to delete and reinstall your whole system from scratch, hoping that you have back ups! This task for you maybe takes a few hours but for me, a computer expert with thousands & thousands of files on my system, will take weeks! Imagine me sitting behind the monitor for 2 weeks straight to reinstal my system the the way it was before the sabotage! Its dreadful!

Sweet Revenge!

So in return, I had to return the favors via finding an opening on Fax (open & running). When I often trace an opening on a system, after retrieving all the info needed, then I send a fax or a message to them in this manner:

"Dear Bozo:

By the time you are reading this first sentence, I am having access to your system and already transferred your crucial material to my system (I love to see the panic in their faces possibly with a web cam!), don't try to avoid it, you are too late! By the time you are reading this second sentence, your computer is beginning to sound like a Chieftain Tank (picture the look on their face, worths a million dollar!), don't try to stop it, because it is too late by now! Your Hard Drive is destroyed!

Adios Sucker



IV. What do I mean by destroying hard drive?

Have in mind that you can rarely destroy the hard drive (Physically). Unless you use a huge magnet or actually burn it! What we mean by destroying the hard drive, is not actually and physically destroying it, but to move files & folders so much that your system starts malfunctioning. Then your hard drive will malfuntion & as I have said, it is beyond restoring by fix it software! You have to clean everything & reinstal everything from scratch.

V. Security Hints

Do not do these tasks because you leave yourself open to be hacked.

a) You can open as many E-mails as you want, they cannot hurt you. But do not download E-mail attachments from strangers.

b) Do not click on E-mail links from strangers.

c) Avoid live connections (IM, Chat, Voice Chat, Web Cam, Fax, Video Net Meeting, Net Meeting, etc.) with strangers. Meaning stop hanging around Idiotic Joints like PalTalk and chat rooms, unless you know what you are doing!

d) Use Complexed passwords on every password protected application. Use a combo of numbers & letters.

e) Use Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Anti Spam and if are really a Big Shot then use Anti Hacking Hardware.

f) Have in mind that Firewall Software is good but it slows down the network & system. FireWall Hardware on the otherhand is good & it does not slows down the network & system. FireWall builds an invisible wall of security around your network.

g) Update your Anti Virus, because new worms & viruses come to the market every month! 14 years old kids with no lives and plentty of times learning High Tech info on Internet, create these cyber epidemics! This day & age, you can even learn how to make an Atomic Bomb or Dirty Bomb on the net!

h) You will receive many scams in E-mail in regards to reveal your user name & pass to the administrations of your ISP (Internet Service Provider), Bank, etc. These are all Bull Shiite! No official org. asks you for your protected info via E-mail! These are hackers & scam artists trying to steal your pass.


High Tech Crimes are the wave of today & the future. At this day & age, only a Bozo commits Real Live & in person Bank Robbery! Today, criminals do everything via Internet!

Types of Cyber Criminals

Haxor = A Petty Cyber Criminal who stalks you and your system. They are often harmless. However, sometimes intelligent agencies use these methods to spy on you.

Use a free firewall application which can be downloaded from various High Tech Sites such as TuCows.com or Cnet.com or etc. Install it and you can view how many random Haxors @ each specific time period, do spy on you! You will be amazed! An average of 5 Haxors @ each given time period, spy on you via the Internet! Most of them do not even know you, they are random Haxors. They either have too much time on their hands or they are psychos!

Hacker = A cyber Criminal who hacks on your system to either steals info or damage your system or both!

These are real criminals committing real crimes.

Cracker = A Master Super High Tech Criminal who cracks passwords & codes via code brakers and writes & sends sophisticated Virus (Programs) to retrieve crucial info/software from your system or to do other criminal activities via your network.

A Cracker, cracks the codes of Bank of America's net & transfers a million dollar to 6 different Cayman Island's accounts so they are not traceable!

Remember, Cyber World is like a Jungle! Protect yourself & morely be wise. Specifically make sure your children are safe online. There are plenty of animals out there, the types of animals that you can not even picture in your wildest dreams! Its a cyber jungle out there!

Now, If you keep on being Good Boys & Girls, drink your milk & behave yourselves, maybe just maybe in the future, I will give you another lesson "Internet Security 102 for Opposition". It all depends if you will be good or not!

There are plenty of other hints that you need to know, but I do not have time to enlighten you. What am I? Your Father?! You are lucky that I have given you this much info for free! You know, time is money & each minute of my time costs money!

Damn, we should exclusive all this info only amongst ourselves! Maybe we should let only IPC Members to be able to read the posts in the club, so not every bozo is capable to gain all this info! What do you think?

Na, Ahreeman is generous and has mercy on folks, even if they are not IPC Members! We let everyone gets enlightened via IPC.

Ahreeman is Informing!

For now, I gots to go. Remember, Ahreeman is Everywhere, he who watches over you! And always remember,

Who loves you babies?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?


The Evil within The Machine!

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