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Paper No. 7: The Elements of Distraction and Confusion

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:43 pm    Post subject: Paper No. 7: The Elements of Distraction and Confusion Reply with quote


The Islamic Republic of Iran Government, under the guise of being the legitimate government of Iran is in the world market to purchase the latest gear and equipments for their riot police in order to suppress Iranian’s into submission.

The Riot Police Specialists from France, Germany and Russia are on hand to teach them the latest techniques in crowd control and demonstrator arrests.

The Police Equipment Companies from these countries offer the latest equipment’s for suppressing Iranians.

In other hand, Iranian’s have no one to help them. They only have each other and often engage with the Riot Police, without any knowledge of how to defend themselves, make their statement for the world to hear and avoid arrests and later torture and long prison sentences.

In a series of papers, titled the Fundamentals of Street Demonstrations, we will teach the very basic tools needed to defend one self against the well trained and well equipped Riot Police, Regular Police, Revolutionary guardsmen, Basiji’s and MOIS Agents who are the Secret Police.

Each of their tasks and duties at a demonstration will be explained in these papers and the counter measures against them will also be outlined. The basic methods of evading capture and arrest and tools needed to distract these enemies of the people will be explained.

Please understand, We practice Non Violence and peace. None of the methods we are recommending is to inflict injury to anyone or kill anyone. The people on the other side are also are brothers and sisters, who in need of a job have resorted to what they are doing. The procedures explained are only to make our chances increase in case attacks and arrests. We strongly recommend avoidance of any kind of violence during any demonstration or strike. We are better than they are. They resort to violence as they see no other way to suppress the freedom loving people.

We strongly advocate peace and non-violence. However, Non lethal Methods and Tactics are needed to avoid arrest and increase the chances to escape in order to attend the next strike or demonstration.



Article No. 7


What we are about to explain is the very basic tools to evade arrest and escape from the hands of the murderous regime when you are surrounded. When the demonstrators and strikers are surrounded and there is no way out (The previous paper discussed the tactics to be used in order not to let the regimes agents to cut through the first demonstration lines and isolate small pockets of striker’s and demonstrators) is to create a DISTRACTION which will enable the surrounded demonstrators get a chance to break the circle and avoid capture and arrests.

In order to accomplish this task, you will need devices that will make LOUD NOISE or SMOKE or better yet, BOTH!

The noise from these devices will shock the agents of the regime and the smoke will provide the proper screen for demonstrators to breakaway and escape.

Devices Needed

1. Narenjaak: The primitive device made for Traditional Iranian Cahahar (4) Shanbeh Soori before our beloved Iranian EID NOOROZ.
2. Haft (7) Taragheh or Fire Cracker: This is another tool used for Cahahar (4) Shanbeh Soori.
The above devices make loud noises, but do not create enough smoke in order to have a smoke screen and make the get away possible.

In order to create the desired smoke for this purpose, you will need to mix the following ingredients and carefully open the Haft (7) Taragheh, adding it to the inside mixture. This will give your Noise Haft (7) Tragheh the added smoke too. Thus making an excellent noise and smoke screen tool.

You can add different ingredients to your Haft (7) Taragheh to create Different Color smoke.

Herewith, please note some basic color smokes that you can make.

Black Smoke screen Formula

Percentages to be used if making a 100 Gram powder (You can increase or decrease the amount you wish to make based on this simple formula).

Magnesium Powder 20%
Hexachloroethane 60%
Naphthalene 20%

Another formula for Black Smoke

Ingredients inside the Haft (7) Taragheh 50%
Potassium Nitrate 10%
Coal Tar 20%
Powdered Charcoal 15%
Paraffin 5%

White Smoke Screen Formula

Zic Dust 30%
Zinc Oxide 20%
Hexachlorethane 50%

Another formula for the White Smoke

Potassium Chlorate 40%
Sulfur Flour 15%
Zinc Dust 40%
Sodium Bicarbonate 5%

Red Smoke Screen Formula

Potassium Chlorate 20%
Lactose 20%
Paranitraniline red 60%


Buy Whole bunch of Haft (7) Taragheh’s. Carefully cut the strings around the paper holding it together. Straighten the paper, open it or if the glue is to hard, just cut alongside with a sharp blade, take out the ingredients inside, mix with the formula you have prepared. Either roll in the same paper you have opened or make your own roll with the paper and bend like the original one and tie with strings.

Safety and Caution

Please be very careful and do conduct any of the mixings around an open flame. Although, this is another firework, treat it with care and caution as it can be very dangerous. The ingredients are extremely flammable and caution must be used at all times.

In regards to the Noise Screen, you can use the available Narenjaak’s sold in the market for the Chahr (4) Shanbeh Soori. If you know the seller, ask him to make a bigger one’s for you as you want to have party for your block. Please, take extreme caution with this devise. If you fall down with them in your pocket or you fall down with them in your hand, they will explode. Although it is not life threatening, It will injure and burn you badly.

The best way to carry these devises are inside a back pack lined with a blanket inside the back pack and devices inside that blanket.

The smoke can be used as signal in the demonstration and strikes also. Each color will have different meaning and can be visible from distance.

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