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Wanted: A Sensible Policy to Check Tehran's Nuke Program

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2006 8:17 pm    Post subject: Wanted: A Sensible Policy to Check Tehran's Nuke Program Reply with quote

Michael Hirsh wrote:

Mr.Ahmad Baharloo; "The Larry King of Iran."
A Radioactive Dilemma -
Wanted: a sensible policy to check Tehran's nuke program

April 16, 2006
Michael Hirsh

In the minds of some Bush administration officials, the solution to America's new foreign-policy crisis lies with people like "the Larry King of Iran." That's what Ahmad Baharloo's executive producer, Maryam Velgot, calls the ruggedly handsome host of the Persian-language show "Roundtable With You" on Voice of America.

Baharloo, an Iranian exile in Washington, will soon be a prime instrument of the administration's new democracy-promotion campaign in Iran. Of the $85 million President George W. Bush has requested from Congress for the campaign, about $50 million will go to expanding Farsi television programs on VOA, and Baharloo is a star performer.

Beginning in June, Baharloo's interview-and-call-in show will be beamed into Iranian homes seven days a week instead of just one. The goal: to blanket the repressive, cleric-run state with open dialogue and glad tidings from America. Asked whether any Larry King-type character—even the real one—could do much to engender democratic revolution, Velgot says, "Well, he's more like the old, serious Larry King." She adds that there is much more coming, like a fast-paced news-magazine show with a chic, comely host named Luna Shad that "can be likened to Anderson Cooper's '360º'." That will also move from one day a week to seven.

Good idea, VOA program must be expanded ASAP under Mr. Ahmad Baharloo's executive producer leadership.

Michael Hirsh Newsweek wrote:

Yet outside interference tends to enrage Iranians, who have never forgiven Washington for the CIA-assisted coup that toppled elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953. "It's not new," Javad Zarif, Iran's ambassador to the United Nations, says of the American campaign. "They increased their activities in Iran two or three years ago and now instead of a reformist president we have a conservative president. That tells you how successful they were."

Javad Zarif Statement is just garbage and using Dr. Mossadegh as an example is an insult to Dr. Mossadegh who was liberal democract and comparison with Islamofascists which has less than 1% of votes is the most stupid comparison by anyone.

Michael Hirsh Newsweek wrote:

Zarif may have a point. Before the Iranian presidential elections last June, Bush issued a statement criticizing the fairness of the process. Even affluent voters who said they hated the Shiite mullahs told a NEWSWEEK reporter in Iran at the time that American arrogance so angered them they decided to vote for Ahmadinejad, the radical candidate. In such an atmosphere, a military attack of any kind would only incite Iranians even more, many U.S. officials concede.

Islamofascist Zarif does not have a good point at all. Majority of Iranians boycotted the election anyway.

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