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I Am a Moslem Woman - Parvin Darabi

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 8:03 pm    Post subject: I Am a Moslem Woman - Parvin Darabi Reply with quote

I Am a Moslem Woman - Parvin Darabi


"They differed with me over what times we are living in. It is not a democracy when a man can talk about politics without anyone threatening him. Democracy is when a woman can talk of her lover without anyone killing her." - Dr. Sauad M. Al-Sabah

I am a Moslem woman. I have no face. I have no identity. At age 9, based on lunar year (a lunar year is ten days shorter) I am considered an adult. Being an adult means that I have to adhere with Islamic laws as stated below.

I have to pray five times a day, fast one month out of the year and cover myself from head to toe in yards of black fabric. I am eligible to be married and can be punished for any wrong doing. I can be incarcerated and, if needed, executed for my crimes, even political ones.

Islam's law - that Allah sent down to his messenger Muhammad - came to announce that women (exactly like men) are full human beings. Women (like men) are therefore required to follow the way appointed by Allah.

"A woman (like a man) is therefore obligated with all three degrees of this religion: Islam (outward submission to Allah), iman (inward faith in Allah), and ihsan (perfection of worship of Allah)".

"Women have such honorable rights as obligations, but men have a (single) degree above them". The Koran 2:228

"Men are the managers of the affairs of women because Allah has preferred men over women and women were expended of their Rights". The Koran 4:34

Islam believes and promotes only one relationship between male and female and that is the relation of lust.

"If a man and a woman are alone in one place, the third person present is the devil". Prophet Mohammed

I am not allowed to swim, ski, ride a bike, dance, learn to play musical instruments, practice gymnastics, or any other sport. I am not even permitted to watch men play sports, either in the stadium and/or on television.

I am not permitted to participate in Olympic games.

From age 7, I am segregated from all males in and out of my extended family.

My father, grandfather, uncles, brothers or my male cousins are not allowed to be present at any ceremonies for my accomplishments. They will not be allowed to participate in my birthday parties.

I have to study under female teachers and professors. However, since women of prior generations were not allowed to go to school, there are not that many qualified women teachers and professors. Male professors must teach me from behind a wall.

I am to be treated by female doctors. Go to female dentists. And if there are none, then I have to go without or I must be examined through some sort of divider.

I am not allowed to practice birth control or have abortions, even if carrying or having a child means I have to die.

My worth is based on the Islamic Laws of Retribution, 24th edition, December 1982, as half of a man. It doesn't matter who I am, how educated I am, and what earning potential I may have in my life. My worth is half of a man, any man.

According to clauses 33 and 91 of the law in respect, Qasas (The Islamic Retribution Bill) and its boundaries, the value of woman is considered only half as much as the value of a man.

Article 1: dieh or blood money paid to the victim or next of kin for as compensation for bodily injury or murder of a relative.

The Islamic Law of Retribution

In the old Islamic laws, recently placed into practice by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the worth of a man's life is equal to the market value of 100 camels or 200 cows and that of a woman is equal to half of the man's, 50 camels or 100 cows.

The clause number 6 regarding the dieh (cash value of the fine) states that the cash fine for murdering a woman intentionally or unintentionally is half as much as for a man. The same clause adds that if a man intentionally murders a woman and the guardian of the woman himself is not able to pay half of the Dieh (the value of 50 camels or 100 cows, the difference between the value of a man to that of a woman's life) to the murderer, the murderer will be exempted from retribution.

New Legal Standing: Pursuant to article 85 of the constitution, the Islamic penal code article 300, blood money or dieh, a sum paid to the next of kin as compensation for the murder of a relative, is twice as much in the case of a murdered man as in the case of a woman. The number of witnesses required to prove a crime is higher if the witnesses are female. For example, article 237 of the penal code states that first degree murder must be proven by testimony of two just men and evidence for second-degree murder or manslaughter requires the testimony of two just men, or one just man and two just women, or of one just man and the accuser.

My testimony in a court of law is equal to half of that of a man. In most countries I don't vote and I don't get elected to office. And if I do, it does not mean much. I inherit only half as much as my male siblings.

I cannot get custody of my children. Even if their father dies. In the case of divorce or death I have to surrender my children to their father and/or his family.

I cannot travel, work, go to college, join organizations, even visit my friends and relatives without my father or husband's permission.

I must live where my husband desires.

I am banned from studies such as engineering, agriculture, archaeology, restoration of the historic monuments and handicrafts, and many other fields. I am not allowed to become a judge.

Under the terms of Koranic law, any judge fulfilling the seven requirements (that he have reached puberty, be a believer, know the Koranic laws perfectly, be just, and not be affected by amnesia, or be a bastard, or be of the female sex) is qualified to dispense justice in any type of case.

I have no right to choose the clothing I wear in public. This is done by the Office of the Islamic Guidance which sets the color, the style, and the accessories for women and girls as young as 6 years of age.

I will get arrested, beaten, and sometimes even executed if I wear make-up, nylons, bright colors and specifically the color of red.

I cannot choose my mate and am not permitted to divorce him if things did not work out.

According to Khomeini, the Iranian Islamic Imam, "The most suitable time for a girl to get married is the time when the girl can have her first menstrual period in her husband's house rather than her father's".

I have to meet all my husband's desires including the sexual ones. And if I refuse he has the right to deny me food, shelter, and all of life's necessities. I have to say yes every time he wants to have sex.

According to Hojatoleslam Imani, Religious Leader in Iran. "A woman should endure any violence or torture imposed on her by her husband for she is fully at his disposal. Without his permission she may not leave her house even for a good action (such as charitable work). Otherwise her prayers and devotions will not be accepted by God and curses of heaven and earth will fall upon her".

My husband can divorce me without my knowledge and by the Islamic law he is required to support me for only 100 days. And if he dies, I am entitled to 1/8 of his Estate.

I can only ask for divorce if my husband is impotent, if he does not have sex with me at least one night in every forty nights, and if he refuses to provide me with a minimum standard of living.

My husband can have four permanent wives and if he is from Shi'i sect, he can have as many temporary wives as he wants.

Koran says that "Men your wives are your tillage. Go into your tillage anyway you want". This means that a man is allowed to sodomise his wife and she cannot complain.

In some countries they even mutilate, cut and sew my female sexual parts in order to control and regulate my sexual desire.

According to the Islamic Laws, I am supposed to be seen outside of my home three times in my life. When I am born, when I get married and when I die.

I have no explanation on why God denied me everything and made men in charge of me, if there is a God. I don't believe there ever was one.

In Islam, the age of majority for a girl is 9 years and for a boy is 15 years. This means that a 9 year old girl and a 15 year old boy are considered to have the same level of maturity. Now, if girls reach maturity six years earlier than boys, then why did God place men in charge of women? Was there something wrong with God's Judgment?

In some Islamic countries such as Iran, if I am arrested for wearing make-up, the guards will force me to clean my face with cotton balls rubbed in pieces of glass. This cuts my face. The barbaric revolutionary guard, while watching the blood run out of my flesh, will tell me, "next time you think about this and will not wear it".

As a political prisoner I will be used as a concubine for the revolutionary guards. In case I am condemned to death I will not undergo the sentence as long as I am a virgin. Thus I will be systematically raped before the sentence is executed. Mullahs believe that virgin girls who die go to heaven but politically inclined girls are ungodly creatures and they do not deserve to go to heaven, therefore they are raped so that the Mullah's can be sure that they indeed will be sent to hell.

In Islam, if a 6 or 7 year old girl is raped by an adult man, she will be the one that gets punished. It is her fault because she provoked it. The parents then will burn or kill her because she has dishonored the family.

It has been said that the Moslem Prophet got very upset one day noticing his wives flirting with men who visited him and ordered women to stay behind a dividing curtain when speaking with men. The idea of hijab, the covering up of women, became a law in Islamic countries from that day.

In 1991, the Prosecutor-General of Iran, declared that "anyone who rejects the principle of hijab is an apostate and the punishment for an apostate under Islamic law is death."

Polygamy is legal in Islam. A man may marry "four Permanent" and as many "Provisional" or temporary wives as he desires.

"Marry such women as seem good to you, two, three, four; but if you fear you will not be equitable, then only one, or what your right hands own; so it is likelier you will not be partial". The Koran 4:3 "Most Europeans have mistresses. Why should we suppress human instincts? A rooster satisfies several hens, an stallion several mares. A woman is unavailable during certain periods where as a man is always active....", Ayatollah Ghomi, LE MONDE, January 20, 1979.

Parvin Darabi

I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

Naqshe Rostam
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 5:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

دانشجویان آشتیان در پی ادعای یک دانشجوی دختر مبنی بر تجاوز ماموران نیروی انتظامی دست به تظاهرات زدند: ضرب وشتم دانشجویان از دید یک دانشجو
دانشجویان دختر و پسر دانشگاه آزاد آشتیان شنبه شب در اعتراض به درخواست نامشروع یک مامور نیروی انتظامی از یک دختر دانشجو دست به اعتراض زدند. یک دانشجوی دانشگاه آزاد آشتیان در مصاحبه با رادیو فردا می گوید: یک مشکل شایعی شده است که دختر ها را به کلانتری ببرند و به بهانه های عجیب و غریب و آنجا درخواست های عجیب و غریب می کنند. تظاهرات بصورت اعتراض برگزار شد و کم کم به خشونت گرایید و سنگ به شیشه کلانتری پرتاب شد. گارد ویژه امنیتی حمله کرد و شماری از دختران را مورد ضرب و شتم شدید قرار داد. خواهر یکی دانشجوها را جلوی چشمش زدند. وقتی گفت چرا دارید می زنید، بردندش کلانتری تا سه صبح آنجا بود.
حميد فاطمي
حمید فاطمی (رادیو فردا): روزنامه جمهوری اسلامی از تظاهرات دانشجویان دانشگاه آزاد آشتیان خبر داد. دانشجویان دختر و پسر دانشگاه آزاد آشتیان شنبه شب در اعتراض به درخواست نامشروع یک مامور نیروی انتظامی از یک دختر دانشجو دست به اعتراض زدند. یک دانشجوی دانشگاه آزاد آشتیان در مصاحبه با رادیو فردا می گوید: دانشجوی دانشگاه آزاد آشتیان: این مشکل یک مشکل شایعی شده است که دختر ها را به کلانتری ببرند و به بهانه های عجیب و غریب و آنجا درخواست های عجیب و غریب می کنند. بحث یک بحث اجتماعی است و معضلی است که هست در جامعه ما. در همه جا هست و اینجا نمود پیدا می کند بدلیل اینکه بالاخره اینجا شهر کوچکی است و همه همدیگر را می شناسند. گفته شده است که به یک دانشجوی دختر در این جریان تجاوز شده است. تظاهرات بصورت اعتراض برگزار شد و کم کم به خشونت گرایید و سنگ به شیشه کلانتری پرتاب شد. گارد ویژه امنیتی حمله کرد و شماری از دختران را مورد ضرب و شتم شدید قرار داد. نمی دانم چه بگویم این شان رفتار با یک دانشجو نیست. دانشجویی که سرمایه مملکت است. واقعا من دلم به حال این دختر بنده خدا می سوخت. صورتش کاملا ترکیده بود. یعنی کاملا تمام صورتش خون می آمد. بارها وبارها این رفتار را ادامه دادند. بچه ها متفرق شدند و دوباره از یک سمت دیگر آمدند و شروع کردند به تظاهرات. یک عده را دستگیر کردند و بچه ها در اعتراض به آن جریان اول و آزادی همشاگردانشان به اعتراض ادامه دادند تا اینکه مسولان رضایت به آزادی دستگیر شدگان دادند. قولهایی هم دادند که عملی نشد. تا اینکه دیروز بچه ها تجمع کردند جلوی دانشگاه و یگان ویژه بشدت باآنها برخورد کرد. یعنی بشدت مورد ضرب و شتم قرار دادند. نیروها از اراک می آمدند و واقعا با بچه ها درگیر می شدند. واقعا بد می زدند. درگیری اول جمعه بود و دوباره شنبه شب هم درگیری ها ادامه داشت. امشب هم قرار است در دانشگاه جمع بشوند ببینند به کجا می رسد. ولی برخوردها شدید است. خواهر یکی دانشجوها را جلوی چشمش زدند. وقتی گفت چرا دارید می زنید، بردندش کلانتری تا سه صبح آنجا بود. ح.ف: روزنامه جمهوری اسلامی نوشته است دانشجویان در این تظاهرات تابلوهای برخی از ها و شیشه های اماکن دولتی را شکسته اند. دانشجوی دانشگاه آزاد آشتیان: دانشجویان به بانک ها کاری نداشتند. به تلفن های عمومی هیچ کاری نداشتند و فقط برخوردشان با کلانتری و فرمانداری بود
. [/size] [/size]

آدرس الکترونیکی متن: http://www.radiofarda.com/iran_article/2006/6/812c2407-1c1a-48bb-96b4-df621fdb3831.html
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