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ActivistChat Happy Nowrooz Message 7006

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 5:00 pm    Post subject: ActivistChat Happy Nowrooz Message 7006 Reply with quote

AmirN wrote:
What Would Kourosh Say?

When insanity took over, in the year 1978
And the streets were filled with lies, betrayal, and hate
When evil hid behind the mask of freedom
And the people were used as pawns, ignorant and dumb

How would Kourosh sleep?

When the innocents were shot, “Ey Iran” they would sing
Their crime: loyalty to country and to King
When every teenaged punk got a license to kill
And a vampire like Khalkhali spilled blood just for thrill

How would Kourosh weep?

When that embassy was captured, by Mahmoud and other apes
Was the day that honor died; civility and reason thus escapes
When the word “Iranian” became synonymous with shame
And the world viewed Iranians and terrorists as one and the same

What would Kourosh say?

When loving Iran became forbidden
And all traces of Persian Past were cowardly hidden
When Islam again raised its ugly head
And except for Quranic babble nothing could be said

How would Kourosh lay?

When cutting hands, ears, and noses became fine
And barbarian laws shaded this Aryan land of mine
When the worth of woman became half of that of man
The worth of both became zero, result of an unfair plan

How would Kourosh lament?

When Aryan children were used as mules
To clear mines, running to their deaths, as mere pawns and tools
When the lie of Allah was again invoked, along with a plastic key
To dupe little kids: “Paradise is right there…past the mines…you see?”

How would Kourosh this resent?

When women and children were sold as slaves
Islam undersigned it; this is how it behaves
When child abuse, rape, and stoning were seen as just
Islam undersigned it; morality became but dust

How would Kourosh his wrath have sent?

When Iran was taken from Aryayi and given to Taazi
Iran lost itself to a barbarian, a Nazi
When Iranian law, civility, and honor were all lost
To Taazi’s way of life, too great was this cost

What would Kourosh think of this zoo?

When Iran became a commodity, by Taazi to be used
And fell prey to an Arab God, all evil became excused
When Iran became not the land of Aryans, but Islam
And to power came every con-man, criminal, and scum

What would Kourosh do?

I’ll tell you what Kourosh would ask, do, and say:
“Abandon this false God, to whom you falsely pray
Abandon this false book, filled with ignorance and hate
Iran is too good for this, Iran is far too great

Open your ears, and listen to your past
Your culture calls to you; go to it at last
The Taazi tried to copy, but didn’t get it right
The Persian Empire, its glory, or its might

Open your eyes, and just compare
Persian culture to that of Taazi, and let’s be fair
Where does each stand on justice, respect, and morality?
The laws of which are based on tolerance, and which on barbarity?

Open your mouths, and break this silence
Be sure, you won’t be alone in this defiance
Rise up and banish these foreign intruders
Expel Allah, the Mullahs, and the rest of the polluters

Why do you need Allah, or Mohammad?
Ali, Hassan, Hossein, and their buddies were all mad
You don’t need Allah or other lies, to tell you how to live
All you need is empathy and truth, no falsehood to believe

I once had a vision, a dream that then came true
A dream called Persia, with tolerance as the glue
2500 years passed, my body is now long gone
But my memory, my dream, will never be undone”

In the Spirit of Kourosh the Great
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 3:44 pm    Post subject: New Year tradition : Kyrgyz girls Reply with quote


New Year tradition : Kyrgyz girls, wearing traditional costumes, take part in a celebration to mark the upcoming Persian New Year, known as Noruz, in the center of the capital Bishkek . (AFP/Vyacheslav Oseledko)
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 8:49 pm    Post subject: * Ants of the world unite! Reply with quote

March 20, 2003

* Ants of the world unite!


Dear Friends,

Last night, I couldn't sleep because I was bombarded with thoughts that the world has become a terrible place where ruthless thieves take the law in their own hands to achieve their own selfish ends without regard for the masses who simply want to live in harmony.

Having just listened to BBC radio live, I thought I should read to get my mind off of the misery of Iraq. I made the mistake of reading another African-American novel, written about slavery and the painful things that people can do to each other by mere words and glances, let alone by actions. I was overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness and anger about the lies and aggression that ruin peoples' lives.

But tonight, I went to an Iranian New Year (Noruz) event here in London where I met and laughed and sang and feasted with Iranians and people from many backgrounds who, despite the news about war, wanted to feel happy and proud about an ancient Persian custom that signifies renewal and light and life.

Although my mother and father and sister are in the US and not here in London with me, my lovely, sweet brother is and with him and the people at the Noruz event tonight, I felt happy and, at least for one night, forgot all the ugliness that seems to pervade this tiny world of ours.

There is so much unfriendliness in this world, especially today. I think back to when Iran was at war, and the fear and worry I and my family felt for our family members back home. I hope you can grasp even a fraction of the happiness that is possible in these cruel times, as I did tonight.

Be patient with people, respect them and enjoy life for we are all imperfect, but we all need others to be happy.

As for the tyranny of wealth and power, the ancient Persian poet Ferdowsi has this to say:

Mayazar muri ke daneh-kesh ast
Ke jan darad o jan-e shirin khosh ast
Mazan bar sar-e natavan dast-e zur
Ke ruzi darofti be payash cho mur

Translation: do not bother the ant who carries seeds of food, for its life is just as sweet to it and yours is to you. Do not hit the weak over the head, for one day you may fall at their feet like an ant.

May the ants of the world unite!!

Noruzetan Pirooz. Happy Persian New Year,
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