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Bhutto blames al-Qaeda, Taliban for twin bombings in Karachi
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Liberty Now !

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:25 pm    Post subject: Un-Holy PACT in Davos ! Reply with quote

Islamo-Fascists in Davos

Dakhil Bastan be "Emaamzadeh Davos"

What are Islamist Terrorists doing in Davos ?

Khatami, Larijani, Motaki, Ghalibaf & Hashemi samareh

The Tyrant Islamo-Fascist Thugs

Get an invitation to "Free Speech" + "Bargains" in Davos !

While Iranians loose their lives for Freedom every day.

* * *
Historic* UN-HOLY PACT Out in the Open!

At least Khomeini wasnt invited to Guadaloupe in person!
They had to quietly send Qutb-Zadeh with a letter for the PACT with the Masters and a Grand Bargain which lead to empowerment of Islamist elements in Iran & Middle-East in 1979. And the Meeting is one of the best kept secrets of Real Politics, so far.

But in the TERRORIZED WORLD of 2008, the Masters of ISMs dont feel any need for cover up, and shamelessly invite their ISLAMO-FASCIST THUGS to DAVOS, for a Wine & Dine and another Grand Bargain with the Terrorists!

This means the world is already in The Point of No Return;
And the Nations are Too Paralysed with Fear & TERROR to do something about it.

* * *
I think they are underestimating the feeling of ABSOLUTE DISGUST that can overcome FEAR!

here it goes:
* * *
[i]Please, do some research on Masonic origins of Creative Torure(!), will ya...

Most secret services in all the Ismic dictatorships in history use the same Torture methods as elaborately documented in Masonic Creative Works! Mullahs' butchers are one of those, and so I wouldnt be surprised if they even invited some of the masters to Irans Torture chambers and gave them the pleasure of experimenting with new creative methods! Razz

On a more seriouse note...

When the Islamo-Fascist butchers cut people's head off in front of cameras as a new form of entertainment for the new world order(!), one can't help but remember* the Knights of Templar who formed that historic un-holy PACT with the Assasins , by bloody handshakes and practicing the Art of Beheading together (1)

What a coincident that TERROR finds its ways to modern time through followers of same Knights & their PACT with leftovers of the Assasins, again!

It's not easy to Devide & Conqure, especially when people are living in peace and harmony! You need to paralyse them with FEAR, first!
Once the world is terrorized you can impose all kinds of inhumane treatments and economic hardships, and then many wars.

Terror is a powerful weapon and Terrorists like Islamo-Fascists, including the mullahs & their thugs, can come in handy sometimes;
they can help to keep Order in the New world Order.


So, basically this is the Message of Davos 2008:

N o w, W o r l d !

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! O . R . D . E . R ! ! ! ! !

(1) Knights templar:http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/masonic.htm
Paayande Iran
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