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EU's latest pipe dream: The Mullah$ pretend they are the Chi

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2004 3:13 pm    Post subject: EU's latest pipe dream: The Mullah$ pretend they are the Chi Reply with quote

EU's latest pipe dream: The Mullah$ pretend they are the Chinese. Laughing Laughing Laughing

The Mullah$ like to pretend they can pull it off, and their idiot pathetic European backers blinded by greed, are also banking on the Mullah$ being like the Chinese.

But they ain't. Why?


1. The Mullah$ do not have the efficient and functional central government command of the Chinese. They have the brute force in sqaushing rebellions and thats about it, but not the efficient infrastructure of control that Peking wields. Every European looting Iran can tell you that the Mullah infrastructure is an extremely corrupt, dysfunctional, inefficient infrastructure where loyalties can be bought and traded for peanuts! That is simply not the case with the Chinese. Look, the Mullah$ haven't even been able to ban the Internet with the efficiency of the Chinese despite their hollow rhetoric and threats for the last year. Plus nowadays most well connected Chinese have full Internet access using the new satellite services, which just goes to show you, that even the Chinese Worm has its limits, in case the Mullah$ think that paying the Chinese billions for it is going to work. Laughing

2. The average Chinese has a higher standard of living than the average Iranian. They had a higher standard of living circa Tianneman sqaure, and they have a hell of a lot higher standard of living today! Iranians are amongst the poorest people in the world today! That is not the case with the Chinese. Remember the French didn't pour out because they didn't have freedom to form political parties during their revolution, they did it for bread, same with the Boston tea party ( taxes) and also the Russian revolution. The Chinese have bread, the Iranians don't!

3. The majority (93%) of the Chinese do not hate their government the way the Iranians do, nor believe that their government is stealing everything that isn't nailed down the way 99% of all Iranians do, including the Mullah$ own security guards!! The Chinese do not see their rulers as greedy and corrupt thieves the way Iranians do, and this is the golden pre-requisite of all revolutions which the Mullah$ have beautifully fullfilled!

4. Morale and loyalty is considerably lower in the government, military and oppression apparatus of the Mullah$ than it is amongst the same in China.

5. The Chinese supply many basic social services to their people that the Mullah$ don't.

6. The Chinese don't live in the shadow of the excesses of wealth and decadence by their leaders the way starving Iranians do watching zillionaire Mullah$ and their children live it up in a grotesque display of wealth and power not seen since the 'let them eat cake' pre-revolutionary heydays everywhere else! The Mullah$ and their families are putting on quite a display of capitalist decadence of a kind very few in China do. China simply does not have the divisions between the haves and have nots of Iran, and their workers don't waste away in the shadows of decadent wealth.

7. The Chinese have many basic freedoms that Iranians don't have. I said this before, I'll say it again atleast in the Soviet Union the oppressed people could drink their vodka and have their song and dance, and in Cuba they get to drink their beer and dance on the beach. But not in Iran where political oppression is compounded by religious oppression, social oppression, and personal limitations too severe to maintain idefinately while nobody gets to drink, dance, sing, play music without constant fear of severe persecution for committing a major offense/crime!! The Mullah$ will not hold power for long, because unlike the Chinese they do not allow the people the few freedoms that the Chinese people have! If the EU wasn't as blinded by its own greed, it would see the sheer idiocy of investing in the Titanic of the Mullah$!

8. There is no way the Mullah$ can imrpove the economy or the condition of the people to even bring it close to what the Chinese have because: they are too greedy to give anything to the people; most of the rank & file in Iran is stealing as much as they can before escaping the sinking ship (thus the sudden epidemic of bank/business closures throughout the country); the cost of maintaining the internal oppression and external bribes in the billions to government officials in the west has bankrupted the government and the even higher bribes needed now will break the bank even more; none of those loyal to the regime ideologically have any knowledge or ability to deal with economic issues or any other issues requiring an education level higher than high school, corruption and nepotism has so crippled the system that no progress of any kind is possible and the Mullah$ are not about to cart off their own relatives to jail for fraud. Therefore the economic reform will not happen, and any EU country pouring money into Iran, is only pouring it into the pockets of the greedy Mullahs and their 'gedda' relatives, they ain't saving the economy.

So in conclusion:

The Mullah$ lack the Chinese's eficiency of control, the Iranians have considerably lower standards of living than the Chinese, the Iranians watch the elite live in lavish lifestyles that would put Marie Antoinette to shame while the Chinese workers never see such things since their society doesn't have the same harsh divisions between have's and have nots, the Iranians can't even deliver the most basic social services the Chinese do and thus effectively bribe the masses, the Chinese have many more personal freedoms and simple human joys the Iranians are denied, and there is no way the Mullah$ can turn the economy around because of the paralysing corruption and nepotisim caused by their own!
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