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In Memory Of All Brave Souls Who Stood Up Against Tyranny
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 8:07 pm    Post subject: General Aria Poem For 18 Tir Reply with quote

General Aria wrote:

ح – آ – ب – ق – م-18 – ت
2009 – 10 - 07
آ ر يا ئي 7009 – 19 - 04

حما سه آ ر يا

د ر ر ا بطه با قيا م ملي 18 تیر ر و ز آ رتش و دا نشجو

تو ا ي همو طن ، شير مر د د لير*********** بر و مند و آ ز ا د ه و شير گیر

چو کر دی به آ زا دی خو د قیا م**********جها ن سر به سر شد ز عز مت بنا م

ند ا یت به تهرا ن چو د ر خا ک شد *********** جها ني بعز م تو د مسا ز شد

چو يز د ا ن د ر ا ين كا ر يا ر تو شد ********** خد ا شا ه ميهن شعا ر تو شد

به ا مر و بفر ما ن هو شنگ شا ه************ خد ا و ند ملك و خد ا ي سپا ه
( 1 )
ا گر گشت د شمن به چنگت ا سير ********** ميند يش ا و ر ا د ر ا فكن به ز ير

ا گر خصم صد گو نه تا و ا ن د هد********** مخو ر هو ل بگذ ا ر تا جا ن د هد

آ ز ا د و پا يند ه ا ير ا ن

ر و ا بط عو مي جبهه ملّت آ ر يا ئي ا ير ا ن

سر هنگ کو ر و ش آ ر یا

گير ند ه گا ن كليه سا ز ما نها ، شخصيتها و ر سا نه ها ي گر و هی سيا سي. جهت، با ز تا ب د ر ر سا نه ها ي خو د.
خوا شمند ست د ستگیر ی فر زندا ن ر شید ا یرا ن را به طو ر جد ی بر سی و پیگیر نما ئید.و نگذا رید این
قیام ملی و خو ن فر زندا ن خلفش به فرا مو شی سپر ده شو د، مبا رز ین منتظر حما یت شما میبا شند

E. Mail: irans_aryan_nation@yahoo.com
E. Mail: aryan6000@yahoo.com

ا شا ر ه به فر ما ن شما ر ه 1 جبهه ملّت آ ر يا ئي ا ير ا ن ا ست كه به نا م هو شنگ شا ه پا د ه شا ه : (1)
د و ّم پيشد ا د ي د ر مو ر خه (6008 – 26 - 03 ) صا د ر شد.
” ملّت آ ر يا ئي ا ير ا ن منبعد با ضحا كيا ن حا كم بر ا ير ا ن و فر ز ند ا نشا ن هما ن ر فتا ر ي ر ا خو ا هد نمود كه بر ما و فر ز ند ا نما ن ر و ا ميد ا ر ند“ ” و آ ن چشم در مقا بل چشم ا ست. “

Distributed BY:
Shirin Neshat
Founder and President of Sarbazan and Janbakhtegan Organizations
P O Box 16166
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
E-mail: shneshat@aol.com
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 9:58 am    Post subject: Manouchehr Mohammadi Reply with quote


Manouchehr Mohammadi


Wednesday, July 9, 2008
After this press realize, I have a plan to tour between major U.S cities and European capitals by bicycle to meet and discuss with the local Governors, member of parliaments, political and social leaders and NGOs, active in democracy and human rights fields and above all ordinary citizens to draw their attentions to the my followings’ humanitarian requests:

To disclose and reveal, the untold stories of physical and emotional tortures imposed up on me, my brother, late Akbar Mohammadi and other freedom and political activists in Islamic Republic of Irans’ prisons.

Recognize that it is impossible to reform the Islamic Republic, a government that functions on jurisprudence-based rule.

Carry out investigations in order to find the motives and the agents of the serial killings of political prisoners, human rights activists, and journalists in the Islamic Republic prisons. The murders of individuals such as Zahra Kazemi, Vali Allah Fez Mahdavi, Zahra Bani Yaghoob, Ebrahim Lotf Allahi, and also Akbar Mohammadi.

The International Court of Justice should prosecute political, judicial, police, and security leaders of the Islamic regime. These trials have to be held for the following reasons. First, for the constant murders and oppression of the Iranian people. Second, participation of many of the Islamic Republic leaders in my brother’s death, even after presenting many hard documents and evidence proving his innocence. This was after he had spent 7 years and 2 months in solitary confinement and public prisons. Third, because of the criminal deeds by the governing leaders, including the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei; the President, Ahmadinejad; the Iranian Intelligence Minister, Mohsen Ejeie; the heads of the Revolutionary Guard; and many other leaders in the government posts. Their arrest will be a sure way to end the murders and oppression of the women and the people of Iran, as well as an end to insecurity in the world.
Request assistance in making reparations from the Islamic Republic, by using the American and European legal institutions and the governmental and non-governmental institutions, for emotional blows that I have incurred as the result of losing my brother, Akbar Mohammadi, in the Islamic Republic’s Evin Prison. Also, I request reparations for the emotional and physical tortures I have endured as the result of 7 years and 2 months of my imprisonment in the regime’s prisons.

Have the international courts seriously consider proceeding or keeping open the files of many chain killings of Iranian political activists, human rights activists, and journalists.
Recognize the governments that are strong supporters of democracy, organizations that support freedom and human rights, the United Nations, and international courts with regard to opening up court cases inside the country against the human rights violators of the Islamic regime, including the serial killings of political activists, human rights activists, and journalists inside the country.

The governments and the people of countries that are worried about a potential war between the United States and Iran and denounce even a prediction of a potential conflict, consciously or unconsciously, resulting in bolder statements and remarks from the sick religious leaders of Iran. They also result in the continuation of Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the constant murders and oppression of the people of Iran. Isn’t it better for them, instead of denunciation of the war, to declare that there should be no war and no Islamic Republic? Because if there was no Islamic Republic, neither a war would take place, nor would we be an observer of continued human rights violations, including arrests, executions, and murders of the Iranian people and, as a consequence, observe the continual insecurity of the world governments and world citizens. And in another word, the worst and most painful form of war is found in the Islamic regime and not western countries. This war has the horrors of oppression, executions, and the stoning of the men and women—and the leaders of the regime have not and do not deny these allegations. Without any shame, they have made excuses and claim that all these acts have been justified under the ideology of unification.

Stop relations in all its forms, including enforcing the economic and trade sanctions against the terrorist Iranian regime. These sanctions have to be targeted to weaken the sources of the power of the leaders of the Islamic Republic and not to weaken the Iranian public. But my question for the democratic powers, and especially the Western European powers, is that is that why are they, knowing the unalterable nature of the Iranian government, still determined to sacrifice human rights in Iran over the economic gains of their own countries? Why would they still advocate short-term and unstable economic and trade relations instead of long-term relations after the liberation of Iran?

The Western powers should stop secret dealings and offering protection for the undemocratic and anti-populist Islamic regime if they stop their nuclear weapon ambitions. The leaders of the Western powers, especially Europe, should not forget such an important issue as human rights in Iran or glance over it without any serious consideration.

The immediate release of all political prisoners and permanently stopping oppression, arbitrary arrests, and executions in Iran by relying on pressure from world political and human rights organizations. This pressure is necessary, because of the authoritarian and totalitarian nature of the Iranian government and its religious ideology. There is no understanding the language of diplomacy and if, per chance, there are signs to the contrary, then it is simply part of the Iranian government’s tactics. By doing this, they are attempting to gain an advantage or simply lessen the world pressure that bears heavy on them at times.

Recognize and accept the refugee status of Iranian political refugees such as student activists, Iranian Kurds, and political activists who currently reside in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Iraq, and Arab nations. These individuals, for months and at times for years, in very harsh situations, live in these countries and they are under the constant threat of deportation, and their lives are threatened by the Islamic government upon their return. Much proof and evidence exists that many refugees have either died in suspicious ways in these countries, or have been sent back to Iran and executed. And also, many of these individuals are unsure of their future when residing in European countries, and experience constant anxiety of being deported to Iran, inflicting emotional and psychological scars.

The United States should carry out an investigation relating to the suspicious activities of many financial, cultural, and religious organizations in the United States that have relations with the terrorist regime of Iran. In these investigations, the United States should utilize assistance of many Iranians who have hard evidence against these organizations and understand the relationship of heads of these organizations with many Iranian personalities.

The foreign powers should put a stop to relations with individuals that the people of Iran do not recognize. Certain individuals that mention that the main problem of the people of Iran is not human rights, but the economy, or say that the even outside of the reformist camp there is a pragmatic group worthy of negotiating with and that desires good relations with the United States. This is not true. In the Islamic regime, the Supreme Leader and the IRGC are responsible for the all the decisions and without them, no one, pragmatic or unpragmatic, cannot make a decision. This was observed during Khatami’s eight-year rule. Khatami was not able to achieve any reform because of the control of the supreme leader on Khatami and his cabinet.
The most important and real issues that the democratic governments of the world have to understand is that the Islamic Republic of Iran, because of its religious ideology, is not and will not be able to reform. If this was not the case, then some results should have been achieved during the eight years of Khatami’s government. During those eight years, it was true that people received certain minor freedoms such as freedom of speech and press and freedom to assemble, but they never had freedom and security after practicing these minor rights. After the public would practice these certain rights, they would be immediately identified by the Supreme Leader’s forces, arrested, and sent to jail. In jail, they would be faced with the worst forms of physical and emotional torture. During these events, the reformist government—fearing the Supreme Leader and the Revolutionary Guard—stayed quiet and allowed the continuation of this unfortunate coercion and force by the Supreme Leader. So, even thinking of going back to a reformist government will be continuing to follow the wrong path, and will result in more bloodshed in Iran and the world. The Iranian people have the power to stop the short-term executions, killings, and the current insecure political scene of Iran. The Iranian people do not need the military support of the free world governments, but just their moral support.
The United States government should evaluate and examine the activities of owners and directors of some nonpolitical Farsi-language satellite TV stations in California. These stations participate and cooperate with so-called private companies that in reality are terrorist organizations and organs of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry. The Iranian Intelligence Ministry has offices set up in many cities in countries such as many Gulf states, including Dubai. These TV stations accept money from these organizations to stay quiet about the political situation in Iran. The United States Congress should pass a law to stop these TV stations from accepting money from organizations that are connected with the Iranian government.
Posted by Manouchehr Mohammadi at 12:03 PM
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 2:59 pm    Post subject: 18 Tir demonstration in Los Angeles through the lens of Mr. Reply with quote

Khashmorg wrote:
18 Tir demonstration in Los Angeles through the lens of Mr. Ghassemloui
Saturday, July 11, 2009 10:03 AM
From: Khashmorg@aol.com




Click here: Picasa Web Albums - davoud - 100EOS5D

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:09 pm    Post subject: 18 Tir Report Reply with quote

Saeed Bahmanian wrote:

18 تیر واقعن چه شد؟

این روزها دست که به قلم می برم به این فکر می کنم که چه قدر اتفاق های بزرگ پیش می آید و فرصت ما چه قدر اندک است که از این اتفاق ها حرفی به میان بیاوریم. فرصت کوتاه است و حادثه ها بسیارند. فکر کنم با این همه زن و مرد و جوان و میان سال که کوچه ها را به آتش کشیدند و از سردادن تندتریبن شعارهای 30 سال اخیر پروایی به دل راه نداند، و علی رغم کشتارهای هفته ی گذشته و تهدیدهای مسئولین ارعاب و شکنجه و هرزه درایی های برخی از متحجرین سابقه دار که از منبر نماز جمعه در تایید این همه سرکوب و خونریزی فتواهای عجیب و غریب و من در آوردی از خودشان صادر می کنند، علی رغم تهدیدهای آشکار ماموران ریز و درشت نیروی انتظامی از رسانه ی کودتا یا همان "صداوسیما" سابق، علی رغم تلاش شبانه روزی تیم حرفه ای مجیزگویان بیت سلطانی، بازجویان و شکنجه گران کارکشته، اسلحه به دستان و خون به نام رهبری ریزان که پرونده ی فساد مالی شان ده برابر که نه صد برابر فرزندان هاشمی بوی تند و زننده ی تقلب و بیت المال خواری می دهد، علی رغم همه این هارت و پورت ها و یاوه بافی های عوامل مزدبگیر کودتا، که مدعی اند "از نظر ما پرونده ی انتخابات تمام شده است...." علی رغم این همه میان مایگی تاریخی که با تار و پود اهالی نظام حکومت اسلامی (جهموری سابق) در هم تنیده است، فکر می کنم که 18 تیر امسال تیر خلاصی بود به شقیه های فرتوت و کرخت نظام نفتی-کودتائی.

شعار های معترضین در این روز بی مانند بهترین دلیل این ادعاست:

"خامنه ای حیا کن، مملکتو رها کن!"

"مجتبا بمیری، رهبریتو نبینی!"

"دولت جنایت می کند، رهبر حمایت می کند!"

"زندانی کودتا آزاد باید گردد!"

"وای به روزی که مسلح شویم!"

"ما بچه هاي جنگيم بجنگ تا بجنگيم!"

این شعارها روشن تر از آنی هستند که به استدلال های نگارنده نیازی داشته باشند. اصلن دیگر هدف اعتراض های مردمی ا.ن. نیست و حرفی از او در میان نیست. کودتا آتشی است که از گور مصباح، جنتی، شریعتمداری، سعید مرتضوی، تئوریسین های بیت، و خامنه ای و پسرش بلند می شود و ا.ن. در این بازی نقشی جز یک مترسک پر شده از کاه و کود ندارد. هدف اعتراض گسترده ی مردم ولایت مطلقه و ساختار قانون اساسی است. هرکه نمی فهمد نفهمد، پیام روشن است، جهانی است، یکپارچه و ملی است و هروز هم روشن تر هم خواهد شد. تقابل اکثریت فعال و معترض مردم علیه ارکان نظام "دیکتاتوری عریان"، تقابلی است که در صورت انسجام و گسترش مبارزه ی بی خشونت و جنبش مدنی ایران در داخل و خارج از کشور یقینن به حذف آن طرفی خواهد انجامید که فاقد مشروعیت است و نه حذف اکثریت مردم. امروز امید و اتحاد باید سرلوحه ی تمام حرکت ها و پیام های اجتماعی جنبش سبز باشد. شهر پر از جوانان جسوری است که پیراهن های سبز روشن یا مانتوهای سبز پوشیده اند، شعارها و دیوارنویسی ها و رنگ پاشی ها افزایش یافته است. ما توانستیم نگاه معروف ترین خواننده ها و هنرمندان جهان و رسانه های کوچک و بزرگ را به خود معطوف کنیم و کاری کنیم که آنها هم همصدا با ما مقابل دوربین و دربرابر چشمان تمام دنیا شال و جامه ی سبز را به تن کنند و این کار فقط و فقط از جنبشی بی پروا، خشونت پرهیز، آزادیخواه و با اهدافی که مورد تایید همگان است برمی آمد.

18 تیر پر از نکته و حرف نگفته است. اول از همه اینکه ماموران انتظامی واقعن خسته، درمانده و عمدتن خشونت پرهیز شده اند. در حد فاصل دانشگاه تهران تا آزادی مواردی بود که سربازهای سر پست به مردم راهنمایی می دادند از کدام مسیرها حرکت کنند تا با بسیجیان رو در رو نشوند. مامورانی هم به راحتی با مردم هم صحبت می شدند و لحنی آرام در پیش گرفته بودند. حتا وقتی کسی به خشونت های پلیس اعتراض می کرد در صدد توجیه برمی آمدند و در جهت نفی خشونت طلبی پلیس صحبت می کردند،‌ خیلی ساده می خواستند از این اعمال خجالت آور که وجدان شان را عذاب می دهد تبری بجویند. این یعنی یک گام مهم به جلو. اگر استراتژی های جنبش های مدنی و خشونت پرهیز را مطالعه کنید و اگر با روش های مبارزه ی ضدکودتا آشنا باشید می بینید که عدم همکاری فعالانه ی پلیس در سرکوب مردم از نشانه های بارز پیشرفت جنبش مدنی است. مردم معترض از ایستگاه اتوبوس و از پیاده روها بی پروا بسیج و یگان ویژه را "هو" می کردند. در خیابان های فرعی مردم سواره در همراهی با معترضینی که شعار میدادند بوق می زدند. خشونت علنی و تهدید به شلیک گلوله ی کلت به معترضین و کتک زدن مردم با زنجیر و باتوم هم توسط بسیج صورت می گرفت. دستگیری هایی هم بود اما مردم ظرف 30 روز اخیر علی رغم حضور سنگین انواع نیروهای دولتی استراتژی های مناسب و کارآمدی را برای ادامه ی راه پیمائی یاد گرفته اند. مردم ضمن راه پیمائی در مسیرهای اصلی با دیدن مامورها به خیابان های فرعی می رفتند و در جایی که امکان رفتن به منازل دیگران و پراکنده شدن در کوچه های خلوت بود تجمع تشکیل داده، سطل های زباله و لاستیک می سوزاندند و شعار می دادند. این روش کارآمد در 18 تیر و در خیابان های فرعی مسیر انقلاب بارها تکرار شد. هم به خاطر تدابیر معترضین و هم خستگی و دلزدگی ماموران انتظامی از وظیفه ی نامشروع و غیرانسای شان خشونت خیابانی در کل کم تر از درگیری های روزهای قبل بود. شاید دستگیری های گسترده تری در راه باشد اما این دستگیری ها شامل مردم عادی نخواهد شد و کماکان مهره های سیاسی شناخته شده و فعالان سیاسی، دانشجوها، اعضای فعال جنبش های کارگری و جنبش زنان و روزنامه نگاران هرف دستیگری ها خواهند بود. مردم عادی باید بازی را به دست بگیرند. این جنبش یک مار نیست که با قطع سرش جان بدهد، این جنبش اکثریت مردم است و سری ندارد. رهبری جنبش با نماد سبز است نه با افراد بخصوص. پس مبارزه ی مدنی بدون خشونت را کماکان تبلیغ می کنیم و به مردم یاد می دهیم چراکه آینده ی روشن فقط در دستان مردم جسور ماست.

سبز بمانید
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 6:16 pm    Post subject: Protesters Clash With Police in Iran Reply with quote

washingtonpost wrote:
Protesters Clash With Police in Iran
Demonstrators Endure Batons, Tear Gas As They Try to Mark 1999 Student Unrest

TEHRAN, July 9 -- Thousands of anti-government demonstrators were attacked with batons and tear gas by security forces Thursday as they tried to gather around Tehran University for the first protests in about two weeks, defying warnings from the authorities that they would crush any demonstrations.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 3:36 pm    Post subject: Video Reply with quote

Video http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/?rn=3906861&cl=14438805&ch=4226714&src=news
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:54 pm    Post subject: Kurdish leader Abdolrahman Ghasemloo By Ahmadinejad Reply with quote

FREE Iran ActivistChat Supports Kurdish Iranian Request For Monday 22 Tir General Strike In Iran
- Ahmadinejad plotted many dissident's murder and was directly involved on July 13th, 1989 assassination of Iranian exile Kurdish opposition leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou and two other Kurdish politicians in Vienna, Austria.
Thug Ahmadinejad directly killed charismatic leader Dr. Kazem Sami MD in his office by knife in 1988.

Ahmadinejad plotted many dissident's murder and was directly involved in the 1989 assassination of Iranian exile Kurdish opposition leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou and two other Kurdish politicians in Vienna, Austria.
Irandoost wrote:

حمايت شهرهاي کردستان از اعتراضات مردم تهران
فردا دوشنبه 22 تير بيستمين سالگرد ترور دکتر قاسملو دبير کل حزب دمکرات کردستان ايران به دست جمهوري اسلامي ايران است. طي يک اطلاعيه که ظرف يک ماه گذشته در سراسر شهرهاي کردستان ايران پخش شده است و در آن حزب دمکرات کردستان ايران از مردم براي اعتصاب سراسري و تعطيلي بازار دعوت به عمل آورده است از هم اکنون چهره اعتصاب سراسر کردستان را فرا گرفته است .رژيم در همه شهرهاي کردستان نيروهاي مسلح خود را مستقر کرده است و موتور سوراران رژيم در داخل شهرها در حال رفت و آمد هستند.همچنين رژيم در اقدامي همه بازاريان را تهديد به لغو مجوز کار کرده است. کردستان که در ميان مردم ايران لقب سنگر مقاومت در برابر رژيم را به خود اختصاص داده است اين روزها مملو از سرباز و گارد ويژه است. در شهر ماکو نيروهاي يگان ويژه مردم را تهديد به مرگ کرده اند. در شهرهاي سنندج و ايلام نيز رژيم نيروهاي زيادي را مستقر کرده است. اما مردم و بازاريان مصمم به برگذاري اعتصاب در اعتراض به ترور دکتر قاسملو و آزاد انديشان ايراني هستند. در شهر مهاباد از هم اکنون شهر در حال آماده سازي براي فردا و اعتصاب است.

لازم به توضيح است که دختر(خوانده) دکتر عبدالرحمن ، "شهره" (همسر دوست و يار مبارز ما دکتررضا بحري) نيز شش سال پس از ترور پدرش در "اتريش - وين"، در تهران دستگير و کوتاه مدتي پس از دستگيري در زندان اوين اعدام ودر گوري جمعي در "بهشت جاويد" در گورستان خاوران مدفون گرديد.

تعداد زيادي از اساتيد و دانشجويان کرد مقيم تهران نيز طي اطلاعيه از مردم براي اعتصاب سراسري دعوت کرده اند. گمان ميرود اين اعتصاب سرآغاز پشتيباني بزرگ مردم کردستان از هموطنان ديگر در ساير شهرها و بخصوص تهران باشد.



A group of former American hostages seized by the revolutionary regime in 1979 has said Mr. Ahmadinejad was one of their interrogators. An Austrian legislator and Kurdish leaders have said the president played an organizing role in the 1989 murder of the Kurdish leader Abdolrahman Ghasemloo in Vienna, Austria


Ahmadinejad's past tells it all


Published: June 02, 2008
In just three years Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's controversial president,
has become a household name. It is worth noting that for a man whose
name is mentioned so much, not much is known about him and his past.
Indeed, even his official biography lacks a lot of information. But grasping
who is Ahmadinejad and where he comes from proves how dangerous this
man really is.
Ahmadinejad was born in 1956 to a poor family. In his just-released book,
"The Bomb and the Koran," French journalist Michel Taubmann masterly
delved into Ahmadinejad's biography.
Taubmann unveils many unknown facts about the current Iranian president:
for instance, his mother's name is Sayeed Khanom, which indicates that she
is a descendant of the Prophet; but his father's pedigree is much less
glorious. His name was originally Sabarian, which is most certainly an Arabic
name (an insult for most Iranians).
Interestingly his father whose first name was Ahmad changed his family
name to Ahmadinejad, which could translate in "of the race of the prophet"
since Ahmad was one of the multiple names used by the prophet.
At the early age of seven, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had a revelation in the
person of Ayatollah Khomeini.
So, unsurprisingly, in 1979, at the onset of the Islamic Revolution, he
became a member of the radical Office for Strengthening Unity (OSU) that
was established by Ayatollah Beheshti (a key Khomeini collaborator) to fight
off the Mujahedeen e-Khalq group.
While reports on Ahmadinejad's presence among the captors of the U.S.
embassy in Tehran remain so far somewhat unconfirmed, what is almost
sure is that Ahmadinejad had a hand in the planning of the operation. He
also allegedly suggested storming the Soviet embassy at the same time as
the United States.

During the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), he joined the special forces of the
Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and became one of the senior commanders
of the elite Qods (Jerusalem) Force.
According to the Baztab Web site, close to former Iranian president Akhbar
Hashemi Rafsanjani, Ahmadinejad was a close associate of Ayatollah
Malahati, who was among the people that set up Iran's terrorist activities.
Malahati reportedly supervised the Oct. 23, 1983 Beirut terror attacks
against the U.S. Marines and French soldiers barracks that killed 241 U.S.
servicemen and 58 French paratroopers.
In his new role Ahmadinejad allegedly planned assassinations in the Middle East and Europe of opponents to the regime, such as the Kurdish leader Qasselou in July 1989 in Vienna.

Also, Ahmadinejad has reportedly been linked to a plot to kill British author Salman Rushdie. According to Taubmann, citing the famous Iranian poet Nemat Azarm, Ahmadinejad is behind the gruesome murder – of charismatic opposition leader MD Kazem Sami in 1988. His body was systematically cut in pieces with a knife.

Not only numerous credible stories accuse Ahmadinejad of several murders, but he also earned a reputation of a callous torturer. In fact, according to several sources, Ahmadinejad worked in the infamous Evin prison where he was nicknamed "The Executioner" because he was the one inflicting the coup de grace to some prisoners.

wikipedia wrote:

Dr. Sami was murdered in his private medical clinic in 1989, under suspicious circumstances. He is believed to be one of the first victims of the Chain murders of Iran.[1]

Dr. Kazem Sami Kermani was Iran's minister of health in the transitional government of Mehdi Bazargan and leader of the Iranian Nation Liberation Movement (JAMA), an offshoot of Freedom Movement of Iran, a liberal religious-nationalist movement affiliated with National Front of Iran.


An Iranian Health Authority Is Reported Slain at a Clinic
Published: Tuesday, November 29, 1988
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LinkedinDiggFacebookMixxMySpaceYahoo! BuzzPermalinkKazem Sami, Iran's first Health Minister after the 1979 Islamic revolution, was killed last Wednesday, the Iranian press agency said on Saturday.

The assailant, posing as a patient at a clinic, stabbed Dr. Sami in the head, chest and arms, the agency said. There was no arrest or motive reported.

Also interestingly, according to Iran Resist, he was allegedly at the end of
the 1990s the representative in Lebanon of the "Martyr's Foundation" that
finances the Lebanese Shiite outfit Hezbollah. He has reportedly close
relations with Hezbollah's chief Hassan Nasrallah that he met during training
in North Korea.
When he became mayor of Tehran in 2003, he started implementing a very
radical Islamist policy, forcing male city employees to wear beards and long
sleeves along with setting up separate elevators for men and women in
municipal offices.
This is not a surprise since even though Ahmadinejad is not from a clerical
background, he is a very pious and religious man. Actually everything for
him revolves around theology.

In September 2005, during his speech at the United Nations, Ahmadinejad
said that he saw all the heads of state gathered blinded by a divine light
while angels were circling above his head!
Ahmadinejad adheres to the Hojjatieh's interpretation of Shiism which holds
a very messianic and apocalyptic view of the world. It actually predicts a
period of universal chaos before the return of the Mahdi (the 12th imam,
also known as the hidden imam).
Interestingly even radical Ayatollah Khomeini banned Hojjatieh Shiism in
1983, but it was recently revived. Ahmadinejad sees politics as the
"continuation of war by other means." When asked by students to define
"what's the most beautiful for a Muslim on earth," he answered very matter
of fact: "To kill and be killed."
Ahmadinejad is convinced that he has been chosen by God to hasten the
Mahdi's return. The way to achieve this goal for the Iranian president is the
occurrence of a nuclear Holocaust. And this is why it is so vital for
Ahmadinejad that Iran acquires a nuclear weapon.
Unfortunately many people in the West miss that point, while this proves
beyond any doubt how serious and determined Ahmadinejad is about getting
the Bomb.
Olivier Guitta, an adjunct fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of
Democracies and a foreign affairs and counterterrorism consultant, is the
founder of the newsletter The Croissant (www.thecroissant.com).

Anti Khamenei and Ahmadinejad Petitions wrote:

Petition 11: Demanding To Prevent Terrorist Master Mahmood Ahmadinejad From Entering U.S.A. to Attend the UN General Assembly in New York in September[Majles Shora Hambastegi]
Petition 12: Expelling Envoys to the United Nations of the Islamic Republic[Majles Shora Hambastegi]
PETITION 13: Protesting Terrorist Ahmadinejad's Trip To U.S.A[SOSIRAN]

Petition 72: Investigation into crimes committed by Ali Khamenei [Alireza Moradiniya]
Petition 73: Open letter to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations And To the leaders of the Free World [ Sayeh Sirjani And Dariosh Afshar ]
Petition 74: Message to the conscious people of the world, in support of Iranian people [Shokooh Mirzadegi ]
Petition 75: Petition 75: Help Stop the Slaughter of Iranian Freedom Seekers [Amil Imani]
Petition 76: On the drastic conditions of Iranian Political Prisoners [Shokooh Mirzadegi ]
Petition 77: The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon [Dariush Eghbali]

ActivistChat wrote:
Petition 80: Petition to reinstate the case of Dr. Ghassemlou’s assassination By Golale Sharafkandi

Sign the Petition -
View Current Signatures


To: The Austrian government

On July 13, 1989 one of the most tragic events in Kurdish history took place in Vienna, Austria. On that day Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, the General-Secretary of Kurdistan Democratic Party (Iran), Abdullah Ghaderi-Azar and Fadhil Rassoul who were negotiating with representatives from Islamic Republic of Iran were brutally murdered. This team had travelled to Austria to negotiate a peaceful solution and obtain political rights for the Kurdish people in Iran. Despite the indisputable evidence on that time; the Austrian government did not allow the police authority and the judicial system to conclude the investigation and the legal process. As a result this unprecedented crime which had taken place in the capital of a democratic European country was never resolved and the murderers remained unpunished to this day.

Twenty years following this unjust event; we are resolved that this murder case must be reinstated. The truth behind this murder case relying on the facts found previously and new facts which point to the participation of Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadanejad in this horrible crime; should be brought to the light. An independent judicial review would pave the way and remedy this historical injustice which was committed to the Kurdish and Iranian freedom loving people. The course of events today proves that such an action would serve democracy in Iran as well as national security of European countries.

We hereby demand that the Austrian government grants the reinstatement of the case so the legal proceedings could carry out and bring this case, closed for many years, to a satisfactory and just conclusion.

We call upon all organisations and individuals who sympathise with the Kurdish issue and democracy in Iran or advocate peace, freedom and justice in the world to join us and sign this petition, demanding that the case of Dr. Ghassemlou’s assassination be reinstated.

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با درود.
پالایشگاه تبریز اعتصاب کرد و به مردم پیوست.
پیوست را باز کرده و بخوانید.
زنده باد مردم غیور آذربایجان. روان ستار خان و یاقر خان شادباد.

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