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Help SMCCDI to counter suit Mr. Nemazee! Urgent

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Joined: 17 Jul 2003
Posts: 4250
Location: Italy

PostPosted: Tue Aug 03, 2004 5:26 am    Post subject: Help SMCCDI to counter suit Mr. Nemazee! Urgent Reply with quote

Support the Movement in the counter suit against Kerry's main fundraiser

SMCCDI (Urgent Action)
August 3, 2004

Dear Principled Americans, Dear Freedom loving Iranians,

Finally, the legal venue of the "Nemazee Vs. SMCCDI and Aryo B. Pirouznia" cases have been transferred from Harris County Houston/TX) to Dallas County (Dallas/TX). These two transfers were made based on the legal ground advanced by "Payma & Kuhnel Law Firm" which represents along with "Brady & Cole Law Firm" the SMCCDI and its Coordinator in this affair.

A case number was attributed, by the Dallas District Court, and a counter suit introduced immediately, on August 2, 2004. Legal proceedings can now start in what is believed, by many, to be a case which will shed light on many controversies and which might touch some aspects of the Kerry campaign in reference to the upcoming US Presidential elections and promises made to the Mullahs in Iran.

More than ever, your help is needed in these very critical and decisive times when Iranians are subjected to repression and America's sons and daughters are leading a common war against tyranny and terror!!!

As a reminder, Mr. Nemazee, who's of Iranian origin himself, is Senator John Kerry's main fundraiser and a notorious advocate for legitimizing the Islamic Republic which is well known as being a tyrannical and terrorist regime. He has sued the Movement and its coordinator, for 10 Million Dollars, in what is believed to be an attempt to muffle or force SMCCDI to cease its operations. The Movement and its members have consistently exposed and denounced Nemazee and his colleagues' misdeeds and tricks while shedding light on their activities and hidden goals. It's to note that in addition to many evidences, the freedom slowing role of Nemazee and some of his colleagues, such as, Akbar Ghahary and Soosan Akbarpoor, who are also part of the highest level of the Kerry Campaign, has been praised by some of the Islamic governmentally linked newspapers, such as Etemaad daily, which are praising the gang for having been able to neutralize some of the opposition's activities in the US.

Indeed Nemazee's intentional acts and later his law suits, in addition to having bought more time for the Islamic regime, have caused, so far, many damages and harms to many Iranians, the Movement and some of its members. In addition to different psychological impacts, they have slowed the well known prompt activities of SMCCDI in exposing the Mullahcracy's crimes and demagogy. They have also taken many of the necessary and vital time needed for defending some of the NGO and media recognized Iranian students and secularist elements who are victims of the Islamic regime's repressive policies.

Should we let such misdeeds to go on and on???

NO, and It seems that it's by understanding the depth of the will of the Movement to fight and its coordinator's firmness in accepting the challenge, that Mr. Nemazee has tried, at several occasions in the last weeks, to back off from his initial hasty decision of suing with most likely the desperate hope of being able to close the Pandora box and avoiding an unprecedented domino effect. Indeed "some" rejected proposals were made, by different channels to SMCCDI and Aryo B. Pirouznia, most likely following the understating, by Mr. Nemazee, of some of the ramifications that his caught Poker Bluff and its subsequent noisy legal proceeding can have for Mr. Kerry's Campaign and especially for his own targeted future opportunities in case of his Protégé's win in the next US Presidential elections.

Should we let such misdeeds to go on and on???

It's in reaction to such misdeeds and illegitimate goals that SMCCDI and its Coordinator have chosen to fight and are needing all kind of support especially any financial donations helping the legal process to go on and the justice to prevail !

In that line, the IOLTA account (Trust Fund) of "Payma & Kuhnel Law Firm" is ready to receive the principled people of good will and freedom lovers' financial donations of any amount, in order to allocate them for the costly defense of SMCCDI and Aryo B. Pirouznia against Hassan Nemazee and the counter suit made yesterday by the defendants. This IOLTA account's references for any wire or deposit are as follow: "Wells Fargo Bank of Texas, Routing #111900659, Account #1376125793, for SMCCDI & Aryo B. Pirouznia Defense Case." It's to note that these non tax deductible donations, made to the Lawyer's IOLTA account, have the benefit of keeping legally anonymous the names of the contributors and are not subjected to any deposit limitation.

Also, you can make direct credit or debit/check card financial contributions to the Movement via the well trusted "Paypal Banking System" which is used by many famous NGOs or organizations, such as, Ronald McDonald. SMCCDI-Daneshjoo is subscribed to Paypal and its account can be reached via the Movement's website by clicking on the Paypal logo or by clicking directly on the following link: https://www.paypal.com/xclick....ode=USD (NOTE: I) If you do not have a Paypal account: A) On first page: 1) Enter your donation's amount, 2) Choose the option "If you do not currently have a PayPal account", B) On second page: 1) Select the "No shipping required", 2) Write your billing address; C) On third page: Fill all the sections related to your credit or debit/check card information, email, billing address, phone and do not forget to fill the security measure code unique to each donation D) Continue check out on fourth page); II) If you do have a Paypal account: Process as for your other usual donations or shoppings)

Any help in that sense is a contribution to the case of Iran's Freedom and the War Against Tyranny and Terror !!!

Help us for the creation of a better Iran and a safer World for all! Help yourself and the future of your children!

(For a better understanding of this case, you can check, from August 10th, www.RegimeInfluence.com (a very informative website under construction) or read the SMCCDI (Public Announcement) of April 29, 2004, entitled "Kerry's main Iranian fund raiser sues the Movement". This detailed document, including many arguments and media reports, is located at:
http://www.daneshjoo.org/article/publish/article_3162.shtml )

For more information, you can contact Michael Payma (214) 999-0000, Bob Jenevin (214) 744-2780 or Aryo B. Pirouznia (214) 906-8181.

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI)
Referendum AFTER Regime Change

"I'm ready to die for you to be able to say your own opinions, even if i strongly disagree with you" (Voltaire)

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Joined: 17 Jul 2003
Posts: 4250
Location: Italy

PostPosted: Tue Aug 03, 2004 5:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote




Referendum AFTER Regime Change

"I'm ready to die for you to be able to say your own opinions, even if i strongly disagree with you" (Voltaire)
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Joined: 04 Sep 2003
Posts: 1829

PostPosted: Sat Aug 07, 2004 12:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Everyone Please help in any way you can.

Give whatever you can and tell others, ecouraging them to give as well.

Lets make sure the Mullah$ get the message, that they pull these dirty games to silence the opposition!
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Joined: 17 Jul 2003
Posts: 4250
Location: Italy

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 9:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Official Website of SMCCDI's counter-suit of Mullah Hassan Nemazee

Referendum AFTER Regime Change

"I'm ready to die for you to be able to say your own opinions, even if i strongly disagree with you" (Voltaire)
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Joined: 17 Jul 2003
Posts: 4250
Location: Italy

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 9:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

From Kerry's Webiste:


The Kerry Campaign Release Updated Top Fundraisers
JohnKerry.com is tops with $20 million raised in 2004
For Immediate Release

The top Kerry donor in 2004 is JohnKerry.com, which has raised over $20 million online since January 1, 2004.

Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry today released an updated list of supporters who raised over $50,000 for his presidential campaign. The list has been posted for the public on his web site at www.johnkerry.com.

"John Kerry continues the leadership of transparency, with this updated list of fundraisers," said Louis B. Susman, National Finance Chairman of the Kerry Campaign. "We have had incredible success at the ballot box in the primary season, and we are now having incredible success in fundraising as the Democratic Party unites behind John Kerry."

The Kerry campaign has over 180 Americans who have raised over $50,000 during the presidential primary campaign. Supporters are listed below.

VICE CHAIRS 100,000 and up

Jeremy Alters
Fernando Amandi
Ben Barnes
Mac Bernstein
Jim Brenner
Norm Brownstein
Mike Ciresi
Bob Clifford
John Coale
Clay Constantinou
Bob Crowe
John Dean
Sue Dean
Judy Droz Keyes
Blair Effron
Stephanie Elkins
Bob Farmer
Calvin Fayard
Milton Ferrell
Kathleen Flynn Peterson
Les Goldman
Mark Gorenberg
Bobby Gregory
Doug Hickey
Mark Iola
Jim Johnson
Cam Kerry
Orin Kramer
Michelle Kraus
Johnathan Lavine
David Leiter
Alan Leventhal
Blair MacInnes
Jack Manning
Rodney Margol
John Merrigan
Hassan Nemazee
Bruce Percelay
Tamsin Randlett
Wade Randlett
Bernard Rapoport
David Roux
Barbara Roux
Pat Sarma
Ivan Schlager
Dick Scruggs
Alan Solomont
Peter Stamos
Tom Steyer
Lou and Margorie Susman
Kat Taylor
Michael Thornton
Mike Thorsnes
Stan Toy
Sherri Toy
Kirk Wagar
Mark Weiner
Rick Yi
Daphna Ziman
Richard Ziman

Co-Chairs 50,000 - 100,000

Alan Abraham
Mark Alderman
Kent Alexander
State Treasurer Phil Angelides
Devon Archer
Frank Barbaro
Bob Batinovich
Art Blackwell
Gov. Jim Blanchard
Lori Bonn
Stewart Bonn
Susie Buell
Mark Buell
Terry Carlson
James Carroll
Peter Chernin
Megan Chernin
Mike Cherry
Ned Cloonan
George Cloutier
Ken Cohen
Tim Collins
Jack Connors
James Conroy
Johnny Cope
John Cosgrove
Nelson Cunningham
Tom Daley
David D'Allesandro
Lt Gov. Diane Denish
Eileen Donahoe
John Donahoe
Rob Dugger
Michael Dupont
Mayor Francis Slay
Joe Flom
Phil Freidin
Eileen Freidin
Hugh Friedman
Steve Frobouck
Jim Gianopulis
Chad Gifford
John Graham
Steve Green
Peggy Grossman
Sam Grossman
Arthur Halleran
Herb Holtz
Victoria Hopper
Denis Hopper
Mark Infante
Alfred Jackson
Richard Kahan
Dennis Kanin
Sam Kaplan
Sylvia Kaplan
Jim Karam
Sam Kelley
Jim Kennedy
Derek Kirkland
Herb Kohn
Sherry Lansing
Chris Larsen
Marc Lasry
Isabelle Laub
Arnold Laub
David Leeds
Jeanette Leehr
Carole Lieff
Robert Lieff
Jeffrey Liss
Susan Liss
Joan Lukey
John Mahoney
Herb Miller
Eric Mindich
Jon Molot
Jim Moriarity
John Neu
Wendy Neu
Bill Newsom
Ben Nye
Tom O'Neill
Vance Opperman
Manny Ortiz
Jon Patricof
Deborah Peel
Michael Perik
Joe Power
Chris Putala
Bruce Regenstreich
Michael Rehies
Clint Reilly
Janet Reilly
Charlie Rivken
John Roos
Susie Roos
Tom Rothman
Rosina Rubin
Jennifer Ryan Safsel
Niranjan Saah
Bill Samuels
Hon. Lynn Schenk
Bernard Schwartz
Maureen Shay-Palmer
Bill Singer
Ruth Singer
Sonny Singer
Jay Snyder
Bob Spohrer
Tom Stemberg
Larry Stone
Arn Tellem
Nancy Tellem
Sandi Thompson
Jeff Thompson
Bill Titleman
Richard Tomasetti
Dwain Wall
Hon. Ed Wallin
Tom Wheeler
Robert Zimmerman
Referendum AFTER Regime Change

"I'm ready to die for you to be able to say your own opinions, even if i strongly disagree with you" (Voltaire)
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Joined: 17 Jul 2003
Posts: 4250
Location: Italy

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 9:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

More about this IDIOT (sorry, but naming him only provokes vomit..)

Warning flags


THE WHITE HOUSE press release about the nominee for U.S. ambassador to Argentina is wonderfully abbreviated. It says that Hassan Nemazee is a "New York investor." True enough, but there is quite a story that goes with his investing, and it is not a happy one. People who have done business with this man have come to regret it.

If Nemazee, 49, is destined to be confirmed by the Senate, he at least fits the part of an ambassador. This polished socialite has a Harvard degree, a position on one of the university's prestigious visiting committees and a lot of well-connected friends. In November 1995 he hosted a dinner featuring Al Gore, raising $250,000 for the Democratic National Committee. Over the past four years Nemazee and his family have given more than $150,000 to Democratic politicians and the DNC. Six of Nemazee's friends and relatives have given $10,000 apiece -- the maximum allowable per year -- to Bill Clinton's legal defense fund.

Among them was the caretaker of Nemazee's 12-acre estate in Katonah, N.Y.

Nemazee was born in Washington, D.C., the son of an Iranian shipping magnate then serving as the commercial attach to the U.S. for the Shah's government. After college he formed a joint venture in Iran with insurer American International Group to sell life insurance, but the business fell victim to the Iranian revolution. Nemazee, on a business trip to the U.S. when the Shah was overthrown, escaped with his wife and a fair amount of wealth outside of his homeland, including property in the Washington area that his father had given him.

After the revolution Nemazee teamed up with a friend from Harvard, J.C. Helms, to develop a tract of land in the Galleria area of Houston.

Their partnership built an office building and sold it at a handsome profit in 1982, but the friendship didn't survive the transaction. Helms sued Nemazee, then settled for $2 million but conceded to Nemazee an interest in an option to buy 8 acres of vacant land next to the building. "He was the Iranian equivalent of J.R. Ewing," says a bitter Helms about his ex-friend. Nemazee declined to be interviewed.

Even some of Nemazee's kin haven't been immune to his sharp elbows.

Nemazee exercised the option but soon confronted a vicious bear market in Houston real estate. In the late 1980s he unloaded approximately one- third of the property on two of his cousins, then in their early 20s.

Price: $4 million -- money they got from their Alzheimer's-afflicted father. Yet the entire tract at the time was almost certainly worth less than the $6.7 million Nemazee paid for it, and with a mortgage of $8.1 million, had a negative net worth. A fellow Iranian in the U.S. intervened to get Nemazee to give his young relatives better terms, which he apparently did. Final outcome: After a sale of part of the tract in 1993 and a transaction now pending, the cousins will still be under water on their decade-long investment.

Another Nemazee venture: money management. Teaming up in 1989 with stock picker Gerry Angulo, who had managed money for one of Ivan Boesky's partnerships, the duo launched First Capital Advisers (FCA) and went hunting for clients.

It wasn't long before Angulo spotted an opportunity. Public-employee pension funds had begun allocating money to minority managers, and he was a Cuban-American. In its 1990 proposal to the California Public Employees' Retirement System (Calpers), FCA claimed to be "100%

Hispanic-owned." How could that be? Angulo owned 51% of FCA and Nemazee 49%.

It worked this way: Through a family connection with the wealthy Cisneros clan of Venezuela, Nemazee obtained a passport from Venezuela but lived there just a few months. That was evidently enough for him to call himself Hispanic. On another occasion, when his status as a minority money manager was challenged in New York, he claimed to be Asian-Indian because his father was born in Bombay.

FCA was not shy about its expertise. "As an equity manager, I have a ten-year track record showing returns averaging over 50%, without a down year," Angulo boasted in a presentation to Calpers, also attended by Nemazee.

In its application to Calpers, FCA said it ran $50 million provided by an entity called FCM. The firm, which Nemazee owned, aggregated accounts from a number of investors. At its June 12, 1990 meeting with Calpers, though, FCA claimed it was handling $100 million through this arrangement. Which of these figures was right? Turns out that a week before the meeting a "funding commitment" of an additional $50 million was executed between FCA and FCM. None of the new money, however, was ever advanced. But that didn't stop FCA from claiming it was already managing the funds.

Calpers handed FCA $40 million to manage, and soon had reason to regret the commitment. In September 1992 administrators at Calpers, in internal communications, expressed concern about excessive turnover in the FCA account and annoyance that the "vast majority" of the trading was being done through a brokerage affiliate of FCA. This, despite FCA's having claimed in its application to Calpers, that "90% of our brokerage business is conducted with black and Hispanic brokers at the major brokerage houses." At the end of 1993 the pension fund fired FCA, citing a poor investment return -- just over half that of the market benchmark against which it was being compared.

The Louisiana School Employees' Retirement System awarded a $22 million allocation to FCA in January 1992. For the quarter ended June 30 of that year, FCA's portfolio turnover was an astounding 547%. Nearly all the trades were being done through a single broker, Oro Financial in New Orleans. The pension fund later discovered that the son of Oro's founder was employed by FCA. In 1995 it fired FCA, citing poor investment performance.

Nemazee and Angulo had grand plans to build their money management business, and at one point contracted to acquire Cisneros Asset Management, a Houston firm founded by Henry Cisneros, a former Secretary of Housing & Urban Development (and no relation to the Venezuelan Cisneroses). Cisneros Asset Management had $700 million-plus under management. The deal fizzled, and FCA's business dwindled. In 1996, after being fired by most of its public pension clients, FCA ceased operations.

But not all had gone badly for Angulo and Nemazee. Beginning in 1989 Angulo served as chief executive of DSI, which ran an MRI clinic on New York's Long Island, and later acquired other assets. His pay was in options, which went into the partnership. In early 1992 FCA sold off 3.6 million shares of DSI, ultimately netting Angulo and Nemazee about $1 million apiece.

The experience left a bitter taste in investors' mouths. A 1992 lawsuit charged that Angulo had run up the price of DSI's stock by releasing overly bullish forecasts to analysts at Lew Lieberbaum & Co., a brokerage firm to which FCA had sold a block of shares at a discount.

FCA unloaded shares on the public at an average 83 cents a share. When the company's revenues came up short, the stock tanked to 40 cents.

Nemazee says, through a spokesman, that he had no involvement in DSI, though Nemazee's signature is on all the documents filed to sell the stock. The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount.

Next venture: newspaper publishing. Nemazee and Angulo bought control of Puerto Rico's financially shaky San Juan Star for $6 million from Scripps-Howard and tried to turn the paper around. Lawsuits soon surfaced. Star executives -- minority shareholders fired by Angulo -- sued over a breach of contract, and a Scripps-Howard suit alleged a default on an agreement to purchase newsprint. Both were settled out of court.

In February 1996 Nemazee, in an apparent attempt to force an outright sale of the Star, sued Angulo and demanded that their partnership be liquidated. Angulo, who wanted to make a career out of running the Star, countersued. A U.S. district court dissolved the partnership; but instead of requiring an auction of the Star, it effectively allowed Angulo to buy out Nemazee's stake. He also got some back pay. Nemazee hired David Boies, now famous as an antitrust lawyer in the Microsoft case, to appeal. He lost.

One good thing happened to Nemazee in 1996: He obtained U.S. citizenship. Unless the Senate objects, that will bear fruit in the glamorous appointment to Buenos Aires.
Referendum AFTER Regime Change

"I'm ready to die for you to be able to say your own opinions, even if i strongly disagree with you" (Voltaire)
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