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S.O.S Iran Condemning The Public Hanging of a 16 Year Old Gi

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2004 11:23 am    Post subject: S.O.S Iran Condemning The Public Hanging of a 16 Year Old Gi Reply with quote

S.O.S. Iran Condemning The Public Hanging of a 16 Year Old Girl in Iran

Iran of Tomorrow Movement (IOTM)
S.O.S. Iran
August 30, 2004

The heartbreaking news of a 16 year old girl's public execution by the Islamist regime of Mullahs in Iran on Sunday, August 15, 2004 in the town of Neka, Iran, has greatly angered S.O.S Iran and the Iran of Tomorrow Movement (IOTM) and we overwhelmingly condemn this outrageous and inhumane act of barbarism. The execution was carried out by the order of Neka's "judicial administrator" and was approved by both the Supreme Court of the Islamic Regime and the chief of the nation's "judiciary branch." We express our deepest sympathy for the family of Ms. Atefe Rajabi, who now lives in all of our hearts and will continue to fight with us in the struggle against the Clerical Regime. According to news reports, Ms. Atefe Rajabi's corpse has been stolen by the Mullah's judge, and so we ask the Ayatollahs in Iran for their justification and open statement regarding this barbaric crime against an innocent girl and the subsequent stealing of Ms. Atefe Rajabi from her resting place!

This is not the first time the terrorist regime in Iran has comitted such acts. It is well-documented that the Mullahs who hold Iran hostage have been murdering young children for the past twenty five years. The virgin girls are raped by these Islamic hooligans the night before their execution in order to "prevent them from going to heaven".

On June 23, 2003 Ms. Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian-Iranian photojournalist, was arrested, savagely raped, and beaten to death by Islamic regime officials. News agencies reported that Ms. Kazemi's body was buried on July 23, 2003, in Shiraz, Iran, contrary to the wishes of her son Mr. Stephan Hachemi who lives in Canada, and has repeatedly made formal requests for action to the Canadian government.

Stealing bodies from graves along with refusing to send bodies of murder victims to their respective countries of origin, especially when the victim's family demands such actions, are unjustifiable crimes.

Over the past 25 years the Islamic regime's Mullahs, agents, courts, judges and vigilantes have all committed acts of: murder, stoning, torture, assault, theft, destruction of property, arson, perjury, falsification of testimonials and material evidence, illegal surveillance, kidnapping, rape, blackmail, fraud, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit all of the above crimes, cover-ups and every other form of butchery and depredation.

We the freedom loving Iranian people hold the E.U. and corporate sponsors of the terror regime in Iran responsible for the continuation of this theocracy and their ongoing tyranny in Iran. EU governments must discontinue acting in the way of old "colonialist Europe" and should instead truly and unequivocally support a future of universal freedom! We are fully aware of the historical facts regarding the destruction and tragedies inflicted on Africa by misguided European policies and we will not allow the EU governments of today to continue to destroy the hopes and dreams of the Iranian people and all people of the world in order to support the EU's welfare society!

If you are reading this document, please do your duty to humanity by forwarding this document to the media, multinational corporations and government officials in your country of residence. Please ask your media of choice or favorite talk-show(radio/tv) host to cover this most important news about what is really happening inside Iran and the hidden war between the brave Iranian people and the Mullahs who are no doubt the virus of Iranian society and planet Earth with over 1.4 million victims. Please demand that the media and government officials review the contracts between the Mullahs and the Big 3 EU countries, Japan, Russia and China, which will give the best indication of their extensive relations. The time has come for the good people of Europe and Japan to pressure their governments to stop supporting the barbaric regime before we have reached the point of no return. This is a non-partisan issue that undoutedly effects us all, and therefore all citizens of the world should work to support freedom in Iran regardless of their political leanings!

S.O.S Iran asks all G8 governments to support the freedom-loving Iranian people against the Terror Masters, and discontinue all business ties with the terrorist regime in Iran immediately. After all, the Iranian people have a proven record of fighting against Islamic Fanatics, long before Sept. 11 and despite the heavy losses they have incurred (500,000 + executions, imprisonment, rape and torture!), Iranians continue to fight against and resist the Islamofascists even as the EU, Russia and China support this regime.

S.O.S. Iran

Dr. Iman Foroutan
Executive Director
Iran of Tomorrow Movement

Ms. Homa Ehsan
Deputy Director
Iran of Tomorrow Movement

Phone and Fax:
Toll free for USA and Canada: 888-SOS-IRAN (888-767-4726)
Other Countries: 714-288-8765
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