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Death of a “Blasphemer”
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2004 4:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Politicians in Hiding (Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders)

Time Magazine

Two leading Dutch politicians known for their critical views of Islam have been taken to safe houses by police after death threats were made against them following the murder of the filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

Van Gogh, the great-great grandnephew of Vincent van Gogh, was shot and stabbed in a "ritual killing" in broad daylight in an Amsterdam street on Tuesday, with his throat slit with a butchers knife, and a five-page letter stabbed to his chest with another knife.

It was the second murder of a public figure critical of Islam in the Netherlands, two-years after the anti-immigration populist Pym Fortuyn was shot by a left-wing activist.

Police announced today that they would prosecute under anti-terrorism laws van Gogh's suspected killer, a 26-year-old Dutch-born male of Moroccan ethnic origin named Mohammed B. It would make the killing the first recognised terrorist attack on Dutch soil.

Police have also arrested eight other Islamic radicals over the killing, and have connected it with the terrorist bombing in Casablanca.

Dutch leaders issued with the death threats since the murder include: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali refugee and former Muslim who is a liberal member of the Dutch parliament and high-profile critic of Islam; Geert Wilders, a right-wing populist opposed to Turkey joining the EU; the Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk, and Job Cohen, the Mayor of Amsterdam.

Ms Hirsi Ali and Mr Wilders have both been taken to safe houses by Dutch police. Dutch newspapers reported that police are worried that the threats – by telephone calls and e-mails - were evidence of a co-ordinated attempt by Islamic radicals to target politicians seen as "enemies of Islam".

The police released the note pinned to Mr van Gogh's chest, which was written in Arab and Dutch with phrases from the Koran, addressed to Ms Hirsi Ali.

It complained that the Netherlands was controlled by Jews, and called for jihad (Holy War) against infidels, America, Europe, the Netherlands and Ms Hirsi Ali. It said: "Islam will be victorious through the blood of martyrs. Only the death will separate the truth from the lies."

It was addressed to Ms Hirshi Ali, declaring: "Since you stepped into the political arena in the Netherlands you have been constantly busy terrorising Muslims and Islam with your remarks. With your apostasy you have turned your back on truth and you are marching with the ranks of evil."

Piet Hein Donner, the Dutch Justice Minister, said of the letter: "It is worrying because it gives the impression that it is not the message of an individual, but a wider organisation."

The killing has worsened already tense community relations in the Netherlands, with 30 people arrested for inciting hatred against Muslims. An internet book of condolences for Mr van Gogh had to be closed down because it became filled with 5,000 messages of anti-Islamic abuse.

Ms Verdonk recently announced that the Government would introduce a law to strip Islamic radicals with dual nationality of their Dutch passports.

There are nearly a million Muslims in the Netherlands, mainly from Morroco and Turkey, and the majority maintain dual nationality.

She said that the law would be changed "so that when a person is suspected of planning or involvement in extremism or serious crimes, we will take away their Dutch passport." Under separate proposals, imams will be required to teach about Dutch values in mosques.

Ms Verdonk said that the Netherlands had been "naïve" in failing to deal with deep divisions in Dutch society. "For too long we have said we had a multi-cultural society and everyone would simply find each other. We were too naïve in thinking people would exist in society together," she said.


Below is the english translation of the letter which was stuck into the body of Theo Van Gogh with knife . Beneath that letter is the one which was found on the terrorist who killed him and hoped to be shot and martyred. Today the NRC Handelsblad published an 'open letter' which the killer had written to Geert Wilders a member of the Dutch cabinet. The original text and translation are also to be found below:

The letter can be seen as a "Jihad Manifesto" since the killer refers to himself as the "Emir van de Muhajideen"

These writings show conclusively that the Islamists are living in a parallel universe . This letter should be a wake up call for all of us to see that militant Islamist killers are dwelling among us. In the following days MIM will publish translations of articles which will explain the phenomenon of how such an Islamist who went to Dutch schools was able to fester and infect Dutch society with his deadly poison. After the killing 8 other Muslims living in Holland were arrested. A statistical study of percentage of potentially lethal Muslims in Holland shows that there are 50,000 militant Islamists presently at large.


Open letter to Hirshi Ali

In the name of Allah - the BeNeficent - the Merciful

Peace and Blessings from the head of the Holy Warriors - the laughing killer Mohammed Rasoeloe Allah -(Sala Allaho alahie wa Sallam) his family and his companions who will steadfastly accompany him till on the Day of Judgement .

There is no agression except for agression against agressors.

The following:

Peace and blessings on those who follow the Leader .

This is an open letter on a fundamentalist unbeliever,Ayaan Hirsi Ali. from the Thaghoet Party VVD.

Dear Mrs Hirshi Ali,

Since your appearence in the Dutch political arena you have been constantly busy criticising Muslims and terrorising Islam with your statements. You are hereby not the first and not the last and also won't be the last to have joined the crusade against Islam.

With your attacks you have not only turned your back on the Truth, but you are also marching along the ranks of the soldiers of evil. U are not putting your hostility towards Islam under chairs and benches and therefore your masters have rewarded you with a seat in parliament. They have found in you an ally who gives them all the "powder" so that they dont have to dirty their own hands. It appears that you are blinded by your burning unbelief and in your rage you are not able to see that your are just an instrument of the real enemies of Islam.

You are being used by all the enemies of Islam to siphon all kinds of hostilities towards the most noble person (Mohammed Rasoeloe Alla).

Mrs. Hirshi Ali, I don't blame you for all of this, as a soldier of evil you are just doing your work.

The fact that you so openly spill out your evil is not because of you yourself, but the Islamic Ummah. She has as her task to resist injustice and has let evil go on and has been blissfully asleep. All of your hostility towards Islam is therefore the fault of the Islamic Ummah.

This letter is Insha Allah (God willing) an attempt to stop your evil and silence you forever.These writings will Inshallah cause your mask to fall off.

I would first like to begin by your recently launched proposal to screen Muslims regarding their ideology on job applications.

Your proposal is very interesting, even more because the implementation of has brought out the rotten face of your political masters (when of course it was honestly tested on them and they openly make their ideology known).

It is a fact that Dutch politics is dominated by many Jews and is a product of the Talmudic Schools, as is also the case with your colleagues in your political party.

Seeing as that you always propagate "the hand on one's own chest" we would first like to test this proposal on you yourself. The same politics which through it's policies has joined in the terrorism against Islam and Muslims.

I would very much like to put to you the following question:

What do you think about the fact that van Aartsen and their ideological counterparts see non Jews as not being human?

Baba Mezie 114a -114b :Only Jews are people ("Only you are called (the) people") Also see Kerithoth 6b under the sub heading ("Oil of annointing") and Berkath 56a in which Gentile (non Jews) are called women animals ( "female donkeys")

Ybamoth 92a : All Gentile children are animals

What do you think of the fact that the Mayor of Amsterdam is at the helm of and ideologie whereby Jews have to lie to non Jews? Baba Kamma 113a : Jews may use lies ("listen") to mislead gentiles .

What do you think of the fact that you are part of a government that supports a State which pleads for genocide ?

Sofarim 15, line 10 (Minor Tarcctates): This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tod shebe goyim herog) ("Even the best gentiles must be killed")

Seeing as that you are a champion of equal rights, you should, (after this knowledge has come to you) plead with your Jewish masters to reject the teachings of the Talmud. You will most likely make it a point to deliver the same plea to the Jewish community in the Netherlands.

Your appearances reveal your lack of courage now and then when you are asking for attention for your struggle. You even had the cowardice to ask Islamic children in school to choose between their creator and the constitution.

You immediately used the answer of these pure young souls to justify the arguments behind your crusade. With these hostilities you have unleashed a boomerang effect and you know that it is only a question of time until this boomerang will seal your fate.

You have the chances now, misses Hirshi Ali, once and for all to carve your own notch in the pages.

There is but one certainty in our entire existence, and that is that everything comes to an end.

A child who comes into this world and fills the universe with his first cries of life, will finally leave this world with a death rattle .

A blade of grass which can stick out of the dark earth and is touched by the sunlight and fed by falling rain , will finally rot into dust and disappear.

Death, Mrs. Hirshi Ali , is a shared theme of everything that exists. You, I and the rest of creation cannot get loose from this truth.

There will come a Day when one soul will not be able to help another soul. A Day of horrible tortures and painful tribulations which will go together with with the terrible cries being pressed out of the lungs of the unjust .Cries. Mrs. Hirshi Ali, which will cause chills to run up someones spine, and cause the hair on their head to stand straight up. People will appear to be drunk with (with fear) even though they arent drunk. On that Great Day the atmosphere will be filled with FEAR.

When the sun will be rolled up.

When the stars fall.

And when the mountains will be moved.

And when the beasts of burden will be left behind.

And when the sea will be brought to a boil.

And when all souls will be united.

And when the girl who was buried alive will be questioned.

About every sin for which she was killed.

When the pages will be flung open.

And the sky will be dripping .

And the heavens will be dripping.

An when the Djahim (Hell) will be set aflame.

And when Paradise will be brought closer by.

Then the soul will know what it has performed. (81:1-14)

On that day man will flee from his brother .

And the mother from the father.

And the woman from her children.

And everyone of them on that Day shall have an occupation which is enough for them.

Faces (of the unbelievers) will be covered with dust on that Day.

And they will be ringed in darkness.

These are the sinful unbelievers .(80:34-42)

Of course you as an unbelieving extremist dont believe in the scene which is described above. For you this is just a fictitious dramatic piece out of a Book like many. And yet, Mrs.Hirsi Ali, I would bet on my life that you will break into a SWEAT OF FEAR when you read this.

You, as unbelieving fundamentalist, of course dont believe in a Higher Power who runs the universe.

You dont believe in your heart, with with you repudiate the truth, that you must knock and ask this Higher Power for permission .

You dont believe that your tongue with with you reject this Higher Power is subservient to his laws.

U dont believe that this Higher Power grants life and Death.

If you really believed in all of this , then you would not find the following challenge a problem.

I challenge you with this letter to proof that you are right : You dont have to do much for that :

Mrs. Hirshi Ali :Wishes Death if you are really convinced that you are right.

If you accept this challenge, you will know that my Master, the Most high, has exposed you as a bearer of lies.

"If you wish death, then you are being truthful". But those who never wish to die, because of what their hands (and sins) have brought forth".

And Allah is the all knowing over the purveyors of lies .(2:94-95).

To prevent myself of having to the same wish coming to me as I wish for you, I shall wish this wish for you:

Mijn Rabb (master) give us death to give us happiness with martyrdom.Allahoemma Amien.

Mrs.Hirshi Ali and the rest of you extremist unbelievers.Islam has withstood many enemies and persecutions throughout History. Whenever pressure was put on Islam is it only a fire which fans the flames of belief. Islam like an extinct plant,which has been formed into a diamond through years of high temperatures and pressure.An extinct plant which was formed over the trials of time into the strongest precious stone on earth. A hard stone upon which will defeat any attempts to break it to pieces.


You and your friend know full well that the present day Islamic youth are raw diamonds that need to be polished, so that they can diffuse the light of Truth. Your intellectual terrorism will not prevent this, on the contrary, it will hasten this.

Islam will be victorious through the blood of the martyrs .They will spread it's light in every dark corner of this earth and it will drive evil with the sword if necessary back into it's dark hole.

This struggle which has burst forth is different then those of the past. The unbeliving fundamentalist have started it and Inshallah the true believers will end it.

There will be no mercy shown to the purveyors of injustice, only the sword will be lifted against hem.No discussions, no demonstrations, no petitions: on DEATH will separate the Truth from the Lies.

Verse: Be warned that the death that you are trying to prevent will surely find you, afterwards you will be taken back to the All Knowing and He will tell you what you attempted to do". (62:Cool.

And as a great Prophet once said :

"And I surely know that you, O Pharoah, will be destoyed". (17:102).

So will we use the same names and send this out ahead of us, so that the heavens and the stars will receive this news and this will be spread as a tidal wave throughout all the corners of the universe.

"I surely know that you, O America, will be destroyed ".

"I surely know that you O Europe, will be destroyed"

"I surely know that you O Holland will be destroyed"

"I surely know that you, O Hirshi Ali will be destroyed"

"I surely know that you, O unbelieving fundamentalists, will be destroyed "

Hasboena Allah wa ni3ma alwakeel.

Ni3ma al alMawla wa Ni3ma anNaseer.

Saifu Deen alMuwahhied


"The suspects farewell letter : This is the actual letter that the killer who is suspected of the murder of Theo Van Gogh had with him ...


Drenched in blood these are my final words...

Pierced by bullets...

As I had hoped...

I am leaving a message behind...

For you ...the fighter ....

The tree of Tawheed is waiting...

And longing for your blood....

Take up the challenge....

And Allah will help you overcome....

He gives you the garden...

In place of this earthly rubble....

To the enemy I also have something to say...

You will certainly try to resist ...

But even if you go on a Tour of the world...

Death is Lurking right behind you ...

The Horsemen of DEATH are at your heels...

And the streets will be covered red with Blood ...

To the hypocrites I say will end with this :

Wish for DEATH or else keep quiet ...and sit...

Dear brothers and sisters I am nearing the end...

But with this my story is not ended....


Below is the Open letter and death threat to Geert Wilders Dutch cabinet member written by Theo Van Gogh's killer.

The writer of the pamphlet is the 26 year old suspect Mohammed B. left on the body of Theo van Gogh had written two similiar letters earlier . One of these was a death threat to the Dutch cabinet membr Geert Wilders. The document was published on the website www.Marokko.nl but has been removed. Here is the text of that letter."


Open letter to Wilders"

In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Most Merciful,

Peace and Blessings from the Emir of the Muhajideen, the laughing killer Mohammed Rasoeloe Allah (Saila Allaho alaithie wa Sallam) his family and companions and those who will steadfastly follow him to the Day of Judgement.

There is no agression except against agressors :

The following:

Peace and Blessings on everyone who follows the Leader:

This is an open letter to the filthy thing : Wilders.

La anaka Allah ayyoeha aigabieth,

After reading your latest statements in the paper, I felt an enormous need to write you the following letter:

There a a few truths which have become public in this letter about the rotten souls and the kind of people who deserve the wrath of Allah. I remember you and all the Hansen and Miepen and and your destructive types with the following verses from Allah , the Most High:

The people of Loeth resisted the messengers. (Thought) when their brother Loeth said to them :"Do you not fear Allah? . Listen, for I am your trustworthy Messenger. Therefore fear Allah and obey me. I do not ask for any reward in return, because my reward rests only with the Master of the Worlds. Why do you approach the worldly dwellers of men? And leave those for whom the Master of the world has made as spouses for you ?You are certainly a disobedient people !"(26:160-166)

You must know Wilders, that Allah has sent the Messenger Mohammed (vzmh) with the Quran to warn you and your kind about the consequences of your repugnant actions. Your proposal or (as you say it ) to take away the permits and nationality of "radical" Imams (so they can be sent back to their land of origin) is the same as your previous colleagues.

They said: "If you don't stop , you will belong to those who are driven out". (26:167)

To emphasize one again our hate for your repugnant actions, we will finish the verse:

He said: "Take heed, I belong to those who despise your deeds". (26:168)

The destruction of your kind and your own destructive end is contained in the following verses :

Then We destroyed the Other. And We made a (volcanic) rain stream down upon them, so bad was the rain for those who were warned! Take heed , there is surely a Sign for those who don't believe. And take heed, your master is surely Him, the All Powerful , the most Beneficent" ( 26:172-175)

This message will certainly not only be disregarded by you and your kind, but also by those who are gripped by what they themselves call "free choice" . It is really remarkable that people and their reactions have not changed in the course of human history . It is also the case of those who immediately jump into the ranks of those criminals who can only speak against the Truth with the following arguments: "If you dont fit in, then just go back to where you came from". Is this not the same as "if you yourselves don't integrate - then just get out of here ?".

All praise unto Allah who shall destroy all the purveyors of injustice: The unjust who have not changed in the course of human history":

And those who were unbelievers, said to the Messengers : "We will surely drive you out of our land (we will take away your permits and your nationality )or you have to return to our Millat (way of life) (or you have to integrate) ".Then the master appeared to them and said: "We will surely destroy the purveyors of injustice".(14:13)

Wilders: May Allah destroy you !

The flag of Tawheed will also, with Allah's will, wave in your place . It is only a question of time before Allah makes good on His promise to His servants. Allah, the most high said :

And after them We will settle you in the land. This is those who fear My place (power) and who fear My commands". (14:14)

This will become the reality and no measures will be able to stop it. If these thoughts enrage you and your kind , then I will say what Allah , the Most High, has commanded me to say :

Verse: "Die in your rage , take heed, Allah knows what is in the heart". (3:119)

Saifu Deen alMuwahhied


Now we know why the Meccans wanted Mohammad and his buddies kicked out of Mecca. They also threatened and assassinated people in broad daylight. That was 1400 years ago in Mecca. This was a few weeks ago in Holland. I guess Islam is as the same today as it was back then.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2004 5:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Muslim convert cleric says he was "Happy to hear that Theo van Gogh was murdered"-"Hopes to see Wilders dead "

Dutch attempt to fight Jihad with tolerance and wristbands backfires as Muslim youth cleric declares "the Koran is my Constitution"

November 24, 2004

The Dutch hoped that exhibiting good will towards Muslims by joining them in Iftar celebrations and having the Queen and prime minister visit them in their community centers and clubs would appease the Muslims and elicit a reciprocal response.

The contrary has proved to be the case,since the well deserved popular backlash which should have occured subsided within 2 weeks of the murder of Theo van Gogh and gave way to a complacency that "warm fuzziness" would triumph over militant Islam. Those hopes were rudely dashed yesterday after a Dutch born and bred convert to Islam showed that "it's the religion stupid", and proclaimed his joy over the murder of Theo van Gogh and conveyed his death wishes to VVD Minister Geert Wilders on prime time.

The Dutch press is now in an uproar after Abdul Jabber van Ven, a Dutch convert to Islam and Muslim cleric, declared in a television interview that "He hoped Geert Wilders would die" and had feelings "of happiness" when he heard that Theo van Gogh was dead.The Dutch Minister of Justice is launching an investigation and looking into the possibility of taking legal action against Van Ven.

The latest news is that Van der Ven "has gone into hiding". According to friend in 2001 Van Ven declared that he "was so disgusted with Holland that he wanted to live in an Islamic country "and had said "The Koran is my Constitution".

In some ways even more ominous then Van der Ven's blatant deathwish to Geert Wilders, and joy over the murder of Theo van Gogh, is the reaction of the some members of the Dutch public and the Prime Minister, who are committed to 'keeping things together' despite the mounting evidence that militant Islamists are encouraged by their political correctness and timidity.

In what one wishes were a calculated travesty, Prime Minister Balkenende hailed a 'warm fuzzy initiative' to get everyone in Holland to don an orange armband as a show of respect and tolerance. (see article below)

One wonders how long it will be until the Dutch will be hoisting white flags from their windows, and if the wristbands will also come with translations of 'don't do it' and 'have mercy' in Arabic.


'Muslim Convert hopes for the death of Wilders'

Amsterdam-The Muslim convert Abdul -Jabar Van de Ven hopes that cabinet minister Geert Wilders dies. In the EO program The Eleventh Hour (note that EO is the Evangelical Station), Van de Ven, who calls himself an 'Imam for the youth', acknowledged that he wished for the death of Geert Wilders in response to a question.Van de Ven added that he did not hope that Wilders would be murdered by a Muslim.

Van de Ven said that he' felt something akin to happiness' when he heard that Theo van Gogh was dead. He is against murder as a general rule.

Abdul Jabber van de Ven was born as Jennis. He converted to Islam when he was 14.He is known as a strict Muslim who works together with the Saudi Foundation Al Waqf.

A friend declared that in 2001 Van de Ven said he was so disgusted with Holland that he wanted to move to a Muslim country. "The Koran is my Constitution" he declared.


So I am guessing this bozo is the equivalant of "Iranians" that accepted Islam with open arms when the Arab invaded our country? Rolling Eyes

Meanwhile, another mullahs would rather die than to shake hands with the immigrantion minister.


Minister of integration and immigration Rita Verdonk is snubbed by Imam Salam who later said:

"I would rather die before I betray my religion and shake a woman's hand "

Imam : ' I acted in accordance with the Prophet'

The shaking of hands is not going to help the integration of Muslims. Who shakes hands propagates hypocrisy, according to the Tilburg Imam Ahmad Salam.

by our editor Arjen Schreuder

Translated by Beila Rabinowitz- director MIM

Tilburg 23 Nov. I would rather die before I betray my religion and shake a woman's hand".

There he is again. Imam Ahmad Salam from Tiburg made the news two years ago when he said that husbands could beat their wives if they did not perform their married duties and talking or sleeping apart didn't help. Beating is like medicine with a bad taste, a last resort".

Now he is once against sitting at a table in the mosque on the Van Suppe' Street in Tilburg, this time explaining in Arabic why he refused to shake integration Minister Verdonk's hand last Saturday. Salam, a Syrian, came to Holland 15 years ago, but inspite of several years of language lessons he does not yet know enough Dutch to speak in a nuanced way without using his son as interpreter."It is hard for old people to learn a new language," his son says.

The media has the made "much too much" out of the question of the handshake, explains Salam. By being surprised and saying she is my equal, she is forcing me to accept her choice".I hope soon to have contact with her to discuss how integration can progress. Without having to shake her hand".

Salam's concept of integration is clear: The coming together of different cultures and religions with mutual understanding".But what Holland now understand this to be doesnt resemble this."Salam: "I am afraid that integration in Holland will mean that non Islamic people decide what things we can practice in our religion."

According to Salam non-Muslims may continue shaking hands,'I don't judge any Dutch men or women who shake each other's hand'.But what we ask from the Dutch is to respect us and not to force us to do things we don't want to do".

All the other Imams shook Minister Verdonk's hand. They have to realize that they are 'changing' the religion.There are Imams who know the Koran by heart but don't know the laws. There are also Imams who do keep the law but don't advertise it."They don't shake the doctor's hand or the person from the housing council if it's a woman."

The shaking of hands between sexes can have bad consequences according to the Imam.There are Imams who know that it is forbidden to shake women's hands but do not impart that to others".The Imams are fooling themselves and others".By shaking hands they are not furthering integration, just hypocrisy and falsehood.""Some Imams don't tell what the real Islam is"."They keep quiet when Islam is attacked". "That leads to escalation between Muslims and non- Muslims".

Just to keep things in perspective."The Imam from Tilburg condemns in the strongest terms the murder of Islam critic Theo van Gogh."Very bad". "The perpetrator did not know Islam very well"."If the film Submission was by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Theo Van Gogh was the reason for the murder, then the motive was not justified"."A bad film"."But we have to talk about that".

Then the prohibition against the handshake itself. In Islam there are several 'authentic proofs' which can be produced. "The Prophet said:"And verily I do not shake hands with a woman."And we have to follow the Prophet if we really want to practice Islam".Second proof: "And when the companions of the Prophet welcomed him with a handshake , the Prophet did not permit a woman to shake his hand"."The Prophet says: "If someone is pierced in the head with an iron needle, it is not as bad as shaking hands with a woman".

"The rationale behind the handshake prohibition is not to burden the sexes with the possible beginning of immorality."A handshake is bodily contact in the same way intercourse is"."The only ones permitted to touch a woman are husbands, brothers, and uncles". How can men and women to know each other ? Salam laughs coyly. ' 'With words. You can reach more with words then with physical contact.'

The visitors to the Tilburg mosque find it" very good" that their Imam Ahmad Salem refused to shake hands with Minister Verdonk last Saturday.'A show of respect for a woman'. The mosque attempt to explain the question.'It is about the wife of someone else " the man who speaks the best Dutch among them translates their feelings. Now it is being said that Islam oppresses women.It is the opposite. Before Islam woman was a slave. Islam has made it so that woman are not slaves any longer" Contrast that to the "fighting" in the (Dutch) Cabinet. You have to see the woman as a "diamond" says one of the board members of the mosque on the Van Suppe' Street in Tilburg. The mosque goers nod their heads.

There are some exceptions to the prohibition, says Imam Salem with an eye to several television cameras. One is allowed to drink alcohol if that is the only drink which will sustain life, so too, is physical contact allowed between the sexes in cases of life threatening illness where there is no one from the same sex to help with the care. The sake of keeping the peace with Minister Verdonk does not constitute a reason. Salem," The Minister is asking me to distance myself from my own religion,after I had told her why I could not shake her hand."

There are people who say that Imams such as Salem should go and live in a small village far away from the Netherlands. "No," says Salem. "A Muslim does not change his belief like he changes clothes." "The belief doesn't change in another society".


For those of you who don't know, Iran had a great female education minister named Dr. Farrokhroo Parsa who did a lot of great services to our country's education system. The Islamic revolutionaries executed her by putting her into a rice bag full of cockroaches and throwing her off the rooftop of a building (I think it was Alavi School) a few days after the revolution. For some reason this story on Holland's female immigration minister reminded me of Dr. Parsa. Which planet are we on? Filthy animal perverts! Shocked
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