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Song For A Teheran Spring

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 9:26 pm    Post subject: Song For A Teheran Spring Reply with quote

for a sample click on link here:


and another sample: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserve/B00008ODYZ001002/0/102-0920539-6204938

"Paris en colère", by Mireille Mathieu, France's national songstress, from the film about the liberation of Paris by a civilian uprising, "Is Paris Burning?".

PARIS EN COLERE [Paris gets mad]
Que l'on touche à la liberté [When they threaten liberty]
Et Paris se met en colère [Then Paris gets mad]
Et Paris commence à gronder [And Paris starts to scold]
Et le lendemain, c'est la guerre. [And the next day, it's war]
Paris se réveille [Paris wakes up]
Et il ouvre ses prisons [And opens up its jails]
Paris a la fièvre : [Paris has fever]
Il la soigne à sa façon. [And heals it its own way]
Il faut voir les pavés sauter [You should see the paving stones jump]
Quand Paris se met en colère [When Paris gets mad]
Faut les voir, ces fusils rouillés [You should see the rusty rifles]
Qui clignent de l'œil aux fenêtres [Winking at the windows]
Sur les barricades [On the barricades]
Qui jaillissent dans les rues [spurting out in the streets]
Chacun sa grenade [Everyone has his grenade]
Son couteau ou ses mains nues. [His knife or even barehanded]

La vie, la mort ne competent plus [Life and death don't matter anymore]
On a gagné on a perdu [We won we lost]
Mais on pourra se présenter là-haut [But we can still show up]
Une fleur au chapeau. [With a flower in our hat]
On veut être libres [We want to be free]
A n'importe quel prix [Whatever the price is]
On veut vivre, vivre, vivre [We want to live, live, live]
Vivre libre à Paris. [Live free in Paris]

Attention, ça va toujours loin [Be careful, it always goes far]
Quand Paris se met en colère [When Paris gets mad]
Quand Paris sonne le tocsin [When Paris rings the alarm bell]
Ça s'entend au bout de la terre [It can be heard on the other side of earth]
Et le monde tremble [And the world is afraid]
Quand Paris est en danger [When Paris is in danger]
Et le monde chante [And the world sings]
Quand Paris s'est libéré. [When Paris got free]
C'est la fête à la liberté [It's a party for liberty]
Et Paris n'est plus en colère [And Paris is no more mad]
Et Paris peut aller danser [And Paris can go dance]
Il a retrouvé la lumière. [It found light again]
Après la tempête [After the storm]
Après la peur et le froid [After fear and cold]
Paris est en fête [Paris is partying]
Et Paris pleure de joie. [And Paris is crying of joy]

60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Paris: Mireille Mathieu is ready

Paris, 20 July 2004

Mireille Mathieu will perform one of her classic songs, “Paris en colère", at the ceremonies and festivities marking the 60th anniversary of the Liberation of Paris, the singer announced Tuesday to the AFP.

Wearing an outfit made by Christian LaCroix, who created just for her some "Blue White and Red" outfits, Mireille Mathieu will sing for the first time on the walkway to the Paris Mayor's Office, August 25, "Paris en colère", during the official ceremony, in front of French President Jacques Chirac and the Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë.

That evening, Mireille Mathieu will once again sing "Paris en colère" at the Place de la Bastille during the "Liberté-Liberty" show, directed by Jérome Savery, as requested by the Mayors Office of Paris. 1000 other participants with a symphonic orchestra will also be participating.

"I am very honored to sing this very great song to celebrate the liberation of our capitol", declared Mireille Mathieu to the AFP.

Written in 1966 by Maurice Vadalin and put to music by Maurice Jarre, "Paris en colère" was created by Mireille Mathieu who performed it for the first time that same year, from the second level of the Eiffel Tower for the release of the film "Is Paris Burning?". The music is part of the original soundtrack of René Clément's famous film.

"Since I was too small and the crowd couldn't see me, I sang standing up on two phone books!", remembers the singer, specificying that "Paris en colère" is the most acclaimed song in her foreign concerts. The ceremonies for the Liberation of Paris will end with the viewing of the film, "Is Paris Burning" on a large screen in front of City Hall.

On June 6, Mireille Mathieu participated in a show on France 2 to celebrate D Day, singing, "Le chant des partisans" as well as "Paris en colère".
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