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Huge security measures due to Iran-Japan Game

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 7:17 pm    Post subject: Huge security measures due to Iran-Japan Game Reply with quote

Huge security measures due to Iran-Japan Soccer game
Mar 24, 2005


Huge security measures have been planned by the Islamic regime's Security Council and various intelligence organs like the "Beyt e Rahbari" (Office of the Supreme Leader) and "Herassat Sepah" (Militia Intelligence), to contain popular riots at the issue of the upcoming Iran-Japan Soccer game. This game will be played in preparation of the 2006 Soccer World Cup on Friday March 25th at the "Azadi ('Freedom') Stadium" of Tehran.

Orders have been given to security forces and the Bassij Force in major cities like Tehran, Esfahan and other main western cities to be deployed from the beginning of the afternoon, in order to prevent any hostile demonstrators from taking control of streets and public buildings. Roadblocks will be installed especially in the Karaj district, home of the stadium, and in main strategic areas of big cities. Fire trucks with water cannon and patrol cars will be deployed in main avenues while intelligence officers and plainclothes agents will be deployed in side walks and in collective buses.

Inside and surrounding the 'Freedom' Stadium, having a capacity of a hundred thousand, plainclothes men and veiled female agents of the regime will closely monitor all spectators' movements and appearances, in order to arrest "counter-revolutionaries", "hooligans" and females who may try to enter the sports facility in male clothing. Watching a soccer game is forbidden to Iranian women, due to the official Gender Apartheid Law and Islamic texts, or interpreted scriptures as many do get arrested when they try to enter stadiums.

An increase of electronic jamming has been requested by the Islamic regime's Intelligence. Communication centers, like the one located in Farah-Abad and in Pasdaran will jam all satellite TV signals. The official memo is specifically focusing on the "subversive role" of the popular NITV, broadcasting from Los Angeles, and "Shoma TV" transmitting from London (UK).

Shoma TV is operated by an anti-Islamist named Fooladvand that is under several death fatwas issued by regime clerics for programs that are contrary to Islam. He has alarmed the Islamic regime with an unprecedented ability to mobilize ever increasing numbers of expatriates and exasperated Iranians living inside. Fooladvand's popularity was significantly boosted following a peaceful occupation of a Lufthansa airplane in Belgium by a group of his followers, earlier this month. The protestors were demonstrating against EU policy that is seen as supportive of the Mullhacracy.

According to the same official report, Fooladvand's supporters were behind the burning of many Koran books and damages made to the regime's buildings and security patrol cars, during the yearly Tchahar Shanbe Souri (Fire Fest) celebration which turned into massive riots and rocked tens of Iranian cities. It is believed that Fooladvand has created an important armed underground group that has planned a massive action for this Friday's game.

Most of his supporters, as with many Iranians, see as rejectable the deals made by some of the traditional 'opposition' with so-called 'former' members and theoreticians of the Islamic regime, like Mohsen Sazgara. He, Sazgara, is one of the main founders of the repressive Pasdaran Corp. (Guardians of Revolution) and was also involved in Behzad Nabavi's corrupt activities and illegitimate deals at the Ministry of Industry & Mines. In addition, Sazgara was, until 2 years ago, part of Khatami's corrupt gang that was trying to legitimize the Islamic regime by calling for public participation in the last two sham elections that were boycotted by most Iranians.

Attempting to adapt to general Iranian hate of the theocratic regime and most likely seeking to save his illegitimate fortune, Sazgara has recently tried to hijack the popular aspiration for a genuine referendum to take place in Iran, by introducing a so-called call for referendum last November. Despite the well known fact that Iranians and, especially, students have been shouting the well know "Referendum, Referendum, this is our slogan" for 3 years, in various demonstrations and rallies held inside Iran, he continues to try and manipulate the peoples' will. Some of his opportunist 'opposition' colleagues are already trying to qualify him as the leader of inside opposition to the regime and a potential head of the referendum movement in Iran. Other are trying to make believe that tomorrow's potential riots are in support of Sazgara's project.

It's to note that soccer riots are nothing new as exasperated Iranians are usually seizing ever opportunity offered by soccer games or big events to protest and express their rejection of the Islamic regime. Indeed, Iran was the scene of consecutive and massive protests, during the 2002 World Cup soccer qualification games but the trend was stopped by bloody repressive measures, and the believed forced loss of Iran to Bahrain. In Esafahan alone several protesters were killed by the security apparatus and the regime had to transfer the notorious Esfahan Governor. Known for having ordered the bloody repression, he, the governor, was transferred to his present post as the Islamic regime's Ambassador to Kuwait.

Since then, important soccer games are often turned into popular protests, especially when they're played in Tehran, or in Ahwaz where there was a huge demonstration a few months ago.

Several groups and SMCCDI have also called for seizing this Friday's opportunity, in order to show a massive rejection of the regime in the current favorable geopolitical context. The Movement's Coordinator, Aryo B. Pirouznia, requested, during his March 11th and 14th appearances on NITV and Pars TV, "to use this important game which will be broadcasted to many countries and, especially, to Japan, to show the deep rejection of the regime and the Iranians quest for Freedom".

SMCCDI is known for its key role in the promotion of Football (Soccer) Protests and especially in the coordination of last World Cup Soccer qualification games' riots. It constantly mobilized the masses via the intense use of digital technology, such as the Internet and satellite TV, as well as, help from some friendly radio stations abroad who were offering airtime for consecutive interviews and transmitting the Movement's calls.





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