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PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2005 10:25 am    Post subject: SMCCDI: WE WILL EXPOSE THE ELECTION SHOW OF THE REGIME Reply with quote


From SMCCDI: daneshjoo.org

Public Statements
We will expose the show-election of the regime to obtain our freedom!
SMCCDI (Public Statement)
Jun 15, 2005

Noble and Free People of Iran,

One more time, the ridiculous and useless show, named the presidential election of the Islamic republic is on the way. The leaders of the ideological-theocratic regime, who more then ever find themselves in the looming fall and overthrow of the entire unlawful and despotic regime, are trying to get some of our unaware or under pressure citizens to the poll booth, with new deceits, which the result will be nothing but the continuation of crimes, injustice, inequality, more suffering, public hopelessness and specially the continuation of plundering and pillaging the national resources.

Yes, eight years ago in such days, the majority of those who could vote, especially the women and youth, went to the show polls of the pre-selected. They, in their beliefs, were willing to vote for “a lesser evil”, perhaps with less pay, causing better situations and resulting the transformation of the Mullah dogmatic regime. At that time these people were unaware of this basic, that the Islamic republic regime for its basis on reactionary-fascism reflection and the nature of Mafia – oligarchic, has no merit of basic reform. They did not know that the designers of that fallacious puppet–show, have no other purpose, but the continuation and preserving of their shameful political existence, under the contradictory and limitless banner of “ Religious Leadership of People”.

The result of this historical mistake was nothing but the wave of riding a faction of reactionary clerics and old fashion technocrats with a mask called “reformism”, on the wave of the desires and natural inclinations of the oppressed and deprived people of Iran. Execution and murdering of freedom – lovers; exercising the mediaeval age punishments; incarceration of journalists and closing of the newspapers; physical suppression and imprisoning the students; vanquishing the protesting movements including laborers, farmers, teachers and nurses; beating boys and girls; advancement of prostitution, addiction and social and administrative corruption; lowering the cash value of Rial and the national economy; unemployment and ever-increasing inflation; irrational privatization of major industries in the form of business for the profits of sons or daughters of Akhoonds (aghazadeha); blackmail-like and shameful foreign contracts that are at the same level of disgraceful Tourkamanchi and Golestan contracts during Ghajars (dynasty preceding the Pahlavi Dynasty); embezzling of the national resources; bestowing the major part of Iran's share of the Caspian Sea, are just part of the shameful and bloody record of the faction called 2nd of Khordad and their devoted and inefficient symbol Mohammad Khatami.

But, by the spreading age of digital technology and public communication, a big part of those voters in the first round, quickly found out that the result of their vote does not have any effect in their destiny. Yes, four years later and based on the official statistics, millions of them did not participate in the re-election of the president of the Islamic republic, causing disgrace to the regime and informing the world of the ever growing gap between the people and the government.

It is important to say, that in those days almost the public consternation and perplexity even have been taken over part of inside and outside classic oppositions and intellectuals, only a few intellectual and modernist groups like "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI) and “National-Secular Party of Iran” were those who in their repeated analytic articles or in their statements, pointing out the necessary alarms about the dark torments of this religious charlatanism and opportunistic behavior of those of low-determination regime oppositions.

Intellectual students, laborers and champion hard-workers, government employees and people’s disciplinary forces, daring and champion women of Iran,

Now, after eight years of demagogy, the Islamic republic regime, under popular and international pressure, has been so widely despised that forced to bring out their main piece of their puppet-show marionette on the stage, perhaps some of the foreign governments continue reciting and condescension with a unmixed regime in hope of keeping illegal interests. What a futile dream!

Parts of the recent speech by Secretary of State Rice about the flimsiness of the election in Iran, and the siding of some of the European countries with The United States regarding the Islamic regime, all are indicating the aggravation of pressure and revealing the regime main essence; and the absence of the people at the poll booths will show the right choice of the people in connection with the generality of the Islamic Republic.

No doubt, in all these equations, the protagonist and predestined role is played by a nation who, like before, with nonparticipation in the variety of games by the regime and turn back to them, had dropped RafsanJani to the 30th in Tehran representatives (in the past election) and has slapped in the face of both factions of the regime! The oppressed youth and women of Iran never forget the savagery and decisiveness of the all factions of this people oppressor regime! Officers (Sardaran) and resigned founders of Sepah, The inefficient secretaries of 2nd of Khordad or other discharged men of the regime, have never been accepted or been popular among the conscious people and never will be! Neither the artificial and unreal productions but with very fast transient, nor racial distinctions, nor malingering to nationalism, nor political bombings, nor the western-oriented shows of hired girls with make-up will necessarily prevent the fall of the anti-people and in-human regime!

Now, more than ever, this independent committee, which is the pioneer and promoter of the basic reflections of the “Iran Third Force", and organizer of civil disobedience for years, stresses that after the attainment of the ideal of total abolition of the Islamic Republic, the free people of Iran must be able to select directly the type of their desired secular-democratic political system, in a free public election, and after that establishing a parliament for compilation of a constitution based on the transparent will of the people. It is obvious that going with the element of secularism, which does not have any contradiction with religion and the private beliefs of people, protecting the entirety of the nation of Iran and observance of the national resources with respect to the purport of Universal Declaration of Human Rights will be another pillar of future Iran!

In this way, on June 17th, the Great and Freedom-loving People of Iran are going to add another honor and golden page to their fight and rebellious record towards sending the Islamic republic into the dustbin of history, by staying at home and especially not participating in this last ridiculous election show.

Long Live Freedom!

Long Live Secularism!

Long Live Democracy!

Tehran, June 15, 2005 (25th Khordad 1384)

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran"

Original Persian Text: http://www.daneshjoo.org/inside/pdf/bazi1384.pdf
[Poster's note: I've changed a few words where I think that will clarify the meaning and smooth the presentation for reading in English. My apologies in advance if anything I've done changes the meaning of the text from that intended by the authors/translators!]

Copyright 2003 SMCCDI: daneshjoo.org
The Sun Is Rising In The West!Soon It Will Shine on All of Iran!
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