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Penn's Iran Dispatches Ready to Run
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Joined: 03 Mar 2005
Posts: 1166
Location: SantaFe, New Mexico

PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2005 9:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Remarks by Ambassador John Bolton at the Security Council Stakeout following the adoption of Resolution 1618 Condemning Terrorist Attacks in Iraq, August 4, 2005

Ambassador Bolton: I would just like to underline what I said in the Council: the importance the United States attaches to this resolution (1618) on terrorism in Iraq, the threat it poses to the constitutional processes that the Iraqis are engaged in, and the importance we attach to the obligations of all member states to cooperate in preventing the flows of terrorists, weapons of terrorists, and financing to Iraq, and particularly call on Iran and Syria to meet their obligations to prevent the flows of terrorists and financing. Iíll just take one or two questions on the resolution.

Question: (inaudible)

Ambassador Bolton: As I said, I would just take questions on the Iraq resolution. I think our position on the G-4 situation is pretty clear. Anything on Iraq?

Question: You emphasized in your explanation of the vote the link this resolution has to the transnational war on terrorism. Could you elaborate on the significance of that tie-in?

Ambassador Bolton: I think frankly the statement by the Iraqi Ambassador was very eloquent in describing the linkages and the threats that all of us face from international terrorism, obviously in one of its most exacerbated forms in Iraq, but around the world in a number of the places he mentioned: London, Madrid, Casablanca, Jerusalem, New York, obviously. So this is a global threat and is one reason we are happy to have this resolution. Good to see you all.

Question: (inaudible)

Ambassador Bolton: What I said in the prepared statement is that we call on all members to meet their obligations to stop the flow of terrorists, terrorist financing, and weapons, and particularly on Iran and Syria. We think this is very important, obviously, to help bring stability and security to the people of Iraq and to permit the constitutional process to go forward. It is the highest priority for the people and government of Iraq and for the United States as well.

Question: What else would you like to see in this resolution if you could add a couple other things in there to talk about a little bit more?

Ambassador Bolton: We are very happy with it as written. I think it expresses an important view of the Security Council on behalf of all the member governments of the UN. I think it addresses a very serious problem that is taking place in Iraq right now that we and the other coalition members and the government of Iraq are trying to address. Thank you. Good to see you all.
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Liberty Now !

Joined: 04 Apr 2004
Posts: 521

PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 2:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

baby steps for reform, mr. colin?

We would have a peaceful, happy, prosperous country if it weren't for British meddlings and colonialist suppression, and so would many other nations.

take your nonesense elsewhere and feed it to those who actually trust the likes of you politicians.

bunch of cowboys and pirot terrorizers looting the world over to get rich and abuse the power to manipulate, suppress and destroy other cultures and nations, are not in any position to lecture civilized nations on reform!

take the police out of your cities and see if there will be any of it left !

that's not called civilization or reform dear. it's called a FAKE ! a forced reform by keeping a police state! even your 'civilization' is a fake. civilizations do not distroy other civilizations, nor do they need to steal from others!

I'll have you know, even during the western coup of 79, with all the chaos you've created with your islamist / leftist thugs and palestinian trained gurrilla and all, not even one store was rubbed throughout the country!

take a look at yourselves. your cities will fall apart, and turn into ultimate looting ground if the police blinks!

Take a good look at "modern" history and what you've done to the world.

it's full of fascism, racism, wars, chaos, lootings, suppressions, and inhumane behavior all over! not a place on Earth that did not suffer the barbarism of western "civilization". not a culture left intact!

Many nations however, already reached the sofisticated level of what can be called true civilization. it's all in the poetic attitude towards life and feeling of belonging to the entire planet and other human beings!

the basis of all sciences were there, people living in peace and harmony with nature, respecting the mother Earth, exotic birds, animals, water, air. the Earth was round and all constellations already known. dinamite was there but only for peaceful use not to destroy. music was there to please the soul, art came out of meditation on life and nature, dance, refined wine & cuisines... it was all about celebrating life, not death!

many nations were living this way peacefully and in tranquil & harmony.

then the barbarian colonialists happened!

you've built an empire based on other nation's achievements, and knowledge. infact stole much of the already existing knowledge and destroyed the trace. and an empire on other nations' blood and sweat.

I'm not saying you haven't achieved anything on your own, but given the history of the world, it is a given that humanity as a whole would continue its achievements. people of the world achieved it all together. the base was already established from centuries ago. the trace however, destroyed unless it could somehow be linked to Western "civilization"! how civilized and cultured of you!

not only you don't respect other cultures, but you've set forth to destroy them. only the great western civilization (a non - existing phenomenon) can exists. in your little world, you are the master and all humanity your slaves. you wirte the history. you dictate the rules. you set the dictators to rule the way you please.

you've done enough. all is lost. finally. all is lost. but you. we wish you all the best in your jurney to true civilization sir. we're not jelouse. neither angry. nor revengeful. the terror is your own creation not ours.

you've turned Pardis into living hell for nations around the Globe!

stole dinamite and set the world on fire!

forced human beings into slavery,

massacred all who resisted your absolute & barbaric reign,

you were the ones who burnt women alive, when Eastern women were warriers and rulers!


many of those cultures and civilizations are destroyed by now, some deeply wounded,

rest assured, the thugs that you've placed in Iran since 79, have done well in destroying our culture and way of life.

you win. we loose.

but it'll take you centuries to reach anywhere near the civilization we've already aquired!

it's a long process, I'll have you know. takes baby steps. not to worry, you'll get there eventually.

had you paid more attention to already civilized cultures and nations, instead of destroying them, you could have enjoyed their help.

I'm afraind you have to do it all on your own now.

best of luck in becoming civilized enough before destroying the world!

I'm sure many around the world are praying for you and your path to civilization, ASAP !!!
Paayande Iran
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Joined: 03 Mar 2005
Posts: 1166
Location: SantaFe, New Mexico

PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 10:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Playing the "victim card" and spouting dysfunctional diatribe will not alter the fact that you haven't yet learned to take responsibility for your own future.
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Liberty Now !

Joined: 04 Apr 2004
Posts: 521

PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 1:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oppenheimer wrote:
Playing the "victim card" and spouting dysfunctional diatribe will not alter the fact that you haven't yet learned to take responsibility for your own future.

yes, and I suppose all the children of Africa and Asia who are dying of hunger as we speak, are also PLAYING THE VICTIM CARD as well.

taking responsibility is an interesting subject, let's see who are the first candidates in modern history to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS AGAINST HUMANITY .

how about Britain taking responsibility for all the devestations they've caused in other countries? for world hunger for example. (they should take responsibility for slavery, not the americans-just a thought).

how about other crimes? where is the responsibility?

have they even appologized for any of their past crimes?

let's talk about it shall we?
Paayande Iran
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Joined: 03 Mar 2005
Posts: 1166
Location: SantaFe, New Mexico

PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 9:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Liberty Now !

Joined: 04 Apr 2004
Posts: 318

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 1:25 pm Post subject:


I'm not talking to either one of you guys.

stop accusing me of all this , just because you're pissed off with my recent posts about U.S.

it's politics, now grow up and get over it, or complain to your mom, not me.

when I said admin, I meant CYRUS.


You are your own worst enemy liberty....anyone reading this thread can see your hypocracy for themselves....and why would I wish to censor your posts when it's so darn entertaining watching you make an utter fool of yourself?
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Liberty Now !

Joined: 04 Apr 2004
Posts: 521

PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2005 4:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not the one making a fool of myself in international scenes! or blown up every coupld of seconds in Iraq.

I'm not the one acting like a 5 ton gurrilla every time brits's butt needs to be resqued!

don't you worry about me hon.

oh and don't you pretend to be here to help IRAN! you're not fooling anyone. if you were here for help, you would not try to censor my posts, or make fun of our history. or resort to gang bashing everytime you hear the word U.S. policies!

history is not what you read in highschool textbooks. people from every region of the world have their own version of hisoty, completely different than yours. sorry if it sounds funny. but to us it's not. it wasn't funny when we were used and abused over and again by western powers. it's not funny that to this day we're paying a heavy price for those policies.

by the way, I hate the he said/she said game.
but since you like it so much, you haver permision to bring up all my 320 posts since 2004. ok? good boy. now stay down. and out of my sight.
Paayande Iran
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Joined: 03 Mar 2005
Posts: 1166
Location: SantaFe, New Mexico

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2005 1:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Why would I wish to review 300 some odd posts filled with rants similar to the one's I witnessed from you so far?

You make a hell of a lot of assumptions in a fixated monologe that shows no respect for other's point of view, accusing others here of what you are guilty of yourself...feels like I'm dealing with a pre-teenager having a tantrum, and you are taking it out on everyone around you.

Seems niether you or Penn considered the Soviet factor in the Iran of the late forties early fifties....


Modern Iranian history began with a nationalist uprising against the Shah (who remained in power) in 1905, the granting of a limited constitution in 1906, and the discovery of oil in 1908. In 1921, Reza Khan, an Iranian officer of the Persian Cossack Brigade, seized control of the government. In 1925, he made himself Shah, ruling as Reza Shah Pahlavi for almost 16 years and installing the new Pahlavi dynasty.

Under his reign, Iran began to modernize and to secularize politics, and the central government reasserted its authority over the tribes and provinces. In September 1941, following the Allies' (United Kingdom-Soviet Union) occupation of western Iran, Reza Shah was forced to abdicate. His son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, became Shah and ruled until 1979.

During World War II, Iran was a vital link in the Allied supply line for lend-lease supplies to the Soviet Union. After the war, Soviet troops stationed in northwestern Iran not only refused to withdraw but backed revolts that established short-lived, pro-Soviet separatist regimes in the northern regions of Azerbaijan and Kurdistan. These were ended in 1946. The Azerbaijan revolt crumbled after U.S. and UN pressure forced a Soviet withdrawal and Iranian forces suppressed the Kurdish revolt.

In 1951, Premier Mohammed Mossadeq, a militant nationalist, forced the parliament to nationalize the British-owned oil industry. Mossadeq was opposed by the Shah and was removed, but he quickly returned to power. The Shah fled Iran but returned when supporters staged a coup against Mossadeq in August 1953. Mossadeq was then arrested by pro-Shah army forces. In 1961, Iran initiated a series of economic, social, and administrative reforms that became known as the Shah's White Revolution. The core of this program was land reform. Modernization and economic growth proceeded at an unprecedented rate, fueled by Iran's vast petroleum reserves, the third-largest in the world.

----------------Source: US State dept. country background notes-------------

The Soviet agenda involved warm water basing for it's navy, as a function of expanding its spere of influence and access to gulf oil and commercial shipping ports.

Iran was the key to obtaining those.

WW2 was an event that had lasting repurcussions on nations affected by the global nature of that war. Hitler had designs on gulf oil as well and had military presence in Iraq at one pont.

So these are factors that a lot of folks including you have yet to come to grips with 50 years later. Those that remain stuck in the past, are doomed to repeat it. What is required of the Iranian opposition is a firm stance on principal and solidarity.
Not preferences and division....as this seems to be what you bring to the table of this forum....along with your method of delivery....I'd venture to guess that you either are not aware, or mature enough to understand how you come off to people, or you are just here to mess with folks that have differences of opinion, and point of view.

I've yet to see you present on single fact in this discussion.....it's all blah, blah, blah.....and more blithering rants, not civil discourse.

But you should remember that as long as you are on a public forum, I suggest you re-think the following....

"I'm not the one making a fool of myself in international scenes!"

I've had a few mullah's people tell me the same thing....but there's those who would flat disagree with you, and you make your intent look suspect by trying to drive a wedge between members of the opposition and their supporters.

"oh and don't you pretend to be here to help IRAN! you're not fooling anyone......blah, blah, blah...."

Job #one of the IRI intel is to divide the opposition from outside support.

Instill mistrust, distract from constructive debate, all the same methodology you have been using on this forum is used by IRI intel agents who's job it is to disrupt forums like this one.

I've seen it in action over a long time, now what is your agenda?
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Liberty Now !

Joined: 04 Apr 2004
Posts: 521

PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2005 2:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

yes, I'm an IRI agent.

just because I don't get my facts from US State Dept. Country Fact sheets!

Their facts and figures is only good for them and their own agenda.

It's called POLITICS.

the IRI does the exact same thing.

they are re-writing Iran's history in a way to suit them and their agenda.

I refuse to take any of it from either side for a fact. so shoot me.
Paayande Iran
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Joined: 03 Mar 2005
Posts: 1166
Location: SantaFe, New Mexico

PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 1:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

they are re-writing Iran's history in a way to suit them and their agenda.

Only 25% of population of Iran supported the creation Islamic republic. The vast majority remained silent and the upper crust simply left Iran. Khomeini had promised a UTOPIA and a coalition of several Nationalistic groups. In practise he did otherwise. He even started talking about invading Iraq and Israel. He wanted to Export fundamentalist Islamic culture and rule to other Islamic countries i.e Saudi Arabia. That is why Iraq invaded Iran in 1980.

Liberty, you blame everyone but those responsible. As for rewriting history, the only one here doing so is you.

You are welcome to post facts, as I've asked you to do several times...but still you post conspiracy theories and outright disinformation.

Ultimately it will come back in your face, every time.

You have a choice, become part of the solution by correcting your malfunction, or continue to be part of the problem and have your malfunction corrected by others.

Don't cry to me if you get the boot from this forum.
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Joined: 03 Mar 2005
Posts: 1166
Location: SantaFe, New Mexico

PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 1:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

One of these days you'll get a grip on reality Liberty, and a big lightbulb will go off in your head.....called "enlightenment" (chuckle).

But until then....ponder this:


The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy
in Iran" (SMCCDI)

September 7, 2005

The Honorable John Bolton,
United States Ambassador to the UN
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Via Federal Express & Fax (202) 647-0244

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

On behalf of the membership of the "Student Movement
Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI), and
the people of Iran who have striven so long for freedom of
speech, worship, assembly, a free press, civil liberties,
woman's rights, the application of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights, and the rule of law; We
congratulate you on your nomination as America's Ambassador
to the UN.

Comes now this Iranian opposition group, to apprise you of
the facts, the conclusions and suggestions we have been
given to put forward herein this letter, as context to the
2005 UN Summit, and the pending address to the UN of the
Islamic Republic regime's appointed president, Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad, with the gravest concern for the welfare and
common good of all people, and generations to come...

"In Larger Freedom"

The body of evidence compiled over the long history of
the Islamic Republic's systemic methodology of torture,
political repression and murder of journalists and
dissidents; crimes against humanity including the past and
current crackdown on ethnic and religious minorities, and
"troublemakers" (i.e.: political dissidents of the regime);
applying a Gender Apartheid policy and sexual
discrimination against women; sponsoring and officially
engaging in terrorism (internally and externally), by its
leadership and proxy; suppression of the press, closing of
TV and newspapers as well as confiscation of satellite
dishes, the arrest of "bloggers" and the shutting down of
internet sites, arbitrary arrest and lack of "due process";
the denial of requested information to the UN Commission on
Human Rights (and its sub committees), the denial of access
and information to the IAEA, false declaration to various
UN committee; The failure to uphold the tenants of the UN
Charter signed by Iran in 1948 (in multiple aspects,
consistently and premeditative, and the long history of
denial, subterfuge, bribery, and false public statements on
the record in the UN we believe must be addressed in
totality, before the Security Council, along with other
issues and recommendations brought before the council
regarding this regime, to obtain a holistic solution to a
common threat.

We understand that the UN Commission on Human Rights
mandate covers only one aspect of the larger picture that
must be addressed, and while the "1503 procedure" states, "
No communication will be admitted if it runs counter to the
principles of the Charter of the United Nations or appears
to be politically motivated." and further states, "As a
rule, communications containing abusive language or
insulting remarks about the State against which the
complaint is directed will not be considered."

We believe it is essential that you and the Commission
understand that SMCCDI's intent is not "politically
motivated" in seeking greater freedom for Iran's people,
nor does any member aspire to become a representative of
any new political structure that may exist in a future free
Iran. It is important for us that you and the UN understand
the nature and precepts of SMCCDI as well as the long road
that has brought the opposition in general to the
conclusions and suggestions expressed herein.

While the 1503 procedure states that no "insulting
language" be used, the truth is different from opinion, and
evil is as evil does. Therefore, while the Islamic regime
will no doubt claim insult and injury to its reputation,
one must in all honesty; call it like one sees it being
manifest in action. Using logic over emotionalism, truth
over viewpoint, and ethics over all.

This is one of the reasons we welcome your tenure as UN
Ambassador, as you have the reputation of manifesting
tangible results, whether it be on UN reform, proliferation
of WMD, or state sponsors of terrorism. We wish to inform
you as a courtesy that a copy of this letter will be hand
delivered to the door of the UN, on September 14th, for
your kind inspection, while thousands of freedom loving
Iranians outside the UN protesting this regime cheer you on
as well as cheering on other free nations' representatives
as measures are taken to address the theocratic regime's
abysmal activities before the UN general assembly.

As you may face the incarnation of boycott and the
regime's answer to the aspirations of the Iranian people's
desire to self determination in the form of an evil man who
has come to power illegitimately; who comes to usurp the
chair of membership in the UN which is by right the chair
belonging to the Iranian people; Usurped by an unpopular
regime that has never held credence to the premise of the
UN charter, or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in
word or deed; we urge you, and all free nation's
representatives to address this issue of , and consider
wisely the matter of the regime's membership, as a matter
of UN reform.


Our opposition movement (SMCCDI) is bound by a charter
formed on principals such as; Human Rights, Democracy,
separation of church and states, and free markets. We
believe these principals represent the most fair and
efficient means for humanity to realize its potential.

Ultimately, no repressive, intolerant regime can withstand
the spread of these ideals.
The Islamic Republic regime currently in power in Iran or
any Islamic variances that may exist there in the future
are no exception. By staying true to these values our
people's triumph is absolutely, positively, and undeniably

It is these precepts voiced by Secretary General Kofi
Annan; "Today, our challenge -- as it was for the founders
of the United Nations -- is to pass on to our children a
brighter legacy than that bequeathed to us. We must build
a future as envisioned in the UN Charter -- a future in
larger freedom"; that the Iranian opposition, and the
democracy movement in Iran is based upon, referencing the
Universal Declaration on Human Rights, so often among the
various opposition groups over these past years.

The horror of this evil regime's hypocrisy, and methodical
atrocities can only be likened to a daily Auschwitz for the
stain it brings on the honor of those who appease and
support and lengthen the life span of this barbaric and
tyrannical regime through silence, economic incentive,
"engagement" and illusion. Blind or not as they may be of
what is taking place in our country, or the intent of the
regime in many aspects that threaten the security of the
international community.
Nor can the international community, or any member of any
government that holds in their heart the values of freedom
continue to turn their back on these long standing issues,
and still call themselves human. Or allow this regime,
along with other human rights abusers to block necessary UN
reform of the human rights commission, or the draft
measures in reference on "responsibility to protect".

As a "test case" for UN reform, the Islamic Republic
regime qualifies in every conceivable way.

It is our hope placed in trust that you (as have the US
President and his Secretary of State and many members of US
Congress in the past) will illuminate the plight of our
people that have struggled to shrug off the oppressors and
theocratic chains which have bound the Iranian people for
so long. Chains which have silenced the voice of the people
in utterance, and stilled them with overwhelming force.
Chains denying the Iranian people a better future for our
children, and our children's children for over a generation
in this process

Speaking in regard to "International Woman's Day, March 8,
2005" the US Secretary of State said, "Freedom, the
protection of fundamental human rights, economic
opportunity and prosperity, equality and the rule of
law...these are all elements of the democratic process.
Women are integral to the process of building responsible
governments and democratic institutions. Women's
participation and empowerment at all levels of society will
be key to moving these new democracies forward."

It is the women, who represent a large part of the
opposition and will make a major contribution through their
degree of knowledge and political and civil maturity to the
democratic and peaceful revolution we seek to manifest, as
well as to a future democratic Iran. We cannot carry such
baggage or the individuals who continue to deny women their
place in society in this process of regaining our freedom
and their equality in the process.

Mr. Ambassador,

When one considers the IRI in totality, the abysmal human
rights record, its long-standing support for terrorism,
it's WMD programs in violation of signed agreements; logic
dictates that with or without referral by the IAEA, this
ideological and unelected regime should not just be
sanctioned, but booted out of the UN altogether for gross
violation of the UN charter, which the Iran Nation is a
signatory to, believing it to be criminally negligent for
any nation to support the continuance and aspirations of
the Islamic Republic system one day longer, and remaining
"seized of the matter." As Churchill put it, "Given the
choice between war and dishonor, Chamberlain chose dishonor
and got war."

To this point, the only leader of free nations who's had
that alternate vision of an Iran existing within the
community of nations..."in larger freedom", and had the
guts to voice the option is President George W. Bush...."..
and to the Iranian people I say tonight, as you stand for
your own liberty, America stands with you." The man
presented possibilities to people in so doing, as a
president will on occasion.

Those words of hope to our people must now be joined in
chorus among all free nations, standing in solidarity with
the tenets and premise of "in larger freedom". The freedom
from fear, from want, the hope to raise our children in
dignity and in religious freedom in a nation that is truly
secular and representative of the people's will.

We shall see if the UN honors the precepts of its founding
Charter, whether the EU, Russia, China and India will
continue to trade and negotiate with a tyrannical and
terrorist regime, and whether the UN membership comes
together in solidarity of it's founding principals to honor
the words of President Bush to the Iranian people.

If the UN cannot see fit to honor the tenets of its
founding by enforcing its Charter on members signatory to
it, we in the Iranian opposition will briefly bow our heads
in shame being witness to this, but only briefly as time is
short, and our heads will rise looking only forward, as our
feet continue to trod the path of freedom in process,
whether the international community supports us or not. But
whether this popular movement is successful, or crushed,
depends now upon free nation's support for the aspirations
of Iranian liberty.

It is self-evident that the international community cannot
live with terrorists, nor terrorist regimes in its midst.
There is but one solution to common security in larger

To prevent war and/or civil war, the Islamic regime must
be disavowed by the UN as not legitimately representative
of the People of Iran, and held accountable for its
Nor can its newly unelected leader, self confessed to
having fired coup de grace bullets into political prisoners
after being tortured; under investigation for hostage
taking and other murders outside of the territory of Iran;
claim any "diplomatic immunity", nor be afforded any claim
by the regime under the rules of UN membership, nor be
granted same by the UN, or host nation, if the
investigation warrants prosecution.

We ask very simply that America, and every democratic
member nation of the United Nations, and their
representatives and leaders stand united with the Iranian
people now. Not as diplomats or representatives neither of
nations, nor even as members of the UN per se, but simply
as Humans. For this, and the hope of liberty and justice is
what binds all people, and the UN together in unity, under
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the premise
of the UN Charter.

Indeed, the Islamic Republic regime is engaged in terror,
torture and atrocity on a daily basis, and this
illegitimate regime dares to call itself Democratic, an
advocate of human rights, and protector of the oppressed
throughout the region. A cruel joke added onto the injury
to our nation's pride and heritage, as reportedly the
regime via a dam, will submerge the founder of Persia,
Cyrus the Great's tomb and the archeological sites of
Pasargad and Persepolice under water.
The only way our people can regain our honor, civil
liberties and the trust of the world for a WMD-free Iran
that seeks to provide a safer future for the world and
adheres to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is by
providing us, the people of Iran, the support for our
legitimate aspirations of liberty necessary to restore hope
to the land that Cyrus the Great brought Democracy to over
2500 years ago.

Those ancient precepts regarding freedom of worship,
individual right to own property, freedom from slavery,
representative government in a democratic "federalist"
government that respected the states rights to determine
local laws so long as they were consistent with the
inherent rights of the people, respecting territorial
integrity in the process, have proven themselves over time
and among many cultures. The UN has a replica of this vital
document on display in the entrance lobby. It is as if to
us, the regime intends to submerge the very tenets that
civilization was founded upon, honored and recognized in
the UN, on display. This is not just Persia's heritage
that is at stake, but mankind's, and we hope that a
resolution will be tabled and mandated to protect and
preserve this historical legacy for future generations.


With the firm unanimous voice of the UN, and the pressure
that may be applied "in greater freedom" The UN may honor
the precepts of its founding principals, and reform itself
into an effective, cohesive, transparent instrument for the
common good of all men and women. But if not starting with
the "test case" the regime poses, where will, and when
will, UN reform becomes manifest in action and intent, "
being seized of the matter"? All reform must have some
gage or measure to assess its merit; we propose this as a
means to that end.

1. Implementation of full international economic and
military sanctions on the Islamic Republic regime via UN
Security Council resolution based on human rights, support
for terrorism, and this to be tabled with or without IAEA
board recommendation on the nuclear threat the theocracy
poses. These two issues alone should be viewed as
circumstance the world cannot turn it's back upon, at risk
of civilization itself.

Such measures should include coordination with oil
producing nations to ensure stable world supply while
sanction persists, as well as the halting of any and all
arms transfers to the Islamic Republic regime via the
Proliferation Security Initiative.

2. Full diplomatic sanction and closing of Islamic
republic's embassies worldwide, removal and deportation of
regime representatives, their agents and spies from all
Diplomatic sanction by the UN, revocation of UN membership
and removal of representation from this international forum
till such time as a legitimate interim government can be
established in Iran.

Note: We ask that concerns regarding lack of consular
functions as a result of this action be cooperatively
addressed, so as to continue to allow emergency visas to be
issued. (i.e. family emergencies, etc.) It may be possible
to retain the minimum consular functions, under tight
supervision, but they are well known in their recruiting
of, and issuing visa to potential martyrs and terrorists.

3. Freezing of any and all financial assets of the Islamic
Republic system, current and former leadership, and
corporate interests worldwide, till such time as a new
interim government can be established.

As well as allocation of portions of these assets now to
legitimate non-violent opposition groups inside and outside
Iran, to provide the tangible support needed while civil
disobedience becomes manifest in action. Only in this way
can this action be self-sustaining till it succeeds. Poland
couldn't have become free without support, nor can we, as
this is much to expect of a people under the boot of
repression for over a generation.

4. Repeated statements by world leaders publicly calling
for the leadership of the Islamic Republic regime to step
down peacefully, and to relinquish the government to the
hands and will of the Iranian people, and a UN monitored
"direct" referendum to choose a legitimate, representative,
secular government structure.

5. The coordinated post-regime rebuilding of vital social
institutions and infrastructure of democracy should be
implemented now in preparation, along with he training of
judges, civil servants, police, etc. The Iranian exile
community can provide some of the talent initially, and
there are many more inside Iran supporting the opposition
who will answer the call to service as the situation
permits. This will speed up the post-regime stabilization
process, and greatly enhance institutional development in
the interim government, and constitutional process.

In addition, while SMCCDI does not speak for other groups
in the opposition, we believe it is vital for our efforts
to become coordinated in the formation of a working group
among leaders of opposition groups, in conjunction with
free nation's representatives to help facilitate and
coordinate all of the above measures in a roundtable "Forum
for the Future" of Iran.

The coordination of economic and military sanction,
freezing of assets, closing of embassies, banishment from
the UN General Assembly and other UN related institutions,
such as UNESCO, and other non-violent measures as may be
found worthy under international law will be overwhelming
to the Islamic Republic of Iran, providing solid legitimate
purpose and support among the people of Iran to effect
change from within.

Mr. Ambassador,

We have striven in our legitimate aspirations for liberty
for over two decades, and often frustrated as the pace of
those aspirations seem to be like that of traveling on the
back of a snail. The vast majority has therefore concluded
that any real democratic reform though legitimate election
or national referendum on the people's choice for a secular
political structure in Iran cannot be possible so long as
this evil ideological regime continues in power. Nor can
the international community relegate terrorism to the
dustbin of history while this regime remains in power.

While our aspirations include taking our future into our
own hands, we are convinced after this long in a most
pragmatic way, that those aspirations cannot be obtained in
isolation or silence, we need the entire international
community firmly by our people's side in word and deed if
the agenda the US president has laid out for global freedom
is to become manifest in Iran.

This noble endeavor in common cause does not require
military intervention, nor do we ask for, or seek this in
any form. The method of civil disobedience has a long
history of painful success throughout history, and with
international support will serve to liberate our people
from tyranny and the world from the blind ambitions of the
theocratic regime in a rather short period of time, if they
are implemented in full now, and in a coordinated and
simultaneous manner.

We in the opposition movement see the strong two-faced
diplomacy the Islamic Republic regime is engaged in, that
has not only caused nations to appease the regime with
offers of economic incentive, but that has caused others to
support their blind ambitions, through various means,
including silence and abstention of action on Human Rights
within the various mechanisms of the UN, sale and smuggling
of arms and WMD technology, and economic trade.

We see the effects of this diplomacy and blatant
propaganda on some members of the US Congress, various
governments and international think tanks, as well as the
IAEA. We see the confusion in policy that has been proposed
by former members of various governments, as well the many
cases in which the UN Commission on Human Rights failed in
the past to be unanimous in their condemnation of the
Islamic Republic regime's human rights record and we
strongly urge you and other free nations' representatives
to address their perceptions in this most grave and
dangerous illusion of providing "political benefit of the
doubt" that some members have apparently been following, as
soon as possible.

We, the membership of the Iranian opposition, among all
the various groups have no doubt of the regime's intent, or
continued activities as described and documented over a
long period of time. There are no "rogue elements" of the
regime involved in the transport of shaped munitions into
Iraq, no "rogue elements" of the regime training martyrs
for terrorism operations, recruiting them through public
advertisement, no "rogue elements" committing crimes
against humanity among our people. No "rogue element"
harboring al-quaida. These are fully supported by,
instructed by, and funded by the Islamic Republic of Iran
in whole, not in part, nor independent of its appointed
president's knowledge, and done so by mandate of the
Guardian Council.

Failure to address these grave issues now will be a
dereliction of the UN's founding mandate, and those member
states that fail to recognize this must answer to history.

In conclusion Sir,

It would therefore be in our opinion (reflective of the
1503 procedures), criminally negligent for members of the
UN Commission on Human Rights, and the UN Security Council
to fail to act on the body of evidence regarding security
issues and threats the IRI poses at this time to the
international community and of systematic human rights
abuse (in all aspects) by the Islamic Republic regime; due
to "political considerations" within their respective
nations who's Human Rights records are not the best, or
economic factors in trade with the regime playing a part in
debate, threat of veto, or abstention of moral

It would be quite logical therefore were the UN to
disavow any vote that was deemed "politically motivated" in
the Security Council, calling for a two-thirds majority
vote in the General Assembly to implement any resolution
not achieved in SC decision, along with GA voting on ending
any and all participation, membership and communication
from the Islamic Republic regime (other than answering to
charges brought), for the regime itself is in consistent
and conscious violation of multiple aspects of the UN
Charter, and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights that
the UN is founded upon.

It is for these reasons described herein (as well as the
fact that while Iran is an original signatory to the UN
charter, the current regime flaunts the tenets and is not
legitimately in an of itself, a signatory to it.), that we
have suggested revocation of UN membership through the UN
General Assembly by a two-thirds majority vote as may be
done under the governing rules of the UN, until such time
as a new interim government is established in its place
which will re-ratify Iran's adherence to the UN Charter and
rejoin the family of nations in good standing.

Whereas: "a consistent pattern of gross and reliably
attested violations of human rights and fundamental
freedoms exists." in multiple source documentation
independent of this letter.

Whereas: "communications may be submitted by individuals
or groups who claim to be victims of human rights
violations or who have direct, reliable knowledge of

Whereas: "each communication must describe the facts, the
purpose of the petition and the rights that have been
violated." And we have striven to do so.

Whereas: "domestic remedies have been exhausted", and it
is convincingly apparent that "solutions at the national
level have been ineffective" - "over an unreasonable length
of time."

We therefore respectfully ask that this letter also be
taken in this context as such a petition to provide proper
perspective to you, the Whitehouse, the UN member states,
President of the General Assembly Ping as well as to
Secretary General Annan on the issues we have addressed
herein with the gravest concern for the welfare of

Regarding the security risk the regime poses to its
citizens through its WMD programs and intent in acquiring
this capability. We believe this too, constitutes a
violation of our basic civil liberties (having no voice in
the matter) and poses an unacceptable risk to the
population of Iran and the region through potential and
perhaps unavoidable catastrophic conflict, if the UN does
not act accordingly to prevent further tragedy now.

With gratitude

On behalf of SMCCDI,

Aryo B. Pirouznia (Movement's Coordinator)

5015 Addison Circle #244 Addison, TX 75001 (USA)
Tel: +1 (972) 504-6864; Fax: +1 (972) 491-9866;
E.Mail: smccdi@daneshjoo.org
www.daneshjoo.org ; www.iranstudents.org
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Morning Light

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 10:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am not surprised at Penn's pro IRI stance.

In journalism Islamist Scum are in, along with any report that makes Israel look bad, while at the same time freedom and democracy is out.
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