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Australia, Canada and other nations must be accountable for

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Ramin Etebar,MD

Joined: 21 May 2004
Posts: 74
Location: USA

PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 7:46 am    Post subject: Australia, Canada and other nations must be accountable for Reply with quote

Australia, Canada and other nations must be accountable for who they let in

There is a new President in Iran! It was not the one that many government organizations hoped or anticipated to become a President. Rather, a hardliner from an intelligence division with murky background has taken the helm of the Islamic Iranian government.

As the result, the business in Iran has stopped totally. The Iranian Stock Market is well below -50% loss and all high to mid management government employees are running away into Dubai, UAE with Millions stashed in their bank accounts, applying residency mainly for Canada or Australia. According to the Central Bank of Iran, there is 330 Billion Dollars asset of Iranian nationals in UAE banks!

Much of these assets comprise of the assets of present and the former high level and mid management ranking Islamic government employees.

These are all the people who have been the source of major corruptions, murder, jailing, stealing and robbing Iranians with lengthy files, afraid to be caught and put to jail by the new president and his newly appointed cabinet who are also from the Iranian Intelligence community and hungry for more money.

These are the government employees under Rafsanjani and Khatami presidency, murdered, stole and confiscated people's land, factories, businesses and buildings, plotted and sold these properties and assets through their agents or in collusion with others in market for Billions of Dollars.

For example. Saba M. Is in Dubai and has filed documents to go to Canada as an immigrant. He is 33 years old. Former employee of Oppressed Foundation of Islamic Republic of Iran. He has $15,000,000. In a Major Dubai bank. His salary was less than $200 Per month.

He sold a confiscated property from his organization to a friend who was in Municipality of Teheran for $200,000 in Promissory Notes and pledges to build low income housing for the poor. His friend who is a high official in the City subdivided the land and together they re-sold that confiscated, now divided property for 62 Million US Dollars (Payoff's to the higher-ups in the Oppressed Foundation and Municipality paid by Saba & friend). Where developers have built few super luxury high rises for the affluent. The starting price for each unit is around $500,000 and up!

Meanwhile Saba M. Waits for his application process to go to Canada, he has rented the Presidential Suite of a Major 5 star Hotel chain and is living there with his wife and family driving a brand new 500 SL Mercedes Benz.

There are thousands of cases such as above involving residential land, industrial lands, commercial lands factories, businesses and shops across Iran.

Now, these blood suckers see the tide is turned, have no protection as the Mafia Boss has changed, it is no longer advisable to stay in their beloved Islamic Government and have gathered their belongings, illegally gathered fortunes, looking for a safe haven.

Canada for a mere $120,000 let's these thieves and their families enter into their land with their booty stolen from Iranian people as new Canadian citizens. Australia is in the same boat. They are allowing anyone as long as they can pay the fees requested.

The Iranian People give notice to the governments of Canada, Australia or any other nation who will give safe conduct to these murdering hoodlums.

The money these people are bringing into your country is "Blood Money". It is stolen from the people of Iran, orphans and old people; confiscated properties from innocent families and people. This money represents the life savings of innocent families taken from them by these people while in power.

These people represent the very fabric that every civilized nation should fight for and stay away from. They represent, corruption, murder and seizure of innocent peoples property.

They have no remorse for what they have done. They come proudly flashing their millions under the nose of these countries and want safe haven. Their request is always granted!

Their wives and daughters are still under Islamic robes coming to the new countries. They have not changed. Still defending the Islamic Republic and waiting for a better time to go back practice their corrupted ways in the new land. They have no loyalty to anyone or anything.

A word of advise to Canada, Australia and other countries letting these people in. Check their background. If they were employed by the Iranian regime,if they are Islamic fanatics, do not let them in.

They are all criminals and must answer for their actions to the Iranian people. Do not be surprised if the new regime will not work with you and shall ask extradition of your new citizens to face charges of their past crimes in Iran.

Your countries will be held accountable for giving safe haven to these murdering thieves who have robbed our country blind.

Please reconsider your immigration laws in regard to allowing criminals entering your countries.

Surely you do not think Rafsanjani's son or Daughter coming to your lands with Billions have made these fortunes legally! If you let them in. You are doing the money laundering for these criminals. You have encouraged terror, corruption and murder.

It does Not Payoff To Side With The Tyrants!

Ramin Etebar, MD
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Liberty Now !

Joined: 04 Apr 2004
Posts: 521

PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2005 1:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

dear Ramin,

these people don't know any other way but crimes. the governments that take them for their money will soon ran into a major problem with rise of criminal mafia.

that's what should be warning them about. otherwise, we all know, none of these politicians can say no to money!

little they know that this money will definitely go to IRI terrorist / crime / drug networks. these networks are already established in these countries, thanks to the terrorist friendly policies.

they can be sure that none of it will benefit their country. it will definitely hurt them and more than any previous mafia network in their history.

good luck with cleaning up the mess, once it spreads!

it's so much like the mess of islamic fascism, they've embraced it at the beginning and now it threatens the very core of their being, and they have no clue how to clean up the mess! isn't it?

they're letting in all the IRI terror network without even putting any limits or safegaurd measures on them! I can just imagine the consequences a few years down the road.

greed is a powerful blinding & destructive force, indeed.
Paayande Iran
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