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Ramin Etebar,MD

Joined: 21 May 2004
Posts: 74
Location: USA

PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 7:52 am    Post subject: THE KEY TO SALVATION OF IRAQ IS IN REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN Reply with quote



Sounds far fetched, or really is it? Everyone talks about Iran’s nuclear violation and the fact that they maybe able to make Atomic Bombs and become a menace to the world security.

The truth of the matter is Iran has been a menace to the security of civilized nations since its inception 26 years ago. Although, most nations turned a blind eye to the violation and atrocities this terrorist nurturing regime has done during these years. Hoping just like a bad dream, they would go away someday.

Well, it did not. Most nations instead of joining United States in banning trade and relations with Islamic Republic, encouraged trade in order to make their quota, turn handsome profits and expand relations so they can sell even more goods.

During these years the cries of fowl play was being herd loud and clear from Iranian people and the opposition groups hastily made inside Iran and outside to combat them.

When the regime started to silence its opposition inside Iran by systematic arrests, unjust trials and executions, the world stood indifferent.

When the regime started to kill its opponents outside of Iran with a precision and accuracy only would make one to wonder if they had the host nations assisting them, everyone was only a passive bystander.

Hundreds of thousands inside Iran and thousands outside Iran executed or assassinated as the result of this indifference the world has taken against Iranians.

Iran’s best and brightest administrators, leaders, planners and political activists inside and in self imposed exile perished just because no one cared.

Everyone felt this is an internal matter and as soon as Islamic Republic clergy gets rid of their undesirables, “The Good Old Days” will roll over again and the business would be as usual.

As the result of these mass execution and assassination of Iran’s opposition, a vacuum was created. To this date, this vacuum has not been able to fill. In reality the opposition to the regime, due to the lack of support from most countries has become only a shell.

Most individuals /organizations that are in the arena and claim they are fighting, have no formal education, political background, support, trust of people or proper financial support to amount to anything.

The one’s that can make a difference and are educated administrators and politicians, inside Iran and abroad are watching events unfold in silence from the sidelines.

These people know and understand, without proper support and funding from the world nations their actions will be in vein.

Nevertheless, bravely they stage their dissatisfaction with the regime whenever and wherever it is permitted. Empty handed, as brave as they are, their actions counts very little in interrupting the clergy to do as they please.

The nation’s lack of good judgment is apparent now. By encouraging the trade and turning blind eye to the crimes of Islamic Republic Clergy, have created a monster.

There is no viable opposition inside or outside of Iran to stand up to Islamic Republic. Now, since they feel no threat from the opposition; they have turned the heat one notch up. By performing what they are at best.

The regime is creating havoc and lawlessness by promoting terror in the world in order to reach its goals.

Being careful, never to be implicated in any major terrorist acts. They use surrogate foreign terrorists well trained and financed.

It is a established fact that terrorists training camps are in many parts of Iran. Training Hezbollah, and other extremists, terrorist fractions is no secret. You can ask any child in Iran and they will show you at least one camp for you to see personally.

The fact is. All these trained and funded terrorists have to go somewhere in order to perform their dirty works is well established. More or less the world’s intelligence community knows where they end up and currently what they are doing.

The fact that. Iranian regime does not recognize the international laws and abide by them is also has been established. The Hostage taking of US Embassy, later giving all those so called student terrorists high governmental posts, not recognizing Human Rights issues, execution of minors, raping women prior to their execution, public stoning of women, public executions, branding anyone they wish as “Combatant Against God” therefore, giving their courts the free hand to issue death sentence, cutting limbs and parts of body of so called criminals in public. torture, systematic beatings and harassment of it’s citizens, tampering with elections the list goes on and on. All of them are established and the Iranian regime is guilty on all accounts by countless witnesses and proofs.

Iranian regime objectives are well known to all. Their wish to dominate the Islamic nations and play God Father to Moslems is a fact that leaders of Iranian regime openly talk about it.
They promote violence in their sermons and teach hatred against anyone who is not one of them and does not follow their path. Friend or foe does not matter. Moslem or non Moslem does not matter. In their eyes you are “Combatant against the God” and killing you is promoted and encouraged.

The world body is aware of all these. The only obvious place to export their brand of Islam in country where the majority is Shiites, thus, sympathetic towards their teachings is Iraq.

It does not take nuclear scientists to see all their efforts are being directed toward Iraq. They want someone like Mullah Muqtada al-Sadr ruling it as their little pet.

We see death and destruction everyday in our TV’S. The most fascinating issue is still, the world body is standing and turning blind eye to the entire issues. They still do not realize by ignoring the problems in Iraq, someday these problems will start knocking at their door.

France has to realize if Iran succeeds in their mission, they will be next. With the largest Moslem population in their country, surely the hardliners radical brand of Islam will find some takers; just as they did in England. Although by all accounts, the British Moslems are among the worlds most well educated Moslems and mostly assimilated into British way of life and respect their new country.

The Iraq’s problem is not only American problem it is the world problem. It is the problem that the key for salvation of it is found in freedom of Iran from the grips of hard line fundamentalist clergy.

It is high time that finally Europe is beginning to realize the Iran’s threat to the world security and is trying to stop Iran from making the Atomic Bomb. However, you can not only take a small piece of the problem and leave the rest unassisted, unresolved for others to deal with. This is not only their problem. In time, it will become your problem as well. As you are noticing the Iran’s nuclear issue has become this factor.

There are certain issues that love of money must give back seat to priorities of preserving security, peace, freedom and democracy as the way of life for all.

Iraq will become safe and a model for democracy if Iran is stopped from sending money, arms, explosives and paid terrorists to create anarchy and lawlessness.

Mullah Sadr and his Mahdi army will cease to function and exist, if the money from Iran dries out. In a poor country like Iraq, there are no jobs. Sadr and his thugs are the major employers by the funds they receive from their Iranian bosses. The same is true for Abu Musab Zarqawi and his supporters.

The insurgents can not make cars loaded with bombs and pay people to commit suicide in them if Iranian funds stops getting to them. (It is estimated an average of $15 to $17,000 USD for making a car equipped with explosives and $10,000 payment to the suicide driver’s family).

Terrorism has become a thriving business in Iraq. Everything has a value. You have to pay for the cost of everything. Terrorists get paid $200 per Iraqi Police officers they kill. Much more for killing US Soldiers! Who is responsible for this? Where the money is coming from?

Let’s face it. If you are full time terrorists without pay, your family will starve to death. Bear in mind in Moslem countries only husband works. Wife stays behind tending house and raising children.

By all accounts the insurgents are growing and thriving! This only shows that windfall profits from the oil prices have been good for them! Iran with $200 Million Dollars in extra income can pay a lot more to increase the force of insurgents in Iraq and arm them better with more sophisticated explosives.

On the other hand, people of Iran are fed up with these hard-line fanatics ruling them. They will stand up and fight against a regime, if the see a glitter of hope and know they will be backed by the world community.

Corruption, addiction, mismanagement is rampant in Iranian society. According to their own account over 45% of the population is living well below international poverty guidelines.

There are over 2,000,000 addicts in Iran; making it number one in the world. A price of “Heroin Fix” is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes!

Corruption is rampant. You can not get anything done unless you pay “The famous tea money”. The government employees must take bribes in order to compensate for their low salaries. The Revolutionary Guards and Sepah Baseiji are involved in illegal counter-band imports of all sorts to the country. By having their own airports and seaports, they smuggle, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pirated movies and records, X rated movies, Blue jeans and electronic merchandize to name the few.

Lately, the government has legalized the importation of Luxury cars into the country. You see many of these people or the children’s of clergy (Called Aghazadeh “Son of a Sir”), have made fortunes in illegal activity now drive brand new Mercedes Benz and BMV’S. Ranging in price between $130,000 to $300,000!

People of Iran see all these. They see when they are sick unless they have $2,000 in cash upfront, they will not even get to the door of a Hospital. Yet, the best of Medical services are available to the terrorists wounded in Iraq and Palestine flown in to Iran and being treated for free!

The Iranian people are tiered to yell to the world they want freedom. Only to get empty talks, cold shoulders and no real support. Their screams to be silenced with bullets or hangman’s noose dangling from a crane in public; having every bone in their body crushed and getting raped in prisons.

The clergies have done a number on average Iranians. The able bodied Iranians must work two shifts in order to keep up with high prices and deal with rampant inflation. The rest are either unemployed or addicts!

There is no hope for them. They realize it. They know, their regime is not for them. The regime can careless if they live or die. The public is like the personal herd of cattle for the regime. Do as they please with them “Remember the human waves in Iran, Iraq war?”

Iranians will stand up and topple the regime if they see support from the world community. They will fight, if the world encourages and supports the creation of grass root opposition and assist in making leaders inside and outside.

We must remind you, never think of MEK, its leadership and members as true opposition. They are in the same, if not worse than the present regime ruling Iran. The majority of Iranians hate them with a passion.

President Carter seized $10 Billion Dollars in Iranian assets in 1980’s with a Presidential act. A Little bit of our money will go a long way in toppling this terrorist nurturing regime! Let Iranian’s solve the Iranian problem.

We do not wish nor want handouts. We do not want to be a burden to your tax payers for funding us to fight the regime. Give a little bit of our money which belongs to us in order to topple the regime.

All we ask from you is the moral support.

Please remember; the key to salvation of Iraq is in freedom of Iran. The freedom loving countries of the world must unite and assist Iranian people to finish this embarrassment called Islamic Republic and allow Iran to come back to the arms of the civilized nations.

In helping us, you have stopped the violence in Iraq and have made Iran reach democracy with minimum blushed and have preserved the peace and freedom worldwide.

God Bless all of peace and freedom loving people.
Ramin Etebar, MD
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Joined: 03 Mar 2005
Posts: 1166
Location: SantaFe, New Mexico

PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 9:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the post Ramin,

When I think about the fact that there's been some 850 protests crushed since the "election" , I gotta wonder if those 850 protests has happened simultaneously, in as coordinated and sustained manner, whether they would have been crushed, or grown into a total popular revolt involving millions...

But the strategy of piecemeal protest has not worked...if the opposition is a "shell" it is for this reason.

It would appear from this poll, that a number of folks now look to outside intervention by physical means from free nations.....but the internal reaction I keep hearing is that this would strengthen the regime's support among the population....

I wonder if the silent will find voice and lose fear if the IRI pushes the west to military intervention, and while I still think the opposition has legs, it obviously cannot succeed without outside help in one form or another....

The US and allies may be forced to intervene due to the risk of inaction being too great, given the IRI's intent....and stupidity in thinking it can actually win such a war...time is short, and the people must decide if that is an option they would support to see a free Iran, or would national pride cause them to blindly follow the regime's intent.

I have to take issue with the premis that the west is soly the creator of this "monster" , not only did it have a life of its own well before WW2, but today's version of it has been in power for some 26 years without internal opposition making a dent in it.

It may not have been intelligent policy to "engage" with the regime to try and bring it into a more civilized pattern of behavior, and economics played its part in this....but 20/20 hindsight isn't going to change things now, except for the track to be taken in solution now.

Iran & Iranian Latest News
Persian Journal


What is Iranians' option, will mullahs' regime go away by......
it is in its nature to be deposed by violent means? 51.1%
acts of civil disobedience? 36.7%
Don't Know 12.3%

Total votes: 7442
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