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Learn about Goli Ameri!!

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 6:22 pm    Post subject: Learn about Goli Ameri!! Reply with quote

Forwarded Message [ Download File | Save to Yahoo! Briefcase ]

To: "sosiran" CC: president@whitehouse.gov, ktimmer@bellatlantic.net, mledeen@aei.org
From: "sosiran"
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 17:24:04 -0800
Subject: [sosiran] Fw: Goli Ameri Nominated By President as U.S. Rep. to 60th Session of the UN General Assembly

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Very sad news indeed. Goli Ameri was nominated in November by President George W. Bush as a U.S. Representative to the 60th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. Notice the email below and notice she waited a long time before she forwarded a copy to me as I believe she knows I may take steps to inform the public of the following. I ask my compatriots the following questions:

What did Goli Yazdi Ameri do regarding Iran's Human Rights violation during her nomination as a Public Delegate to the 61st session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, held from March 14 to April 23, 2005, in Geneva, Switzerland?
Why is it that Goli’s name is on Susan Akbarpour's site (see
http://www.siliconiran.com/about_us/the_team/index.shtml), a well-known lobbyist of IRI?
How is it that Goli's campaign received financial support from Susan's husband, Faraj Aalaei (See http://herndon1.sdrdc.com/cgi-bin/can_ind/H4OR01089 (click on A-E selection). This couple held a fund-raising event in Portland/Oregon for Goli. We also know that Faraj Aalaei and Susan Akbarpour supported John Kerry see (see http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=40744 and http://www.kentimmerman.com/TAS%20Akbarpour.pdf)?
How is it that Goli attended AIC's meeting, the organization whose president is Hooshang Amirahmadi (a well-known lobbyist of IRI) and another supporter of John Kerry (see the picture attached)?
How is it that Goli made up some pro-mullah statistics and issued a statement against supporting Iranian-American opposition groups at Helsinki Commission Hearing last June where she stated: "I must emphasize that Iranian-Americans differentiate between support for opposition groups and support for civic organizations, with the former being of zero interest."?
Has anyone ever checked Goli's company (eTinium) to see if this company has ever been in operation (made revenues and paid taxes) or how many employees it employs or what its physical address is?
Is Goli a Republican just because she says so? Or did she trick Iranian-Americans to vote for her thinking that she will support president Bush's policy against IRI? My fellow compatriots, I really think the IRI lobbyists tried to cover both end of the spectrum. That is, while supporting John Kerry, they colored a crow (supporter of IRI) and sold it to us as nightingale (Republican). We all also know that Goli sent Ms. Ehsan of SOSIRAN after red herrings (nokhod siaah) when Ms. Ehsan went to Geneva last year for Iranian regime's Human Rights violation.
I believe we must expose Goli to John Bolton, President Bush and the Americans. If I'm wrong, at least we will force her to do and say what we want her to. However, if I'm correct, we've done what is right for Americans and that of Iranians.

Iranian-Americans must not tolerate this and have an empty pride just because an Iranian-American has been nominated. Similarly, I would not be proud if Hooshang Amirahmadi was nominated?


P.S. if anyone knows Mr. John Bolton's email, please forward a copy of this to him
cc: Michael Ledeen, Kenneth Timmerman, While House

----- Original Message -----
From: Goli Ameri
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2005 4:48 AM
Subject: Goli Ameri Nominated By President as U.S. Rep. to 60th Session of the UN General Assembly

Dear Friends: I am honored to present you this press release. Thank you as always for your friendship and support.

Goli Ameri Nominated By President Bush as U.S. Representative to 60th Session of the UN General Assembly

Goli Ameri was nominated in November by President George W. Bush as a U.S. Representative to the 60th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. The General Assembly meets in regular session during the months of September through December in New York. Pending her confirmation by the Senate, Ms. Ameri is serving as a Senior Advisor to the U.S. Mission to the UN.

"Goli's professionalism and advice have been invaluable to me," said U.S. Ambassador John R. Bolton, head of the American delegation. "Being an immigrant from Iran, she not only brings diversity of thought to her position, but also a deep appreciation for American values and principles." Past U.S. Public Delegates to the UN General Assembly include author William F. Buckley and Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

"At the High-Level Meeting preceding this Session of the General Assembly, the leaders of the world committed themselves to reforming and strengthening the United Nations. Under Ambassador Bolton's leadership, the U.S. delegation is working hard to bring about such reforms as bolstering the UN Office of Internal Oversight, reviewing UN 'mandates' to eliminate expenditures on programs that are no longer needed, and creating the Human Rights Council," said Ms. Ameri. Ms. Ameri spent two days in the latter part of November discussing UN Reform with a variety of groups in Manila, the Philippines.

This is the second time Ms. Ameri has been appointed by President George W. Bush to represent the United States. She was nominated as a Public Delegate to the 61st session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, held from March 14 to April 23, 2005, in Geneva, Switzerland, where she served with Ambassador and former Senator Rudy Boschwitz and Ambassador Kevin Moley.

"As both President Bush and Secretary General Kofi Annan have indicated, the Human Rights Commission is a discredited organization. I saw that first-hand in Geneva. We are working hard on the creation of the new Human Rights Council that can deal effectively with grave human rights violations as well as providing technical assistance and capacity building to countries seeking to improve their human rights infrastructures."

Due to her extensive background in the field of high technology, Ms. Ameri has been responsible for the Internet Governance portfolio at the USUN prior to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), which was held in Tunisia November 16-18, 2005. "We are delighted that delegates decided to maintain the current Internet Governance structure, rejecting proposals for creating a new international body to oversee and regulate the Internet," she noted. Prior to her public service activities, Ms. Ameri founded eTinium, a small consulting and market research firm specializing in the telecommunications industry.

Ms. Ameri completed her Master and Bachelor of Arts in Communications and French literature from Stanford University, and has studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, France.

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Joined: 26 Feb 2004
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2006 5:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

To: freeandseculariran@yahoogroups.com,

From: "sosiran"

Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 00:12:01 -0800
Subject: [freeandseculariran] The link between SiliconIran and IAPAC

Dear all,
If you search the google for "Goli Ameri 2006", you will see the indented following:
IAPAC Hosts Meet & Greet Reception in Sacramento with Goli Ameri. 02/07/2006. Sacramento, CA - The Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) held ...
www.iranianamericanpac.org/ news/detail.php?str=jP3x3MzE3q3N2D1Y - 38k -

This page until yesterday worked well where there were several pictures of these rich folks who had gathered for Goli in Sacramento and the page indicated that about $400,000 had been collected for Goli for her campaign by the pac (when she ran for congress in Oregon and failed to succeed).

However, now if you click on the link above where it says "News" (which is really the URL http://www.iranianamericanpac.org/news/detail.php?str=jP3x3MzE3q3N2D1Y ), it will give you an error. That page which is supposed be at IAPAC appears to have been removed.

But what is important to notice is how the error-processing page states:
If you believe that you have received this message by mistake please contact SiliconIran, Inc. IT Department immediately.
members@siliconir an.com
If you click on: members@siliconir an.com it will give you members@siliconiran.com (without the space between "r" and "a")

To the best of my knowledge, SiliconIran belongs to Susan Akbarpour in the West Coast and IAPAC is on the East Coast and they are supposed be two completely different entities. Isn't this an evidence that SiliconIran and IAPAC are collaborating and working together? Doesn't this mean they are sharing their resources and possibly their budget? What else are they sharing?


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 4:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

From: "sosiran"
To: "hashem hakimi"
Subject: Re: Regarding your letter to Bill O'Reilly
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 17:54:27 -0700


Dear Mr. Hakimi,
You got it correct again. I watched Bill O'Reilly's program. He spoke against IRI and not Iranian people. NIAC, as usual, attempted unsuccessfully to divert the attention away from IRI's crime and Ahmadinejad's racist remarks and that of the mullahs against Israelis and Jews.

Mr. Javad Fakharzadeh (who wrote the below email) is involved up to the neck for collaborating with Trita Parsi. Check a highly political article by Trita Parsi, the President of NIAC, an organization that claims to be non-political, (http://www.iranian.com/News/2000/September/rights.html) from September of 2000. Note the last line of the said article and see how Trita Parsi thanks Javad Fakharzadeh for his assistance. There is also vivid and obvious cooperation and collaboration between Trita Parsi and Hooshang Amirahmadi. That is between AIC and NIAC. I must also add that Shahram Mostarshed and Bagher Harandi of traitorsusa group are also Hooshang Amirahmadi's teammates and all of them also cooperate and work with Nader Rastegar of traitorsusa and the ex-board member of NIAC Smile

Trita Parsi and his NIAC also held a sham Phone Campaign against H.R. 282/S.333 ?The Iran Freedom and Support Act? in May of last year. Both of these bills held the IRI accountable for its threatening behavior. These two bills also supported a transition to democracy in Iran. It was very clear and obvious that the Phone Campaign by NIAC was biased, sham and deceptive (similar to the sham selections in Iran). Trita Parsi's affiliation with Republican Party is as deceptive as that of Goli Ameri. The woman who was also promoted by NIAC, invited to AIC's gala and helped by Susan Akbarpour in her campaign when running for Congress Smile

Oh, one more tiny little interesting point, Goli Ameri was also against America to help the opposition groups and reported deceitfully that 100% of Iranian-Americans were against America supporting the opposition groups Smile

They hide behind Republican, Democrat, Monarchist and even MEK or anti-MEK. They come in the form of Republicans like Trita Parsi, Professor Foote and Goli Ameri, but think again; they all support IRI, Trita goes against anything that is anti IRI, Goli goes to Iran in 2001 for a telecommunication conference where she meets with Ministry of communication officials and Professor Foote and his friends want IRI to rule for 100 more years. They also come in the shape of Bahaiis, like Nader Rastegar, when he has adimitted that he supported Khomeini and like Islamist fanatic Basiji militia participated in street riots during 1979 coup. Like Trita Parsi, they also disguise as Zoroastrian, but the truth is, they support IRI.

Let's stop all imports from Iran which I believe is funding the pro-IRI elements within US and let's find out where from Alavi Foundation is getting its money. There is millions being spent in America to support the activities of IRI lackeys.

Is America listening?
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 5:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Via Dr. Etebar:

Controversy at State Department

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 7:29 PM

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman

A controversial Iranian-American, Goli Ameri-Yazdi, will appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, to answer questions about her role in raising funds for a lobbying group whose stated goal is to oppose U.S. trade sanctions on Iran and to promote a resumption of diplomatic ties with Tehran.

Both goals run directly counter to current Bush administration policy, which is aimed at increasing pressure on Tehran to get Iran to suspend uranium enrichment and to cut off support for insurgent groups in Iraq .

She will also face questions about her participation in an international telecommunications conference held in Isfahan , Iran , in August 2003.

The FBI has been investigating the legality of this and other high-tech conferences in Iran as possible trade embargo violations, Newsmax has learned.

Ameri-Yazdi ran a well-funded challenger’s campaign in 2004 against Democratic incumbent Rep. David Wu in Oregon ’s 1st congressional district, but was beaten by a 16-point margin.

Since then, she has been appointed as a U.S. delegate to the United Nations General Assembly, and to a U.N. human rights forum.

She has been nominated to become assistant secretary of state for educational and cultural affairs, her first government job with line authority.

If confirmed, she will coordinate the State Department’s cultural exchange and educational programs, including Fulbright scholarships, and will supervise ongoing education efforts in Iraq .

She also could play a role in bringing Iranian scholars to the United States under existing but little used State Department programs.

But Iranian-American activists in Los Angeles tell Newsmax that they are “disappointed” with her nomination for a top State Department job.

Goli Ameri has a very poor record when it comes to human rights, religious freedom, and women’s rights issues,” said Pooya Dayani m, spokesman for Iranian Jewish Public Affairs Committee.

Dayani m noted that as a candidate for Congress in 2004, Ameri-Yazdi “received money from individuals with suspicious ties and known sympathies for the Iranian regime. This is cronyism at its worst.”
According to Hassan Daioleslam, an aid to former Iranian prime minister Mehdi Barzagan who now lives in the United States , Goli Ameri is being helped by a pro-regime “lobby” in the United States .

"Many contributors to Goli Ameri's political campaign [in Oregan] were clearly part of an Iranian regime "lobby" in the United States, who hoped their contributions would influence United States policy toward Iran,” Daioleslam told Newsmax.

"Until U.S. Law enforcement conducts a serious investigation of this lobby, the appointment of someone such as Goli Ameri would seem unwise,” he said.

In May 2007, Ameri-Yazdi co-authored a letter to wealthy Iranian-Americans, calling for contributions to a new organization whose stated goals included lobbying the federal government to lift “unreasonable OFAC restrictions” on trade with Iran .

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulates U.S. trade with state sponsors of terrorism and is in charge of enforcing the U.S. trade embargo on Iran .

Known at the time as the “New York/Napa Task Force,” Ameri-Yazdi’s group planned to raise $3.5 million to establish a massive lobbying and civic action campaign aimed at changing U.S. policies toward Iran and promoting issues of questionable concern to most Iranian-Americans, such as banning the fingerprinting of Iranian government officials when they come to the United States .
Unlike U.S.-based Iranian opposition groups, the task force was not focused on bringing public awareness to the Tehran regime’s abysmal violations of human rights.

Instead, a prospectus circulated by the group stated that it would lobby the U.S. government “to begin direct dialogue with Iran , moving toward the resumption of diplomatic relations.”

The prospectus also stated the group’s members opposed any U.S. efforts to overthrow the Tehran regime, and sought instead to promote U.S.-Iranian business ventures.

Some of Ameri-Yazdi’s biggest supporters as a congressional candidate have lobbied for an end to U.S. sanctions on Iran or have businesses that trade with Iran through third countries.

Two of her campaign contributors, Dr. Akbar Ghahary and Hoosang Amirahmadi, even ran as candidates for president of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the 1990s.
Ameri-Yazdi’s nomination has Iranian-American Republicans scratching their heads, since most of her political friends are Democrats.

In June 2002, Ameri-Yazdi appeared at a John Kerry fund-raiser at the Ritz Carlton hotel at Laguna Niguel , Calif. , that was sponsored by pro-regime lobbyist, Housang Amirahmadi, and top Democratic party fund-raiser, Hassan Nemazee.

Nemazee hosted a dinner for Hillary Clinton last March that brought in more than $500,000 for her presidential campaign, The Associated Press has reported.

He raised another $500,000 for John Kerry’s failed presidential bid in 2004, and has donated big bucks to Bill Clinton’s legal defense fund and other Democratic causes.

© 2008 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

Original: http://newsmax.com/timmerman/ameri-yazdi_iran/2008/01/29/68452.html

Goli Ameri and Susan Akbarpour:


Susan Akbarpour,CEO -Chairwoman
Cyrus Akbarpour,CIO -Cofounder

Advisory Board
Alex Litrov (President of Litrov Associations)
Arthur F.Schneiderman (Senior Partner of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich &Rosati)
Bill Glauss (President of Glauss Association,Marketing Solution)
Brom Mahbod (VP of e-Services Platform,Oracle Corporation)
Faraj Aalaei (CEO &Co-Founder of Centillium communications)
Arman Pahlavan (Partner, Venture Capital - Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP)
Kamran Elahian (Venture Capitalist,Managing Principal of Global Catalyst Partners)
Majid Tehranian (Prof.of Intl.Communication Univ.of Hawaii &Dir.of the Toda Inst.)
Sandy Close (President of New California Media)
Shahin Hedayat (President &Co-Founder of Centillium Communications)
Yahya Tabesh (Director of Computing Center, Sharif University of Technology)

Editorial Board
Haik Marcar
Ramin Farjad-Rad,Ph.D
Badi Badiozamani, Ph.D
Goli Ameri
Babak Yaghmaie
Kaveh Nikpour
Laurie B. Falconer
Hamid Zanganeh,Ph.D
Afshin Shaybani

Management Team
Daryoush Derakshandeh (Art Director)
Elham Hashemi (SiliconIran Membership Development Director)


Goli Ameri
Founder & president

Goli Ameri is the founder and president of eTinium, a telecom consulting and market research firm specializing in the telecommunications market. eTinium's client list ranges from established international telecom vendors, service providers, securities firms, and independent leasing companies to startup suppliers and emerging carriers. Ms. Ameri is the author of over 30 market studies, the latest of which is the upcoming study titled "Wireless LANs: The Greatest Challenge to 3G." She is quoted regularly in such publications as RCR Wireless News, Wireless Week, Internet Week, EE Times, national Business Journals, city newspapers such as the San Jose Mercury News, Seattle Times, Oregonian among others as well as Multex Investor, Internet Telephony, and the X-Change magazine. Ms. Ameri is invited regularly as a speaker to industry conferences worldwide including CTIA, SuperNet, Metro Optical Conference, National Wireless Engineering Conference, 802.11b and SMI Conferences in Europe . In August of 2001, she was invited to the first Telecommunications Conference to be held in Iran in the past twenty-three years and subsequently to the Ministry of Telecommunications to discuss the topic of deregulation in the Asian telecom market.

Ms. Ameri also writes a bi-monthly analysis column for Telephony magazine, and is a member of the Council of Communications Advisors, an association of leading telecommunications engineers, information scientists, and IT professionals whose purpose is to promote business innovation and continuing education by facilitating the flow of relevant scientific and technical knowledge to institutional investors.
Prior to founding eTinium, Ms. Ameri spent 10 years leading market evaluation and planning for US Leasing (A Ford Motor Company unit), a capital equipment leasing firm focused on communications and IT equipment. Her role included directing the overall strategic planning and product planning and diversification for both the domestic and international operations.
Ms. Ameri has a Master and Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Stanford University , and has studied at the Sorbonne in Paris . Ms. Ameri is fluent in French and has a working knowledge of Spanish.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Via Dr. Etebar


هم میهن ، هموطن ، همزبان ، سرکارخانم گلی عامری

به حقیقت باعث شرم و سرشکستگی است ، وقتی مطالبی در مورد ایرانیان به ویژه ایرانیانی که در خارج از کشور اقامت دارند ، و به جای اینکه به دیگر هموطنان خود به هر ترتیبی و هر نوعی که در قدرتشان است کمک کنند ، تا از این جهنمی که بدست دیگران و شاید هم پدران و مادران و وابستگانشان برای ملت دربند بوجود آورده اند ، ملتی را به فقر و فحشا و اعتیاد ، و دختران کورش کبیر را در کشورهای حاشیه خلیج همیشگی پارس به حراج میگذارند ، و با بوجود آمدن انقلابی ننگین نه تنها ایران را ویران و ایرانی را آواره کردند بلکه جهانی را با پرورش و حمایت تروریست به آتش کشانیدند ، هر روز جوانان سرزمین ایران را به دار آویزان میکنند ، حال چون در شرایطی زندگی میکنید و در کشوری همانند امریکا ، به فعالیت سیاسی و اجتماعی مشغول هستید ، به ناگاه اینچنین ننگی از لابلای پرونده شما بعنوان یک بانوی ایرانی بدست آید ! آیا چه پاسخی در مقابل من و دیگر ایرانیان آزادیخواه دارید ؟

خانم گلی عامری ، خوشبختانه من با فامیل و بستگان شما تا حدی آشنائی دارم ، و با سوابقی که از فامیل و اجداد شما بخاطر دوستی و رفت و آمد داشتم آنچنان تعجب آور نبود برایم که شما هم مانند دیگر بستگانتان برای منافع شخصی و موقعیت خود پشت به دیگر هموطنانتان کرده باشید ! در حقیقت نمیدانم که خیانت پیشگی و میهن فروشی تنها ژنیتیک است ؟ و یا به محلی که نافتان بریده شده است ونطفه اتان بسته شده مربوط است ؟ شما از همان دهی که در اطراف اردکان نائین و حومه یزد میباشد آمده اید که یکی دیگر از وابستگان و اقوامتان مانند " حسین فاطمی " بوجود آمد که اگر بخواهیم به سابقه خیانت های وی اشاره کنیم بیجا است چون اکثر ملت ایران با عملکرد و پروند سیاه اینگونه خائنین کاملا آشنائی دارند و پرونده سیاه خائین در تاریخ ایران ماندگار خواهد بود .

خانم گلی عامری ، آیا بهتر نبود بجای اینکه در مقابل مجلس امریکا قرار بگیرید و بخاطر حمایت و لابیگری برای رژیم ننگین جمهوری اسلامی زیر سوال و بازخواست قرار بگیرید ، در مقابل ملت ایران قرار میگرفتید و بجای شرمندگی با افتخار مطرح میکردید که نه تنها با رژیم دژخیم جمهوری اسلامی مخالفید بلکه برای حقوق بشری که در ایران هر روز نادیده و زیر پا گذاشته میشود فعالیت کرده اید ؟

خانم گلی عامری آیا بهتر نبود بجای مهر تائید خیانت که از طرف کشور امریکا به نوعی بر شما زده شده است و هموطنان خودرا رنجیده خاطر و دلشکسته کردید ، در مقابل دیگر هموطنانتان با غرور ایستاده بودید وادعا میکردید که برای آوارگان ایرانی سراسر این کره خاکی کمکی کرده باشید ؟ خانم گلی عامری آیا بهتر نبود بجای بد نامی و حمایت از جمهوری تروریست پرور اسلامی و ملایان در فردای آزادی ایران که دیر وقتی نخواهد بود ، در کنار دیگر هموطنانتان با شهامت و غرور می ایستادید و مدعی بودید که برای رهائی ملت 75 ملیونی از زندان رژیم ملایان قدمی مثبت برداشته اید ؟؟؟؟

خانم گلی عامری ، آیا تنها مسائل شخصی و شهوت قدرت و دلارهای خون آلود جمهوری اسلامی و تعداد 0 های مقابل دیگر اعداد در حسابهای بانکی برای شما مطرح بود و شمارا با ایران و ایرانی در فردای آزادی کاری نبود که اینگونه به ملت پشت کردید ؟ آیا در کنار هوشنگ امیراحمدی تریتا پارسی و نمازی و دیگر شاگردپادوها و مزدوران جمهوری اسلامی قرار گرفتن برای شما بیشتر ارزشمند بود یا در کنار عاشقان و میهن پرستان بودنتان ؟ بهر تقدیر من بعنوان یک ایرانی نه تنها از هموطن بودن باشما و دیگر یاران و همکاران و همدل هایتان شرمگینم ، بلکه در مقابل ملت امریکا که به شما و امثال شماها موقعیت داده اند که درکنارشان قرار گیرید وبرای بهبود و پیشرفت امریکا فعالیت کنید خجالت زده شدم ، که شما بخاطر خود خواهی و تنها برای موقعیت و پول و خود بزرگبینی به ملت و دولت امریکا هم خیانت کردید ، که تنها رژیم ملایان چند روزی بیشتر بر سر قدرت بمانند و جوانان ایران را بیشتر به دار آویزان کنند؟

نیش عقرب نه از ره کین است
اقتضای طبیعت اش این است

هم میهنان و ایرانیاران ، من تنها ایمیلی که از خانم گلی عامری بدست آوردم همین است که در بالا میبینید ، اگر در بین شما آزادیخواهان کسی ایمیل شخصی ایشان را دارد مهرورزیده این ایمیل را به نظر ایشان برسانید سپاسگزار میشوم .

پاینده ایران ، مرگ ، شرم ، ننگ ، بر جمهوری اسلامی و شاگردپادوها و همیارانش

شهریار فتحی
ونکوور کانادا
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