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Paper No. 5: The Art of Intelligence: Sabotage

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:20 pm    Post subject: Paper No. 5: The Art of Intelligence: Sabotage Reply with quote

AZADY 4: Paper No. 5: The Art of Intelligence: Sabotage


We are among you in mind, body and spirit.
Fighting Shoulder to shoulder with you for our freedom.
Long Live Iran!
Déme la libertad o déme la muerte
Give me my freedom or give me death


The Islamic Republic of Iran Government, under the guise of being the legitimate government of Iran is in the world market to purchase the latest gear and equipments for their riot police in order to suppress Iranian’s into submission.

The Riot Police Specialists from France, Germany and Russia are on hand to teach them the latest techniques in crowd control and demonstrator arrests.

The Police Equipment Companies from these countries offer the latest equipment’s for suppressing Iranians.

In other hand, Iranian’s have no one to help them. They only have each other and often engage with the Riot Police, without any knowledge of how to defend them, make their statement for the world to hear and avoid arrests and later torture and long prison sentences.

In a series of papers, titled the Fundamentals of Street Demonstrations, we will teach the very basic tools needed to defend one self against the well trained and well equipped Riot Police, Regular Police, Revolutionary guardsmen, Basiji’s and MOIS Agents who are the Secret Police.

Each of their tasks and duties at a demonstration will be explained in these papers and the counter measures against them will also be outlined. The basic methods of evading capture and arrest and tools needed to distract these enemies of the people will be explained.

Please understand we practice Non Violence and peace. None of the methods we are recommending is to inflict injury to anyone or kill anyone. The people on the other side are also are brothers and sisters, who in need of a job have resorted to what they are doing. The procedures explained are only to make our chances increase in case attacks and arrests. We strongly recommend avoidance of any kind of violence during any demonstration or strike. We are better than they are. They resort to violence as they see no other way to suppress the freedom loving people.

We strongly advocate peace and non-violence. However, Non lethal Methods and Tactics are needed to avoid arrest and increase the chances to escape in order to attend the next strike or demonstration.





In the last papers we discussed how to make smoke bombs, what to wear, the Art of communication to get your message across and finally how to build your own homemade communication devises, transmitters and under ground Radio Stations.

We have thought you just by adding 3 components’ you can convert your computer into powerful transmitter to send and receive message without going on line or use phone lines. We demonstrated the Morse code program. How to download and how to use it with your computer transmitter.

Again, we point out a very important factor, make your devices so they are portable and on the move. Never stay in one place too long. Change position as much as possible.

If you are good with the computer you can designate different alphabet to your computers Morse code that when you type (A) on the Morse code, It will type (C) by giving the code to the other side, they can decode or set up program that will take the (C) and converts it back to (A). Just remember you have to change your codes often.

Make it challenging so the eavesdroppers in the MOIS go crazy trying to decipher what you are saying to the other side! We know they use very effective Russian and German Homing Devices in their unmarked jeeps and they have purchased some sophisticated computerized code breaking machines from these governments.

Never the less we will have fun with them and get our message across and in doing so will drive them crazy!

Now as to Transmitters with 30, 40, Miles or even longer range. These are your “Radio Free Iran Stations”. You can not imagine the importance of these underground Radio Stations!

Fidel Castro was stranded in high Mountains 0f Sierra Maestra Mountains with only handful of comrades. No guns, no money nothing to do other than sit inside the tent as it rained all the times or play cards with others. They had a small hand crank generator and were able to buy a very, very old transmitter (The ones with Bulbs inside) while in Mexico.

The below Paragraph is excerpt from his time and life. If you think you need thousands of people, just read on;

After building up a stock of guns and ammunition, Castro, Che Guevara and eighty other rebels arrived in Cuba in 1956. This group became known as the July 26 Movement (the date that Castro had attacked the Moncada barracks). Their plan was to set up their base in the Sierra Maestra mountains. On the way to the mountains they were attacked by government troops. By the time they reached the Sierra Maestra there were only sixteen men left with twelve weapons between them.
When The Female reporter came on an announced (¡Gente Cubano! ¡Ésta es divulgación de radio de la "revolución"!) This means People of Cuba! This is Radio Revolution. The reporter would Role the (R) making it Sound like Rrrrrr! Later this became the trade mark ® of the radio.

People of Cuba became mesmerized. Their imagination started to take over their better half. Havana would come to a complete stop to listen to the Radio program. Thinking there are thousand and thousands of Revolutionaries in the mountains. In Fact, they were only sixteen!

We don’t approve of Fidel and Che Guevara as they were traitors to their country. They were not Nationalists and were puppet of Soviet Union. The pain and suffering people of Cuba have gone through based on their actions needs a whole book to write. No friend of Mullah’s is a friend of ours! As you know the Mullah’s recommended he become Muslim!

In here what we try to do is to show you the importance of underground Radio Station. Build it and use it. If the President of Iran has banned Western Music, play Western Music for your listeners. Get a program that you play request songs with small messages attached to them.

Everyday, take the government actions and new laws that are in their sponsored media and take them apart in you Radio Program. Pass information and get information by your radio.

There is no Monopoly or restriction on under ground radios. The government controls the Media because it knows the importance of it.

Now, that we cleared few things from the previous paper, we move on;


What will happen if you walk into a dark room without light for the first time? You will not know where the furniture is located, the table is and most likely you will contact them stumble and will fall!

Now, what will happen if they take you to the same room, Turn the lights on. Let you see the position of the furniture, table and other obstacles that might cause your fall. Turn the light off and ask you to go on the other side of the room?

Most likely you will succeed in getting through all the obstacles as you have made a mental mark of their position in your head, can bypass them and reach the other side of the room.

This is intelligence gathering. Without it you most likely will fail. As you are walking into a strange dark room without any prior knowledge of where is everything?

One of the most important factors in the world now is intelligence. There is never enough of it. This is why the governments of the world spends Billions of Dollars on their intelligence gathering techniques. They need to know what is going on.

The same applies to you and your friends who are involved in acts of demonstrations and strikes. You will need intelligence gatherings and surveillance techniques.

What you lack in money allocation, budgeting and high salaried staff, can replace with your sense of Nationalism, devotion to the cause, your determination to win and most of all your brain power and ample Iranian Know how.

Tools Needed: You will need Camera’s, (Digital and high lens zoom Camera’s for distant photography, Night film or lens camera, Video recorders and the zoom type video recorders, Phone cameras etc.)

When there are demonstrations, you must film and record everything from every side and angle. From a safety of a window in nearby apartment from a car that you have camouflaged the camera. Roof top providing well hidden from the police and choppers buzzing from the top. Using remote control to take pictures by hiding the cameras that would cover specific angle. Camera Hidden in a bag etc.

The object is to film, take picture of every movement your opposition does. You have to have people do nothing but observe the tactics and orders given to the riot police, when they will move, when they are on the march, the tactics of their advancements, The type of orders given, by the mode the orders are given and most of all the movements of the civilian clothes men in the crowd and the Basiji’s their mode of communications and their attacks.

Record, learn and take pictures of the Basiji’s and Civilian plainclothes police among you. People in the police who are ruthless with demonstrators and every move they make as a whole.

This action of recording moving and still photography must start from their staging area, their backs and the source of their fresh troops and carriers.

Bring the films and photographs home and start watching it over, over and over. You will be amazed how much you will learn for the next Demonstration.

You will find the weak points, strong points, the reason for the weak points and the success of the strong points.

Since the beginning of the time. Remember any army who allows it to be outflanked, will lose the war.

The same is true in Demonstrations and strikes. Have plans that will never let the demonstrators get outflanked or you will have a mess on your hand many causalities and arrestees.

Identify the films and plan new points of attack and defense strategies based on what you learn from the films and photos.

Remember, your opposition the Islamic Shameless Republic is doing the same thing on you! If you can get your hand on their filming equipment and camera’s liberate it from them and use it for your own purposes. Remember we said liberate not steal! After all that entire camera equipment was bought with your oil money!

Now for being in disguise, Sun glasses and Kiffeh just like what our Arab Lover president hangs around his neck is a good tool used for not to be identified.

Putting together the Names to the faces of the government troops: This is a hard and tedious job. But it must be done! Befriend Basiji’s member, policemen and extract information from them. Never divulge who you are just saying great he was and who is he? Along these lines.

Pass their pictures to the members and ask them if they see them in the street to follow them and find out who they are and where they live.

Now, identify the meanest of the Basiji members who have insulted people with total savagery and the police members who have gone above and beyond of their call of duty to hurt people.

Identify them. Mark them and wait. Wait until they are relaxed and in their own environment.

When you plan for a demonstration, two days before the demonstration, is the payback time for these people.

If It was in the old days, We would tell you the best remedy is to brake both their arms with a heavy lead pipe and let them walk around a marked and doomed man with it’s wings broken for all to see and spit on. But we are better than they are. We will take some Dye (Coloring Dye that you color clothing with like the Iranian Neel. In a high concentrated form rub the stuff all over their face and hand Give them a stern warning that next time you will not so be gentle with them and they even may break their legs and arms altogether. And let them go!

The Dye will stay on their face and hands for several days, making them a marked man anyway. This shape they will not be attending Demonstrations to defend the regime.

The ones you did not get on the back alley, to and from their homes, we recommend that you set up several hit and rescue squads at the demonstrations. They will act as ordinary demonstrators, when they see these mean old boys at their post or among people, their job is for the entire squad to attack these people and really do a number on them! They will have their boys too, so the other squads engage them to make them busy while the hit squad gets to the Basiji or others who have not been so civil with the demonstrators, No knives or killing just enough damage that they will vomit blood for several weeks (Kicking them in kidneys does the trick all the time). Just like what they do to innocent people in their hospitality hotels called prisons. Also the squad will assist in freeing the demonstrators from the hands of police at the demonstration.

This action will have a positive trend in ten fold. 1. People will see there is justice in this world. 2. The Basiji’s will know this is the end of the road for them. For few thousand Tomans they should not get themselves sacrificed for the Billionaire Mullah’s who will not give a damn about them or their family anyway. 3. It will bring the morale up in your rank and file as they see they have done something good.

So, identify the mean ones, Mark them and deal with them off the field or on the field.

USING THE MEDIA FOOTAGE AND PHOTO’S: Having a press pass is a wonderful thing! They can go where you and I can not and even if so, get caught will be hanged!

In light of above use their material; use their photos and video footage of the Demonstrations. Add it to the pictures you have taken secretly and use it for your intelligence system.

The picture takings secret by your group or open must start from the police and other riot control groups, from the start. Start taking pictures when they come and go to their headquarters, when they get ready to go into their cars and buses to come to the site of the demonstrations, while they are on their cars and busses in the Tehran Traffic (This is the best time to take pictures as they are helpless in their cars and busses. With a Motorcycle and a cameras man in the back, hidden camera you can take a lot of good pictures). Until they come to the demonstration area.

In the area you have to be careful as they will have their look-outs too. All the pictures in the Demonstrations area must be taken secretly. From the distance with Zoom Lenses or Phone Camera’s (Quality is not so good) or hidden camera’s inside ordinary items.

So far we have written about picture and Video taking, Identifying the mean people and taking in a lot of raw intelligence data.

We have talked about how to deal with the Mean Basiji’s and how to teach them a lesson prior to demonstrations and making mental point for others not to be harsh with demonstrators or they will pay the consequences.

Remember just as they who will give themselves permission to come to your house, home and place of work to arrest you and take you away, you have the same right to do the same on them!

If they come to haul you away with few guards and secret police, you can do the same thing to them when they are alone going to buy grocery, pack of cigarettes or go to work.

These butchers, at times are alone too. Without any body guards or their crime partners. They are just as vulnerable to you as you are to them! Providing, you have the adequate intelligence on them!

The important factor is intelligence and intelligence gathering on them. You must know everything about your enemies! Remember we talked about the “ARTS OF WAR BOOK?” The importance of reading and understanding it?

The chapter on your enemy, points out all these details. Get to know them. Get to know them as well as you will think you are them. Their habits, their secrets, their past time hobbies, their favorite restaurants, where they go for pleasure. Their illegal past times such as smoking opium, drinking alcoholic beverages or having mistresses, everything and everything must be known to you.

We know this is boring and time consuming. But, it is the difference from losing a war to winning it. The important factors to remember are 1. GET TO KNOW YOUR ENEMY. 2. NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE YOU’RE ENEMY. 3. RESPECT YOUR ENEMY. 4. BE KIND TO YOUR ENEMY (we know this one is really hard. But, he will come to your side!)

You must have the upper hand when you are face to face with your enemy. By gathering Intelligence, on them, you can be just as deadly as they are. You can use the information obtained to win them to your side. Use the information against them to get them kicked out or even put in prison and lot more.

Intelligence is the heart of your operation. The more you have the better you will be able to conduct the demonstrations and control the police rather than they control you!

We have asked a few Opposition groups outside of Iran to open a Web Site Data Bank for the pictures of the criminal elements of the regime and post any and all information they have on them.

Participate in this data bank by providing pictures and information of these criminals. Have their faces posted on the Data Bank Information Centers, let them know, they are being watched and everyone knows their crimes and their activities, there is no where to run, hide or deny when the regime changes. When you need information refer to these Data Banks outside Iran to extract them

The more exposed they get better, from the low life Basiji to the full Commander, have their pictures on the Regime Public Data bank and the alleged crimes. If they are innocent, they will step forward and deny their accusations. If not, their pictures will be there for the Iranian people to know and deal with them in the courts of law after the regime change.

As we say, DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH MURDER! Expose them and have their pictures in the public domain data bank on the Internet. Open access to everyone to send pictures and information about the person’s crime!


In order to find out intelligence about your target, sometimes other than what we have mentioned above, is the actual act of following him, to see where he goes and where he lives.

Tools Needed: (3) Motorcycles or (2) Cars and (1) Motorcycle Each must have 2 persons that is the total of (6) Persons for every Surveillance Job.
(3 ) Cell Phones. (3 Camera’s or Phone Camera’s) (3) Small Binoculars.
Various different shirts and coats to be in the cars. (1) Hammer & (1) Long Nail.

Daytime procedure: Identify who is your target. Make plans to follow him and get the proper intelligence on him by the way of surveillance. The best Places to look for your subject point of start will be where he works.
Wait outside his place of work far away from the entrance or if you know which parking they use, outside of the parking lot. Take an advantage point observation point as mentioned far away for them to see you.

Through, Binocular that you cover with news paper, just observe, people coming out of the building or the parking lot you are watching. The end of the work time is the best time to look for your target as he like everyone else wants to get home and relax.

When you identify him, start following him. The rule is at least you have to be 7 cars behind him. If you are following him with a motorcycle, the 2 riders are enough. When you start your tracking by the distant of 6 or 7 cars, you will ask the other two rides to join you and your target.

The other two rides will be following you each at the distant of 6 or 7 cars each other. You are in communication with Cell phones with the other riders.

Never act as you are following him or getting close to him. He will be looking from his back mirror for anything unusual. So keep your 6 or 7 cars distance and follow him. Have your cell phone to contact the other members of the surveillance group.

For about 30 to 40 Minutes it is OK to follow him by your car. Then, call the other car or Motorcycle to take your place as the lead car, you will get out of his rear view site and move back to the position of the vehicle just replaced you by the usual t 6 or 7 cars following the lead Car or Motorcycle that is following your target.

You will have to continue rotating like this never having more than one car or motorcycle in your targets rearview mirror if any. Always try to avoid being in their view at all costs.

Always remember, any unexpected turns by your target shall not be followed by the lead Vehicle. Never, let the lead car follow the sudden turn or stop the target makes, they should continue the direction they are going. Report the change to the vehicles behind them and they will make the sudden turn your target has done.

If your target stops. Do not stop. Continue driving, inform the last ride he has stopped and ask him to stop and stay where he is. Far away from the target and his view.

Continue the road and park your car or motorcycle ahead of where he has stopped. Get out of the unit and if there is a shop go to the shop. Observe through the window the outside activity and inform other vehicles your location and place.

Have the other members in the team record the stop, the reason for stop and where your target got off the car to go. This will help you to get even more information on the guy if he stops to buy yogurt or bread or pick up dry cleaning Etc.

Continue this way until you will find his final destination which is his home. Once you find this information stop the surveillance all together and start at a later time when he is not around to find out that he is and his name.

THE NIGHT TIME PURSUIT: This method is just as morning pursuit. With one exception, it is much easier! Your target will have a hard time identifying you.

Now, if you identify his car and know where he parks his car, you job is 100% is easier with the technique we explain for you.

If you know the car and can get to his car. Break one of his rear stop light red plastic cover. The best way is, to use a Hammer and a long Nail. Place the nail on the plastic cover of the rear Stop light and give it a small hit/Tap with your hammer. You have created a small hole in the red Plastic shield of the stop light in his car. Nothing so big just a small unnoticeable hole! By doing this, you have created a Beacon of white light visible for long distances! When you follow him at night, he may be even 10 cars ahead of you, but each time he puts his foot on the brake, you will know, where he is exactly as his rear stop light will go on and emit White Light! Visible even half a mile!

Use this technique for other vehicles that you need to follow as well. Its very effective as you will see the result yourself.


Now, based on the information you have gathered, you know how many police the regime deploys for riots, how they will get there and they stage their lines in confronting you.

You know from where the motor pool originates the vehicles needed to carry this police force to the demonstration area. The time they will arrive and the routs they will take.

When the case of asking for back up comes, from which police station the back up will be mobilized and from what area. The routes they will use to get to the site of Demonstration and strikes Etc.

The tools you will need for sabotage are simple, basically everything and anything that would disable the vehicle and buses to get the people to the site of Demonstrations!

Tools: CRAZY GLUE or Industrial fast hardening Glue: This Glue id Called Crazy Glue or Super Glue in the West, in Iran it may have different names. It will be on hand since they make in China as well and so other places. It comes in a very small tube and dries very fast! If you are not careful, it will stick your fingers together and it very hard to get them off.

Application: Use the Crazy Glue on the Key Holes of cars and buses. The New Mercedes Benz Police cars will have automatic remote control lock system opener that opens with electronic remote. This method will not work on those cars.

But the cars and buses which do not have electronic remote control door lock opener, if you put the nozzle of the crazy Glue to the Key Hole and squeeze the glue inside the Key hole, will harden in matter of seconds and it is impossible to open the car door with a key!

Use the same Glue on the buses and anyplace the government has lock and key system. It will mess them up big time as they have to bring the locksmith to change the locks or they have to break the windows to get in!

Remember this glue takes only seconds to dry. So you have to be fast in applying it to places you need to apply.

Anywhere you see Patrol Cars, Police Cars, Basiji Cars, Revolutionary Jeeps and Trucks, if you can get to them use the friendly Crazy Glue on their door lock system.

Read the instructions practice the applications buy them by the cases and come up with other uses by talking to friends and compatriots.

Tools: Sand and Sugar: Regular sand and sugar powder placed in bottle with easy pour tube attached to it.

Application: Any car and bus is vulnerable to sand and sugar powder. We mean any cars and buses. Open the gas tanks of the cars and buses in question and pour hefty amount of sand or sugar powder into their gas tanks. If the tanks have locks, remember these locks are the same as others government uses, get a key for the gas tanks and open them. Pour the sugar and sand inside and leave the rest of the work to the magic of sand or sugar.

They will clog the Fuel injection system or carburetor so bad that entire engine overhaul is needed. Forget the using of these vehicles for carrying personnel to the strike and demonstrations area.

Tools: Sharp strong small knife with hard grip handle: You Will need a very sharp small knife with a good hand grip so it won’t slip from your hand.

Application: To slash the tiers of the vehicles: The sides of the tiers are the weakest parts of the tires where there are not many layers of rubber to meet the road. Slash the tiers from the sides of the tiers. Make sure you will slash all 4 tiers. Not Just One or 2. This way they are nothing but dead weight sitting where they are.

The knife has to be small and innocent looking to be in your pocket as serving fruit knife or utility knife. Do not get a Rambo like Commando Knife to slash the tiers. If you get caught with the Rambo Knife it is hard to explain why you are carrying such a knife!

Tools: Your bare hands: You will need them to open the hood of the trucks and buses providing you know in advance how to unlock the Hood release!

Application: open the hood and take out the wires leading to spark plugs, remove distributor caps or any visible wiring connecting power to plugs or engine. Just rip them out by your hands. This will disable the buses cars and they will have to wait long time to get parts for repairing what you have done.

Tools: homemade tire spikes: To make vehicles flat. You will get sharp nails and weld several nails from each direction so, when you throw them on the ground some sides of the nails will be facing up.

Application: To use on the road when the Cars and buses are going to the demonstration site or the back up vehicles are on the move. You have to use plenty of them have two pick up trucks drive parallel each other and from the back of the pick up trucks dump the Nail Spikes on the road covering the entire roads. A lot of them. Usually each pick up truck should carry at least 4 big cartons and dump them heavily on the road to be effective.

Tools: Cars, Truck and Buses: To be used for traffic Jams. Blocking the street the convoy is traveling to go to the Demonstration Strike Site.

Application: Find the stretch of the road that the vehicles behind you can not maneuver and back out and use different route. Block the Traffic by putting these vehicles together or have them collided with each other safely without the drivers getting hurt. The drivers will get out and disappear into the crowded streets or have motorcycles pick them up and take off from the site.

Tools: Long Heavy grade Metal cable: To be used late at night or early in the morning where there is very few traffic and you will need to block the movement of the convoy.

Application: This method will only work in very late night or very early mornings as there are no traffic in the streets and you will need to block the Convoy going to the Demonstration or strike. Find Two Strong Trees or Cement Posts or any strong posts at the each side of the street.

Tie securely one end of the heavy gage wire cable to one post in one side of the street and drag the cable across the road to the other side of the street. Tie the other end of the cable to other side pole or tree. With a cable winch make the cable starch and give it a tension as it is stretched to the limit and tighten.

Just like a rope across the street with each sides tide to the tree or strong post. Being late or early in the morning the cars and truck will hit the cable and will come to dead stop. The only reason we don’t like this method is maybe the innocent drivers by accident will hit the cable and get hurt.

Please use this method as the last resort. Even so make every effort to divert the innocent driver’s collision with the cable as it is ugly and people will get hurt if they are driving with high speeds!

We avoid any and all actions that will cause injury to innocent people or even our enemies. We are better than they are! Please never forget this important fact.

If you can get your hands on a police channel scanner (It is against the law anywhere, but in US you can buy it legally) you can listen to the police movements as this devise will automatically scan/search on the police bands, finds the chatter on the police and other government bands and you can listen to.

This device will help you greatly in planning the events and monitor at what stages the police action is. If not you will need to get your hands on a Police hand held communicator which will do the same and you can adjust frequency to listen to their chatters

Please note the below listed important fact about the sabotage. Read, observe and apply:

1. Make sure the operation is effective. Never waste your time on ineffective operations.
2. Hit the enemy where they least expect it. Also, where it hurt them the most.
3. Make sure you are carrying the sabotage at night.
4. Make sure the timing is perfect. The longer the operation takes the more chance something will go wrong. In & out fast!
5. Work only with the people you know and trust. Many spies and informers of the regime will suggest plans. They are designed to get you arrested. Only work in small groups, or cells. Consisting no more than 4 people.
6. All operations must be simple and fast.
7. All equipments that you use must be hidden in your person. Do not show what you are carrying.
8. All groups must have a leader. He should be picked for his leadership qualities. He is the decision maker and what he says it goes. No arguments.
9. All the operations must be carried out with total secrecy. No exception to this rule. Only the people involved must know.
10. Any member breaks the code of silence and secrecy, must be punished severely. They have risked the lives of their fellow freedom fighters and are not worthy of compatriotism. Just remind them, the Brain dead Mek group or Tudeh party would shoot these kinds of people! But we are not them and we are not killers.

The effective Sabotage is very much like practical jokes we use on friends. It serves several purposes a. It weakens the enemy. b. It builds morale of the Demonstrators and Strikers.

As Sabotage is deadly serious, should always retain some sense of humor in it. Write funny messages on the disabled vehicles and whatever you think it will work.

Please use the above methods with caution. Practice and time yourselves in every act you wish to conduct. Try to bring the time down to a minimum.

In the next paper we will discuss the demonstration strategy and placement. Locations to use and advertisements.

Please do not forget our recommended Noise Demonstration we have informed you about for the 4 Shanbeh Soori and the 3 days prior to it. Write on the walls make posters and tell everyone. This one demonstration that everyone can participate and is very safe and effective. This simple act has caused the Murdering government to fall. You research and see how effective it was in Venezuela !

Let us all make the use of it.

God Bless you and all our fellow Nationalists Iranians.

We do not promote any particular political group/groups or person/persons. We Only work for and Promote Iran. Iran & Iran!

Our Message to the world is: The Iranian Lion is awaken and roaring!

It is every Iranian’s duty, regardless of their political beliefs to make sure these papers will reach Iran for our compatriots to use.

We are here for you.

yarilosangeles@aol.com or Yarilosangeles@yahoo.com


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