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Paper No. 2: Preparing to stage demonstrations and strike

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 5:40 pm    Post subject: Paper No. 2: Preparing to stage demonstrations and strike Reply with quote


We are among you in mind, body and spirit.
Fighting Shoulder to shoulder with you for our freedom.
Long Live Iran!
Déme la libertad o déme la muerte
Give me my freedom or give me death


The Islamic Republic of Iran Government, under the guise of being the legitimate government of Iran is in the world market to purchase the latest gear and equipments for their riot police in order to suppress Iranian’s into submission.

The Riot Police Specialists from France, Germany and Russia are on hand to teach them the latest techniques in crowd control and demonstrator arrests.

The Police Equipment Companies from these countries offer the latest equipment’s for suppressing Iranians.

In other hand, Iranian’s have no one to help them. They only have each other and often engage with the Riot Police, without any knowledge of how to defend themselves, make their statement for the world to hear and avoid arrests and later torture and long prison sentences.

In a series of papers, titled the Fundamentals of Street Demonstrations, we will teach the very basic tools needed to defend one self against the well trained and well equipped Riot Police, Regular Police, Revolutionary guardsmen, Basiji’s and MOIS Agents who are the Secret Police.

Each of their tasks and duties at a demonstration will be explained in these papers and the counter measures against them will also be outlined. The basic methods of evading capture and arrest and tools needed to distract these enemies of the people will be explained.

Please understand, we practice Non Violence and peace. None of the methods we are recommending is to inflict injury to anyone or kill anyone. The people on the other side are also are brothers and sisters, who in need of a job have resorted to what they are doing. The procedures explained are only to make our chances increase in case attacks and arrests. We strongly recommend avoidance of any kind of violence during any demonstration or strike. We are better than they are. They resort to violence as they see no other way to suppress the freedom loving people.

We strongly advocate peace and non-violence. However, Non lethal Methods and Tactics are needed to avoid arrest and increase the chances to escape in order to attend the next strike or demonstration.



Article No. 2


In the first paper we recommended the planning stage. Furthermore, herewith we commend that planners pick up and read the following books that are the ancient art of war. What was true 2000 years ago, it is true even now. Specially, in the art of demonstration or strike where close contacts are made and you will be situated face to face with your enemy. The below two books will give you insights as to the basic planning and then more. We highly recommend reading both books. They are both published on the internet for free and you can download them. Although from time to time, we will reference from these books as well. They are both: ABOUT THE ART OF WAR!

About the Art of War

Around 2,000 years ago, China was in turmoil. A series of wars left a third of the population dead and the leaders in search of a new way of governing. Confucius and Lao Tzu had developed their solutions but Sun Tzu's philosophy, born of his direct experience of war also gained a popular following amongst the ruling class. In the Art of War, Sun Tzu recommended a strategic method to win that rarely required actual war. Spies, diplomats, deception, and a correctly organized internal structure were his main tools. If it came to war though, he had detailed insight into its methods and strategies.

Around 1600AD in Japan, a samurai named Miyamoto Musashi emerged that was literally unbeatable. One time, using his two sword technique, he single-handedly beat over 30 samurai simultaneously attacking him with guns, arrows and swords. The rulers asked him to explain is strategies in writing. Alone in a cave he wrote The Book of Five Rings, a classic that is still used by modern executives and martial artists.

READ THE ABOVE BOOKS, MASTER THEM AND USE IT. Remember, demonstrations/strikes are not a fun gathering events and you are not there for a picnic. This is a full blown war!
You have gathered to make a statement and get your points across. Your opponents are (The Riot Police and other security forces) there to prevent you from making that statement and making your points across to media or other people.

Demonstrations and Strikes are battles and mini wars we have with the regime. In these mini wars there will be causalities from both sides, if restraint is not strictly followed. Although, restraint does not mean to be so much passive so they can catch you, arrest you or hurt you.

Now, we go to WHAT TO WEAR FOR THE DEMONSTRAITIONS. We will divide the attire to be worned into two separate and distinct classes; 1. Men. 2. Women.
The attire to be used by the various demonstration staging groups will be explained as well as the positions they will be demonstrating and event planners advice to the general participants.

1. Men
Front Line Demonstration. The “Pressure Neutralizer” first line of defense/offence against the Police/Security forces.
This position must be occupied with agile men & few exceptional women who are fast on their feet good reflexes, strong and some knowledge of martial arts basics.

Shirt: Tightly body wrapping clothing, made of very durable plastic (resistance to tear) or polyester fabrics, no buttons on the shirts (Turtle Neck, one piece or similar or zipper in front)
Pants: Cotton exercise pants, Football Trainers Pants, Well worn Blue Jeans. They must all be comfortable, loose maneuverable and have enough room inside them for inserting protection (armor).

Jacket, Overcoat: One size too big, old raggedy and disposable in case of conflict. Buy from second hand shop very cheap and the most inconspicuous over coat or jacket you can get. The most ordinary, with old and with holes even, the more un- noticeable the better. You will use this to conceal your body and your armor.
Remember, this is not clothing. This is a tool of disguise and concealment and getting away from the hands of riot police. When the police try’s to grab you for arrest, the first thing they will grab is this old overcoat or jacket; it must be loose enough on you so much that you peel off from it in a second. Make your get away and have the riot police hanging with your overcoat and jacket, incapacitated to grab you or chase after you.

Shoes: Training shoes, exercise shoes, the shoes that you are most comfortable and can run with. Nothing new. The old beat up shoes that might tears on sides covered with duct tapes to keep them together, that you use all the time.

Socks: Two pairs of Football socks knee high tie the top part with shoe strings around your leg if the elastic is old and your socks roll down...

Hat: Any type of hat that will have enough room inside to put padding and still look normal on your head.

The Tool of the trade for the Security personnel for Crowd Control is; for the front Row Riot Police in front of you is: RIOT BATON. This stick is long about (150 Centimeter or longer) Gripped handle so it will stay in their hand and a strap around their wrist.

The Police Officers and the members of MOIS will be using an instrument called FLAT SLAPPERS OR BLACK JACKS. These leather Billie’s with a spring just above the handle. The head is leather covered lead. They are short and funny looking. But they hurt like hell! Watch out for them.

The RIOT BATON is a very powerful and effective tool as the riot police can inflict injury not even by getting close to their opponents due to the length of their batons.

The effectiveness of the Baton is due to the fact it serves a direct blow, concentrated on a specific part of demonstrator’s body. The trick of the trade is to take this blow and diversify its concentrated impact. The popular terminology is (to soften the blow).

For doing so we will need hard materials such as Thick magazines, Telephone Directories, Soft cover books, and in some cases if you can get thick cut leather patches that you can tape to your body.

The riot police when on “Advance & Attack Mode”, based on the urgency of their move will march & attack the following parts of the body with their RIOT BATON STICKS;

To drop the opponents on the spot to the ground: Direct blow to the Demonstrators Head.
To push the crowd back: Poking and jabbing demonstrators with the Riot Baton.
To open way through crowd: Direct hard blows to the arms of the Demonstrators.
To disable Demonstrators from running: Direct blow to the legs and shin’s.
When the demonstrations turn back to run: Direct blows to their Buttocks, and sides.

When they surrender few defenseless Demonstrators (Due to out flanking of the opponents): Pot shots at all parts of the body, especially sides where the kidney is, legs, shins, arms, shoulders and head.

For the shin protection: Wear Football Shin Guard used against accidental kicking in the field and roll your football socks on top of it. If you do not have Football shin guard, roll a thick Magazine around your leg and tightly secure it with duct tape. Thick leather patches will do the trick as well.

To protect you’re Buttocks: Place a thick soft cover book or telephone directory inside your underwear covering your back side. Secure it with Duct Tape in Place.

To protect your arms: Use the same thick type magazine around your arm, duct tape it and make sure you can use your arm freely. Make sure you have adequate padding on your arms as this area will be the shield against getting blows to your other parts of the body!

For your back, sides and front, you will have to use the same type of protection or hard leather patches secured to your body parts.

For protection of your genitals: Use “Crotch Guard”. If not available use Coffee
Cups (Brake the handle of the cup) filled with soft cotton and taped to your waist to stay in place.

For the head protection you will have some small books, then some fabric inside the hat.

You will wear all of the above under your clothing. Then you will wear your clothing on top of them.

Make your armor with patience and loving care. It will save you later from some agonizing pains! Make sure they will not fall apart and stay where they are supposed to even in extreme physical movements and running.

Wear them and have a friend give you some blows with Broom Stick to you. See where the protection is adequate and where it needs reinforcing.


You will need to practice, practice and practice.

They say Practice makes perfection. This is true every aspect of way. You have to practice every move so much that it will comes to you naturally as a self defense. You need to practice defense blows, your stance in front of the riot police so the least amount of your body is exposed. Blocking the blows with your arms, kicking (Tape a piece of metal to the tip of your sneakers and cover them up with Duct tape as the tapes are holding your shoe together! Remember to wear two pairs of the Football socks. They will become very handy in repelling the guards). Leather straps, the thick ones are very good. You need to cut them and mold them for your arm and other parts.

Ask leather people, they will tell you how you mold the leather to shape your body parts.

2. Women
Women need to wear the same clothing as men, jeans, tight hard to grab or tear shirts. On top of it they should wear Islamic Cover that tear off easily as it is weaken for this purpose. Again, your Islamic cover will serve a tool to get away. When is torn and stuck in the hands of the police and you are long gone.

The police have the habit to grab women by their wrists and hold them for arrest. We suggest that you get a piece of Duct tape. In the intervals of 2 Cm. Drive a nail through the duct tape push the nail all the way to the end of the duct tape.

Cut two layers of the card board at the same width of the duct tape you have driven the nails into. Put these cut cardboards at the base of the duct tape where the nail tops (The flat part of the nail are on the duct tape put another layer of the duct tape on the

Cardboards and you have created “nail studded” Wrist Band! Wear it around your wrist and cover it with your long sleeve. When the police try to grab your wrist will be dealt with a nice surprise and this will give you a chance to get away! Please remember, they Nails you use must be short, thick and sharp!

Please wear comfortable tennis or running shoes. None of that fancy high heel shoes or showing off shoes. You need to think and act on your feet. Your best friend is your comfortable running shoes.

Wear old, ordinary clothing’s with layers to take off. The more average you wear the better. Make your clothing loose and comfortable. Good shoes for long distant walks and going one place to other place in hurry.

You can use the same armors we mentioned earlier. Make sure it is well concealed and you are comfortable with it.

Sit together with your other co-defenders and talk about various methods you can come up in self defense.

Exchange ideas. You will be surprised how much you knew and in the same time you did not know!

God Bless each and every one of you.

The eyes of Iran are upon you and your bravery!

Happy Hunting. To the Victory!



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