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Handbook for Surviving Wars and Disasters

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 5:41 pm    Post subject: Handbook for Surviving Wars and Disasters Reply with quote



YARAN: What you are about to read is the accumulation of many years of practical experience gathered by one of our members as emergency response managing team for the disasters and experience of a member in the armed forces who has experienced these procedures on a wide range of places from Mexico City earthquake to wars in Beirut, Bosnia and Iraq.

Read it, learn it and use it. It may save your life in many emergency situations. We are fortunate to have them with us in order to have them share their expertise with you.

One thing we ask you is, please do not take our name and replace it with yours. Share it and tell the reader you are distributing it or have translated it. But donít steal it. This is not right as we have spent many hours on this HANDBOOK and it is unfair to the people who have put them together.

Please learn to share. Please donít try not to make money out of this handbook as it is intended for our fellow Iranians and we want nothing in return. Also, to make profit out of others misery is wrong and immoral in anyoneís book. Share it with people photocopy and circulate it. Never sell it. You may ask for the price of photocopy cost or reprinting it.

We hope none of the topics in this handbook ever become necessary for you to use.

Although, we know for some of you it will become a reality to use the contents of this handbook. Best of luck and God bless you all.
We are all Nationalists and striding to serve our people
and our country.


Our dear Brothers & Sisters, our fellow Iranians,

YARI NATIONA GROUP OF NATIONALISTS, in every publication, has indicated that Iranian Problem must be solved by the Iranian hands and military strikes, bombing Iran is not the answer.

The events are moving against what we wish and although they seem harmless now, if we have learned anything from history, we know it will escalate to bigger proportions much faster than we can anticipate.

What we wish to do is to make sure none of our brothers & sisters are not caught off guard to face the upcoming disasters with hardships if they ever come. The following advises are cheap and effective ways to be prepared for God forbid when the disaster strikes you will be ready to deal with it until it is over.

The Iran & Iraq war has given you valuable lessons that you should start recalling them and make a note about doís and doníts in addition to what we are recommending.

Since the world is not at war with the people of Iran and just the government, we are praying the need for bomb shelters and going to them will not exist. The allied will inform before hand where the population is surrounding the military target to evacuate or will use precision bombing to take out that ďassetĒ as they say in military terms.


From the above categoryís make a checklist with sub-categories and check off what you have done and what you are working on and what needs to be done.

Keep these stuff handy at all times. You never know what disaster awaits you, even if we pass this disaster, do not discard them. Remember. Tehran and most of Iran is on Earthquake fault lines. These people such as our Mayorís who are called ďHEROíSĒ by the regime and in our eyes are criminals have given permit to high rises, without any seismic reinforcements in 6 to 7 meter streets, making mass death traps for you as the enriched themselves! But again, life in Islamic Republic has the lowest value!

They will be with their families in USA, Australia, New Zealand and mostly Canada safe and sound in their palaces with stolen Millions of Dollars, when the disaster will hit you.
Please date everything and we mean date everything. Even if not food items. Rotate food items based on their safe expiration dates by eating them and replacing them with fresh ones and change the other items such as batteries, water and other items one year after purchasing. This way you will always have fresh, ready to go stock on your hand.


Identify the water sources/supplies in your building. Such as water tank on the roof. Swimming Pool in the property. Any other public and outside of your dwelling water supply source.

WATER TANK ON THE ROOF; If You have water tank on the roof, make arrangements with your other neighbors as to some sort of sharing plan for that water. Find out what is the capacity of the tank, how much on the average is inside the tank and divide that by the numbers of people living in that building. The Children and elderly must be given a bigger ration of the water as per their needs.

SWIMMING POOL OR DECORATIONS POOLS: Please remember, this water is not drinkable! You drink it and you will be so sick that you will need hospitalization! Do not and we mean do not drink this water. Use it for washing your clothes. But do not drink it. The Chlorine and other chemicals and Bacteriaís have played a number on this water. It looks like water, but it is poison! In extreme emergency cases, where there is no other option left for you, only for a limited time which is 3 or 4 times. Take 2 liters of this water add 5 to 7 drops of IODINE SOLOUTION shake it, let it sit for 5minutes and then drink it. Remember, this is only recommended as extreme measure as even IODINE will destroy your liver, kidneys and thyroids in no time. Boiling the water is also recommended in addition of Iodine if heating the water source is available. If not IODINE will suffice in purifying it to some extent. So Swimming Pool Water is a NO. NO!

WATER HEATERS: This is an excellent source of getting water for your use in cases of emergency. Depending on the size of the water heaters they hold quite a bit of water. As a general precaution you should always have to have your water heater strapped by metal belt to a wall for securing it in case of earthquake or other disasters. If it is not strapped do so. Have done yourself or bring someone to strap securely your water heater to the wall so it will not get knocked off. Make sure the gas valve or other fuel source to your water heater is turned off securely. There is a small faucet at the end of the water heater to empty the water from the tank. Open it and take off all the water, putting it in safe and secure jars or containers for your use. Do not use the water heater as your main reserve tank.

TOILET FLUSH IN THE BATHROOM: For some strange reason, people of Iran use Asian Toilets. They are smelly, filthy and promote disease and in time create Hemorrhoids by squatting and the pressure you use .If you use this type, change it. You will thank us later! The Asian Toilets come with Pressure a valve flush that keeps no water. Sometimes you see them with water holding tank. The European Toilettes always come with water holding tank in back of them to flush the water. This water is from your pipes and drinkable. Before anyone goes there to do their work. Lock the toilet. We will explain what you have to do with it later. For now, before anyone flushes the toilette, empty the water into pots and pans and save it for drinking use.

IF THE PIPIES ARE WORKING: If your pipes are working or you have heard through the shortwave and other means about the impending attacks soon, fill up your bathtub and any pots and pan or anything that can hold water.

STORING WATER: Buy Plastic 10 liter or bigger water jugs, fill them and place them around the walls inside your apartment or home. If you live in an apartment complex, you may be able to talk to other neighbors in order to store water inside the garage for the community drinking water use. But, still have the plastic containers inside your apartment as well. City water can store almost for 2 years and sometime longer, depending on the amount chlorine or the ULTRA VIOLET lights used while purifying.

OTHER SOURCES OF WATER SAVINGS: In Hawaii, There is no water piped to the houses people have. Every house has its rain water from the roof directed to a barrel from there the water is pumped back to the roof and is used as water for the household! It is very good idea to place barrels at the foot of the rainwater runoff coming down from the roof for the rain and snow. They will fill the barrel whenever it rains or it snows, even if you donít use this water for drinking it can be used to water plants and save the use of water from city sources.

Making sure your family has enough water to safely pass any disaster or emergency is your responsibility, we have demonstrated the ultimate sources if you are short of the stored water for your family. But you have to have at least 30 days of water supply dispersed in different parts of your house or apartment at all times. Water is life. Make sure you have ample supply on hand and rotate the old ones with new supply when necessary.

SAFETY PRECAUTION: In Beirut, Bosnia and other places, some warring fractions use the water distributing centers as the watering holes for the animals who gather to drink. They use snipers to kill people in the line waiting to get water. This method has been used in many countries as fighting fractions, can not resist the easy targets and also make fear into the hearts and minds of people. Be aware of this and make necessary safety rules if going out to get water during any emergency.


After the water food is the most important item of survival. On this issue, you are on your own as your neighbors and building people will each have their own problem. Again in this case you have to have at least 30 days supply of food until the situation will become semi normal. Legume and grains are best kept for long time. They will provide the calorie needed to burn and have enough nutrients to support you. They are cheap (Relatively) and abundant everywhere.

Go to the market where they sale wholesale and bulk legumes and grains. Depending on your family and the calculations of two cups per day, per person buy the needed, Garbanzo (Chick Peas) beans, all kinds of beans, wheat, barley and rice. Depending on your budget, get bulk sugar, cooking oil, dried greens like parsley, Cilantro, and other dried vegetable, root vegetables such as potato and other items will keep well. The trick is to pack them in dry saw dust (The small particles & powder from the cut wood) and keep them in dry dark places, this method you can keep, Onion and other items as well,
Do not forget flour. Buy gain the two cup formula of wheat and barley flour.

Remember, the bakeries will not be working. In your primitive kitchen you have to make bread which is the most staple item in your diet. To do this, you must be able to buy Bread makers Yeast. It comes in dry powder. It is good for one year. The best brand In Iran when they used to import it from Germany was the eagle brand. Look for baking Yeast in the market.

If there is nothing around go to your friendly baker and ask him for some yeast dough (This is the dough that has introduced to flour and is ready to be put to the flour to make bread. This Yeast dough is runny. Bring it home add 3 Tablespoons of sugar (Yeast feeds on sugar and the extract is alcohol) and put it in a Jar. Add One cup full of flour. 1/3 warm water and Ĺ cup of yogurt if you like sour dough breads. Tightly close the lid and make sure it is in a warm, dry and dark place for 6 days, everyday open the jar mix the contents and add ľ teaspoon of sugar. After 6 days you starter (This is what we call starter is ready) Close the lid and put it in refrigerator or somewhere cool. With this you can make bread. Let the dough rise and even on the burner inside a skillet that you cover so the heat will circulate, you can make your homemade bread. When running low on the starter, bring it out add the Flour, water and sugar all over and repeat the procedure. This way you always have starter on hand to bake breads.

If you have time ask your baker for tips, we are sure, he will give some good ones how to keep your starter or improve upon it.

Can goods are very good to keep. They are expensive. They should be used sparingly and as treats. But stock up on food and make sure you have items that will not go bad.

WHEN THE POWER IS GONE: The first items in your kitchen you have to consume are the frozen items. Do not open the freezer door when the power is gone.
This way you will keep the cold inside the freezer for at least 12 hours. This is the time you eat the contents of your refrigerator. Then start on your food items in the freezer and prepare various foods with them.

How to keep the cooked foods safe till you eat them: When preparing food for dinner, you may leave it outside until the next morning. The next morning you have to reheat the cooked food. This way you will kill the bacteria getting ready to invade your food. This way you can eat your meal safely in the next evening without the fear of bucholism or e-coli affecting it.

Buy and stock your food well in advance. And rotate. Eat the old stuff and replace with new stuff. People tend to overstock or hoard foods .if you do it well in advance you will not have any problem of sellers being out of stock or trying to price gauche you. It is in their nature and they will do it.

At the first sign of the trouble you will see how prices change and what people will do. You donít need that headache plan in advance save yourself lot of hassle and over pricing.

Remember, in war and disasters, paper currency has no value: In crisis when a government is going and another one is coming, devaluations sales and other problems may render the currency you have useless. Merchants may not accept your paper money and definitely there is no bank open for you to conduct your banking needs in there.

The best friend in any war or crisis you have is GOLD! Well in advance, what ever with your money you can afford buy Gold. The prevailing Gold Coins such as the SPRING OF FREEDOM GOLD COIN (What a freedom!), if it is real, is good. Also, British Gold Sterling (The Mullahís Favorite) or even old Russian Menat or 10 Ruble 8.5 Gram Gold coin South Africa Kurgand they will all work. Buy some and keep it for emergency. Do not buy gold jewelry for this purpose as 90% of all gold sold as jewelry is not as it is represented. 18 Karats is often 12 or 13 Karats. That is if the jeweler was fair!
People want gold and only expect gold coins.

So have some gold coins reserve for emergency. Enough to get you by if you wish to buy something that Paper money can not buy anymore.


In emergencies and disasters, electricity and gas pipelines will be interrupted. You will not have light nor can you cook your regular foods by the stoves.

Look for the alternatives auxiliary source of energy from outside of your home/apartment: If you live in large apartment or Condo Complex, talk to the management and other who are the board members. Ask them what kinds of alternative auxiliary energy sources your building has.

Maybe they have auxiliary generators to make sure the elevators are running in case of cut off electricity. Find out, up to what level these alternative sources will give you power. Will they cover your entire apartment? Or just the elevators and the common areaís of the building such as hallways and lobby. Ask them about the Gas pipeline and the alternatives for that is case of disruption. Usually, the high rises have a good management and do have standby emergency plans. All you have to do is to make sure their level of coverage and start from that point to cover the need of your unit.

If you have the money, the easiest thing to do is to get a small portable generator (Honda makes a very good one. Stay away from Chinese ones as they are no good!) They are not very powerful. But they do give you enough electricity to make sure the food stuff in your refrigerator will not go bad and you will have power (Alternate the usages as the generator can only give enough power to few items at a time) to use the TV and few lights in your apartment or your computers. Again if you have money look to get power inverters so you could use your computers and other applicences with less electricity.

In Iraq, a big business in every neighborhood is renting these small power generators! The kids have them and they are in the streets. They come set it up and charge you per day. Each of these generators can run up to 12 hours on a single fill up of their tanks.
Make sure you have enough fuel for them. If not siphon gas from your cars gas tank and feed the generators. Storage of gasoline is tricky. Always store them in an open area away from direct sunlight and heat. If you have patio, store them in there and cover them so, there will not be any sparks. If you have a garage it is also a good place to store the gasoline.

If you are poor like us, then you will look for Kerosene stoves made in the Bazaars old fashioned way, kerosene lamps, and kerosene heaters if in the winter. PLEASE REMEMBER CARBON MONOXIDE IS A SILENT KILLER!All ways have plenty of air circulation and ventilation when using kerosene fuel. Never, ever sleep with Kerosene heater in room at night it will kill you! Carbon monoxide does not smell and has no warning signs. People slowly go to coma and die without even waking up!
Use caution.

Try to be romantic and use candles. They are much safer and better for lighting. Have plenty of candles stored in your house. FLASH LIGHTS ARE a must to have and plenty of batteries for emergency and traveling at night.

There is this cheap made in China single flame burners that use propane gas size of a hairspray can. Each can is good for one food item warm up or cooking. They come in a plastic cover like business case. If they are available buy one or two of them and plenty of their small propane tanks. If not look for other burners that use regular propane gas tanks and get them. If you are mechanical type get a regular Propane gas tank and try to hook it up your self to your ordinary stove that works with the piped gas from city.

Look around. Talk to people as what is available to you and what is not. Make a decision as to the fuel you will be using inside your unit and get it have it ready for that emergency. Store it in a safe place. You have to have your plan and have secured these things before hand. When the disaster hits, it is too late trying to get them.

When it hits watch the market to see how these items will go up in price as everybody wants one suddenly!


HOW TO USE THE TOILETT WHEN THE PIPES ARE BROKEN: Remember, We told you before to lock your Bathroom. Now this is what you have to do. Have plenty of plastic and we mean plenty of plastic trash can liners on hand. They will be used for the variety of needs. Take a plastic trash can liner and take it to the bath room. If you have European Toilet, Open the Plastic liner and place it inside the porcelain china making sure it is covering the entire inside. Secure the sides with a Plastic Duct tape and now you have portable dry toilet. Have some sand if you are professional or regular dirt in one other plastic container and have it handy by the toilet. When people finish their work have them pour some dirt on it after 6 or 7 replace with a new one. Make sure the plastic is tough enough not to break. Take it outside and if there are no trash services, you have to burry it. In Bosnia this method was the only effective toilette around and it is sanitary. If you have lime it would be fantastic. Instead of dirt use lime on it to stop the spread of disease! Or use lime when you burry it. Please burry it if there is no service to take them away. They will spread disease and you and your family will be exposed to it.
For the Asian style you have to place a container or holder under the plastic bag to hold the weight and tear open. Almost the same method. Make sure it works.

THE USE OF VELCRO: Velcro was invented by (3M) of America. At first the man invented it did not know what to use it for. Now, we have One Million and One uses for this product! Mainly to secure objects at their place. Velcro has a negative and positive side and on the other side is self adhesive. You can put Velcro on anything and make it secure not to move and break.

Put some Velcro. Look around to see what you have in your rooms that you donít wish to move and break. Use them on you Crystal, glass items, paintings, decorative items, statues or anything you value. This is good for even earthquakes and other pending disasters.

COVERING YOU WINDOWS FROM INSIDE WITH TAPE: For your windows use Duct tapes and tape them from inside. In case of explosion and earthquake the windows will shatter and come in injuring you and the loved ones. Make the precaution to tape your windows so broken glass fragments will not become airborne projectiles injuring people.

In Beirut, Bosnia and Croatia lot of the warring parties had RPG 6 & 7ís. These Anti Tank Personnel have the tendency to make nasty holes on the sides of the buildings. Depending on the situation and the emergency case, you must be prepared to reinforce the exposed walls to the street with sand bags behind the walls and have sheet metals in your garage to cover the holes in the walls and place sand bags behind them later again. In any case you will need many bags during the emergency and make sure you have plastic bags the ones we described and gunny bags to be able to fill them with dirt and sands when the needs arise.

REINFORCING YOUR ENTERY DOOR AND OTHER ENTRANCES TO YOUR HOME: You have to reinforce your entry door by welding more metal and cross referencing metal bars behind your door. Add window bars to your windows and increasing the dead bolt locks on your door. Roaming bands of opportunists, Basijiís who are armed and no longer under anyoneís control, the last of the regime diehards, will come neighborhood to neighborhood; searching for anything they can get their hands on. Plan meetings with your neighbors, Try to stop them dead on at the building entrance. Reinforce the entrance by plenty of sand bags and have guards standing there by rotating with your co dwellers. But make sure the individual units are safe and secure by the reinforcements. Always have escape rout designed and plan for your family. Practice with them, in case your first line of defense and you second line of defense fail, how could they get away?

The conflicts in the beginning seem to last only one or two days. Although, they drag on for months and sometimes for years. If you have family outside of the City, send you family before the turmoil to them. It is always safer in the countryside than in the City. If you can join them Go. If you canít them follow the above advice.


Make a list of your family and yourself use as regular medications (Heart, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol etc). For everyone get a 60 days supply and regularly rotate the old with the new to have fresh medications on hand. It will be sometimes very long time you can get your hands on medications as they will be non existent in the market and if available, the price will be sky rocketed in the black market.

Put together a First aid kit complete with needles and sutcher, strong pain killers and blood stopping gauze and wound dressing cloths. You are not putting together a fist aid kit for a picnic. This must be ready to use in a moments notice first aid kit to cover the basic needs that arise from the situations from burnings to bullet wounds and in between. Talk to your local pharmacist. He will help you to put something practical together.

Never buy ready made first aid kits as they are for Picnics not dealing with the realities of our world and the situations we will need to use this kit.


In the first few days the communications will be non existent. As the times moves, the first thing will come back on line is the communications. Specially the cellular Phones. All sides need them to communicate with each other and somehow this unwritten rule will prevail that mobile phone will come on line and all sides will be using it.

This case happened in Croatia and Bosnia. In Somalia in the height of civil war the Mobile cell company operated by French Company manned by Egyptian technicians was in order and same in Sudan.

You canít rely on your service provider to go back on line. Have shortwave Radioís on hand (the hand recharging ones are good) to listen to the news and where to look for sending messages and where will be phones operating.

For example in Iraq, some people had brought in satellite telephones from the neighboring Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. They would charge others $10 per minute to use their satellite phone which did not need any carrier to work. But it only works outside in the open.

Plan a phone exchange program with people outside of Iran and one inside of the country. Sometimes it is easier to call outside than calling next door! Designate a family person to be your point person. Call that family person and have them call the rest of the family to tell them you are OK. And safe or other messages.

Short wave radioís are a must and have them handy at all times to get you the real news. Remember, you can not rely on inside news. Case and point remember the minister of information in Iraq, he was telling the world US Army is not even near Iraq, the airport is in the hands of Iraqiís in fact the US ARMY was inside Saddamís Palace having Lemonade and the airport was in the hands of Marines directing helicopters to land there. Never rely on the local news. Look outside for the true source.


The Fuel will be the most challenging Job to get. The Islamic Republic in foreseeing the troubles ahead in the name of regulating the transportation is attempting to issue Coupons for the City Dwellers. This is one way of restricting travel and making sure the people who are not in the inner circle of the regime will have access to fuel.

The answer is get together with friends and neighbors and allocate a place to place the fuel and purchase to fuel to put it there, This fuel is different than what you will use for your home cooking and lighting.

Find a car that will work on Diesel engine or truck that works on diesel. Getting the fuel for these vehicles will be much easier than finding gasoline. Remember since they use low grade fuel, they can almost use anything low octane to run by. The worst scenario cases, the diesel cars and trucks will run on even on cooking oil! Donít make a habit of it. But in extreme cases you can use cooking oil to make the diesel engine run. Please remember it has to be the liquid type not the hard stuff that you have to heat to melt!

It will be extremely difficult and dangerous to be driving when Anarchy is ruling and there is no law. We donít have to tell you. Most of you are well familiar with the road blocks and checkpoints.

Listen to your Short wave radio stations to see what they tell you. Plan the chart of your travel and have proper documents with you. This mode of transpiration will only be used in an emergency basis. To send the family of you and your neighbors out of the harms way in the extreme emergency or get out of the city as it is impossible to hold on to you apartment and have to flee.

If you are using regular cars, make sure to use the same precautions. If the gasoline is in extreme shortage, at the check points they may stop you and siphon your fuel from your gas tank to use on their own vehicles. This why we recommend diesel fuel vehicle as they will not be able to do this.

The rule of thumb is to avoid the check points whenever possible. They are up to no good there. Thanks to the Islamic regime all these Basijiís are armed to the teeth and no direction anymore. Also, some opportunists groups have guns and want to make the best out of the situation by robbing people or the last of the regime cronies looking as execution squads to finish off the last of the people around before taking off their uniforms and blending into general public.

Only travel when there is no other option available and use extreme caution. Use a car that is mechanically sound and get help from others as they will join you if all can fit in the same vehicle.

Have your short wave radio in the car and listen to the any new developments. Follow their advice. Getting out of Teheran can get very tricky if not darn impossible.

8. MAKING PROVISIONS FOR THE ELDERLY AND YOUNG IN YOUR FAMILY: The elderly and young people in our family are the most vulnerable. They scare easily as they donít understand what is going on and their movements are restricted. If you have them in your family make special considerations with them. Tell the young ones this is a game and reassure the old members of your family you are there to protect them. They need lot of attention and in the heat of chaos, do not forget them and abandon them. Physical body contact like hugging and hand holding give them courage, be giving and donít be afraid to show your love with them. They need it the most.


Be Street smart and use youíre built in danger sensing 6th senses. If you see something is not normal do not stick around to find what is not normal. By the time you want to find out, you may be dead!
Always use absolute caution. Never assume. Always check and double check.
In someplace, the gangs would place mines and blow the legs of unsuspecting walkers. Always walk the beaten path where others have walked and their foot prints are evident. Look at the ground where you put your foot and make sure people are around.

From this simple advice you can learn to see what you have to do. Your job is to make sure you and your family is alive and well to see the end of this nightmare and once again live among the civilized world.
Please donít take anything for granted and keep safe.

Our prayers are with you and our thoughts go for you. You have to do what is necessary to stay alive and see these people finished. It was they who brought this upon us and they are the ones responsible to each and every one of us.

Remember the Bsijiís and armed gangs will be on the lose so do the regime die hards. There are no laws or regulations. You have think on your feet and act fast.

We pray the God the above scenario will never take place. We pray with all of our might. But if it does, be ready. Use this handbook and other advises you have learned during the past in Iran, Iraq war and if old enough the last revolution.

God Bless you and all the people of Iran. Take care and keep safe.


Contact us at:
We are on hand to answer all your technical questions. If we canít do it, we will find someone who can.


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