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Bonfire of the Mullahs-Chaharshanbeh Suri !!!

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Ramin Etebar,MD

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 10:33 am    Post subject: Bonfire of the Mullahs-Chaharshanbeh Suri !!! Reply with quote

Bonfire of the Mullahs

A strong message of support to the Iranian youth seeking freedom should be derived prior to Chaharshanbeh Suri !!!

An ancient fire festival halted each year since the 1979 Islamic revolution because hardliners considered it un-Islamic, the Chaharshanbeh Suri, or Red Wednesday.

For the last 27 years of the Islamic rule, the Iranian New Year Nowrooz, and the Red Wednesday fire Festival, which falls on the last Tuesday evening of the Iranian year, have been the battleground between the Iranian culture of joy, knowledge and life and the non-Iranian culture of mourning, ignorance and martyrdom.

The Islamic regime's security forces have tried to reach a compromise each year by not banning the celebrations but declaring only certain official parks in the cities for lawful celebrations. Yet the people and the youth in particular once again turn the Red Wednesday celebrations into a combat zone for the test of forces.

As the youth jumped over the bonfires the traditional ancient rhymes were replaced with anti-government ones. ["toop, tank, feshfesheh Akhoond bayad koshteh sheh" " Cannons, Tanks and Firecrackers, We must kill the Mullahs".
When it comes to the liberation of Iran, President Bush's words have been perfect. When will his administration's deeds follow suit? The United States should long ago have made regime change in Tehran a clear-cut goal of US foreign policy. At every turn, the mullahs who rule Iran have demonstrated their enmity for everything we are trying to accomplish in the Middle East. They are determined to keep Iraq agitated and unstable, and actively work to undercut US influence there. They camouflage their avid pursuit of a nuclear bomb behind a cloud of diplomatic blue smoke, one day making a show of cooperation with Western investigators, the next day demanding that the investigations end. Iran remains the world's foremost sponsor of terror, sheltering Al Qaeda thugs within its borders and dispatching trained killers to Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

Toppling the mullahs would not require a US invasion. The majority of Iran's 67 million people loathe their government. Many are unabashedly pro-American. If the United States explicitly called for regime change in Tehran and backed up that call with diplomatic and financial support for the pro-democracy resistance, Iranians would respond with courage and resolve. Like the festering Communist dictatorships that collapsed when the people of Eastern Europe rose against them in 1989, the corrupt Islamists in Iran can be defeated by the men and women they have oppressed for so long.

If we are going to win the war on terror, the liberation of Iran is not an option. It is a prerequisite. The Bush administration should be saying so -- and living up to its words.
Ramin Etebar, MD
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 12:13 pm    Post subject: Iranians to re-celebrate "Fire Fiest" in show of d Reply with quote

Iranians to re-celebrate "Fire Fiest" in show of defiance
SMCCDI (Information Service)
Feb 20, 2006

Millions of Iranians will defy once again, on Tuesday March 14th, the Islamic republic regime and its Islamo-Fascist ideology by renewing with their ancestral Persian tradition which is qualified as "Pagan" by the Islamist clerics.

Iranians will gather in all cities and villages of Iran and across main World's cities in order to celebrate the famous "Tchahr Shanbe Soori" (Fire Fiest). They will jump over bushes, set on fire, and will crack fire crackers and other hand made explosive devices. They will break backwarded official and religious taboos, such as dancing and chanting while expressing their love of life, joy and peace.

This year's celebration will become, as not only another act of renewing with the Persian Cultural Heritage, but also, as an act of Civil Disobedience and a show of attachment of Iranians to their National values rather than a forced and imported religion.

Already, groups of young are creating underground networks, in order to use the occasion offered by the massive presence of millions of Iranians in the streets, for carrying actions and strikes against the symbols of the theocratic power.
Hand made grenades and incendiary devices are made and stored in safe places. Action plans for closing avenues and streets in order to slow the security forces' reaction are discussed. Web logs are created, for a better coordination, and calls are made, by maverick young Iranians, to abroad based Iranian satellite TV and radio networks asking for the popular preparation.

While some might exaggerate the impact of the celebration/defiance of March 14th, by qualifying it as the last night of the Islamic republic regime, the reality is that the occasion will consolidate more the increasing nationalistic and anti-Islamist feelings of Iranians and will create more hardships for an unpopular and shaky regime.

The fears of the upcoming event and its prospect have, already, forced the Islamic regime's officials to show a more conciliatory face and to declare that the security forces would not intervene unless there's a danger to the public order. But in reality, members of the regime's intelligence and security forces are tracking the underground networks in order to dismantle them.

The clerics have always tried, especially from taking power in 1979, to ban such tradition which is dating from before the Arab invasion of Iran. But Iranians have always refused to allow them to instate their dogmatic view, which is generated from the Islamists' fear of Iranians' Persian heritage and seen as a threat to their spiritual and political existence.

The regime's repressive actions and its policy of 'cultural cleansing' have increased the degree of Iranians' reaction, as well, and last year, thousands of Korans were also set on fire by Iranians who intended to show their total rejection of what they consider as the root of their problems. The sentence for burning a Koran, in Iran, is death with suffer.

In year 2000, the number of bushes, set on fire, was to the point that a landing Air France plane tried to change its trajectory as the pilot thought of a revolution taking place in Iran. The celebration was coinciding with the Shia mourning ritual of Ashura and many clerics had issued Fatwas (religious decrees) against celebrators and the event.

At least 6 persons were killed and hundreds of other beaten and arrested by the regime forces.
The security forces declared that the deaths were due to the explosion of fire crackers at their homes but a month later and in an unprecedented manner, the head of the regime's Medical Legist, confessed that no deaths due to explosion were brought to his services and on that night most deaths were caused by heads of victims smashed with heavy objects.

The Islamic regime forces make a wide spread use of heavy clubs and chains in order to attack the regime's opponents.
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