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What It Takes to Build a Militia

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:07 am    Post subject: What It Takes to Build a Militia Reply with quote

What It Takes to Build a Militia
by General Falco
What It Takes to Build a Militia

A speech given by General Falco, Leader of the Brotherhood of Nod.

Many people feel that their purpose in life is to achieve a certain goal that seems impossible to achieve. These goals might be, say, forming one's own country, taking over an existing country, reviving the Confederate States, & cet. But the problem is that in some cases (such as living in the United States), passive resistance will not help very much. So, weapons and loyal soldiers seem to be the only way to get one's point across. Nod's purpose, for example, as most of you know, is to unite the Western World into a nation, puppet the rest of the globe (with the exception of Africa and the Confederate States), thus rendering the entire earth under our command. But in order to undertake such a task, we have decided to build a militia, a fighting force that can carry out our goals with ease.

The dictionary defines a militia as "A group of freelance, usually self-declared and self-trained soldiers, who band together for the sake of a cause." The Brotherhood could not be described in better words. But our weapons research and scientific study has turned us from a ragtag band of soldiers, incapable even of marching in a straight line to a strong fighting force, albeit small, with one goal in mind; the return of civilization.

But what have I, as your Leader, done to make this militia? Surely I took inspiration (and a few other things) from the organization of the same name from the C&C games, but most of it was my idea. And what does go into the making of a militia such as this? I will tell you. Many a night I have lost sleep over plans and technologies and other things that could help build the Brotherhood. But here are the main points in forming a militia:

1. Strong leadership. This cannot be emphasized enough. How can people possibly stay together without a leader to guide them and keep them as a team? But this particular person cannot just be any ordinary person. He has to be strong in body and mind, a genius in military tactics, an honest person full of integrity, a spiritual person with strong belief in his god or higher power, whatever he believes in, and he must be able to convince his brethren of a certain point. If you roll all of these things in with courage and sensitivity, you have before you the ideal leader and model commander.

2. A fanatical fighting force. Yes, fanatical. Without that kind of charisma, no goal can be met. These people must live for the cause, eat for the cause, breath for the cause, sleep for the cause, and dream of the day when that cause is achieved. Also, they must be well-trained with weaponry. To the Brotherhood, strength in numbers can possibly be important, but it is strength in weapons and technology that are truly the key. That is why when facing up with an army bigger than your own, hit-and-run tactics can be applied and defeat of the other side is immanent. And proper use of these weapons and proper knowledge of this technology can help us to overcome even the United States army.

3. A weapons stockpile. Sure, it'll be hard to pull something like this off, but that is one of the reasons why Nod is so secretive; to hide its operations from the Government until we're breathing right down their necks. Then we will be able to use these weapons we have gathered and occupy nations, cities, provinces, and anything else you can think of. Also to be stockpiled are bombs, flame throwers, missiles (if it is feasible to acquire them), poisons, explosive powders, & cet.

4. Supporters. A militia cannot very well succeed without the support of the mob, as Nietzsche called the common people. Although Nod will definitely be no democracy, popular support is essential if you want to succeed in something. If people don't have your support, they will rise up and, although your forces may be strong enough to suppress a movement such as this, your control will eventually be overturned. Look what happened to the Soviet Union and take that for an example. If you loose the support of the people, then your rule will not last.

5. Finances. What else are you going to buy your weaponry with? You can't use the barter system anymore, so money is definitely one of the key elements in constructing a militia. Not only do you need it to buy guns and explosives, but you also need it to pay the higher military and government officials for their services.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate the importance of remembering these tips as we continue to build and shape the Brotherhood's future. We together must take what is our birthright. And we must take it now or lose it forever. One vision, one purpose!

Any on interested to talk about this further?

Military officers and lawyers are encouraged to look into this.
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