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A Letter From Physician In Iran To A Friend

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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 10:56 am    Post subject: A Letter From Physician In Iran To A Friend Reply with quote

Dear Ramin,

Hope you are doing well. I miss those good nights at the Hospital. We used to sit down and talk. I wish we had that opportunity more today. But I am happy we are connected once more.

You may be right about the real estate. But I believe the storm is going catch Iran soon and may last for a long time. A lot of people are selling (or would like to sell) and they would like to exit the country as soon as they can. The vast majority of people are brain-washed about the atomic issue. They really believe Iran's military could inflict so much pain to the Americans. But people in general have seen and went through so much since the establishment of IRI. So, they are not so much concerned with what will happen next. Business is not as usual in Iran. Nobody is buying or selling things. This is true in Real Estate and Trades and cars and so on. You of course know about the stock market in Iran. Devaluation of over 40 percent in the last 40 days. One percent per day and it will continue to drop.

The inevitable will be ugly to my opinion since there is not any other way. I am just hoping something good come out of all these.

I read the reading stuff. They are interesting. I read and search a lot on the computer since I have no other hobby in Tehran other than going to Darband.

Have you ever been there? It is so beautiful. You sit by the water next to the mountains and eat Dizzy Smile and then hot tea and so on. I go to the mountains around Tehran once a week. I will be going to the…. Festival. It will be interesting.

And about girls here in Iran. Man! Talking about "Hoojb va Haya". I can strongly say Americans have 100 times more "Hoojb va Haya" than these girls. They have turned into animals. They have not much charm any more or the way I knew.

I usually do not drive in Tehran. It is so hectic. When I sit in a taxi or in the car of a "Mosafer-kesh"

I try to avoid looking straight or to keep my eyes on the road. If I do then, I feel like; we will hit a car or a car will hit us. Streets are so busy. There are so many old cars such as 30 years beat up Peykans which hace not been produced for few years.

But these Paykans are not the same as the Paykans produced during Shah. Those paykans had much higher qualities. These low quality paykans have been contributing to the air pollution. The air pollution gets so bad that some days you won't be able to see the tall mountains of Tehran from Pasdaran street (saltanat-Abad).

There are some new cars on the streets of Tehran. A very low budget car in America (Hyundi-Excel ) the cheapest car in America which can be purchased around 7000 dollars (stickshift) is worth 14000 dollars in Iran!!! Not to mention that they assemble this car in Iran-khodro. Also, this Hyundai is not the 2006 model, it is the same model Hyundai made in 2000. In America a college student or someone who works in Mc Donald would drive Hyundai excel. In Tehran affluent people drive this car. I see so many contrasts between Iran and America. In America, low income people would go to McDonalds. Here in Tehran, only Rich people can afford eating burgers. Let me give you a clearer picture. Average income in Iran is less than 200 dollars per month; meaning less than 7 dollars per day. Now, it would cost 11 dollars (10 thousands toman) for a family of 4 to eat burgers in a pseudo-McDonald place.

The cost of taxi from Chahar-rah Pasdaran (saltanat abad va Dolat ) to Serah zarab khaneh is about 15 cents per person. Now imagine a taxi driver or a Mosafer-Kesh with full capacity ( 4 passengers per car) have to make 18 trips in order to make such money to buy burger for a family of 4. Of course I did not mention on the cost of Gasoline, Car depreciation, maintenance and so on. So, Burger to Iranians in Tehran is same as Benny Hanas to Americans!!!!!!

to be continued....
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