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Iran Once More - Bridge of Victory

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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2006 9:59 am    Post subject: Iran Once More - Bridge of Victory Reply with quote

Iran Once More - Bridge of Victory

By Nicole Sadighi

"Study the past if you would define the future"

The Legacy of Saddam Hussein is no more and another historical chapter unfolds. While this is the advent of many challenges to come, the country has a bright future. However, in their commitment and efforts for concluding regime change in Iraq, the United States faces some obstructing elements; the most important being the hard-line groups, who have tremendous support from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore if the pursuit for democracy is to have a chance for liberation there needs to be some contemplation on the effects of such radical religious groups and their links with terrorism.

Unfortunately, there are ill thinking people on this issue, making very dramatic commentaries and greatly criticising the neo-conservatives of the Bush administration, in their effort to bring about democracy in the Middle East. One wrote recently: ". they want to use the September 11 attacks as an excuse for colonising the world of Islam under the euphemism "regime change""the Bush administration is egging on the Iranian youth to overthrow the rule of the ayatollahs in Iran"

Firstly the tragic saga of the September 11 attacks are not an excuse for colonising the world of Islam, they are one of the many reasons why the international community should begin to put an end to this breed of character that has been ruling the Middle East for too long. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has ultimately reached passed its sell by date and it is time that they stepped down from their rule whilst they can still save face.

The Bush administration was not the one to "egg on the Iranian youth" as he so eloquently put it, in fact quite to the contrary. If one pays a little bit of attention to the voices of the youth of Iran, one can openly see that it has been the youth of Iran who have been crying out for freedom. It has been they who have begun the protests against the ruling islamo-fanatics dictatorship and put in place the wheels in motion to enforce their desires for the international community to support them. The seeds of democracy are being spread throughout the lands where they have never had the opportunity to have the sweet taste of freedom.

One should understand that if there is no regime change in Iran and if the country does not give birth to a democracy then there is no hope for stability and spread of democracy throughout region.

One should analyse the last hundred years of the country. Iran underwent a complete transformation from a backward and poverty-stricken country, where there was no social and economic infrastructure into a peaceful, modern and very influential nation; commanding the greatest of respect from its Middle Eastern neighbours and have played a stabilising role in the region prior to the Islamic Revolution.

It began with the constitutional revolution in 1906, when King Mozafarr Edin of the Qajar Dynasty signed the very first Iranian Constitution. Iran had established the parliamentary system for the very first time in the history of the country and the region.

This was immensely important, in particular for other countries in the region. Predominantly because during this time countries recognised to us today such as Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar and United Arab Emirates did not exist, as they were either part of Iran or the Ottoman Empire or under the British Empire. Iran had taken the leadership towards a democratic movement in the region and served as a beacon and inspiration for the spread of democracy throughout the Middle East.

Moreover a positive contribution to Middle East stability took place in 1975, when a UN General Assembly resolution was co-sponsored by Iran calling for the denuclearization of the Middle East. The resolution was passed successfully by a unanimous majority vote, including positive votes by all members of the Security Council.

Finally the next major impact of the country was the black revolution of 1979. Although this period was not as positive as previous intervals, nonetheless it transpired to be a profound force on the region. Since this time Islamic Republic of Iran has dominated the world politics by supporting terrorists, encouraging islamo-fanatics ideologies, dictating only totalitarianism and by being a major producer of weapons of mass destruction

President George W. Bush was right to include this evil regime an "Axis of Evil". By reviewing the Mullahs past and present records one can determine that their method of politicising their religion has always created and will continue to create a breeding ground for radicalism and thus widening the chasm between the U.S and the Middle Eastern nations.

Hence, we are debating the cause and effects of Iranian movements and its impact on the region. It is visible that Iran has always had a dominating influence on the Middle East and therefore if we have democracy in Iran, it will undeniably follow throughout the surrounding countries. Iran once more can be the bridge of victory(1) and, this time victory for democracy and liberty.

(1) Due to its very important role during the WWII, Iran was named "Bridge of Victory" by the USA and its' allies.
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