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Evil Means, Evil Ends

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 8:33 pm    Post subject: Evil Means, Evil Ends Reply with quote

Islam is both the evil ends, as well as the evil means.

Many mock and ridicule Islam as a fanatical hodge podge of superstition, backwardness, and barbarism. Though this is true, it is unfortunately also so much more. Islam is a very powerful enemy to the civilized world, and must not be underestimated.

Islam as the evil ends:

Islam is an ideology, religion, belief, and way of life. It has certain messages, protocols, ideals, and ethics. In so far as it was the creation of a certain man – Mohammad – and his companions, it reflects the ideals and ethics of that same man and the company he kept. It is also a reflection of his time, culture, and geography. The religion he created was a way for him to extend his own code of acceptable and non-acceptable behavior to his contemporaries and beyond. So what was that message and code of ethics?

This code is well obvious to anyone with any knowledge of the Quran and other accounts of Mohammad via Bukhari. It is more than anything the warrior’s code. Instructions are given in great amount on how to deal with enemies, wage war, and distribute war booty and plunder. Ambushes, assassinations, and any other “stratagems of war” are deemed acceptable by Mohammad when dispatching an enemy, or infidel.

So what takes precedence is not a moral code, but the warrior’s code. Furthermore, the warrior’s code that is adopted is not a chivalrous code of honor, but one of convenience. In summary, the only rule is that there are no rules. This is understandable, if military victory is the first priority rather than morality. Since Islam’s priority is military victory rather than moral behavior, it is certainly a strike against it when one views it in the context of religious and spiritual guidance. If the Quran were simply a military manual on guerrilla warfare, then its content would be considered justified and appreciated. However, as the word of God in his effort to save humanity, it falls extremely short. As it is presented as the word of God, it becomes downright evil because it does not simply provide guidance to the warriors. It portrays the will of God as a call to war for every person – Moslem - that follows this religion. It becomes not just an instruction manual for the professional soldiers, but a call for everyone to carry out acts of war. It is that context which makes it evil.

As every Moslem is thus required to carry out the violence that Islam calls for, the constituents (or Moslems) become the evil means to evil ends (Islam). People carry out uncompassionate acts of violence because they believe that their God wants them to behave in such a way. Islam is thus the evil ends.

This of course makes perfect historical sense. The early Moslems were initially in a position of weakness and needed to wage all out war in order to ensure their dominance and power. It was simply do or die. If they did not succeed militarily initially, their cult would have been extinguished before it got off the ground. When one fights from a position of weakness, one must give one’s uncompromising effort to the cause to ensure success. That’s why “every stratagem of war” was necessary and deemed completely acceptable by Mohammad.

In summary, Islamists at times carry out inhumane acts as a way to fulfill what they think God has instructed them to do via Islam. As such, Islam becomes the evil ends, while using the Islamists as the evil means to achieve its teachings.

Islam as the evil means:

The opposite effect can also exist in the bizarre relationship that exists between the Islamist and Islam. At times, Islam is used as the evil means to achieving the evil ends of the Islamists.

The most prominent example: Ahmadinejad and the rest of the Iranian theocracy.

The Iranian Mullahs have a grand agenda for themselves and their role in the Middle East. They wish to wield more power and influence in the region in an attempt to prolong their hold on Iran. They have chosen the only means within their grasp yet again: Islam. By using Islam, they want to buttress an alliance and gain the sympathy of the millions of Moslems in the Middle East, both Iranian and Arab. They have used their common bond via Islam to gain momentum in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Hezbollah is merely a puppet of the Iranian Mullahs. The “Party of God” is using Islam to carry out the political agenda of the Iranian Theocrats. Islam has become a tool in their hands to destabilize the region and stabilize their own hold upon it by force, terror, and chaos. It is within this framework that the Iranian backed Hezbollah have recently unleashed devastation upon Israel and Lebanon in the name of Allah. It is an attempt to gain a strong Islamic cohesion ruled by the Mullahs from sea to sea. From the Persian Gulf to Iran, to Shiite Iraq, to Syria, to Lebanon, to the Mediterranean has become a path of Mullah influence.

Obviously, Islam has been the evil means for them to carry out these evil ends.

Evil begets more evil:

An evil man by the name of Mohammad and his companions decided to form a cult one day in order to gain more power, prestige, wealth, and influence. They called this cult Islam. With its birth, Islam became the evil means for an evil man to carry out his wishes.

As time passed, and Islam gained a life of its own long after the death of its creator, the tables turned. In order for many believers to be accepted by God, they set out to fulfill their duty set forth by the religion of Islam. In doing so, they carried out many immoral acts, becoming the evil means to the evil ends: Islam.

The tables have turned again, as many selfish individuals have capitalized on Islam to fulfill their own wishes, making Islam again the evil means. These relationships are not exclusive to each other. Such two way streets have been opened and remain open since the inception of Islam. The two highways of evil feed off of each other simultaneously and enable both parties, the Islamist and Islam, to use each other and benefit from each other in a circle of evil.

How can this evil merry-go-round be stopped? By exposing its nuts and bolts, and not being afraid to call it what it truly is: evil.
I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

Naqshe Rostam
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