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''In Misogynist Iran'' By Late Ambassador Meftah

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 11:16 pm    Post subject: ''In Misogynist Iran'' By Late Ambassador Meftah Reply with quote

Pardisian wrote:

''In Misogynist Iran''

In an audience with the members of the British Parliament
in 1984, his Excellency late Mr. Meftah said the followings:

1- Every brick falls in this war, we hold Britain responsible. [1]
2- Every blood shed in Iran, we hold Britain responsible.
3- Every single life perishes in Iran we hold Britain responsible.
4- You have imposed khomeini's madness on Iran.
5- You have created this mess for us.
6- You brought the Mullahs to power.
7- You are responsible for the pain and suffering our
people are subjected too.
8- You have created this war and you are prolonging it. [1]
9- You are destroying Iran and we will hold Britain accountable.
Iranians will not forget nor forgive.

His Excellency Late Abod-Houssein Meftah 1899-1991.
Senior Iranian diplomat & Ambassador in many countries
including Tunisia, India, Holland, Germany & Norway.
Acting Foreign Minister under Mossadegh & late General Zahedi.
A Great Iranian thinker, a legendary figure, politician and patriot.
May God bless his soul.
"Every single life perishes in Iran
we hold Britain responsible".

Arezu, A young Iranian girl in her early twenties
became the latest youth to commit suicide in Iran.
last week, She jumped from a bridge in Hafez square in Tehran.
Arezu (meaning desire and hope) lost all hopes & find
life unbearable in misogynist Iran under the Ayatollahs.
Arezu and many more have lost their lives so the greedy
EU & the filthy Brits can live better lives by looting Iran.
Iran has the highest rate of suicide in the world.

For the past 28 years, the words of
Mr. Meftah echoes in my mind that:
"Every single life perishes in Iran
we hold Britain responsible".

[1] - Referring to Iran/ Iraq war.
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Joined: 24 Jun 2003
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 11:56 pm    Post subject: DON'T FORGET and DON'T FORGIVE JACK & TONY Reply with quote


BBC Persian World Service Reported (6/10/03) Jack Straw is Against Regime Change In Iran and Biggest Supporter of Mullah's Regime

اختلاف بريتانيا با آمريکا بر سر ايران
جک استرا، وزير خارجه بريتانيا، تاييد کرده است که کشورش با ايالات متحده آمريکا بر سر ايران اختلاف نظر دارد.
آقای استرا به کميته روابط خارجی پارلمان بريتانيا گفت بريتانيا خواهان تغيير رژيم (در ايران) نيست.
او گفت مقامات لندن بسختی در تلاش هستند تا به آنچه که وی مذاکرات و تماسهای سازنده با ايران ناميد، ادامه دهند.
اين درحالی است که آمريکا، ايران را بخشی از "محور شرارت" می داند.
مقامات آمريکا ايران را متهم به تلاش برای دست يابی به سلاحهای هسته ای می کنند.

2003 Warning Ignored By US Officials wrote:

Watch Jack, He Is Dangerous
Jack is secretly planning and plotting against the new progressive freedom loving US foreign policy and also Mr. Jack is trying very hard to keep Islamic Mafia Terrorists regime in power. Jack is hiding behind Islamic fanatics to weaken US as the only Super power, please watch Jack. In past 50 years Britain by providing misinformation regarding critical matters to key US decision makers created a bad image for USA. Key British foreign policy decision makers always acted as the best US friend and stabbed US from the back. If US is not be careful Britain will create a big trap for US in Iraq. Sophisticated Iranian politicians should watch British move in both Iran and Iraq and help US decision maker.

It is not surprising Britain will continue to support Islamic Mafia regime with the record of over 120,000 of political executions and prisoners, killing 3 former Iran's Prime Ministers, many former Iranian Generals and ministers, cutting hands for stealing a bag of rice while Ayatollahs in Iran stealing by billions with the help of British, French and Swiss bankers, the rape and execution of young girls in prison, the stoning of women, the loss of social freedoms, the theft of billions of dollars by Rafsanjani , SS Clergymen and his terror Mafia gangs, a massive exodus of Iranian refugees throughout the world, the hostage crisis, and the demise of a 200 year old friendship between Iran and US. Jack Straw is biggest hidden enemy of US and biggest supporter of Islamic Mafia. Please ask your US senators to investigate the secret British links to Islamic terrorists, past 50 years of providing misinformation regarding critical matters and their hidden agenda against US and Iran. Is Britain the friend of US or hidden secret enemy of US, Washington and Thomas Jefferson? Is Britain the hidden secret enemy of Iran's freedom? When Britain is planning to stop their Evil and Terrorist acts in Iran and other developing countries? Will USA stop British Evil acts?

How Do We View Blair Support for Mullahs?
Tony Blair & Jack Straw As The Key Supporters of Mullahs indirectly means
= Supporting Terror Master
= Atomic Mullahs
= Atomic Hezbollah & Dirty Bomb for EU3
= No security for anyone in London & UK
= Support for Rapist and killers of Zahrah Kazemi
= Supoort for over 120,000 political execution
= ....

Blair’s Ritual Dance
Blair and Jack are counterpart of Mullah’s deception.



No serious person can believe that the negotiations are going to block, or even seriously delay, the Iranian race to acquire atomic bombs. The European posturing is the Western counterpart of the Iranian deception, a ritual dance designed to put a flimsy veil over the nakedness of the real activities. The old-fashioned name for this sort of thing is "appeasement," and was best described by Churchill, referring to Chamberlain's infamous acceptance of Hitler's conditions at Munich. Chamberlain had to choose between war and dishonor, opted for the latter, and got the former as well. That is now the likely fate of Blair, Chirac, and Schroeder.

The British under Blair's government Deported Dying Iranian Asylum Applicants for Execution to their Mullah Buddies Yet Again! Evil or Very Mad

Execution threat for hunger strikers facing deportation By Neil Mackay

Tony Blair & Jack Straw Support for Islamric Clerical Regime means they are supporting the following and can be considered as criminal and Mullah Mafia supporters :
1. Execution, flogging, stoning and amputation of limbs in public.
2. Mass killings of political prisoners.
3. Assassination of political dissidents outside of Iran.
4. Political serial killings in Iran.
5. Construction of many new prisons holding thousands of political prisoners.
6. Political oppression.
7. Promotion of international and domestic terrorism.
8. Violation of human rights in every category.
9. Lack of civil liberties.
10. Improvement and growth of Iran's Cemeteries.
11. Killing and imprisonment of journalists.
12. Violation of women's rights.
13. Censorship and closure of publications.
14. Forcing Iranians to flee the country resorting in five million refugees throughout the world and "brain drain".
15. Oppression of religious minorities.
16. Filtering the internet.
17. Jamming out of country satellite TV and radio stations.
18. Stealing Iran's wealth by the Mullahs and transfer of funds to abroad.
19. Destruction of Iran's Economy.
20. Widespread poverty throughout Iran.
21. Severe Inflation.
22. Devaluation of Iranian Rial.
23. Increase in unemployment.
24. Increase in the crime rate.
25. Promotion of corruption, prostitution and addiction.
26. Housing crisis in Iran.
27. Malnutrition, retarded growth and increased rate of depression among Iranian youth.
28. Public health crisis in Iran.
29. Making Iran an international "embarrassment".
30. 1979 Occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran and holding hostages for 444 days.
31. Conflict with neighboring countries.
32. Iran-Iraq War resulting in millions dead, wounded, handicapped and homeless.
33. Destruction of Iran's Airline Industry.
34. Causing economic sanctions against Iran.
35. Producing weapon's of mass destruction.
36. Inability to get Iran's fair share of natural resources from Caspian Sea.
37. Promoting regional conflicts in the Middle East.
38. Destruction of Iran's industries.
39. Lack of technological advancements.
40. Air and environmental pollution crisis in Iran.
41. Destruction of Iran’s agriculture.
42. Destructions of fine arts, theater, cinema and music in Iran.
43. Promoting Islamic Fundamentalism.
44. Closure of Iranian Universities under cultural revolution for three years.
45. Attacking University campuses to kill and crack down on students.
46. Violating the constitution of the "Islamic Republic".
47. Hiring hooligans to beat and crack down on Iranian citizens.
48. Improving and selling contraband by regimes elements for additional income.
49. Selling Iranian women as sex slaves in the United Arab Emarets.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 6:19 pm    Post subject: Lord Triesman Another Iran hater Reply with quote

A Letter From Mr. Pardisan To Lord Triesman Another Iran Hater

I listened to your interview with BBC radio 4 On
April the 8th, 2007. In it you said that Britain will
oppose regime change for Iran and will continue
to engage in dialogue with the hostage taking
terrorist supporting, inhumane and unpopular
regime in Iran.

I suggest that you should pay a visit to Iran to see
the depth of anti-British feelings there or read the
books written by Iranian and non-Iranian writers
including the 'Hostage to Khomeini' and 'The Devils
game' by Robert Dreyfoss. Also 'The last Shah of
Iran' and 'The Clash of ambitions' by Professor
Houshang Nahavandi to read where Britain stands
in relation to the rise of Khomeini and the Islamo-
fascism in Iran.

I have one question which I hope you will provide
me with an answer.

It is a popular belief in Iran that the current terrorist
regime in Iran was brought to power by the British
in 1979 and also many consider the Mad Khomeini
as the "British Bulldozer".

If the so called Islamic revolution brought prosperity
to Britain and Europe no one can be in doubt of the
devastation it brought to Iran. Over 7 million refugees
across the world. Million killed in a needless war with
Iraq that only benefited the western governments. Over
9 million addicts. In once rich and prosperous country
over 55% struggle below the poverty line.

Many thousands tortured, murdered and executed by
this evil regime. Yet you show total disregard for the
28 year long human suffering in Iran by opposing regime
change in my country. You knowingly are corroborating
with criminals and murderers and you have blood on you

How much more Iran hating and animosity should be
expected from Her Najesties Government towards my

Yours sincere enemy,

Mohammad-Reza Pardisan, London.


Lord David Maxim Triesman of Tottenham
Another Iran hater, another leech
who has blood on his hands.
He is Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State,
Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Government Spokesperson
for British Foreign and Commonwealth Office
He is determined to keep the terrorist Mullahs
in power to the detriment of all Iranians
so Britain and the EU can milk Iran unopposed.
Please write a letter of protest to this evil being
via a link below and express your revolution
of Britain’s continued support for
the outlaw regime of the mad Mullahs in Iran.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 4:41 pm    Post subject: Answers to your stupid commentary Reply with quote

To: Lord Sovereign: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=lordsovereign

Subject: Answers to your stupid commentary

Refrence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9fJYck6PTM&mode=related&search=

To the British Parasite

The British enticed the simple Americans to overthrow Mosadegh so that parasites like you living in an Island devoid of natural resources can continue ruling over half of the world.

After the 1953 coup d'é·tat , the Brits lost power and influence in Iran . Military, industrial and oil contracts were going to the American companies and you leaches were left empty handed. In 1979 again you fooled the Americans to overthrow the king Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and you succeeded to put in your puppet man Khomeini in power, America was kicked out and you

were back in. Everyone in Middle East knows that if you pull a mullah’s beard underneath says MADE IN ENGLAND !

How do you explain such a low casualties among the British soldiers in Iraqi southern Shia sector ( Basra ) in comparison to the American casualties in Shia Muslim sectors (Najaf & Karbala) controlled by the US troops?

You got in to Iraq by the American money, fire power, blood and guts yet they are becoming the evils, soon to be ousted, but you will be there to rule for the next 300 years through your Shia clerics.

President Truman turned you down to overthrow Mosadegh, yet you constructed the mirror image “British Marxists”(Tudeh Party), encouraged them to riot, then convinced Ike that Iran was falling under the Iron Curtain over threw Dr. Mosadegh for nationalizing the Iranian oil which was being looted by the British Petroleum.

HIM the Shah was not only supporting the nationalization of Iranian oil, but he smarter than that to let you back in. you got even In 1979 this time using Moron Galore jimmy the Teeth (Carter) to do your evil deeds. I feel sorry for the ignorance of America who thinks the British parasites were eradicated in 1776. Being an overachiever, overtly educated Iranian American I find your comments appalling!

The “Fascist Persians of Los Angeles” should not worry you; rather you should worry about your monstrous Islamofascism creation.

The day you brought Khomeini to power, this bastard British monster was born; now little by little your country is getting occupied by Its followers (mostly of Arab and Pakistani descent). Remember their demonstrations in London and the signs they carried?

They are the sexually deprived jihadists who believe in dying for their cause will take them to heaven followed by intercourse with 72 eternal virgins. Next time you are in London , look around you, frankly I think they will throw your genetic garbage nation to the sea

and auction your land; and may be the Americans will wakeup and deport you back to your little island to be among your protégés!

What you say to that punk?

Dr. E
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