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Happy Nowrooz Messages 7007

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 8:22 pm    Post subject: Happy Nowrooz Messages 7007 Reply with quote

Peyam Azadegan

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 8:29 pm    Post subject: Happy Nowrooz, Reply with quote


طرح اختصاصی از: نگار و محمد صالحی زاده



Happy Nowrooz,
The Iranian New Year!
Nowrooz has been one of the world's most important
festivities over many thousand years.
Nowrooz, the Iranian New Year, is a
non-political and non-religious festivity.
The Iranian New Year is based on
joy, celebration of nature and the environment.
The Iranian New Year
is the manifestation of love for
human-beings and respect for
peace and human rights.
During the Nowrooz festivities, remember the ancient
plains of Pasargad that stand on the verge of
extinction, and support this Committee at:
International Committee to Save
the Archeological Sites of Pasargad
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 9:03 pm    Post subject: ICSASPP names the coming Iranian New Year as the Reply with quote

ICSASPP names the coming Iranian New Year as the

"Year of Pasargad"

In a few weeks, and on the advent of spring, Nowruz, the New Year of Iranians, will arrive. This is an ancient Iranian festivity which is still observed by all Iranians, as well as many other nations that once belonged to the Persian Empire. Numerous natural, social and political incidents have not been able to wipe this profound occasion from the Iranian culture. The reason for this persistence lies in the fact that Nowruz is based on the central ideas of Love, Light, Development, Humanism and Peace.

One of the ancient locations that housed such great ideas was the Pasargad Plain, the very place that gave birth to the idea of Human Rights and initiated the history of Iran on such a proud foundation.

This great place is now in danger of being wiped from the face of the earth due to the imminent flooding of a dam that has been built right in the heart of Bolaghi Gorge and Pasargad Plain, threatening to harm the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great as well – The very human being who realized the idea of Human Rights in his famous declaration 2500 years ago.

ICSASPP, that was set up to prevent such a disaster, named the previous Iranian year as the "Year of Pasargad" in the hope of attracting the attention of people all over the globe who believe in the importance of cultural heritages of nations, as well as the responsible world organizations, to this cause.

Now, getting closer to yet another Iranian new year, the danger still exists and the project of the destruction of the Iranian cultural heritage is still on the table. It is based on this real threat that ICSASPP has decided to name the new Iranian year as the "Year of Pasargad" again, asking all Iranians and non-Iranians who oppose such uncivilized action to elevate their endeavors in this direction by helping our Committee in whatever way they can think of.

We wish everyone a very happy "New Year of Pasargad" - a year that could see the eradication of such unwanted threat to the Iranian ancient heritage.

March 10, 2007


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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 2:08 am    Post subject: appy Noorooz , The Iranian New Year! 7007 ActivistChat Reply with quote

AmirN wrote:
Persia’s Poetic Past

The sands of time have always known
That civilization which has grown
In that plateau we call Iran
Land of the lion, land of the sun

Kourosh brought unmatched glory
Dariush’s Persepolis told the lasting story
Strength came from tolerance and freedom
Justice and nobility flourished in this kingdom

The greatest empire ever seen
Their lasting legacy was unforeseen
Masters of the world
The Persians’ achievements must be told

Wise words of Kourosh, baked on a cylinder of clay
Respected foreign cultures, and their right to freely pray
Women were respected, and slavery abolished
Kourosh was Great, for the human rights he polished

To conquer foreign lands requires minimal exertion
But to unite an empire, is a remarkable contention
Always building and improving, and never standing still
Dariush was Great, for his administrative skill

The Royal Road, with Sardis at the end and Shooshan at the start
Was an awe of transportation, connecting Persia’s heart
Who carved the Suez Canal, giving commerce speedy wings?
King Dariush, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenid, the King of Kings

The father, with passion and pride, passed to his son
His love of law, beauty, architecture, and care of Iran
Dariush began building, but Xashayar finished these perfections
Xashayar was Great, for his magnificent creations

And what of Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis?
Did the Greeks truly receive such bliss?
Herodotus embellished, told lies for the West
For the Persians, these were skirmishes at best

But every golden era must someday end
So too Achaemanesh’s dynasty would bend
Alexander’s army won, but could not see
Win or lose, Persians’ hearts always stay free

Revenge, envy, and wine made Alexander yearn
The pride of Persia, Persepolis, to burn
The labor of years, by a thousand artisans employed
Took one lunatic one night, for this jewel to be destroyed

Greatness comes, from a worthy contribution
To humanity, to art, to law, or a scientific institution
Those who burn and loot deserve our hate
So answer this, was Alexander truly Great?

Now who were the barbarians, the Persians or the Greeks?
Our lowest troughs, still higher than their highest peaks
The art of empire, the Greeks could never master
Constant feuding and civil wars, left Greece in a disaster

Parthians picked up the torch of our land
Put Iranian rule back in Iranian hand
They showed Greece and Rome, to name just two
That Iran possesses great horses, and great men too

Like a Phoenix, from the ashes rising
The Sassanians arrived, with Iran reorganizing
Power, wealth, and wisdom again flourished
The rule of Ardeshir, Shapur, and Khosro let Iran be nourished

Life was based on three simple needs
Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds
Monotheist religion, for all its evil and its good
Came from Iran, from where Zarathustra stood

Rome, for all its power and its legions
Couldn’t touch Iran’s vast regions
Many times Rome tried but failed
Every time cataphract armor thundered and hailed

But Sassanian wealth and beauty caught the eye
Of a desert tribe, whose religion was a lie
Like desert snakes, they ruthlessly attacked
Until beautiful Ctesiphone was sacked

Rostam-e-Farokhzad, the brave and capable general
Fought till the end, though his wounds were several
At Qaddissiya, he came to Iran’s defense
Alas, the Taazi army was too dense

With coercion and the sword
Islam was able to spread its word
A dark and sinister force was born
That to this day brings Iran much scorn

Some to India had to flee
Iran’s destruction was unbearable to see
Parsees, they are called to this day
Ahura Mazda, with them will always stay

But Iranian roots are strong and hard to kill
Iran was freed again, with such a thrill
The Saffarids would answer the nation’s call
To make Arab tyranny shamefully fall

Don’t mourn the Ashura, weep a Taazi’s death
Hassan and Hossein were foreigners, who weakened Iran’s breath
If mourn you must, then mourn, a national event
Like Gaugamela, or Qaddissiya, places of great lament

While Europe was stagnant in its Dark Ages
Persian scholars thrived, free from mental cages
From algebra, to astronomy, and architecture
Persians wrote the book, and gave the lecture

A time of great Persian thinkers had emerged
Where poetry and science, love and knowledge, easily verged
Saadi, Hafez, Rumi, Omar Khayam to name a few
Thanks to them, humanity exponentially grew

Arabs from time to time, try to falsely claim
These brilliant men, and their golden works of fame
Dream on, Taazi, and of this be sure:
These men were always Persian, and completely pure

Who could forget Ferdowsi, the greatest poet ever?
He gave us Sam, Zal, and Rostam, heroes both brave and clever
The Persian language, so eloquently resurrected
As The Shahnameh was written with all Arabic words neglected

Many other invaders would come again, much the same
From Genghis Khan to Teimur the Lame
They would loot, burn, and murder
The cities too proud to surrender

Though Turks and Mongols had military strength
They were lacking in cultural length
The Persian culture was too rich, to be absorbed into theirs
Instead they settled in Iran, and joined her proud heirs

It’s clear from this short and simple recap
That Iran had its share of glory, as well as mishap
Our generation is unfortunate, assigned the station
Of another dark chapter, in the book of our nation

Once again Zahak is in power
His snakes consume and poison every flower
He uses religion and superstition
To enforce his selfish and malicious mission

So once more dust off the Kaviyani banner
And fly it high, in a proud and fitting manner
Zahak and his snakes will die once more
And our nation we shall yet restore

Arabs, pack your camels, and form a line
Leave this land, let the lion roar, let the sun shine
Or get thrown out, by Kaveh, and his noble flame
Return to the desert sands, from whence you once came

Iran in its infancy reached the sky
Will faravahar’s wings expand, will Iran soar that high?
Just lift the veil, you’ll surely see
Iran’s brightest days lie ahead, when the Aryans are again free

Those who know not their history are deaf to the past, mute to the present, and blind to the future


cyrus wrote:

ActivistChat 2007 Guideline Framework And Vision Of Future

1. Cyrus the Great (585-529 BC), is the founding father of Persia. ActivistChat members admire Cyrus The Great as the greatest liberator of all time for defining the First Declaration of Human Rights over 2500 years ago and the humane treatment of vast empire he ruled. Professor Richard Frye of Harvard University said; "Surely the concept of One World, the fusion of Peoples and Cultures into oneness was one of his important legacies".

2. Ferdowsi is the father of Iranian Renaissance, neo-Iranian cultural awareness, and the Shahnameh is credited with the revival of Iranian identity.

3. Being Iranian is defined by a state of mind, not by a place of residence. The barbaric Islamist mullahs and their mercenaries presently ruling Iran are not Iranians and currently Iran is under occupation of Islamic Fascists. Iranians are proud spiritual descendants of King Cyrus the Great, the author of the first charter of the human rights. Some of Cyrus’ children live in the patch of land called Iran. The overwhelming majority—free humans with human beliefs—live in every country, city, and village of the earth.

4. Our unity, position and expectation from others are defined and evaluated with new set of rules and test cases as guidance in search of truth:
a- Have a secular democracy purpose b- Have a Human Rights purpose
c- Have a Free Society purpose d- Have a primary effect to increase freedom at global level.
e- Have the element of War Of Ideas to expand public awareness, education and expansion of truth.

5. Our vision of Greater Middle East is based on Cyrus The Great Unity vision and referred as CU. In the past 2500 years of the history of Greater Middle East the only time that we have seen relative peace and prosperity was during Cyrus The Great and Achaemenid Empire era and some of the worst bloodshed happened after creation of Islam 1400 years ago. The Iranians regarded Cyrus The Great as The Father, the Babylonians as The Liberator, the Greeks as the Law-Giver, and the Jews as the Anointed of the Lord. Reject any Religious, Ethnic cleansing and religious parties for creating division and partition.

6. The "War on Terror" which is a subset of "War on Taazi" UNWINNABLE and the world peace can not be achieved as long as the Unelected Taazi Islamists Terror and Torture Masters are in power in Iran. The TAAZI terror state and fear society can not create peace and stability.
To avoid War or Nuclear war or another disaster like Chernobyl nuclear disaster 20 years ago , ( Animation of Nuclear Bunker Buster: Destructive impact on civilian population in Iran and beyond )
our message to Iranian people inside Iran: General Strike Now, our message to Security Forces (Police, Pasdaran and Military) must act now for regime change and replacing it with Free society and Secular Democracy. The Iranian people have already spoken by boycotting Elections. The Armed forces must choose between defending and serving the people or serving Mullahs. This is up to armed and security forces to choose between SHAME and HONOR, serving Mullahs or their Sisters, Brothers, Fathers & Mothers who pay their salary.
To avoid war Iranian people of all ages do not have any choice other than be prepared to fight to free their homeland from Viruses of Iranian society whether the armed forces serve them or serve the enemy of freedom and free society. Iranian people should be prepared for final battle for freeing their homeland from TAAZI and must not forget that their FOREVER leader Cyrus the Great died in battlefield in 530 BC at the age of 60 and not in bed.

7. Iranian people can decide about Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Research and Atomic Bomb after the regime change when they have established stable secular democracy and FREE society until then Iran should avoid any kind of Nuclear research program, resulting to acquire Atomic Bomb, under Islamist Taazi occupation and control.

8. Territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Iran.

9. Complete separation of religion from the State.

10. Acceptance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

11. Free, open and democratic referendum to elect the type of the new Government of Iran in the post-IRI era.

12. Work within high standard of code of ethics not to fight with other political groups or fellow FREE Iran Activists unless they are violating one of the key principles or moving against the concept of Free Society and secular democracy.

13. We are Free Iran Activists and Watch Group monitoring high government officials, Journalists , writers and scholars words and their actions based on the following direction from James Madison:
"If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men! over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions. "
The Federalist No. 51 (James Madison).

14. Support and promote people, groups and leadership who are making positive contributions for Human Rights, Regime Change in Iran, Free
Iran, Free Society and Secular democracy from progressive Center, Right and Left.

We thank all compatriots and organizations who contributed for defining part of above Guideline Framework for Human Rights, Regime Change in Iran, Free Iran, Free Society and Secular Democracy .


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 12:23 pm    Post subject: Empress Farah Pahlavi Message Reply with quote

Nowrouz 7007 - March 21, 2007
Empress Farah Pahlavi Message

Nowrouz with my Family

Nowrouz in the Seventies

Click this link to listen to the Empress Audio Message

Reza Pahlavi of Iran’s message on the occasion of Persian New Year
RP Secretariat
Translated Excerpts
Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Translated Excerpts of Reza Pahlavi of Iran’s message on the occasion of Norouz 1386 (Persian New Year 2007):

. . . The Persian New Year, Norouz, reminds us that no power can suppress or hold back the natural and fundamental desires of humans; whether they are in pursuit of happiness, bettering of lives, or finding sanctity and peace within the arms of law, order and freedom.

. . . Norouz has withstood much tumult throughout the millennia, resiliently serving as a symbol of resistance against untold assaults on our rich culture and prideful heritage.

. . . This year, however, I am deeply sorrowed over the serious and very grave circumstances facing our homeland -- to spiritedly wish you a joyous celebration of Norouz. We face real and unprecedented danger. Our homeland is confronted with an abyss, threatened with sanctions, violence and destruction, even partitioning, at the hands of adversaries, both domestic and foreign.

. . . The clerical regime, its principals, values and nature being the root cause of our national ills is faced with two choices: the continuation of its adventurism, reckless and rogue behavior; or, reversal of course, concession and compromise of its very principals. Unfortunately neither scenario bodes in favor of our national interests, for our national ills are deep and our problems vast -- all rooted in the nature of a regime whose end must come if we are to have a chance to renew our nation for a better future.

. . . We, as a nation, are endowed with an ancient heritage that has gifted mankind a great plenty: great statesmen, prominent leaders and pioneers in multitude of fields. The destiny of our nation should not be determined at the hands of an incompetent, corrupt and inept few. Iran and Iranians deserve better!

. . . As spring renews our day, I reaffirm my commitment to you and our homeland. Above and beyond all personal ambitions and interests we must join ranks, move forward and find our way towards the end goal.

May your new-year be victorious?

God Bless Iran

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 12:34 pm    Post subject: Presidential Message on Nowruz Celebrations Reply with quote

Presidential Message on Nowruz Celebrations

White House News

I send greetings to those celebrating Nowruz.

Nowruz is a special time of thanksgiving and celebration when millions of people around the world who trace their heritage to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, India, and Central Asia welcome the New Year. For thousands of years, it has been an occasion when family, friends, and loved ones come together to reflect on the blessings of the past year and look forward with a spirit of renewal and hope.

America is strengthened by the rich cultural diversity of our people, and we are blessed to be a Nation that welcomes individuals of all races, religions, and cultural backgrounds. Celebrating Nowruz honors the values of family and tradition and helps preserve the unique fabric that makes up our country.

Laura and I send our best wishes for health and happiness in the coming year.


# # #

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 3:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

پیام رضا پهلوی بمناسبت نوروز ۱۳۸۶
دبيرخانه رضا پهلوي
رضا پهلوي
سه شنبه 29 اسفند 1385

هم میهنان عزیزم،

نوروز جشن زندگانی نواست، جشن بهارکه پایان دورۀ سرما و خـواب زمستانی طبیعت را مژده میدهد و پیک تازگی ها، نو رویی ها و نوآفرینی هاست.

نوروز یـادآور همیشگی آنست که هیچ نیرویی هرچند قدرقدرت و اهریمنی و واپسگرا قادرنیست از رونـد انسانهـا به سـوی خوشی ها و شادیهـا در آزادی و بسوی رفـاه و آسـایش در پناه قانون و داد، ممانعت بعمل آورد.

نـوروز طی هـزاره هـای تاریخ و با همـۀ تلاشی که بیگانگـان برای تسلط بـرما کردنـد، همچنان مظهر پایداری، میهن پرستی و گرامیداشت آئین باستانی نیاکان ما بجا مانده است.

من، بـا تـاسف بسیـار، خـود را درچنـان احـوالی نمی بینــم که جشن نــوروز را شـادمانـه بـه شما هموطنـان عزیـز شادبـاش بگویم. وطـن ما، ایـران عزیــزما، این ســرزمین اهــورایی و خاستگاه زیباتـرین و طبیعی تـرین عیـد ملی، در خطـراست. در خطر از هـم پاشیـدگی، در خطر انحطـاط و زوال، در خطرتهاجم خارجی و جنگ و جدال داخلی.

رویداد شومی در زمستان ۵۷ راه براین خطرها گشود، زمستانی که هرگز بهاری در پی نداشته و ارمغـان آن درطـول ۲۸ سـال جـز نفـرت و خشـونت، جنــگ و خونـریـزی، محنت و مصیبت، طغیان جهل و زوال عقل، فساد مالی و اخلاقی، فقر، عقب ماندگی و محرومیت نبوده است.

چه نظـام حاکم بـه غوغـاگـری و حادثه آفرینـی ادامه دهـد و ایـران را بـه تحریم و انــزوا محکوم کند، چه در زیـرفشار و از سر اجبار به سـازش تن سپارد و تضمین بدهد و تامین بگیرد، مسائلی که ایـران را به این غرقـاب بـلا کشانـده است حل نخواهـد شد. این مسائل، نـه سطحی و گـذرا که عمقی و بنیانی و ریشه گرفتـه از طبیعت و سرشت رژیم است. تا این رژیم باقی است این مسائل نیزبرجای خواهد بود.

رژیم کنونی قادراست برای رهیدن از بحران های حاد داخلی یا خارجی، هرزمان به رنگی درآید و ترفنــدی تـازه بکـار بنـدد امـا قــادر بـه تغییـر سـرشت و طبیعت خـود نیست. حادثــه آفرینی، تفرقـه افکنی، عوامفریبی، نیرنگ بازی، بی کفایتی در حل و عقـد امور سیاسی و سامان بخشیدن به امـور اقتصـادی و فرهنـگی و اجتمـاعی و در نهـایت امـر، متزلــزل سـاختـن پیونـدهـای قومی و مذهبـی کـه ضامن همبستگی ملـی و یکپارچگـی ارضـی و امنیت مـرزی است از خصلت های ذاتـی این رژیم مایـه میگیـرد و تا وقتـی این رژیم، با این مشخصات، بـرایـران حاکم باشـد نه تنها هیچ مشکلی به طور نهـادی و بنیادی حل نخواهد شد بلکه هر زمان خطر برخورد با بحران های تازه و تازه تری وجود خواهد داشت.

سرنـوشت کشــوری بـا چنـان سابقــۀ تمــدن و فــرهنگ کـه در طـول تــاریخ زادگــاه و خاستگـاه شخصیت هایـی با شهـرت و اعتبار جهانی در همۀ زمینـه ها بوده است، و امروز نیز خوشبختانه از مدیران و کارگزاران کـاردان و کارساز و کارآمد تهی نیست، نباید دردست گروهی فریبکار و فاقد لیاقت و کفایت باقی بماند.

ایـران شایستـۀ حکومتی است از نـوع دیگر، حکومتـی سازنـده، حکومتی دنیا پسند بـا قواره های امـروزین. حکومتی قـادر به درک مسائـل و مقتضیـات زمان. حکومتی آینده نگـر و نه واپسگرا. اسـم حکومت مهم نیست. مهم، فطرت و خصلت و دید و تفکـر و نوع برخـورد حکومت با مسائل است.

من، به نـام یک ایرانی، نسبت بـه سـرنوشت وطنـم دراین بــرهه از زمـان عمیقـا احسـاس وظیفه می کنم. وظیفـۀ خود می دانـم ایرانیـان را به حساسیت و وخامت اوضاع توجـه دهم و همـه را به همفکـری و همـراهی و همیاری برای رهیـدن از دامی که بـه هـر دلیل، همگـی درآن افتاده ایم، فرابخوانـم برای قـدم گـذاردن در راهی کـه به روشنایـی، به شکوفایـی، به بهـار واقعـی بپیوندد و زندگی شاد و پرنشاط را برای نسل امروز و نسلهای آینده مان به ارمغان آورد.


فـرصت هـا بــرای حـرکت هــای سرنـوشت سـاز تاریخــی همیشـگی نیست. مـا در مرحلـۀ یک تصمیم گیـری و استفاده از یک فـرصت تاریخـی قــرارداریـم. بایــد تصمیم بگیــریم و راهمان را برگزینیم. راهی که پیمودنش به عزم جزم و قدمهای استوارنیاز دارد.

من در این آغـاز سال متعهد می شوم که در این راه به عنـوان یک رهنما و ره پیما در کنار شما و با شما باشـم و به دور از هرهـدف و نظری جـز ادای وظیفۀ میهنی، تا هـرجا کـه شمـا خواسته باشید و هر اندازه که از دستم ساخته باشـد، راه را با هم ادامـه دهیم و به سوی مقصد پیش برویم.

نوروزتان پیروز
خداوند نگهدارایران باد
رضا پهلوی
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 3:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Norouzetan Peerouz baad

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 6:58 pm    Post subject: Haft Sin Islamic Fascist Occupiers Of Iran Reply with quote

هفت سین رژیم فاشیستی جمهوری اسلامی
از وبلاگ اردشیر دولت

هفت سین جمهوری اسلامی

سلول و سیاهچال
سیاه پوشی و سینه زنی
سیاهی و ظلمت
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:46 am    Post subject: Nowruz Celebration In Shiraz With 4 Million Visitors Reply with quote

Nowruz Celebration In Shiraz With Possible 4 Million Visitors
Official Sources in Iran predicted that Shiraz State will attract 4 Million visitors this year and in first 4 days of Nowruz Holiday Cyrus The Great Tomb had at least 40% more visitors than last year.

This year Cyrus The Great was not alone on Norwuz Eve because two freedom-loving Iranian youth Arash and Siavash from Tehran and Isfahan had traveled over 800 Kilometers distance and reached Pasargad after 20 days of walking and by Bicycle to celebrate Noorooz beside Cyrus The Great Tomb.

Cyrus the Great (585-529 BC), is the founding father of Persia. admired as the greatest liberator of all time for defining the First Declaration of Human Rights over 2500 years ago and the humane treatment of vast empire he ruled. Professor Richard Frye of Harvard University said; "Surely the concept of One World, the fusion of Peoples and Cultures into oneness was one of his important legacies".

Paak tarin mard e zamin! Video Music Clip From Iran

Ambassador Hakimi wrote:

Mullahs had requested that our country Men/Women refrain visiting Takhte Jamshid & other historical monuments!
The irony is that our compatriots carried out their request!
Now, please look at the following photos!
And they did!!??

هم میهنان گرام،
ملایان از هم میهنان ما خواسته بودند که به تخت جمشید و سایر ابنیه تاریخی ما هنگام نوروز مسافرت نکنند!
هم میهنانمان هم بخواسته مقامات جهل و جنون گوش فرادادند و نرفتند!
حالا عکسهای نوروزی 1386 را نگاه کنید!
دوباره نوروزتان خجسته باد.

بازديد کنندگان نوروزی آثار تاريخی و باستانی استان فارس تا همين چهار روز اول نوروز 40 در صد زياد شده اند

رييس سازمان ميراث فرهنگی: بازديد کنندگان امسال به حدی زياد است که در برخی از نقاط برای کنترل و مراقبت و
حتی فروش بليت با کمبود نيرو روبرو هستيم

حلقه انسانی دور آرامگاه کوروش دستگير شد

صبح امروز عده ای از جوانانی که به دور آرامگاه کوروش حلقه انسانی زده بودند دستگير شدنداتهام اين جوان ها کوشش برای حفظ آثار باستانی و ميراث بشری ايران زمين در پاساردگاد بود

ماموران حراست مجموعه تاريخي پاسارگاد، صبح امروز، پنجم فروردين، تعدادي از اعضاي NGO هاي دوستدار فرهنگ ايران را بازداشت كردند.به گزارش خبرنگار ايلنا، امروز تعدادي از اعضاي NGOهاي دوستدار فرهنگ و تاريخ ايران كه در جهت دفاع از پاسارگاد و تنگه بلاغي، اقدام به اطلاع رساني از طريق بروشورهايي در مورد خطرات آبگيري سد سيوند براي آثار تاريخي كشور كرده بودند، توسط ماموران حراست مجموعه تاريخي پاسارگاد بازداشت شدند


Cyrus The Great Tomb
The Eternal Innocent

Hakimi wrote:

Rumi Poem 1207-1273 :
Ey qowm e be hajj-rafte kojaa'id, kojaa'id
Ma'shuq hamin jaa st, biyaaid, biyaaid
ای قوم به حج رفته ، کجائید ، کجائید؟

معشوق همین جا است ، بیائید ، بیائید!

دو بیتی از مثنوی مولوی رومی1207-1273
O, those who have been to Mecca ! Where are you? Where are you?
Beloved is here, Come in, come in!

savepasargad wrote:

آرش و شهیار ، دو جوان پر شور ایرانی در پاسارگاد :

پاسارگاد قلب هویت ایرانی ماست

نگذاریم قلب ایران شکسته شود

از: دکتر شاهين سپنتا،

اختصاصی کميته بين المللی نجات پاسارگاد

امسال در شب نوروز و هنگام لحظه تحویل سال کوروش بزرگ تنها نبود . آرش و شهیار ، دو تن از جوانان دوستدار فرهنگ و هویت ملی ایران که از پنجم اسفند ماه سال گذشته در اعتراض به آبگیری سد سیوند ، حرکت نمادین خود را از تهران تا پاسارگاد آغاز نموده اند ، نوروز را در پاسارگاد جشن گرفتند و تصمیم دارند در حلقه انسانی که احتمالا روز پنجم فروردین ماه گرداگرد پاسارگاد بسته خواهد شد، شرکت نمایند .

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 4:06 pm    Post subject: Norooz of New Yorker Iranians Reply with quote

Ambassador Hakimi wrote:
Norooz of New Yorker Iranians
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 21:02:37 +0200

Look at these photos of New York Norooz Festivity Parade published in Iranian.com.
Contrary to what has happened in Tehran Jeless, the New Yorker Iranians are proud of their origin.
Shame on Tehran Jelesi Iranians who have sold theire soul to the green backs!!??
I am proud of the New Yorker Iranians.



The Fourth Annual Persian Parade in New York City Draws Huge Enthusiastic Crowd
Report by Davood N. Rahni
Photography by A. Afshar, A. Habibian & R. Sedighian

Perfect Sunny Spring weather with a mild temperature in the 50’s, enthusiastic cheering spectators, and a spectacular procession of floats and performance, brought out the best in Persian-Iranian Pride. By all accounts the spectacular extravaganza again surpassed last years.

The historical and cultural wonders of Iran-formerly known as Persia-such as Persepolis and Isphahan, the modern monuments of Tehran, the natural beauties of the Persian Gulf, the Caspian Sea and Mount Damavand (~19000-ft high), Iran’s rich display of historical and contemporary contributions to world literature, art, architecture, science and technology were displaced on the floats rolling down Madison Avenue for almost three hours.

The Persian Parade commemorates in part the annual Persian New Year, Norouz, which coincides with the vernal spring equinox. The idea of holding a parade as conceived by a few visionary Iranian-Americans just a few years back has now grown to a grassroots movement. Recognizing the growth of Iranian-American community of nearly one million, they envisaged the need to organize an annual Persian Parade to build up the spirit in the community, especially for second and third generations of Iranian-Americans, while countering possible xenophobia. The Parade was the most effective outlet to offset the stereotypical depiction of historical Persians in the recent Movie 300. Huge signs registered the community’s concerns over the possible ramifications of the movie.

The skeptics, who stayed away in earlier years, because they reckoned the Parade would be short-lived, participated this year with much applause for the hundreds of organizers and cadre of volunteers, and individual and corporate sponsors. Everyone was so gratified that an event of such majestic magnitude will be immortalized. This year’s parade had attracted a huge number of volunteers, dancers, and float riders from second and third generation Iranian-Americans. The Babak Nowruz DVD float, for instance, was a lively massive flowers bouquet with music, dancers and nearly one hundred children from toddlers to late teens, each with a huge smile extending from “one ear to the other” and with two Iranian flags painted on their cheeks.

Along the Parade route, one could not help but watch the spontaneous networking of Iranian-Americans with many tourists. A pretty petite lady was explaining the displays of the Parade to senior citizens, German tourists. Johanna Sterbin an Iranian Studies Scholar on the sidewalk called the Parade, “An illustrative synopsis of Iranian [rich] history that will be engraved in a non-Iranian mind for life. “

A Sofreh Haftsin was showcased. It is a traditional table beautifully decorated with hyacinth and daffodils, and seven items that begin with the Persian letter “S”. They are Sabzeh (wheat sprouts) for rebirth, Seeb(Apple) for health and beauty, Seer (garlic) for health and medicine, Serkeh (vinegar) for age and patience, Samanu (custard pudding) for affluence, Somagh (sumac) for sunrise, and Senjed (Oleaster fruit) for love.

Those actively engaged in organizing the Persian Parade are already planning for next year, recruiting volunteers, seeking sponsors, and gathering ideas. The Norouz festivities, lasting for two weeks, conclude with Sizdah Bedar, an all day picnic festival in the countryside. There are several Sizdah Bedar picnic scheduled in and around New York City this year including one at Bear Mountain State Park on April 1.


Background on Norouz and Iranian history.

A series of excellently written articles as typified by Howard Cincotta, USINFO Special Correspondent of the Department of State titled, Iranian-Americans Celebrate Persian New Year March 20, appeared before the parade and this year’s Norouz. David Rahni has also provided ample articles on Norouz, the Persian Parade and other community endeavors of Iranian-Americans over the years.

The Norouz Festival, on which the Persian Parade is anchored, is immortalized in the Decree of Cyrus the Great, founder of the Persian Achaemenid Empire, granting national, cultural and religious freedoms to the peoples of Babylon and beyond in 542 B.C.E.:

When I entered Babylon (on Norouz) and other lands I conquered, I did not allow anyone to terrorize the land or its people... I kept in view the needs of Babylon and all its sanctuaries to promote their well-being. The citizens of Babylon... I lifted their unbecoming yoke (slavery). Their dilapidated dwellings I restored. I put an end to their misfortunes. ...Thus said the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden (Isaiah, XLV-1-3).

Norouz, the new day or the New Year in Persian, is the cyclical celebration of the Spring Equinox. It is the most cherished and celebrated of all Iranian festivals; it has been observed by all peoples of the broad Iranian plateau for millennia. Commemorating the periodic rebirth and rejuvenation of nature, Norouz has been observed, in one form or another, since 3,000 B.C.E. by all the major cultures of ancient Mesopotamia and southwest and south central Asia, namely, the Akaddians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Chaldeans, the Elamites, the Medes, the Sumerians, and the Persians.

Today, Norouz is still celebrated annually in a wide arc of territory extending from the Lake Aral and the Indus River to the east, the Caspian Sea to the north, the Black and Mediterranean Seas to the west, and the Persian Gulf to the south. Iranian peoples (Persians, Azeris, Kurds, Lurs, Tajiks, Baluchis, Bakhtiaris and Gilanis), as well as other peoples in their proximity (e.g., Armenians, Assyrians, Afghanis, Kazakhs and Kashmiris) all participate in the Norouz celebration. It is interesting that the first day of spring was also observed by Europeans throughout the middle Ages, and the American pilgrims during the early 18th century as the "common" New Year.

The roots of Norouz can be traced to Zoroastrianism, which is believed to be the world's first monotheistic religion. Zoroastrianism considers Nowouz as the last day of the seven day creation epoch; thus the ritual of the Haft Sin, or the seven life-related, mostly plant based, symbolic heralds, all beginning with the letter "S" in the Persian language. During the Norouz holidays, families and friends visit each other, pay their respects to the elderly, reach out to reconcile with adversaries, visit the resting places of the deceased, and make donations to the impoverished and the sick. They give and receive presents during the thirteen day period that ends on April 1st called Sizdah Bedar when everyone spends the whole day in the countryside dancing, singing and playing. The commemoration of Norouz recalls the seventh day of creation, when homage is paid to the Creator or Mother Nature, with rest, play and party activities. An annual Sizdah Bedar in New York area has traditionally been held at Bear Mountain State Park on or about April 1.

Norouz celebrates the Lord of Wisdom and the holy "halo" fire in anticipation of the Spring Equinox. The oldest archaeological evidence for Norouz celebrations comes from the records of over 2500 years ago. An inscription on Persepolis Palace, the summer capital of the Achaemenid dynasty depicts the Persian Monarch, Darius, accepting gifts from diverse peoples who lived in a federation of territories, stretching from Asia to Europe and North Africa. His father, Cyrus the Great, was the world's first true supreme emperor who ruled his vast realm with compassion and justice, a legacy acknowledged by the Greek historian Herodotus. His declaration of Human Rights on a clay tablet is kept at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Persian Parade Nowruz 2006 Iranian Dance Video Clip
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 8:55 pm    Post subject: Darya Dadvar, March 2007, Norouz Gala, London, UK Reply with quote

Darya Dadvar, March 2007, Norouz Gala, London, UK
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 11:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


This was interesting, specially the part with the young boy playing violin & dancing at the same time!?

But more important is the event itself.
Thanks to the Iranians of San Francisco . They made it beautifully!
I am sorry to say, as if the Iranians in Europe are all dead!!?? I included!



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