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Abu-Lu'lu'ah (Firuz) The Iranian Hero Killed Umar

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 7:08 pm    Post subject: Abu-Lu'lu'ah (Firuz) The Iranian Hero Killed Umar Reply with quote

Death Of Umar
`Umar died in 644, the victim of an assassin's dagger. `Umar's killer (Abu-Lu'lu'ah) was a nonmuslim Persian slave who is said to have held a personal grudge against Umar; he stabbed the Caliph six times as `Umar led the dawn prayers in the Masjid al Nabawi mosque in Medina. `Umar died two days later, and was buried alongside Muhammad and Abū Bakr. Uthman ibn Affan was elected as his successor, by a group of prominent Muslims appointed by `Umar before his death.


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Abu-Lu'lu'ah was a Persian Zoroastrian slave who assassinated the Muslim ruler, or caliph, Umar al-Khattab in 23 AH (644–645 CE) CE. His original name was Pīrūz (Arabicized: Firuz)[1]. Other transliterations of his name include Feroz, Firouz, Abu-Lo'lo'a, Abu Lulu, Abu Lolo, and Baba Shuja-e-din

Contents [hide]
1 Biography
1.1 Early life
1.2 Moving to Medina
1.3 Death
2 Legacy
2.1 Descendents
2.2 Shi'a view
3 References

[edit] Biography

[edit] Early life
Abu Lu'lu'ah is said to have been born in Persia, enslaved in Iraq, and carried off as booty by the Islamic conquerors of Iraq. Some accounts say that he was a Magian (Zoroastrian).[citation needed] Ibn Shihab's account included by Ibn Sa'd in his Tabaqat asserted that he was a Christian.

[edit] Moving to Medina
He was a skilled workman, a carpenter and artisan, and his owner allowed him to live in his own household in the Islamic capital of Medina (although according to Ibn Sa'd, Mughira ibn Shu'ba, his owner who was also the governor of Basra, had written 'Umar from Kufa; and then 'Umar had given Mughira special permission to send Abu Lu'lu'ah to Medina --since captives were not permitted to live in Medina). Abu Lu'lu'ah hired himself out as a carpenter, and gave two dirhams a day to his owner in return for his limited freedom [while Ibn Shihab's account states that every month Mughira took 100 dirhams from his wages (although the account of Abu Huwayrith, also in Ibn Sa'd's Tabaqat, states 120 dirhams, four per day)]. He supported a wife and child on the rest of his earnings.

[edit] Death
Main article: Hadith of the killing of Umar
One story [which summarizes and is largely in agreement with the account (ultimately deriving from Ibn Shihab) included by Ibn Sa'd in his Tabaqat] goes thus: Abu Lu'lu'ah felt that he had to give too much of his wages to his owner. He approached Umar, the caliph, and begged for relief, saying (according to Abu Huwayrith's account in Ibn Sa'd's Tabaqat) "The taxes [Mughira] are levying on me are more than I can bear." Mughira (his owner), as a Muslim, was subject to Umar; surely Umar could enforce justice. However, Umar, after questioning him about how much his income was in proportion to the tax that Mughira was demanding from him (according to Ábu Huwayrith), told Abu Lu'lu'ah that he was such a skilled workman that he was sure to make a good wages; there was no need to reduce his obligation to his owner. The slave was enraged at the repulse and swore vengeance. [Ibn Sa'd adds: So in his robe he wrapped his two-headed dagger, the grip of which was in the middle, and hid himself in a corner of the Medina mosque.] When Umar went to wake up those sleeping in the mosque for morning prayers, Abu Lu'lu'ah leaped upon him and stabbed Umar six times [three times, according to Ibn Sa'd]. He attempted to make his way out of the mosque, slashing at the bystanders [11 men besides 'Umar, according to Ibn Sa'd] as he fled, but was eventually overpowered. He turned his knife upon himself and committed suicide.

[edit] Legacy

Tomb of Abu-Lu'lu'ah is located in Kashan, Iran.
[edit] Descendents
Currently some people in Iran, mainly in Kashan and Aran Bidgol claim that they are descendents of Abu-Lu'lu'ah. They usually use the family name Azimi (عظیمی).

[edit] Shi'a view
Abu Lu'lu'ah is respected by some Twelver Shi'a Muslims for killing Umar, who some Shi'a muslims view as taking the rightful caliphate from Ali. They gave him the title "Bābā Šajā ud-Dīn" ("the one who is brave in the cause of religion")[1]. He has a shrine in Kashan, Iran.

[edit] References
^ The Origins and Early Development of Shi`a Islam p.58-079
also: A useful online source is the detailed article in the Encyclopaedia Iranica, "Abo Lo'lo'a." Many of the original Arabic documents that contain the accounts of Abu Lu'lu'ah can be electronically searched and are online at www.alwaraq.net .

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