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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 6:31 pm    Post subject: COLD & CHAOS Reply with quote

Jan 18, 07
kermanshah -15, khorasan -14-12, Tabriz -12, Esfahan -11, Kerman(edge of desert) -8! Birjand -8, Tehran -6, Gilan -4, Sistan o Balouchestan -4!Zanjan -4, etc.

Unprecedented Cold Causing Chaos Throughout Iran:

Almost the entire country has come to stand still for freezing cold temperature and heavy snowfall, as well as gas shortage!

Even the warmer southern areas are frozen! Snow fall in such quantity is not normal for most part of Iran. Yet reports say: there's more to come in next few weeks!

And to make things worse, Turkmanistan happens to cut off gas supply to Northern Iran.
IRNA says low pressure has effected the gas supply to all other areas, except for the capital city!
Which means, officials are doing their best to keep Tehran warm, by cutting off the supply to all other regions!

Most roads are blocked, and many government offices, private business & all schools are forced to close down. Access to rural & mountaneous areas are cut off. Well, actually access to anywhere is cut off right now!

Officials are blaming one another, and seems like they wont be able to fix the gas shortage anytime soon!

Ahmadinejad asked the "Omat" to wear warmer cloths at home, and refrain from travelling!!! Oh yeah, the airports also had to shut down, while passengers were stranded for a week or so!

But seems the worst is yet to come:

* * * *

take a look at this article on

Scalar Waves
weapon of choice for future wars!

Two scalar antennae together along with the computers to control them, make up a scalar interferometer, and according to Col. Bearden the Russians have hundreds of such installations already. These interferometers are called "Tesla Howitzers." They can deliver a giant blast of energy to the distant target site, true "action-at-a-distance".

The first howitzer mode is called the "exothermic" mode of operation because immense EM energy blasts outward at the target site. The blast of a scalar howitzer can be of near nuclear level in destructiveness, and can be repeated easily, at that place, or nearby, or anywhere.

The howitzer can use a lesser exothermic power setting and simply destroy all electronics in the target area. Thus they can render our nuclear missiles inoperable as they sit in their silos by "frying" the electronic circuits that guide them. [If this is true, then there's no need for bom-ing the site. can't be! (?)] ...

In a second howitzer mode called the "endothermic" mode, the howitzer sucks energy out of the target area, essentially creating a blast of cold at the distant target. It is even capable of freezing parts of the ocean. Bearden gives a number of cases where these "cold explosions" have been witnessed, mostly by airline pilots...

In the endothermic mode the sucked-out energy must go somewhere, so it is vented out at some other chosen spot on the earth. These endothermic plumes have been photographed by satellite.

By using both of these heat (exothermic) and cold (endothermic) modes together the weather can be altered anywhere. Warm the air over here, cool it down over there, put a curl in the jet stream, dissipate clouds, create clouds, whip up a tornado. Bearden speaks about using the endothermic howitzer mode as a weapon of war...


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