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Happy Nowruz - Presain New Year - Earth Day
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:26 am    Post subject: Peres appeals to Iranian people Reply with quote

Amil Imani Email Post wrote:

Peres appeals to Iranian people

Ahead of festival of Nowruz, Israeli president broadcasts message to Iranian citizens, partly in Farsi, urging them to 'return to enlightened world'. He also slams Tehran's extremist leaders, saying they should 'stop spending their days dealing with bombs and uranium – is this in the name of God?'

"On the eve of the new year, I appeal to the noble Iranian people on behalf of the ancient Jewish people and urge them to reclaim their worthy place among the nations of the enlightened world," said President Shimon Peres in a special address broadcast on Israel Radio in Farsi ahead of the Iranian holiday Nowruz, that symbolizes the start of spring and a new year.

"Our ties with the Iranian people have known days of prosperity even in these modern times, when we shared with you our experience in agriculture, scientific and medical developments and we worked to develop the best of ties with you," Peres recalled.

"Unfortunately, these days, the relations between our countries are at a low that stems from the impulses leading the current leaders of your country to act against the State of Israel and its people in any way possible."

Peres, who was also interviewed on a number of matters pertaining to Iran, reminisced of his visit to the Islamic Republic in the time of the Shah, and commented on the state Iran is currently in: "There is major unemployment, serious corruption, a lot of drugs and dissatisfaction there.

"Children can't be fed enriched uranium for breakfast, they need a real breakfast, and you can't invest the money in enriched uranium while telling the kids to stay a little hungry and a little ignorant."

'Leaders not serving the people'
In his message, Peres tried to appeal to the Iranian people by presenting his view on thier leaders: "I see the suffering of the children and I ask myself, why? This is a country that is so rich with such a rich culture, why do they let a few religious fanatics take the worst path in the eyes of God and in the eyes of man?

"Therefore, I look at Iran on the one hand with admiration for its history, but on the other hand with grief for what has become of it and in hopes that it will recover."

Sources from the President's Residence said the special greeting was recorded, among other things following a suggestion made by senior diplomatic sources in Jerusalem. Part of the audio message was even read out in the Farsi language.

Peres further said he believed
the Iranian people will bring down the extremist leaders "who are not serving the people". The president then commented on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's denial of the Holocaust, saying, "Since when is he an expert on the Jewish Holocaust? Was he in Auschwitz? What does he know? All he does is speak and speak all day long."

"The leaders should let people live, let women breath, let the economy grow, and stop spending their days dealing with bombs and uranium – is this in the name of God? Is this what Allah asked of them?" Peres wondered.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:29 am    Post subject: Journalist James Kirchick's New Year Greeting for Iran Reply with quote

Amil Imani Email Post ABSOLUTE MUST SEE VIDEO wrote:

Journalist James Kirchick's New Year Greeting for Iran

In response to President Obama's "Nowruz Message" to the Iranian people, TNR assistant editor James Kirchick offers his own celebratory New Year's address.


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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:06 am    Post subject: Will Obama Listen to Iran's Bloggers? Reply with quote

Wall Street wrote:

Will Obama Listen to Iran's Bloggers?


Barack Obama extended the olive branch to Iran's leaders last Friday in a videotaped message praising a "great civilization" for "accomplishments" that "have earned the respect of the United States and the world." The death of Iranian blogger Omid-Reza Mirsayafi in Tehran's Evin prison two days earlier was, presumably, not among the accomplishments the president had in mind.

Zina Saunders
Kianoosh Sanjari.

Mr. Obama's solicitous message, timed to the Persian New Year's celebration of Nowruz, met a blunt response from the Islamic Republic's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei: "He insulted the Islamic Republic of Iran from the first day," he said. "If you are right that change has come, where is that change?" To this, soi-disant Iran experts and latter-day Walter Durantys explain that it is merely Mr. Khamenei's opening gambit in what promises to be a glorious new chapter in Iranian-U.S. relations.

Maybe the experts never got the message about no meaning no. And maybe Mr. Obama forgot that the late Ayatollah Khomeini tried to ban Nowruz, a pre-Islamic tradition, and that both Mr. Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have sought to curtail and Islamicize the holiday against widespread resistance. But never mind: The most telling indicator of what we can expect from Mr. Obama's overture is Mirsayafi's death, a fitting emblem of everything the Islamic Revolution stands for on its 30th anniversary.

What was a blogger doing in prison in the first place? Ask 26-year-old Kianoosh Sanjari, another Iranian blogger and Evin prison alumnus who fled the country in 2007 and is now in the U.S. seeking asylum.

Mr. Sanjari was first arrested at 17 for joining a procession commemorating the first anniversary of the violently suppressed 1999 student protests at Tehran University. Over the next seven years he was arrested nine times, imprisoned six, flipped between "official" and secret prisons, surveilled and harassed by the secret police, subjected to endless interrogations, held both in overcrowded cells and incommunicado in solitary confinement (for a total of nine months), beaten while blindfolded and subjected to extreme sensory deprivation.

"When you express your dissatisfaction in a civil way and you're faced with physical violence and cruelty, you realize the baseness of the equation," Mr. Sanjari tells me, explaining the impulses that animated his dissent. "The moment you go to prison is when you realize you are in the right. And when you see what nefarious people the regime has to break you is when you feel the need to fight back."

Between prison terms Mr. Sanjari headed the Association of Political Prisoners, which follows more than 500 known cases in Iran. About Mirsayafi, he says that when his fellow blogger "found out that he had been summoned to court and that he may end up with a prison sentence, he wrote an email to friends. He said he felt powerless to withstand what torture he would have to face in prison. He also told a mutual friend that he did not think he would survive the imprisonment. He was well aware of the fact that they wanted to do away with him."

Mirsayafi's forebodings proved well-justified. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports that he was taken to the prison hospital shortly before his death with an irregular pulse. "The doctor told [the prison authorities] how to treat him, asked him to send him to a city hospital," Mirsayafi's lawyer told RFE/RL's Radio Farda. "But they ignored the doctor and said [Mirsayafi] was faking his illness. The doctor said, 'his heartbeat is 40 per minute, you can't fake that.' But they sent the doctor out of the room." Prison authorities ruled the death a suicide; Mirsayafi was only 25.

Whether Mirsayafi's death cows or emboldens Iran's dissident bloggers remains to be seen. Not the least of their considerations will be the attitude of Mr. Obama, who in his videotaped address went out of his way to speak of "the Islamic Republic of Iran," thereby giving the mullahs claim to a nation, and a civilization, they have done so much to oppress and degrade. Yes, an American president must look first, second and third to American interests. But a presidency predicated on the view that our values are our strength should not forsake those values for diplomatic expediency, much less betray our friends abroad who live, and have died, by those values.

Shortly after Mr. Obama's inauguration, Mr. Sanjari put his name to an open letter to the new president, signed by several prominent young Iranian dissidents, calling on him "to pay special attention to the repressive, unaccountable nature of the regime" that now threatens and provokes the U.S. and our allies. Its conclusion is as fitting a tribute as any to Mirsayafi's notable and too-brief life:

"Mr. President, you marked your first day in the White House by ordering the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison. But in our country, many Guantanamos exist, only our Guantanamos are home to students, women's rights activists, labor organizers, political activists, and journalists. We, as former student activists who spent time in Iranian prisons under inhumane conditions, call on you and all those who defend human rights, freedom and equality to express solidarity to the people of Iran as they wage their struggle for freedom."

Write to bstephens@wsj.com
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:26 pm    Post subject: Happy Nowruz 7010 Reply with quote

Watch ActivistChat Nowruz Video:
Shahbanou of FREE Iran Nowruz Message and From Khayyam To Carl Sagan Wakeup Call ....


Ove 50 Video Clips Playlist - Happy Nowruz Music and Greetings

Past Happy Nowruz Messages wrote:

Happy Nowruz 7008 - Presain New Year - International Earth Day 2008

1000 Years Mankind Dream From Khayyam, Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler to Dr. Von Braun In Nasa

View of Earth rising over Moon's horizon taken from Apollo 11 spacecraft.
Description: This view of the Earth rising over the Moon's horizon was taken from the Apollo 11 spacecraft. The lunar terrain pictured is in the area of Smuth's Sea on the nearside. Coordinates of the center of the terrain are 85 degrees east longitude and 3 degrees north latitude.

Khayyam (May 1048 - Dec 1122) was a Persian poet as well as a mathematician and astronomer. He was an outstanding mathematician and astronomer. His work on algebra was known throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, and he also contributed to calendar reform. Khayyam measured the length of the year as 365.24219858156 days. Two comments on this result. Firstly it shows an incredible confidence to attempt to give the result to this degree of accuracy. We know now that the length of the years is changing in the sixth decimal place over a person's lifetime. Secondly it is outstandingly accurate. For comparison the length of the year at the end of the 19th century was 365.242196 days, while today it is 365.242190 days.

Copernicus, Nicolaus (1473-1543),
Polish astronomer, best known for his theory that the sun is at rest near the center of the universe and that the earth, spinning on its axis once daily, revolves annually around the sun. See Astronomy; Solar System.

Galileo (1564-1642), Italian physicist and astronomer, who, with German astronomer Johannes Kepler, started the scientific revolution that flowered in the work of English physicist Sir Isaac Newton. In the history of culture, Galileo stands as a symbol of the battle against restrictions on freedom of inquiry.

Kepler, Johannes (1571-1630), German astronomer, born in Württemberg, who formulated and verified the three laws of planetary motion, now known as Kepler's laws.

The Apollo 11 commander, Neil Armstrong, set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969, at 10:56 p.m., EDT. Was he the
first man on the moon? Was there another human there when he said "one giant step for mankind?"Yes, Neil Armstrong was with the souls & dreams of many past scientists from Omar Khayyam, Galileo Galilei, and .....
The moon has been the object of man's curiosity for perhaps a million years - as long as he has been on earth.

Dr. Wernher von Braun

Wernher von Braun stands at his desk in the Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama, in May 1964, with models of rockets developed and in progress.

Dr. Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr ('Baron')[1] von Braun (March 23, 1912 – June 16, 1977) was the second son of a German nobleman and high official in the Weimar government (who resigned when the Nazis took power). He became one of the leading figures in the development of rocket technology in Germany and the United States. Wernher von Braun is sometimes said to be the preeminent rocket scientist of the 20th century.

Brilliant Mind Of Today Space Traveling

Khayyam (May 1050 - Dec 1122) was another Iranian Pillar of Wisdom, the most outstanding and greatest Iranian mathematicians, astronomers, Scientist, Philosopher, and Poet. An English scholar by the name of Edward Fitzgerald translated nearly 600 short four line poems of Khayyam called Rubaiyat and brought him fame and world recognition.

He was the father of Algebra. His work on algebra was known throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, and he also contributed to calendar reform.

If we consider the Persian Poems as master of encryption by great thinker when public …. then review the following poems from Khayyam approximately 1000 years ago that are selected by Donn Allen, a graduate of Caltech who his interest in and deep admiration for Khayyam span approximately 45 years.

What was Khayyam real understanding of Universe 1000 years ago and why our we have not progressed faster?
Khayyam vision of physics, the structure of the universe, time and space and the world they make can be defined in the following poem:
Khayyam calls the Wheel of Time an Imaginary Lantern.

Methinks this Wheel at which we gape and stare,
Is Chinese lantern - like we buy at fair;
The lamp is Sun and paper shade the world,
And we the pictures whirling unaware.

Science fails to solve the mystery of the cosmos.

The Skies rotate, I cannot guess the cause;
And all I feel is grief, which in me gnaws;
Surveying all my life, I find myself
The same unknowing dunce that once I was!

This whirl of time, it simply causes pains,
As for my heart, my evil ways are banes;
Ah! worldly lore that winds in labyrinths,
Ah! wisdom forging newer iron chains.

Time is only a tyrant causing universal change and trouble.

My grief prolongs, I find it nev’r allays,
Your lot is swinging now in higher sways;
Rely ye not on Time, for under veil
A thousand tricks he juggles as he plays.

Ye mount on steeds and brandish steels in fight,
With all your boasts, in trenches soon alight;
The tyrant Time will never spare a life,
He breaks the Dukes by day and Knights by night.

As Spheres are rolling woes alone increase,
They land us just to sink in deeper seas;
If souls unborn would only know our plight,
And how we pine, their coming-in will cease.

Omar is at war with the Sphere and wishes to annihilate it.

Had I but on the skies divine control,
I’d kick this bluish ball beyond the goal;
And forthwith furnish better worlds and times,
Where love will cling to every freeman’s soul.

But the final solution is that the tyrant Sphere has no real existence, hence we best avoid all trouble by being content.

Aye hear me please, my old and dearest friend!
Think naught of world - it hath no root or end;
Sit quiet on thy balcony content
To view how Wheel would play its turn-and-bend.

Desire no gain from world, with bliss you trade;
In good or bad of Times you need not wade;
Remain sedate, so that the whirling Wheel –
Would snap itself and blow up days it made

Khayyam poems are targeting all forms of fanaticism and today we ought to nominate him as the pioneer against any kind of fanaticism. Khayyam is father of rationality and agnostic thought process of Persians.

Some in deep thought spirit seek
Some lost in awe, of doubt reek
I fear the voice, hidden but not weak
Cry out "awake! Both ways are oblique."

"And that inverted Bowl we call The Sky,
Whereunder crawling coop't we live and die,
Lift not thy hands to it for help -- for It
Rolls impotently on as Thou or I."

What was Khayyam vision of religion 1000 years ago?

In astronomy, equinox can have two meanings:

The moment when the Sun is positioned directly over the Earth's equator and, by extension, the apparent position of the Sun at that moment—see below.
The time at which the vernal point, celestial equator, and other such elements are taken to be used in the definition of a celestial coordinate system—see Equinox (celestial coordinates)
An equinox in astronomy is that moment in time (not a whole day) when the center of the Sun can be observed to be directly above the Earth's equator, occurring around March 20 and September 23 each year.



Now How Big Are We When The Sun Become Just A Pixel In the Big Picture?
Are We Feeling insignificant yet?
And, how big are the things that will upset us today?
Or, for that matter, the things that are important?

We Should KEEP LIFE IN PERSPECTIVE With Better Vision and Mission ....
Human Being Might Become Significant One Day If and When We Have Correct PERSPECTIVE, VISION, MISSION ... And Apply Our Destructive Power In Constructive Directions ….

The perspective we get on Earth, our planet appears to be big and sturdy with an endless ocean of air. From space, astronauts often get the impression that the Earth is small with a thin, fragile layer of atmosphere. For a space traveler, the distinguishing Earth features are the blue waters, brown and green land masses and white clouds set against a black background. We should love and respect our small beautiful mother earth planet.
Many dream of traveling in space and viewing the wonders of the universe. In reality all of us are space travelers. Our spaceship is the planet Earth, traveling at the speed of 108,000 kilometers (67,000 miles) an hour. In order to control unlimited human greed and power in this century we must educate ourselves that as long as human being can not create self sufficient spaceship like earth then we must be wise how we use the earth resources and human being is not the only owner of this spaceship.....

Watch Video Clip The Real Perspective on the Solar System - With Music
Princess Mononoke AMV - Earth Song

An ambient space documentary that I created, set to one of my favorite pieces of music: the 40 minute, 7 part "Chronos" by Michael Sterns.

Note: No voice-over or text has been added while creating this documentary. It is intended to be a personal experience. The parts should be watched in order as follows:
1. Evolution
2. Ascension
3. Spaceship Earth
4. Space
5. Nature
6. Man
7. Return

Note: These videos do not reflect the book by Clark or the album by Mike Oldfield!
Songs of a Distant Earth Part 1 of 7 - Evolution
Songs of a Distant Earth Part 2 of 7 - Ascension
Songs of a Distant Earth Part 3 of 7 - Spaceship Earth
Songs of a Distant Earth Part 4 of 7 - Space
Songs of a Distant Earth Part 5 of 7 - Nature
Songs of a Distant Earth Part 6 of 7 - Man
Songs of a Distant Earth Part 7 of 7 - Return
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:15 am    Post subject: Understand Earth Day – the Key to a Future For Our Planet Reply with quote

Earth Day

Earth Day 2012

2012 Earth Day
March 20, 2012 (1:14 AM EDT - 5:14 UTC) at 1:14 AM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
or 5:14 AM UTC March 20 (Greenwich, England)
Source: http://www.earthsite.org/

President GERALD R. FORD wrote:

MARCH 20, 1975

Office of the White House Press Secretary





The earth will continue to regenerate its life sources only as long as we and all the peoples of the world do our part to conserve its natural resources. It is a responsibility which every human being shares.

Energy problems have heightened our growing awareness of the interdependence of our natural resources. We must work together to solve the environmental issues associated with the proper use and preservation of those resources.

Through voluntary action, each of us can join in building a productive land in harmony with nature.

By a joint resolution, the Congress has pointed out the need to continue our environmental education and to promote a greater understanding of the environmental problems facing America.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GERALD R. FORD, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim Friday, March 21, 1975, as Earth Day. I call upon all concerned citizens and government officials to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities. I ask that special attention be given to personal voluntary activities and educational efforts directed toward protecting and enhancing our lifegiving environment.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twentieth day of March, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred seventy-five, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred ninety-ninth.



earthsite.org wrote:

"The Earth Flag is my symbol of the task before us all. Only in the last quarter of my life have we come to know what it means to be custodians of the future of the Earth - to know that unless we care, unless we check the rapacious exploitations of our Earth and protect it, we are endangering the future of our children and our children's children. We did not know this before, except in little pieces. People knew that they had to take care of their own ... but it was not until we saw the picture of the Earth, from the Moon, that we realized how small and how helpless this planet is - something that we must hold in our arms and care for."

Margaret Mead, March 21, 1977

The Earth Flag is a powerful symbol of internationality and common interest, a standard that calls all people to mutual allegiance to their only universally-shared resource- the Earth itself

The Earth Flag was designed in 1970 by Earth Day founder and pioneer John McConnell, an early leader in the international peace movement. Inspired by the striking first photographs of the whole Earth taken during America's historic Apollo 10 space mission in 1969, this symbolic creation attained immediate world-wide recognition, including a lifetime association with renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead. Dr. Mead carried what she called "the flag for all people" with her wherever she appeared from 1969 until her death in 1977.

We are making available an authentic replica - a two-sided dye printed image of the Earth from space on a dark blue field, made from recyclable, weather-resistant polyester.

The Earth Flag's striking global motif is at once simple and compelling. Its quiet message beckons beholders towards a deeper insight into the universal themes of unity and peace.

The Earth Flag has been presented to U.S. Presidents, to foreign dignitaries, to leaders of the Russian and Chinese governments when early western hemisphere delegations visited these countries in the 1970's and 1980's, and is proudly waved at Earth Day celebrations throughout the world. The Earth Flag now flies as a matter of course in hundreds of American cities, as well as numerous countries in North and South America, in Europe, in Africa, in Asia and Japan. The Earth Flag is available in several sizes for both indoor and outdoor use.

For quite some time Mr. Waxman at http://earthflag.net has supplied Earth Flags and T-shirts. There are other suppliers, and after a recent court decision no one has a copyright or trademark on the design. However, the traditional design of a space-based image of Earth against a dark-blue background has been followed faithfully by various suppliers.

Mr. John McConnell, founder of Earth Day, is the originator of that traditional design. He receives no proceeds or royalties from any sale of Earth Flags. If you would like to support John McConnell's efforts in honor of his pioneering work with Earth Day and Earth Flags, please write to him and send contributions to

John McConnell
4924 E. Kentucky Circle
Denver, CO 80246

Phone: 303-758-7687

If you would like to order the Earth Day Flag or Earth Day T-Shirts
at EarthFlag.net just click below.


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