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10 Tips: Cell Phones & Limiting Radiation Exposure

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:02 pm    Post subject: 10 Tips: Cell Phones & Limiting Radiation Exposure Reply with quote

10 Tips: Cell Phones & Limiting Radiation Exposure
Source: http://kdka.com/seenon/cell.phones.tips.2.777727.html

numSlides of totalImages Related Slideshows Protect Yourself From Dangers of Cell Phones

There is a new warning about the health dangers of cell phone use. The director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and UPMC Cancer Centers has issued the new advisory.

Practical Advice to Limit Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted from Cell Phones:

1. Do not allow children to use a cell phone, except for emergencies. The developing organs of a fetus or child are the most likely to be sensitive to any possible effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

2. While communicating using your cell phone, try to keep the cell phone away from the body as much as possible. The amplitude of the electromagnetic field is one fourth the strength at a distance of two inches and fifty times lower at three feet.

Whenever possible, use the speaker-phone mode or a wireless Bluetooth headset, which has less than 1/100th of the electromagnetic emission of a normal cell phone. Use of a hands-free ear piece attachment may also reduce exposures.

3. Avoid using your cell phone in places, like a bus, where you can passively expose others to your phone's electromagnetic fields.

4. Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body at all times. Do not keep it near your body at night such as under the pillow or on a bedside table, particularly if pregnant. You can also put it on "flight" or "off-line" mode, which stops electromagnetic emissions.

5. If you must carry your cell phone on you, make sure that the keypad is positioned toward your body and the back is positioned toward the outside so that the transmitted electromagnetic fields move away from your rather than through you.

6. Only use your cell phone to establish contact or for conversations lasting a few minutes, as the biological effects are directly related to the duration of exposure. For longer conversations, use a land line with a corded phone, not a cordless phone, which uses electromagnetic emitting technology similar to that of cell phones.

7. Switch sides regularly while communicating on your cell phone to spread out your exposure. Before putting your cell phone to the ear, wait until your correspondent has picked up. This limits the power of the electromagnetic field emitted near your ear and the duration of your exposure.

8. Avoid using your cell phone when the signal is weak or when moving at high speed, such as in a car or train, as this automatically increases power to a maximum as the phone repeatedly attempts to connect to a new relay antenna.

9. When possible, communicate via text messaging rather than making a call, limiting the duration of exposure and the proximity to the body.

10. Choose a device with the lowest SAR possible (SAR = Specific Absorption Rate, which is a measure of the strength of the magnetic field absorbed by the body). SAR ratings of contemporary phones by different manufacturers are available by searching for "SAR ratings cell phones" on the internet.

Massoud Azizi wrote:
Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation By Cell Phone

Out of curiosity, I measured the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) intensity generated by my cell phone (Black Berry Curve) using a "Gauss Meter" today. I measured the EMF when the phone is used by itself, when the phone is used using a Bluetooth wireless device and when the phone is used using an earpiece connected to the phone by wire. The following were the results

1. Using the phone by itself to make or receive calls: The Gauss meter went off-scale demonstrating greater than 10 milli-Gauss measurement. Note that a measurement of greater than 7 milli Gauss is shown in "red" indicating dangerous levels of radiation especially when the phone is attached to the ear.

2. Using the phone with a "Bluetooth" wireless earpiece device, shows moderate EMF of about 4-7 milli-Gauss that is indicated as "Yellow" or mild exposure.

3. Using the phone with a "wired" earpiece shows 1-2 milli Gauss that indicated "Green" or safe exposure.

This quick study indicates and verifies that using the cell phone by itself especially for long duration of conversation or frequent times could pose great danger to your nervous system and your brain. Use of a wireless Bluetooth device is considerably safer assuming that the length and frequency of phone calls are in moderation. The best option is to use a "wired" earpiece to use your cell phone. Please note that this is a non scientific study and only my point of view. People's tolerance to EMF may vary person to person, but I felt I should share this information with you as a friend. It is better to be safe than sorry. Please share this with your friends and family as you feel appropriate.

Take care,
Massoud Azizi

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