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CONSPIRACY! FACT OR FICTION? How can we protect ourselves?

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Joined: 10 Aug 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:21 pm    Post subject: CONSPIRACY! FACT OR FICTION? How can we protect ourselves? Reply with quote

The word conspiracy has been treated with so much negativity that most of educated population try to stay away from anything associated with it as much as possible! This gets worse especially when an issue is related to politics and society. Is conspiracy real? Or just some fiction made in the minds of some people who are paranoid about anything they see or hear? The stories about conspiracies, like any other kind of materials, can easily be victim of overstatements and exaggerations by some irresponsible attention seekers who try to blow anything out of proportion to satisfy some of their own deficiencies but if we keep an open mind, it is possible to find facts from fictions. In my view, conspiracies have always been there and will continue to be there but all we need to know is how to protect ourselves against them.

After this little preface, I like to start with saying that we should not be afraid of discussing possible conspiracies if we really stand for truth! If the truth has the highest respect in our view, then we must not ignore this truth that there are forces in this world who are always conspiring to take advantage of our ignorance while pretending to be either our friends or just an innocent bystander! We lost our homeland to a bunch of mullahs because majority of our nation were indoctrinated by medias like BBC and radio Israel and our intellectual community were indoctrinated with leftist propaganda which, surprisingly, came from same sources as radio BBC! Many of us, with all our expertise and education have become cheap labor for the very same people who brought this to us! Is this just?! What can we do?

As I mentioned before, in my view, conspiracies are very real and if we don't do anything to repel them or nullify them then the future will be very gloomy!

Today, the same forces that brought us Islamic revolution to show us how Islamic we are, are training and indoctrinating our nation through medias like VOA and radio farda! They are in the process of creating new generation of leaders for our people to prepare our nation for integration in new world order! This is not just about Iran! This is the true story which even American presidents have lost their lives over that! I would like to invite everyone to share their views without resorting to any kind of confrontational arguments while sticking to factual based materials as much as possible. Our own ignorance is our worst enemy! So let's start this discussion without going overboard!

Over 45 years ago, President John F. Kennedy made a speech in which he referred to "secret societies". He lost his life shortly after that in a very strange assassination which, till this very day, nothing is truly clear about that! There are claims about involvement of different groups including Cuban regime, KKK, MI6 and Israelis and many others! Where is the truth?! What forces have been behind it?! Are these the same forces which have conducted many other operations in the world, including Islamic revolution in Iran? What is the story behind bankruptcy of some American financial institutions? What is behind stock markets crashes and rises which effects our world in such profound way?! What is going on in this world? What should we do?


Will continue

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Joined: 10 Aug 2005
Posts: 102

PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It is obvious that the subject of "conspiracy" does not have much appeal to a community which has been trained (even without knowing) to observe and stick to politically correct standards. Unfortunately, this matter does not help in any way to raise our awareness regarding the intentions of evil forces which enjoy such favorable conditions that make things a lot easier for them!

A simple look at definition of word "conspiracy" can help us understand that "conspiracies" are as real as the light that come from the sun. Conspiracy is directly associated with secrecy and secrecy is the trend that has been in the agenda of all western nations through establishment of their secret intelligence agencies at least since the beginning of 1900's which by design, their purpose is to trick others through political, economic and social manipulation in order to achieve certain goals. There are many stories about existence and operation of different secret societies and organizations through out the history in the whole world. One of these secret societies is probably very familiar for us, Iranians, which came to existence during the rule of Mongolians in Iran, was a Ismaili cult. Ismaili secret society of Hassan Sabaah was developed as a symbol of resistance against Mongolian rulers and its activities were carried out with total secrecy and without mercy to create utmost fear in the heart of enemies. That society which its members considered themselves as followers of Ismail (a different son of Jafar-e sadegh, the 6th emaam of shiite) later expanded their influence but left Iran after their leader, Hassan Sabaah disappeared when Mongolian finally succeeded to capture his fortress but did not find him there.

Another more recent secret society which is well known to some Iranians is Ekhvan-ol moslemin that was originally started by seyyed Jamal-o-din Asad-abadi (who also went and stayed in England for a few months earlier) under different name but later, after seyyed Jamal was kicked out of Egypt, was formed by Hassan al-Banna to follow certain agendas. The background of Ekhvaan-ol moslemin, according to some people, is linked with the secret society of "Ekhvan-ol Safaa" which was in existance from much earlier but there is not much information available about it. No need to mention that "Fadaian Eslaam" was an offshoot of ekhvan-ol moslemin in Iran with which Khomeini had close ties and many of them are in the circle of power currently in Iran.

Going back to the current situation at hand, I sometimes get surprised to hear some of our older patriotic Iranians who also have had a hand in the politics of our nation, speak in a way that we live in such a rosy world and there is no basis to think that so and so American General or so and so Iranian politician or military man, had any part in disaster which came to our country in 1978-79! Dr. Daryush Homayoun, whom I have a lot of respect for, made such claims in an interview with Mr. Saeed Ghaem-maghami a few days ago while, after 30 years from overthrow of previous system in Iran, he still can not provide any acceptable explanation about the origin of the suspicious letter which was handed to media by him, other than saying it had come from the royal court. That letter, later became the foundation for a riot in Ghom to bring Khomeini and clergies into the center of the events in 1978.

Conspiracies are real and ignoring them just makes us easier victims! We have no choice but learn how they operate in order to protect ourselves through counter measures and at the same time develop our own methods to achieve our own goals.

In the following video, you will hear Ms. Kay Griggs (wife of marine colonel George Griggs) speaking about amazing issues which she had faced as a wife of a high ranking US military man which forced her to come to open and speak up about strange events which were happening around her in order to protect herself from being harmed. You hear her saying that Lee Harvy Osvald and her husband were in the same secret group and her husband was involved in many issues and events along with some high ranking Generals. You hear about the explosion of American base in Beiroot that was planned and carried out by American secret service (not CIA). YOu will hear how CIA is just there for diversion while real operations (including many killings) are handled by military secret service and mercenaries. You will hear about Henry Kissinger and many others involvement in strange things (you have to listen to believe it) and you will hear about indoctrination of leaders in communist world and many other things like involvement of US military in joint operation with drug lords. She gives a lot of information and many names and it is obvious that she has been very afraid at some points during interview. The interviewer is her pastor who recorded the interview and distributed that for her protection. All I can say is, while American patriots are coming forward with so much information which can raise many legitimate question in our minds about what has happened to our nation during past 30 years, why should we deny such questions exist? Why not trying to find an explanation?

this is a short version of video:


If you find this interesting then try the whole video which is over 2 hours of small portions on youtube:

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Joined: 10 Aug 2005
Posts: 102

PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 10:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sometime ago, I saw a video clip from one of Zeitgeist conspiracy video collections which was about the tricks in monetary system that also included some Utopian kind of solution to the problems of the system. Zeitgeist (http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/) is a well known conspiracy theorist website among many and its focus is on religion (Judaism and Christianity in particular) as mother of all conspiracies in the world! In their movies, they use a lot of materials from well known conspiracy theorists like Jordan Maxwell and atheist comedians like George Carlin whose anti religion shows are well known. In other words, Zeithgeist promotes atheism as a solution to current social and political issues in the world. No need to say atheism which has been with human kind for very long time, apparently has not been able to solve any problems in the world yet but Zietgeist has brought another element into suggested atheist solution which is "technology" that they hope will be resolving "all problems" of humanity! Part of this "technological solution" is something called "Venus Project" which has been established by an engineer called Jacque Fresco more than 30 years ago. Zeitgeist finds "governments" and "laws" as part of the problem and not the solution while futurist fantasies of Mr. Fresco are presumed to be the best solution to all problems of humanity! According to their solution, there is no need for "laws" or "punishment"! Also according to them, there is no need for "money" if the society is run on "resource base" economy and all the hard work is done by machines while every human being is in "life long" vacation! How the "raw material" resources are recovered and turned into usable products and how that product is delivered in ever expanding societies and also many other things, are unclear yet! I also did not see/hear any talks about "who will repair a broken machine or put a new one together"?! In their design, everyone gets what they need (apparently like they did in good old Soviet Union) and people can travel far and wide all over the globe in short amounts of time! All of that, is a fantastic dream, I say!

While Zeitgeist has done a lot of work to put together the results of many researches which have been carried out by different groups and authors, their short-sightedness about the extent of complication and sophistication of current human societies and cultures makes it clear to any serious researcher that their understanding of problems does not penetrate deep enough into social issues and consequently can not provide any realistic solution to the problems and that's probably why they resort to fantasy! As a result of this and also misinterpretation and sloppy use of some of the seriously researched information, the value of their work has dropped to a great degree even though they have tried hard to present themselves as the best in the field! This matter also affects credibility of some of their sources of information in the mind of a serious researcher who is willing to dig anywhere to find the truth and also creates a sense of unrealistic distrust and paranoia in others who might take them seriously. Because of these, one should be very cautious not to jump to conclusions when watching Zeitgeist videos as they mix many well researched materials (by others) with some baseless stories of their own and also some fantasies, to come up with something attractive so they can gather more viewers. Zeitgeist apparently has started as a "project" to fight corruption in societies through disclosure of existing elite conspiracies for controlling humanity in favor of a handful of rich and powerful families. The declared cause is noble but whether their work and products have served the purpose is highly in doubt.

One of the sources of Zeitgeist about conspiratorial elements and activities within the government of United States is John Perkins who is the author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" that was published in year 2004. In his book, Mr. Perkins who was recruited by American NSA during mid 1960's, claims to have carried out under cover missions as an economic consultant in order to trick the governments in some of developing nations in favor of some America corporations and these missions were all in direction of political policies of US government which were implemented under leadership and with association of American NSA and spy agencies. Mr. Perkins speaks about his years of childhood and a school friend who became very close with him. He recalls this friend with the name of Farhad who had played professional soccer in Italy and whose father was a general and an adviser to the Shah of Iran. There is no mention of the name of the father that, Mr. Perkins says, he later found out that he was an agent of US intelligence services.

Mr. Perkins writes in details about the process of his recruiting by NSA and then working in a private company as an undercover agent. In part of his book we read:

"I had no idea that there were hundreds of men and women scattered around the world, working for consulting firms and other private companies, people who never received a penny of salary from any government agency and yet were serving the interests of empire. Nor could I have guessed that a new type, with more euphemistic titles, would number in the thousands by the end of the millennium, and that I would play a significant role in shaping this growing army. "

After receiving some training, Mr. Perkins starts his work from South America in Ecuador where he spends some time on researching economy of that nation and reporting his analysis to his recruiter who was apparently running a private consulting company in the field of economy. Considering the educational background of Mr. Perkins who held a B.S. in Business Administration degree from Boston University College of Business, this matter never stopped to amaze himself that, at the age of 26, he had been given a position as an economist which was much beyond his skills and qualifications. He later finds out that he was being prepared for the role of EHM (Economic Hit Man) which according to what he was told by his trainer, was a tradition that started with Mr. Kermit Roosevelt who played a role in an attempt to topple late Dr. Mosadegh's government in 1953. Mr. Perkins describes his own reaction upon hearing the term "Economic Hit-Man" from his special trainer, Claudine Martin, as follows:

"I was embarrassed by the nervous laughter I heard coming from me. She smiled and assured me that humor was one of the reasons they used the term. "Who would take it seriously?" she asked.
I confessed ignorance about the role of economic hit men.
"You're not alone," she laughed. "

This mission was supposed to be carried out through justification of huge loans from international organizations to the needy countries to be spent on different projects which would in turn be implemented by certain corporations in order to increase dependencies of those nations resulting in their submission to the requests of the people who were behind the strategic policies of US government. In almost all cases, bribery to highest officials of those nations to bring them under control through blackmail and corruption, has been a normal part of the operation. This particular part reminds me of the story of the $5 million which was received by Mr. Sharif-Emaami for signing the contract of Shiraz petrochemical plant and himself defended that action as being part of "business"! Another part of operation has been forcing the nations which received those loans to bankruptcy in order to ease their submission and keep them under better control. I remember that Iranian government was forced to accept huge losses when they tried to implement the ambitious industrial project of Shapur Chemical Company during mid to late 1960's. The cost of that establishment doubled halfway during construction because suppliers of machinery and other imported components kept increasing the price. Moreover, the delay in initial start up was adding more to loss as we needed to import the products which we expected to get out of our investment for longer time. Thanks to some smart politics and despite the presence of "moles" in every Iranian organization, our nation succeeded to pass that stage of hardship and get on the path of industrialization.

I have more to talk about Mr. Perkins which I will post later but here, I like to draw your attention to a couple of videos from which one has been recently uploaded to google by myself (after successfully splitting the video in desired point. BTW, google video upload feature will be terminated soon but the uploaded videos will remain accessible). I had posted the link to complete version of this video from my private video collections before which included some other materials but here it is now with the segment that Ms. Eileen Welsome, the Pulitzer winner author of Plutonium Files speaks with Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now TV” about her book and how did she get her hands on the wealth of information which resulted in a huge lawsuit against US government during 1990's for conducting of secret human experimentation on ordinary US citizens. I stumbled upon this book during my research last year and was amazed of the information regarding development of different biological agents and experimentations which have been carried out on people without their knowledge and permission! There is a lot to talk about this but for now, I refer you to this 30 minute video clip and the book itself if you are interested. I will be writing a little more about John Perkins story in Iran later but here, you will see him in a short interview clip with Amy Goodman.

Eileen Welsome and Plutonium Files:


John Perkins and Economic Hit Man. A short interview with Amy Goodman :


If you enjoyed watching it then check another longer interview which is in two parts and about 2 hours in total:

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